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Women’s rights are human rights    


Because just like the Game of chess, the Queen protects the King 

Table Of Contents     Women should be treated equally​, Tameem Al-Kuwari   All women should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want. 

Impossible, Possible​, by Julia van Gisbergen   Muslim women should be allowed to wear a hijab during sports  

Rules Can Change​, by Carolina Axelsson  Muslim Women should be able to wear the hijab everywhere and everytime  

An outlook on diversity​, by Jazmyn Barron  Women everywhere should be able to live how they please 

​The Sporting Community Should Catch up With the World and Lift the Ban of Hijab,​ ​Tomas Marquez Rivera  ​Hijab is a symbol of confidence                                                       

Women Should Be Treated Equally By: Tameem Al kuwari Women should have the same rights as men because we should all be equal. Women are very important in all our lives so they should be equal. Did you know that most girls in Africa have a poor education and get out of school early due to young girls having the early marriage. The men have a better education than women and they finish school at age 18. According to newsela, “Zuriel her goal is to make sure that girls in Africa should have a good education.”. We should all feel like Zuriel. It is not fair for women and girls to not have the same rights as men because we should be equal.

Some girls in the world don’t have a good education. For example, “Too often, girls are forced to get married at age 12 or 13, she said. They do not return to school after.” That is not good for their health. Also, there is a girl called Zuriel and she is helping the world very much. Her goal is to support education for girls in Africa. “She talks to African leaders about making laws that allow girls to go to school until at least age 18.”. If girls get into marriage at a young age and not get an education, then they will not get a good future. Zuriel is a big influence for a lot of people in the world and she is helping so much. This is not easy for these young kids to not have a good education. That is one way that people get poor, it's because they did not have a good education.

Girls should be able to play the same sports as boys. For example, some people in the world don’t let girls play baseball with the boys, instead, they play softball. Mo'ne Davis said, “Girls should be able to play baseball as long as they want to.” and I agree with that point. There are two girls that play baseball and people think weird about them. According to newsela, "they get a lot of messages telling them to get out of baseball.” “ People tell them to play softball.”. Girls should be able to play baseball just like the boys. If the boys can play baseball, then the girls should also be able to play baseball because we should be equal. People think weird about girls playing baseball because not a lot of girls play baseball. People think that baseball is a sport that is powerful and everyone is powerful, so we should all be able to do the same things.

Girls should be able to like and research the same things as boys. For example, some girls don’t like to research or be interested in sharks because they think it is for boys. According to Newsela “Many of the girls got the same response: Sharks are for boys.”. There is an inspiring woman called Alison Kock. Alison Kock researches about sharks.

She really wants more girls to get interested in sharks. She makes clubs about sharks for girls to join. “She hopes that her excitement about her work will inspire more girls to enter the field.” and she is inspiring because she tries hard. Girls should be interested in the same things as boys. The people who are encouraging the girls to get interested in sharks are doing a great job. If the boys get interested in sharks then why shouldn’t girls get interested as well? The girls don’t like it because they feel uncomfortable and think they might get teased.

Some women have hopes for the future. Some of the women can’t complete their hopes. They could feel uncomfortable or they just can’t do it because we are stopping them from what they love to do. Women should have the rights to do what they want to do and we can’t stop them. We should help women do what they want to do and help them feel comfortable doing what they want to do. We need to show the world that women can do something and we should care about them. Their education is important and they should never be taken away from education early. Their interests believe, education etc. should never be taken away. People are leaving women behind, but no, we should never forget the women in our lives.


​Impossible, Possible Julia van Gisbergen

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Let’s just say this girl’s name was Mariam. Now Mariam had a different opinion than everyone else. She believed in a different religion than all of the other girls at her school. Since she is dedicated to her religion, she wears a piece of clothing called a hijab. Mariam, unlike the other girls, couldn’t participate in the sports at her school. The reason being, she wears a hijab. In case you didn’t realize, This time is NOW. Muslim women should be allowed to wear a hijab during sports if it gives them a chance to participate in a sport that they are passionate about.

Amaiya Zafar Picture​ ​Amaiya Zafar, A teen in Minnesota, who loves boxing but is a dedicated muslim. Photo By: ​Caroline Yang/MPR News. Amaiya Zafar is a teen in Minnesota who found a sport she loves, but cannot participate in the sport; Boxing, by reason of that she just happens to wear the hijab. According to the Newsela article, Amaiya says the rules are old fashioned. She thinks that there’s nothing wrong with changing the rules so she can play. I agree with Amaiya when she says, “I don't think there's anything wrong with getting them changed." Girls should be able to play any sport they want to, even if their religious beliefs could stop them from doing so. She just wants to play her newly loved sport, Boxing, So, she will execute almost anything to achieve that.

According to Newsela, Another American Muslim teen, Fadumo Adan, enrolls in Deering High school in Portland, Maine, Where they have given their Muslim students a sport hijab to play in. Fadumo says, "We're more confident on the field,” she says. “This one doesn't fall off. No matter what I do, it won't fall off." The person who thought of giving their Muslim students a hijab had the right idea. This idea to provide hijabs to these Muslim girls arranged a solution. The fact that she wore a hijab made no difference to the outcome of the game. And plus, It doesn't matter what is on your head or what you are wearing, baseball players are allowed to wear hats while playing, so why can’t these women do the same? It lets these girls participate in the sports at their school, yet still, be covered and be dedicated to their religion. Fadumo Adan Picture​ ​ Fadumo Adan, a junior lacrosse player, is one of the athletes wearing sports hijabs provided by Deering High School.

Bilqis Abdul Qaadir Picture There is some progress being made for Muslim girls being able to accomplish playing a sport but still wear the hijab, and here is another example of this. Bilqis Abdul Qaadir is a Muslim woman who played college basketball. She made history by being the first Muslim woman to play with a headscarf on. But then, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) banned religious Headwear, blocking her chances of playing basketball further. However, FIBA then removed the ban, allowing her to continue her passion for basketball. Bilqis said, "It's hard being a young Muslim woman in America. It takes strength to walk

outside and look different than anyone else." Before the ban on wearing a headscarf Bilqis had something to wait for, somewhere people would accept her. When she said, when you are a Muslim girl in America that is wearing a hijab. I look at it as this: People would stop and stare at you and they would have questions about you. But on the court, People would still stare at you and would have questions, but you can explain it to them. However, when you are on the street, you can’t talk to every person and say, “I’m a Muslim,”. And then when the ban occurred, Bilqis couldn’t participate in basketball anymore, So she didn’t have anything to prepare for. If Muslim women want to participate in a sport, they should be able to even if they wear the hijab. Amaiya Zafar, Fadumo Adan, and Bilqis Abdul Qaadir are all examples of Muslim women that are standing up for the fact that they want to participate in sports, and they will undertake anything for it to be possible. These young women have done what everyone else said was impossible, and they made it possible. We need to acknowledge that Muslim women can participate in a sport if they want to. It shouldn’t matter if they dress differently, they should be able to do sports no matter the obstacles. We all have an opinion about this topic, and if you cared, you would speak up and prove muslim women can be able to participate in sports as well as be successful.

Rules Can Change By: Carolina Axelsson


Muslim women who have decided to wear their hijab while playing sports either have to decide whether not to compete in the sport they have chosen to play, which is unfair because they should be able to compete whether they have the hijab on or not. They could also choose not to play their respective sport, which is cruel because it could give them confidence and they could do what they have dreamed of their entire life. They could also have chosen to not wear the hijab while playing sports, which is wrong because it’s a part of their religion so they should be able to support their religion no matter what they are doing. Muslim Women deserve to wear their religious headwear (the hijab) when playing sports because it can give them confidence, they can show they support their religion, and they can be role models for other Muslim women.

Boxing as a Muslim Women By wearing the hijab Muslim women can show that they care deeply about their religion. “Then there is always the hijab. Removing it is not an option for a girl who cares deeply about her religion.” Amaiya wanted to do boxing more than anything but then when she went to play the sport she couldn’t because she wanted to wear the hijab to respect and

support the religion she strongly believes in. This is very important because Muslim women should be allowed to wear a religious headwear. Everyone else gets to dress any way they want to but not when it comes to Muslim women. If you care about your religion you should be able to wear a religious headwear, at the end of the day it doesn’t distract anyone so they should be able to wear their hijabs. If Muslim women want to support their religion they should be able to no matter what they are doing.

Role Models Secondly, by wearing the hijab Muslim women can influence other Muslim girls/women. Elbadawi thinks that it’s significant that Muslim women could wear the hijab so Muslim girls can see them in places they don’t see the Muslim Women as often. “Seeing these role models will show Muslim girls they can succeed anywhere.” This is important because this can make other Muslim women want to do more sports and participate more. Not many Muslim women do sports due to not being able to wear the hijab. If there are role models that show that they can do sports with the hijabs, it can make young Muslim women want to start doing sports at an early age. Starting sports at an early age will make you more likely to be able to become an Olympian. It could also make you compete in the sport you want to compete in very competitively earlier so you can compete for a long while.

Confidence Is The Key To Success Finally, when Muslim women wear the hijab then they can feel more confident. “Sporty hijabs help Muslim athletes feel more comfortable.” Brands are making sports hijabs, but since almost no sport allows the hijab it’s pretty much pointless. Also if they were to be able to wear them while playing sports then they would feel more comfortable. This could also make them confident because they know that there is nothing holding them back from being able to play the sport. This is significant because, if Muslim women can feel more confident they can do much better and maybe other Muslim women would want to do sports more than before. They deserve to wear them especially if they feel confident because that's the key to success. If they feel confident they can enjoy the sport even more since they don’t worry about anything and they can just play without having anything on their minds keeping them distracted. In conclusion, everyone should be able to do sports and dress however they like if it doesn’t affect anyone, but for Muslim women, this is not the case, they are not allowed to wear their religious headwear (the hijab). This isn’t fair because it doesn't harm or affect

anyone's life, so they deserve to wear it. Also, Muslim women should have the choice if they want to wear it or not. Many Muslim women want to play sports and they are allowed too but there is one thing stopping them from playing, the hijab. If it doesn’t influence someone’s life then it’s not a problem and they should be able to wear the hijab. Imagine you can’t play a sport you love just because you are not allowed to wear something you cherish. More Muslim women should play sports because right now there is not a lot of them, so this rule must instantly stop. So next time you see a Muslim women wearing the hijab while playing sports, don't judge them but support them. not to play their respective sport which is cruel because it could give them confidence and they could do what they have dreamed of their entire life.


An outlook on diversity ​Jazmyn Barron “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength”-Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was a civil rights activist, an American poet, and memoirist. The lack of diversity in our lives and Just in the united states of America is astonishing. The absence of diversity in this world we live in is harmful to the people of this time period, Not having diversity prohibits us as humans to learn about the lives we live.“We all may have come on different ships but we are on the same boat now.”-MLK Jr. Martin Luther king Jr. was a leader in the civil right movement, who had become the most visible spokesperson. You may know Martin Luther king Jr. from his most famous speech called the “I have a dream” speech, He lived from 1929 to 1968.

Distinction in the play of sports. ​link

Recently in the world of sports a new barbie was made in tribute of the fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad. Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first barbie made to wear a hijab of a headscarf. What is a hijab? A hijab is a set of hardware that many Muslim woman wear to show their faith in Islam. Muhammad took to twitter and tweeted "I'm proud to know that little girls everywhere can now play with a Barbie who chooses to wear a hijab!" She also encourages other woman and girls to “break the boundaries.” This is amazing to see how diversity is breaking the “rules” as to what is normal. For a barbie doll the hair is long, straight, and blond. But for this barbie doll she will wear a hijab so you can’t see her hair. For some children this will be amazing, so now that they can play with their friends and not get made fun of because a child doesn't have a barbie that looks like them. This barbie is going to boost confidence for children all over the world.

Individuality in the lives of teens. ​link

For the live of a teen named Amaiya Zafar, she is a teen that lives in the USA. Amaiya is a boxer that loves the sport but she has some huge barrier in her way from pursuing what she wants. This huge barrier stands as she wears a hijab or also known as a headscarf. A rule states that Amaiya is not aloud to wear a hijab in the sport. "I think the rules are old school," said Amaiya. This is significant because Amaiya is trying to break down barriers for all teens that may want to participate in any sport. Some girls can’t participate in sports because of what they wear. Amaiya is helping girls all over the world to be brave and try to change things in this world. The rules of sports are old and I believe they need to be changed. Not just by Amaiya but by anybody who feels held back by rules of sports.

Social media plays an immense role in diversity. ​link

In an article from newsela a fifteen year old girl named Rayouf Alhumedhi says emojis are much more than fun decorations for conversations with friends. “They can be the whole conversation. It's the new language.” This quote is significant seeing that emojis are starting to obtain the role of being

the fascinating new language you can use one emoji and that can insanely summarize you’re whole day. In a normal conversation over text for my friends and we maybe use up to 80 emojis in just one text conversation which is crazy. Throughout our lives, we meet different people with different backgrounds and different lifestyles. When we don’t have a divergence in our lives, it can change our entity. Without the variance in this liveliness we as a human race will suffer. In this world diversity is being brought in from every perspective including the Muslim outlook. With this new outlook on life this generation will be able to accomplish anything that stands in the way. As a human race we need to speak up and out because no matter how small you think your voice is you can make a difference, we all have a voice, so I encourage you to go out into this big world and speak up about what you feel is right and what is ok. Amaiya Zafar, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and Rayouf Alhumedhi can all attest to breaking down not having individuality in sports, technology, and toys. These women are changing this world one step at a time, So can you.                



The Sporting Community Should Catch up With the World and Lift the Ban on Hijab By Tomas Marquez Rivera

This is Amaiya in the ring ​LINK

“There are barriers standing in Amaiya's way. For one, the sport she fell in love with is amateur boxing. More importantly, she is a 15-year-old Muslim girl who is as religious as she is dedicated. She wants to wear a hijab under her boxing helmet and uniform. A hijab is a head covering for Muslim women. Boxing rules do not allow Amaiya to wear a hijab in matches.” (This quote was found in a newsela article.) Amateur Muslim women boxers should be able to wear the hijab while fighting. To Amaiya, an amateur boxer, removing the hijab is not a route for someone who cares deeply about her religion. Muslim women should be able to wear the hijab while playing sports to show support to their religion.

The hijab is one way that leads to self confidence

Amateur Muslim women boxers should be able to wear the hijab while fighting Amaiya is an amateur boxer, and removing the hijab is not an option for someone who cares deeply about her culture and religion. Also, if she can't fight then she won’t be able to practice to become a better boxer. On top of that, if she never fights then she will never be noticed by anyone. All women should be able to practice and fight to become a better boxer, to be noticed, and be able to step up their game with the hijab.

People that wear what they are comfortable wearing play better

Women with hijab have the same skills and potentiality than women without hijabs. Noor Ahmed decided to wear a hijab when she was thirteen when she wore it, she actually lost plentiful friends, but this didn't stop her she started to play golf, and she got so good that she got a golf scholarship while wearing the hijab. Also, people say that when they wear the hijab, it makes them more confident in what they're doing, and play better in whatever sport they are playing. Women should be able to wear hijab to boost their confidence in themselves to become better at a sport.

Practice is the key

Women that wear hijab can miss out on a lot of practice. Bilqis Abdul Qadir was the first Muslim women who became a major college basketball player with hijab. But the rules said she could not go professional with the hijab. Since Bilqis Abdul Qadir wore the hijab, she could not go to the professional level so she missed out on a lot of playing and practice. This is an issue because then people will not get recognized and not be able to pursue their dreams.

We must fix the sporting community

Muslim women should be able to wear their religious hijab while playing sports, as well as other religious clothing for any religion. How would you feel if you could not wear a religious clothing just because you are playing a sport that does not Authorize you to wear it? People need to learn empathy and know how others feel about how people treat them, and what they can and can’t do. People should start to learn empathy so the sporting community and the world will start showing respect and empathy to people of all cultures.



Hear Our Voice, by Tameem, Julia, Carolina, Jazmyn, Tomas (2)  

A mini magazine created by grade 6 students centered around the concept of empathy.

Hear Our Voice, by Tameem, Julia, Carolina, Jazmyn, Tomas (2)  

A mini magazine created by grade 6 students centered around the concept of empathy.