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People Deserve to Be Treated Equally By : Saoud Al-Mahmoud , Yeona Baek, Anna Victoria Zanolari, Sebastian Froning


“Every parent deserves to see their child in school.”

Table of Contents : Refugee Children Are in Danger -Saoud Al-Mahmoud Child refugees should feel happy and should be treated like humans. Child Slavery in the World - Yeona Baek Children have right to be protected, and feel safe. Child Slaves Deserve a Good Life - Anna Victoria Zanolari Child slaves don’t deserve to suffer, they deserve fun. Refugees - Sebastian Froning Refugees should have the same rights as anyone else.

Refugee Children Are in Danger By: ​Saoud Al-Mahmoud

How could this be: there are 22.5 million refugees under the age of 18 and 3.5 to 4.0 million are out of education. That's 15.6 percent of refugees under the age of 18. According to UNHCR, Refugees around the world are having a hard time receiving access to good education. If people really want to help refugees, they should make sure they are getting educated. If people really want to help refugees grant them education, education is the base of life.

Unfair system Many refugees have fled conflict from their homeland and made it to other countries however can’t get educated. Many education systems around the world only permit citizens of that country to go to school so it is very difficult for refugees to attend school. An example of this is that there is an Afghan boy who fled violence in his country and went to Iran, but unfortunately in Iran only citizens can go to school unless you have a work permit or live there legally. If in every UN meeting countries talk about taking in refugees and helping them when their own country is doing the worst job. Is it, the refugees fault, no so make fair systems.

Help them learn a language Many refugees get arrested for no reason all they want to do is look for a good education. Many countries refuse refugees because they lack the language of their home country if not they are lacking knowledge of education because their schools were destroyed. If countries would not like to accept refugees into education because of their knowledge they should teach them individually until they reach the expected grade level of language.

It's not their fault Many refugees had very good education in their homeland, but it vanished in a blink of an eye. One example is of a 22 year old refugee that had to quit law school because of the war in Syria. It's not the refugees fault that they did not work hard it's that the school systems don’t match with their problems.

Sympathy is never going to help People are sympathetic with what's going on with refugees and education but, not many people are actually helping. Refugees had their education crushed by famine, war, disease. Refugees look for a good education outside of their countries, but are getting arrested. Some refugees lived like kings back home and in a blink of an eye everything disappeared. Being sympathetic is never going to help, you people must help refugees and give them the right to education or else there will be a generation lost of refugees.

Children Slavery in the World By: Yeona Beak Did you know that there are 300,000 children who are fighting in Africa? This takes 40% of the world popularity.They are working as a soldier while we are relaxing here. Children shouldn’t be used in war, or work as a slave. They need to be protected There are 6,000 child soldiers used in wars in Sibut, Central African Republic. The children who are fighting in wars and work as a slave, had lost their childhood. Children need childhood.They need to play, spend times with friends, and go to school.Young girls are even forced to marry. Even though they are young, they have to marry for their own safety. As same as the children army and slaves, they even had lost their childhood. Children need protection and childhood instead of being in a army,made into slave, and early marriage. Children need education instead of being sold and bought like supplies you would buy from the market. Children are future generation. If they only work at the factory and work as a slave, what would they learn? They would only learn how to work as a slave. The jobs like doctor, lawyer, and even a market owner requires education. Even the child slaves said they they want to go back to school. In the article from newsela, ​War took away their childhood,Mireille, who was a young wife, she said that “I’d like to go back to school. ”​They have to go back to school because they need their future. They would want a successful future not a failing future. They need to learn things. The school is a first place where you would meet people who are from different places.They need experiences. How would you feel if you was working as a child slave? The child slaves have to work in the house for several hours.You don’t even know if you can go out and have a walk. Child slavery must stop.According to Newsela, Arpita, 8 years old, she had to work ​16 to 18 hours each day in her uncle's home as a servant.The Bachpan Bachao Andolan, India’s largest group to protect children, had to break the door to rescue her.She barely had any clothes.In this terrible conditions, the children work for a very small amount of money.​Children can’t be working at a terrible conditions. These terrible conditions cause disease, starve, or death.They even get a small amount of food. Children deserve to be protected, and have an education. Children don’t forget what they did easily. Especially the cruel things they do. In Newsela the article ‘War took away their childhood,’ Jordy, a child soldier, said ​“I did a lot of bad things,” he said, eyes downcast. "I took people’s things by force.​” ​As same as the child slavery, they are forced to do risky things. Imagine if you were forced to go out in the battlefield and fight for your country, how would you feel? ​Do you think it was you who had to go out in the battlefield, do you think that you are safe, or either protected? Even I would think that I wasn’t protected if I was out at the battlefield. We need to make the children feel that they are safe. In conclusion, I think that the child slavery, and making children in to child soldier needs to stop. The children need childhood.They even take a risk for their country.Children deserve to feel safe and be protected but now they aren’t feeling safe.In the battlefield, they don’t know if the bomb will just fall on them or either get shot by a gun.Even the children slaves. They wouldn’t feel safe unless they have someone who is trustable, but working as a slave, who would look out for them? There are still ​168 million children ​Slaves Out in the world which is a lot from the 7.6 billion people popularity. Now it is our turn to help to finish the children slavery.The children slavery are still happening in the world. We need to be ashamed about it.The childrens are working as a slave while we are relaxing here.Children choose to work as a slave when they are out of money and have a family, or either they have to take care of themselves.

Child Slaves Deserve a Good Life Written By : Anna Victoria Zanolari “Child labor is a devastation, they should concentrate on education.” -Quote Academy The world should provide child slaves with education. Most children have child care and a pretty easy yoiny life, with their beloved family. Behind that are the children who don’t have a good life. Instead, they work all day long, about 168 million children are slaves, around the world. I believe that every child slave should be able to have access to an educational school and have a relaxful life, like you and me. Though so far, that is not going to happen anytime soon. So we, the world, should help out with stopping child slavery.

The World is Helping, But it is Not Enough There are plenty organizations to help stop child labor. Some even rescue child slaves that are found suffering from their work and their Masters rude attitude. ​Bachpan Bachao Andolan, one of India's biggest groups protects and saves child slaves, the ​organization ​has rescued more than ​84,000 child slaves. As they say, ​“ ​We rescued Arpita when she was 8 years old. She was forced to work 16 to 18 hours each day in her uncle's home as a servant. We had to break down the door to save her. It was the middle of winter, and she had barely any clothes on. She was given very little food to eat. We found her hiding under a ray.”​ ​Not many people care about​ ​child slavery. The Bosses of the factory the child slaves work in don’t care about the kids being happy. The Masters are just really selfish, and want to make money, so they force the childs to work. I strongly agree that this is ​wrony. ​Children deserve to have fun and be with their families. But for the past years, no one has claimed child slavery is wrong, until now. The world is helping, but we need to care more about child slavery, and do something about it!

Child Slaves Deserve What We Have When child slaves are forced to work, they don’t receive a lot of food, as you think they would. You yet a plateful of food, child slaves would only yet ⅓ of the plate portion. They work all day long and at the end, the slaves only receive a piece of bread. Child slaves deserve more food than just ​one​ bread. Child slaves don’t yet education, instead they work about 18-24 hours a day. That leaves them with no time to learn, math,​ ​English, and how to have fun. You probably have an education and yo to school at least 5 days a week. Some child slaves do have a little of education, but they would go to school only 1 day, a week, and their learning​ ​levels would be very poor, because they can’t afford a professional teacher. A group called, global March Against Child Labor has set goals. Over 15 years, it wants to stop slavery and send child slaves to school, instead of forcing them to work all day long. The point is, child slaves deserve what we have. Family, friends, education and food. Without those things, a child slave’s life is clearly ruined.

Countries Should Put Laws, Based on Child Slavery Children deserve to relax. It is not fair, while we rest, and they work. It would be a big difference if the countries put laws, creating the child slaves to work less, every day. India, a country in Asia, put a parliament law that child slaves under 14 could not be slaves and work for Masters. This is a great solution to stop some child slavery. It would be good for the children's lives and family time. Imagine if you were a slave, would you want to work in a factory when you are 6 years old? With the law that India put, child slaves would only work at aye 14. Instead of starting at 6 years old. The difference is boy, child slaves that start at aye 6, have to work 16 years. The ones in India would have to work 8 only. 8 years is a boy help. Would you ayree? If yes, we should try to convince other countries to put the same law. A slave's life would definitely be improved.

Child Slavery Needs to be Stopped Immediately In conclusion, it is just not fair. Child slaves do not deserve to suffer, no one does. We yet 2 days of from work at least, child slaves don’t. Though the world is trying to make a difference, the difference is small. Do you want to make a difference? If you do, you can join organizations that rescue slaves. You can convince the Master of a factory to give the child slaves more food, sleep, education or at least 2 days of relax. That would improve the level of poverty. We can make a difference. So yo out there and start helping child slaves.

Refugees By: Sebastian Froning Some people may think that refugees are people that are weak, but they are wrong! Tennessee Office for Refugees states “To be called a refugee is the opposite of an insult, it is a badge of strength, courage, and victory…” This quote shows that refugees are strong and courageous. Refugees are humans too, so treat them like humans. People should treat refugees better because they have been close to death. People should be welcoming to refugees because they have been through hard times. One example of this is that in 1951 coffee shop which is in Berkeley California. 1951 coffee shop is where refugees can learn the skills they need to live like how to speak and interact with customers. I believe that it is important to welcome refugees like 1951 coffee shop because the refugees have been close to death and are in need of help! Refugees should be treated the same as normal people because they are as capable as any other person. One example is that 17-year-old Syrian refugee, Yrsa swam in the Turkish world championships 2012. This shows that even if you are a refugee you could do a lot of things, for example, be a good swimmer. Yrsa’s example shows that refugees are as capable as normal people. Refugees should have an education because it gives them better chances in life. Newsela states “To help every child affected by the Syria crisis to get into school, rich countries must give $1.4 billion.” This shows that countries only have to pay 1.4 billion dollars to fix this problem. Giving people education is important. In conclusion, refugees should not be treated badly because they have been through a lot more than others. We need to know that refugees have to be treated normally and if you see something bad about it then stand up for them.

People Deserve To Be Treated Equally, by Saoud, Yeona, Anna, Sebastian  

A mini magazine created by grade 6 students centered around the concept of empathy.

People Deserve To Be Treated Equally, by Saoud, Yeona, Anna, Sebastian  

A mini magazine created by grade 6 students centered around the concept of empathy.