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Excellent imaging performance

Revolutionary imaging software From the user's point of view, redefining the image acquisition

Sony professional CMOS sensor · 6 megapixel sensor-IMX178 · Pixel Size-2.4x2.4μm

· Sensor Size-1/ 1.8"

· Resolution -3072 x 2048

- editing - measurement - report output workflow process. The inclusion of Meiji Techno's latest image processing algorithm, effectively improving productivity.

ISP color-interpolation algorithm Effectively improve the color deviation of the sensor Perfectly restore the true color of the sample

USB3.0 Stable high-speed transmission Simple and convenient while ensuring a stable rate At full resolution, 40 fps rapid imaging can be achieved

Real-time depth-of-field fusion Which produces perfect results just by switching the depth

Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously Automatic matching data bandwidth algorithm Achieve the state of 4 cameras running synchronously

Real-time image stitching Which can generate mosaic images while moving the stage.

Mosaic V 2.0 Software Feature Function

HD2600T Specification Product Model


Intelligent 12-bit ISP color reproduction

Sensor Model


Real-time depth of field fusion

Sensor Type


Real-time image stitching

Sensor Size


Real-time fluorescence image synthesis and editing



HDR image synthesis

Pixel Size

2.4 x 2.4(μm)

Micro-imaging-based intelligent automatic exposure


3072(H) x 2048(V)

Smart measurement workflow


40fps @6MP

Implements multiple iterations of workflow execution

Shutter Mode


Supports single shot, integral camera, delayed camera

Exposure Time


Automatic video and delay video generation

Automatic Set

Exposure, Color Scale, White Balance

Output format selection

Manually Set

Exposure, Gain, Noise Reduction, Gamma, Flat Field Correction

User parameter group save and load

Color Temperature


ADC Depth


PC Software

Mosaic V 2.0

Implements drawing: points, lines, rectangles, polygons, circles, arcs, angles

Picture Format


Data export as TXT or Excel

Operating System

Windows / Linux / Mac

Report generation and printing

Multiple Cameras

Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously

Data Interface

USB 3.0

Optical Interface

Standard C Mount

Camera Size

68 x 68 x 46 mm

Camera Weight

330 g

Operating Temperature


Dynamic/static measurement, layered measurement Supports measuring gauges, layers, precision, naming, style

HD2600T Appearance · Meticulous CNC arc processing · Environmental protection spraying · Stainless steel C ring with no debris

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HD2600T Spec Sheet  
HD2600T Spec Sheet