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Resisting Racism

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Race Discrimination in the Workforce, ​by Brooke Francis By reading this article, we have made the first step to helping people recieve the jobs they deserve. Black and White deserve the same rights, ​by Ayar Chalco Black and white is like red and blue, purple and orange they are just colors therefore they should be treated the same. African Americans Should be Treated Equally, ​by Fahad Abdulla We are All One, ​by Muhammad Shafei

Race Discrimination in the Workforce ​African Americans are singled out in the workforce, but should have equal rights when applying for a job. For example, in 2004, people that had “black” names, did not receive as many calls about jobs as people with “white” names. This proves the fact that black people were less likely to get called about jobs than others were. Although this fact is repulsing, it is still true.

Dialing for Hiring More “black” names are getting calls about jobs, but discrimination is not over. According to Newsela, a recent study showed that the “black” names and “white” names were getting about the same amount of calls for jobs (meaning the company is considering hiring them). There was a study in 2004 that proved that “white” names were getting more calls. Although the study shows there is improvement in goals and standards towards equal rights, there is a disagreement in the study. The names that were used for “black” names and the names that were used for “white” names changed since 2004. The more recent “black” names sounded less “black” than in the past. To accurately find out if the workforce is not prejudiced, we must exercise the same names as we used in the past.

First Chance to Dance ​ ven today we are seeing only a few women that are African American in considerable ballet E

troupes. Supporting this, an article in Newsela talks about how Misty Copeland became the first African American woman to be a principal dancer in famous ballet troupes. She made this accomplishment in 2015. Newsela states, “She is the first African-American lead ballerina in a famous ballet company.” However, she is not the only one now; there are still only a few African American women that are dancing in leading troupes. Although her talent is great, it is awful that we look at people’s achievements based on their race instead of based on them as a person. Yet in all sorts of jobs, we see just that. When it is a feat based on race, that race is generally disfavored.

Pilot and Prejudice Due to Bessie Coleman being an African American, she faced trials progressing into her dream job. As stated in Newsela, “Bessie Coleman became the first female African American pilot.” Also stated in Newsela, about 90% of American pilots are white and male. These statistics show that whites are at least favored in the pilot job: part of the left over 10% has to be white women. That leaves an even smaller percentage of African Americans- of both genders.

People applying for jobs should have equal rights, regardless of race, gender, or disability. We should not have accomplishments that are only great as a result of of our race, gender, or disability. People should not be challenged in going for jobs because they are African American. People shouldn't be disconsidered for jobs only considering the race their name sounds like. We

are obligated to notice the discrimination in jobs because of race, and we need to do everything in our power to stop it. Whether that is going personally to a company and talking to them about race, or just convincing those who have greater authority than us to do so. We may not be able to stand up and give speeches about it, but we can still make a difference in helping people to obtain the jobs they deserve.

Black and Whites Deserve the Same Rights A study I came across in the American Economic Review reports that applicants with Black-sounding names received 50% fewer callbacks for jobs than those with white-sounding names. This is absurd that half the people with black sounding names got called back. It is even crazier that people are using race as an obstacle to get into a job. Black Americans should find it as easy as everyone else to find a job, get an education, get credit, or just to live peacefully without being discriminated because everyone deserves the same rights. African American girls are unfairly reprimanded to their white peers. An article called “Author schools educators on the treatment of African American girls” from Newsela, outlines several stories of unfair treatment of African American girls in school. One of these stories is about a girl that was suspended for wearing shorts on a hot day because the school said it would attract male gender, but a white girl that was wearing shorter shorts was just given a pass back to class. Consequently showing that people aren’t over the idea of racism and its affecting the minds of these kids because they are being suspended for reasons that are unfair when compared to the white boys and girls. African American kids are being suspended unfairly in school Newsela quotes that “African-American children make up 18 percent of all preschool children. However, they make up more than 40 percent of the preschool children who have been suspended.” Newsela also quotes that “American girls represented 50.7 percent of the girls who received more than one school suspension in 2013.” This shows that African American kids are more likely to get suspended despite the fact that they are just like anyone else, some teachers are targeting them because of their race! African Americans don’t get as frequent callbacks as white Americans, according to a study from NorthWest university quotes that “the jobless rate for African Americans persists regardless of their level educational attainment, when compared to white” this is proves how racism still hasn't changed yet people aren't doing anything about what’s happening and because of this African Americans have less money on average than white Americans, because of the difference in the amount of callbacks Black Americans receive. Black Americans should not be judged by their labels this is a giant problem because African American kids are having to learn the tough way, even though they don’t even have a clue about why it's happening. African Americans are being stopped because of their stereotypical image making it harder for them to find get jobs or have a suitable education,because of this stupid idea of being judged by skin color or by race or how long will it take before someone stands up for African American rights if no one does something then who will, if you don’t do something then who will?! It’s time for racism to stop once and for all! How long will it take before someone stands up for African American rights!

African Americans Should be Treated Equally Did you know that the great Muhammad ali was accused of being muslim by many white people? Newsela states that “​He also shocked the world when he joined the Nation of Islam. He became a Muslim. The change angered many white Americans.” Did you know that the great Muhammad ali was accused of being Muslim by many white people? Newsela states that “He also shocked the world when he joined the Nation of Islam. He became a Muslim. The change angered many white Americans.” Did you know that in U.S, African- Americans are 3x more likely to die by officers than white people and sometimes, African-Americans go to jail for no reason!. Racism needs to Stop and people should treat other people the same no matter how people look. People must be normal towards African american because we are all equal on this earth. I think this because some people towards African Americans are sometimes mean to them just because of their color and that needs to stop. This should happen because people always call other people labels which is not cool and It all started in the 1500’s so this should stop and another reason is that according to Newsela , african American Tamir Rice, who was 12 years old got shot by an officer and he did not do anything which goes to show that officers are hostile to African american no matter what they do. People should not judge based on color because some people could do something, for example a black person could do something and a white person did it and usually people would aim at the black person which should not happen because you don’t know what he’s life is like. I think this because a person could be doing nothing wrong and you are just waiting for him to do something wrong and you would be waiting to pounce on him for what he did which is not cool because you don't know their life or how its like so this should stop. Labels Should not affect African American lives and i say this because according to Newsela in 2004 scientists sent out a bunch of resumes and they figured out that some people were treated unfairly and those people could be homeless all because of their race so this needs to stop. I think this should stop because some African Americans can not be able to find jobs as fast which means during that time they might not have enough money to eat or do anything which could affect their lives at some point. In conclusion, African-Americans should be treated fairly and not be treated unfairly because you don’t know what their lives are like and don't let stereotypes make you think something about certain people and treat everyone equally. African Americans should be treated equally with everyone because black people have

lives and are not lower than us and should be treated equally because how would you feel if you lost your job or couldn’t get a job because of your color? You would not be happy and maybe angry well if other people and you treat black people differently than you can help stop this and make lives equal and don’t forget 1 person can change the world..

We are all one Introduction Do you think racism is a problem?, according to Newsela the percentage of racism in America is going down, but there is still 3% which means there is still racism. It went down from 8% to 3% since 2011, still 3% of Americans think that racism is not a problem, that might not seem a lot, but that is 9,803,002 Americans. People should be able to go anywhere, even outside their houses without being discriminated or made fun of just because their race is different than other peoples or because they come from a different religion all of these things are things that people all around the world face. Race should not interfere with people's lives.

Malcolm X made a difference in the world In the past couple years there were people who tried to stand up for their race, but three of them really stood out , those were Malcolm X, Martin Luther king J.R. and Muhammad Ali, two of those people costed them their lives just so they can stand up for their race and both of them were murdered. Sadly for Malcolm X he was not only desrimnateded by citizens but also by the fire and police department, for example, according to newsela, once when Malcolm X was young, a mob lit his house on fire,when the police and firemen arrived they watched Malcolms family's house burn down.This shows that even though Malcolm X went through a lot of tough times he still found space to become a great leader fighting for people's rights, he could’ve just grown up to become like one of the people that were in the mob. Malcolm X was shot 15 times with a gun by a Muslim follower, because Malcolm X converted out of Islam in 1953. He was murdered because of violence against the other religion.

Racism is not only colour of skin Muhammad Ali showed great power toward his religion after he had been discriminated by white Americans. After Muhammad Ali won the heavyweight title in 1964, he shocked the boxing world by announcing that he was converting to the religion Islam, this disturbed many white Americans and he was banned from boxing for three years. After that, he continued boxing still showing power in the religion he is in.This shows that Muhammad Ali showed strength toward his religion because even after being discriminated and banned from the sport he loves,just because of his religion , he

stayed Muslim and did not change his even though other people did not like it.

Quotes can make a difference Martin Luther King J.R had made many quotes and speeches before, but one of them had added 200,000 people into his many believers and this quote shows that he really believes in a change from racism."I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character�. This quote really is inspiring and shows that Martin luther King J.R really believes in a change in racism because he basically says in the quote he wants his children's generation to grow up in a world where they are not judged by their outside but by their inside and their personality. This will be a very affective quote because any parents that have children that were in that generation would also want their children to live in a world like that so he is basically building a community that will help stop racism.

Conclusion Summing up what I have said,there is no differences in religion, there is no differences in colour of skin we are all humans and each human deserves the same rights as any other human.The only thing that splits humans apart is the character, not by the colour of their skin, not by their religion only by their characters. Race should not interfere with anyone's life and to stop this from happening . All humans, all races ,all religions have to come together and be one.

Resisting Racism, by Muhammad, Ayar, Fahad, Brooke  
Resisting Racism, by Muhammad, Ayar, Fahad, Brooke  

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