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MT7500 and MT8500 series BrightiieldlDarkiield

;:J,- MetallurgiCal

DK MEU|rEcHNo co.,LTD.

Tableof Contents 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5

Introduction Features Microscope GeneralSafetyGuidelines lntendedProductUse Statement Handlingthe microscope WarrantyNotes

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The Microscopeand its Components lnstallation Site Unpacking MicroscopeSet Up Adjustinglnterpupillary Distance

3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8

MicroscopeOperation the Lamp- Incidentllluminator Centering IncidentLightOperation- Brightfield IncidentLightOperation-Darkfield Transmitted LightOperation- Brightfield Usingthe Polarizer/ Slide-lnAnalyzer with35mmSLR and DigitalSLR Cameras Photomicrography with DigitalStillCameras Photomicrography Connectinga Videoor OtherCamerathat usesa "C" type mount

4.A Maintenance and Cleaning 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4

Troubleshooting Replacingthe mainsfuseon the microscope IncidentLightdoesnot work Replacing the 12V50W HalogenLamp- Incidentllluminator Replacing the 6V 30W HalogenLamp- Transmitted llluminator

6.0 Storage 7.0 Packingand Transport Parts 8.0 Accessories and Replacements 9.0 TechnicalDescriptions 10.0 PhysicalDimensions

MT75OO lMTSSOOSeries Brightfield/ Darkfield Metallurgical Microscope 1. Introduction TheMeijiTechnoMT7500and MT8500SeriesMetallurgical havea moderncompactdesign. Microscopes placement Easyoperation is achievedthroughergonomic oi controlsmakingthemidealfor usein production andqualitycontrol. Meiji'sMT7500and MT8500Seriesarewellsuitedlor a widevarietyot metallurgical observational applications as wellas highresolution videomicroscopy. The MT7500and MT8500SeriesMicroscopes delivercrisp,distortion-free, highresolution imagesin Brightf ieldmode. MeijiTechnosuppliesa varietyof accessories filters,micrometers including simplepolarizing andcamera adaoters.

1.1Microscope Features . . . . . . . . . . ' . . .

Computer AidedDesigned FrameandOptics New All and lmprovedPlanEpiscopic Objectives SlimCompactFootprint InfinityCorrected OpticalSystem Powerful12V50WVerticalKoehlerllluminator (MT8500series) Powerful LightKoehlerllluminator 6V 30WTransmitted LowPositioned Ergonomic CoaxialCoarseand FineFocusControls SmoothOperating ReverseFacingQuadruple Nosepiece CeramicCoatedFlatTopStagewithleftor right-handed controls Binocular Siedentopf-type andTrinocular ViewingHeads Ergonomic Binocular ViewingHeadavailable OptionalSiedentopf-type (SWH10X, F.N.22) SuperWidelieldHighEyepointEyepieces powercord Automatic VoltageSensingPowerSupplywithdetachable WideRangeoi FiltersandAccessories

1.2GeneralSafetyGuidelines MeijiTechnoproductsaredesigned {orsaleoperation Theinstrument undernormaloperating conditions.


' -

in thismanualhavebeenbuiltandtestedaccording andaccessories described to industrysafety standards lor electronic laboratory instruments. Incorrect usageor non-conformance to operating instructions cancausepersonalinjuryor damageto equipment or property.Keepthismanualnearyour instrument for easyreference.

1.3IntendedProductUse productis designedand intended ProductDisclaimer:This lor useonlyas a metallurgical microscope Modifying instrument in way for in system. this any use anysituation otherthanthe originaland intended productdesignwillautomatically voidthe warranty. In no eventshallMeijiTechnobe liableto anyperson or entityfor any incidental, indirector consequential damages, arisingoutof or in connection withthe use performance or of a modified or alteredDroduct.

1.4 ProductSafetyInformation-Handlingthe Microscope flwanur ltcl DONOTOPERATE UNLESS THEUNITIS PROPERLY GROUNDED! powercordin a wellgrounded power Useonlythe speci{ied socket.Do notusein an ungrounded receplacle or in caseswherethereis a breakin thegroundconductor or damageto the electrical wiring. Onlyfusesof the specified typeandratingareto be usedas replacements. Switchoffthe powerand the powercordbeforereplacing fuses.Useof a non-compliant disconnect fusemayresultin electrical shockor severedamageyourequipment. Do notreplacethe bulbfor at least10 minutesafterthe unithas beenturnedoffor injurymayresult.

1.5WarrantyStatement Modifying in anywayor unauthorized the instrument attempts to disassemble or usethe instrument lor voidthe warranty. applications otherthanits intended designwillautomatically MeijiTechnowarrants thisproductagainstdejectsin materialand/orworkmanship {orthe liteof the purchase purchaser. instrument fromthedateof the original to the original MeijiTechnowillrepairor replace,at itsoption,anyinstrument whichundernormalconditions of useandserviceprovesto be in materialor workmanship. No chargewillbe madefor laboror materials defective withrespectto defects provided coveredby thiswarranty, all repairworkis doneby MeijiTechno.


Thiswarrantydoesnotcoverexpensesincurredin the removalor reinstallation of any instrument or rnstruments, whetheror notprovendefective. Replacement or repairsfurnished underthiswarrantyare subjectto the sametefmsandconditions the warranty. This warranty anyother of original supersedes warrantyandis subjectto thefollowing termsandconditions:

WARRANTY productextendsto the originalpurchaser Warranty of MeijiTechno's o{ the productandis nottrans{erable.

WARRANTY DURATION MeijiTechnowarrants for the lifeof the thisproductagainstdefectsin materialand/orworkmanship instrument fromthe dateof originalpurchase to the originalpurchaser. Theelectrical warrantyis oneyear.

OWNER'S REGISTRATION CARD Returnof the owner'sregistration cardby the originalpurchaser withinten (10)daysaftertheoriginal purchase precedent is a condition to coverageunderthiswarranty. MeijiTechnowillat itsoptionaccept writtenproofof purchase fromthe originalownerin lieuof a productregistration card.

EXCLUSIONSAND LIMITATIONS Specifically excluded Jromthiswarrantyarefailurescausedby abuse,neglect,misuse,improper normalwear,accident, operation, impropermaintenance or modifications ol ANYtype.Thiswarrantydoes notcoverrepairor replacement wherenormalusehasexhausted All the lifeof a partor instrument. periodic parts perform mechanical devicesneed replacement well.Servicelifeof an andserviceto instrument is dependent uponthe careit receivesandthe conditions underwhichit hasto operate.In no eventshallMeijiTechnobe liablefor incidental or consequential damages.

SERVICE pleasecontactMeijiTechnodirectlyandaskfor the ProductService Toobtainserviceunderthiswarranty, Department. Statethe natureof the problem,modelandserialnumberof the instrument, daleof purchase purchased andlocationand nameof the distributor the instrument was from.Afterverification of warranty registration, MeijiTechnowillissuea returnauthorization number.Customermaythenreturnthe product postageprepaidandinsuredto the authorized repairfacility In mostinstances, requests for warrantyservicewillbe performed in a promptandroulinemannerand periodof timeor at MeijiTechno's merchandise willbe returnedin a reasonable In some convenience. lor warrantyserviceare received cases,requests whichare notjustified.In thesecases,MeijiTechnowill providean explanation for non-warranty action.

WARRANTYTERMS Thetermsof thiswarrantymaynotbe variedby any person,whetheror notpurporting to represent or acl on behalfof MeijiTechno. The limitedlifetimewarrantyprovidedis in lieuof anyandallwarranties, purposeor otherwise. or implied,whetherfor merchantability expressed or fitnessfor a particular Liability for consequential damagesunderany,andallwarranties areexcludedto the extentexclusions are permitted gives you you law. warranty legal by This specific rightsand mayalsohaveotherrightswhich varyfromstateto state.Thiswarrantysetsforththe customer's exclusive remedy,withrespectto products. defective Thislimitedwarrantyshallbecomenullandvoidin the eventol a violationo{ the provisions of thislimitedwarrantv

2.0The Microscopeand its Components Theimageon the nextpagedesignates the maincomponents o{ the MT8500SeriesBrightfield/Darkfield Microscooe. lJno otheraccessories aregoingto be installed, the instrument is nowreadyfor use.

MT7500/MT8500 Series The Microscopeand its Components 2



\ie 11


Siedentopfbinocularhead EyepieceSWH10X,F.N.22 Incidentllluminator Analyzerin slidermount


\ 15

12. Focustensionadjustment, turnthe knurled ringcounter-clockwise to tightenthe tension 13. Adjustablesafetyknob,turn leverclockwise to lockthe stageheight


14. condenser rackheight adjustment knob(MTB500 series)


15. stand alonepowersupplyfor incidentilluminator of MTB500series

Substagecondenserwith built-in lris diaphragm(MT8500series)

16. Powerswitch

Filtertray (MT8500series)

17. Low positionedergonomiccoaxialcoarse and fine focusingcontrol

Fieldiris (MT8500series) Integratedilluminator (MT8S00series) Drop down coaxialstage controls

18. Low positionedvariablebrightnesscontrol 19. Trinocularheadwith integratedmale "C" mount 20. Beamsplitterfor cameraport

2.1 InstallationSite possible. shouldbe operatedin a roomwithas littledustas praclically Themicroscope Alsotry to avoidbig humidity. chemicalfumesandexcessive awayfromsolvents, Keepyourinstrumenl and directsunlightandvibrationas theycanaflectmeasurements swingsin ambienttemperature, performance. instrument OperatingAmbientConditions 10 - 36'C (50 - 96.8"F) Temperature: RelativeHumidity: 0 - 80% up to 30'C (86'F)

2.2 Unpacking are present.Keepa copy{oryourrecordsso Pleasecheckyourpackingslipto insurethatall materials partsor orderingreplacement whenorderingmoreequipment, thatyou havethe properinformation support.Pleasemakesurethatno smallpiecesor partsare left accessories or whencallingfor technical in a safeplaceforthe purposeof storageand Keepthe packingmaterials in the packingmaterial. and itsaccessories. transporting the microscope [zi\lrrenrrou

suchas lenses,filtersandglass thesurfaceof opticalcomponents Avoidtouching or fingeroilscancorrodethesurfacesot opticsin a short Evenverysmalltracesof perspiration surfaces. Deriodof time.

2.3 MicroscopeSet Up . As a firststep,removeall componentsfromthe shippingcontainerand removethe packing materials. . Placethe microscope frameon a stablework surface.

MA928Verticalllluminator Fi l terSlots

\ \ \

A perturel ri s

Brightfield/Darkfield selectorlever

. Loosenthe clampscrewon the microscopelimb and installthe (MA928).Oncethe thumbscrewis tightened,place verticalilluminator the binocularhead(MAB15or MAB16)or the optional(MAgs7) onto the top of the illuminator and re-tighten the clampscrewwhilethe head is in the correctpositionas shownright. . lnstallthe Siedentopfheadwiththe Zmm allenwrenchsuppliedbeing carefulto alignthe notchin the headwith the set screw. Next,lnstall the two eyepieces(MAB17)by slidingthem intothe head and then installthe rubbereyeshieldson top of each eyepiece.The eyepiecesfor MT7500and MT8500Seriesare a DIN standard 30.0mmdiameter.

MA928Verticalllluminator Clamo Screw


A / t 7t

Set sc.rew ,

r ffi

prismhouse , Trinocular


. Screweach objectiveintoa nosepieceopeningbeingcarefulnot to touchthe optics.Installthem incrementally or in orderof power. . MT7500series:Connectcord from the incidentilluminator to the back of the microscope. Powersupplyis built-inthe microscope.Plugthe powercord set to the microscopeand the otherend intoa grounded outlet. . MT8500series:Connectthe cord fromthe incidentilluminator to the standalonepowersupply(MA928/05). Plugthe powercordsetintothe microscopeand the otherend intoa groundedoutlet. . Boththe MT7500SeriesMicroscopeand the externalstandalone powersupplyfor MTB500haveautovoltagesensingso they can be usedwith any voltagefrom any countryin the worldf rom 100 voltsto 260 voltsAC with the propercordset.

9 Vertical llluminator Plug 9 MT7500 series

=t 1l

, l-



y/ /l ll I I |I

| /'O\


'':^ '



' , u ' , , . n n o . o r o|



tF \F


\. \ I I

.@-@De re o

Vertical llluminator Plug MTB500 series


LAq"rrrfgll The mainspowercord shouldonly be pluggedinto a knowngroundedoutlet. A simpleoutlellestercan be usedto verifycorrectoutletpolarityandthe presence of a grounded circuit. lf no otheraccessories aregoingto be installed, the instrument is nowreadylor use.

2.4 AdiustingInterpupillaryDistance The Interpupillary Distanceis essentially the distancebetweenyour two pupilsexpressedin millimeters. When set correctly, one will see one uniformroundfieldof view or FOV.The adjustmentis made by simply pullingapartor pushingtogetherthe eyetubesuntila uniformroundfieldis achieved.Makenoteof the numbermarkedon the viewingheadso you can repeatthe settinglater. Whenyou placea specimenon the stage,get it intofocuswith the right eye whileyour lefteye is closed.Oncethe rightside is in focusby using the finefocusknobon the microscope, open your lefteye and use the diopteron the lefteyetubeto bringthe leftside in focus.


ffi Diopter Adjustment

Oncethis is done,the microscopeis adjustedto this user.Otheruserswitl havedifferentlP's and differentfocusingabilities.

3.0 Operation Oncethe microscope hasbeensetupin itsworkinglocationwithall of the componenls correcllvinstalled. it is readyfor use. YourMT7500/MT8500SeriesMicroscope is a precision instrument designed to lasta lifetime. Alwavs handleyourmicroscope withcareandavoidabruptmotion,vibrationandshock. Do notinstallanybulbin yourinstrument otherthanonesdesignated by Meijirechno: MA275t05 12V50W Halogen For Verticalilluminators MT7500/MT8S00 models MA326

6V 30W Halogen

For integratedtransmittedilluminators MT8500models

Alwaysdisconnect the powercordfromthe backof the microscope whennotbeingused,or wnen yourinstrument cleaning or whenmakinganyrepairs.

[Acaurlo-'l AvoidDismantling Neverattemptto dismantle the instrument. Thiswillvoidyourwarrantyandcouldpossiblyleadto the instrument no longerperforming accurately.


ililsgEgggEffi{ I-

3.1 Genteringthe Lamp- Incidentllluminator if thelieldo{ viewseemsunevenlyilluminated. Yourlightsourcâ‚Źmayneedto be "centered" controlsarelocatedon the sideof the lightsourcehousingat the backendof thevertical Thecentering illuminator. Thedrawingbelowshowsthe locationof the controls. CenteringAdiustment levelwithno specimenon the stage. 1.Adjustthe brightness to a comlortable 2. Loosenthe screwon the verticaladjustmentand whilelookinginto the eyetubes,centerthe bulbverticallyin the fieldof view and then retightenthe screwwhilethe bulbfilamentis in the correctposition. centerthe bulbfilamentin to lookintothe eyetubes, 3. Whilecontinuing in the left-right centering knob to attain view using the by the fieldof position.

screw Verticalqdjustment

knob Horizontal adjustment

This adjustmentwill also needto be done wheneverthe bulb is changed.

series) 3.2 lncidentLight Operation- Brightfield(MT7500/MT8500 distanceon the microscopeeyetubesby 1. First,set your interpupillary pullingthemapartor pushingthemclosertogetherto fit youreyes. one will see one uniformroundor "fused"fieldof Whenset correctly, view.Makenoteof the distancesettingwhen adjustedto your liking so you can laterrepeatthe setting.

Field of view


2. Adjustingthe brightnessdesiredis done withthe variablebrightness controlknobon microscopebase (MT7500), or controlknobon the frontof the standalonepowersupplyMT8500). is 3. Makesurethe fieldirisdiaphragmon the verticalilluminator openedall the way open (moveleverto the right)to start. 4. We recommendthat you initiallyuse a flat,easilyrecognizable specimento set up your microscope.Placethat specimenon the stage.

ffi\ V lncidentlightpowersupply MT8500 Series



objectivelikethe 5X or the 10X to findthe areaof intereston the 5. Selecta lowerpower"scanning" quickly.Be surethe objective "clrcks" intoplacewhenyouturnthe objective nosepiece. specimen yourspecimenintotocuswithyour 6. By usingthe coarseandfinefocusknobsshownabove,ad.iust le{teyeclosed(lookingonlythroughthe righteyetube). Withthe specimenin focus,closethe right eyeyoujustusedandopenthe left.lf the specimenis out of focusfor the lefteye,adjustthe diopter is nowadjustedfor thisuser.Focusing on the eyetubeuntilthefocusin correct.The microscope to compensate for users that wear corrective eye lenses.lf youwearglasses,you eyetubesallowsus maywantto removethe rubbereyeguards. 7. Theapertureirisdiaphragm locatedon theverticalilluminator can be "stopped down"or closed give your power. the more less contrast resolving somewhat to observation of specimen or or decreases resolution butincreases imagecontrastand Stopping downthe diaphragm andbrightness deothof focus.

3.3 Incident Light Operation- Darkfield 1.Toengagedarkfield mode,pullthe darkfield selectorleveruntilit comesoutwiththedarkfield righthandposition). Be surethatboththe FieldlrisandtheAperture stopperin position(maximum lrisareopenedcompletely. 2.Looking intotheeyepieces withouta specimenon the stage,thefieldof viewappearsdark. 3.Whena specimenis placedon the stage,featuresof the specimensuchas scratches, surface particles willretlectbrightlyagainstthe darkbackground. anddepressions withteaturesthatcannotbe readilyseenunder 4.Darkfield modeis usefulfor observing specimens mode. brightfield PossibleDarktieldModeOperationalProblems lf normaladjustments are notgettingthe resultsyou expect,checkto see if theseconditions exist: o Incorrect inadvertently installed components . Components frame) notmountedflush(Vertical llluminator to microscope . Dirtyor smudgedoptics . Aperturelrisor Fieldlrisarecompletely closed


3.4TransmittedLight Operation- Brightfield(MT8500series) 1. First,set your interpupillary distanceon the microscope eyetubesby pullingthemapartor pushingthemclosertogetherto fit youreyes. When set correctly, one will see one uniformroundor "fused"fieldof view.Makenoteof the distancesettingwhen adjustedto your likingso you can laterrepeatthe setting. powerswitchwhichis locatedas shownat 2.Turnon the microscope right.Adjustingthe transmittedlightbrightnessis done withthe variablebrightness controlknobon the bodyof the microscope shown at right. 3. Makesurethe fieldirisdiaphragm on the integrated transmitted illuminator is openedallthewayopen(turnoutsideknobto the right)to start.


4. We recommendthat you initiallyuse a flat,easilyrecognizable specimen.Placethatspecimenon the stage.

5. Selecta lowerpower"scanning" objective likethe 5X or the 10X to findthe areaof intereston the quickly.Be suretheobjective "clicks"intoplacewhenyouturnthe objective specimen nosepiece. 6. By usingthe coarseandfinefocusknobsshownabove,adjustyourspecimenintolocuswithyour lefteyeclosed(lookingonlythroughthe righteyetube). Withthe specimenin focus,closethe right eyeyoujustusedandopenthe left.lf the specimenis oul of focusfor the lefteye,adjustthe diopter on the eyetubeuntilthefocusin correct.The microscope is nowadjustedfor thisuser.Focusing eyetubes allowsus to compensate lor usersthatwearcorrective eyelenses.lf youwearglasses,you maywantto removethe rubbereyeguards. 7. The irisdiaphragm locatedon thetransmitled illuminator canbe "stoppeddown"or closedsomewhat power.Stopping to givethe observation of yourspecimenmoreor lesscontrastor resolving downthe diaphragm decreases resolution imagecontrastanddepthof focusand brightness butincreases Possible Brightfield Mode OperationalProblems lf normaladjustments are not gettingthe resultsyou expect,checkto see if theseconditionsexist: a a o a o

Incorrectcomponentsinadvertently installed frame,etc.) Components not mountedflush(Vertical llluminator to microscope Dirtyor smudgedoptics Aperturelrisor Fieldlrisare completely closed Transmitted lightirisclosedcompletely


MT7500/MT8500 SeriesPlan Epi BD Objectives - F = 200mm Brightfield/DarkfieldObjectives - PlanEpi- Infinity Corrected


P l a n E p i B D S XO b j e c t i v e N , . A . : 0 . 1 0 ,w . D .= 1 7 . 0 m m

MA924 MA925

PlanEpi BD10XObjective,N.A.: 0.25,w.D.= 7.48mm PlanEpi BD20XObjective, N.A.:0.40,w D - 5 20mm


PlanEpi BD50XObjective, N.A.:0.75,w D - 0 3emm

Plan Epi Brightfield/ Darkfieldobjectives


@@@@ 3.5 Usingthe Polarizer/ Slide-lnAnalyzer Polarizer Forcerlainspecimens, the useof polarized lightwillenhancethecontrastandfacilitate viewingof difficult to see objectfeatures. Thepolarizing filteris engagedby droppingit intooneoJthe filterslotslocatedalongthe topof the illuminator tubeas shownin the drawingbelow. Slide-lnAnalyzer Theanalyzeris mountedin a sliderwhichis locatedrightbelowtheviewingheadas shownin the drawing can be insertedor withdrawn fromtheopticalpathby grabbing the chromeknobandslidingit east-westin its slot.The leveron the siderotatesthe filterbetween0 and 90 degrees. Withthe analyzetengagedandthe leverset at 45 degrees, the polarizing elementsaresaidto be "crossed" the field view "extinouished". and ot willbecomedarkeror In thiscondition, thefieldot viewis darkexceptfor the opticallyactiveelementswithinthe fieldwhich becomevisibleagainstthe darkbackground.


MA928Verticalllluminator Fi l terSlots

\ An a l i z e irn s l i d er I


\ \\

A perturel ri s Fi etdtri s


\ Brightfield/Darkf ieldselectorlever

with 35mmSLR and DigitalSLR Cameras 3.6 Photomicrography ModelMT7530and MTB530microscopes havea trinoculartube with integratedmale"C" mounton top of the headfor photomicroscopy. In orderto securea 35mm SLR camerabodyto thesemicroscopes, an optionalcameraattachmenttube (MA150/50or MA150/60)will

"C" Mount Thread

needto be usedwiththe corresponding T2 AdapterRingthat


matchesthe camerato be used. The tablebelowshowsthe differentcamerasand adapterringsthat ClampScrew

can be used:

T2 CameraAdapter Rings T2-1 Canon T2-2 Minolta T2-3 PentaxK T2-4 PentaxS (threaded) T2-S Nikon

T2-6 Olympus T2-7 Contax,Yashica T2-8 Konica T2-g Canon EOS T2-1OMinoltaAlpha/ Maxim2000

ln addition, a photoeyepiecewillbe neededto makean imagefor the camera.Thetablebelowshowsthe thatareavailable: diflerentphotoeyepieces

Photo eyepieces MA512 2.5XPhotoeyepiece MA508 5X Pholoeyepiece MA500 3.3XPhotoeyepiece


with DigitalStillCameras 3.7Photomicrography gradedigitalcamerato a MT7530/MT8530 In orderto mounla consumer trinocular microscope, an optionalcameraadapterwillbe needed.Thetablebelowshowsthe different camerasthatcanbe used adapterpartnumber: andtheircorresponding

N W $rW

Eyetubes "C" Mount TM Series Thread ML Series (25.4mm) ( 2 3 . 2 m ml D , (attaches to male 27.2mmOD thread) c-mount Eyetubes)

Eyetubes EM Series ( 3 0 . 5 m ml D , 34.0mmOD Eyetubes)

Eyetubes RZ Series MT Series TC Series IM Series ( 3 0 . 0 m ml D , 34.0mmOD Eyetubes)

M A 15 1 / 3 0 / 7 3

M A 15 1 / 3 0 / 7 3

M A 15 1 / 4 0 / 7 2


M A 15 1 / 5 0 / 7 2

Canon P owe rs h o t A700. A700 ls





M A 1 5 1/ 5 0 / 7 4

Canon Powershot G1,G2

M A 15 1 1 3 0 / 4 3

M A 15 1 t 3 0 / 4 3

M A 15 1 / 4 0 / 4 2

M A 15 1/ 4 5 / 4 2

M A 1 5 1/ 4 0 / 4 2

Canon P owe rs h o t G3, G5


M A 15 1 / 3 0 / 4 1

M A 15 1 / 4 0 / 4 0


M A 15 1 / 5 0 / 4 0

Canon P owe rs h o t G6

M A 15 1 1 3 0 / 3 1

M A 1 5 1/ 3 0 1 3 1

M A 15 1 / 4 0 t 3 0

M A 15 1 / 4 5 / 3 0

M A 1 5 11 5 0 t 3 0

Canon P owe rs h o t G7

M A 15 1 / 3 0 / 2 1

M A 1 5 1/ 3 0 t 2 1

M A 15 1/ 4 0 / 2 0

M A 15 1/ 4 5 / 2 0

M A 1 5 1/ 5 0 / 2 0

MAl 51/30/81

M A 15 1 / 4 0 / 8 0


MA151/ 50/ BO

M A 15 1/ 3 0 / 5 0


M A 15 1 1 4 0 t 5 0

M A 15 1/ 4 5 / 5 0

MA151/ s5/ 50

Nik on Coo l p i x 5000

M A 15 1 t 3 0 t 7 0

M A 15 1/ 3 0 / 7 1

M A 1 5 1/ 4 0 / 7 0


Nikon Coolpix 5400

MA 15 1 /3 0 /5 3

M A 1 5 1/ 3 0 / 5 3


MA 1 51 /45/52

M A 15 1 t 3 0 / 6 1

M A 15 1 / 4 0 t 6 0

M A 15 1/ 4 5 1 6 A

M A 1 5 1/ 3 0 / 6 3

M A 1 5 1/ 4 0 / 6 2

M A 1 5 1/ 4 5 / 6 2

MA 151 /30/63

M A 15 1/ 4 0 / 6 4


Digital Camera Model

Canon P owe rs h o t 461 0, 4620 4630. A640

Fuji Finepix MA151/30/81 49002. 3602. 69002. S20Pro, 57000 Nikon Coolpix 800,900,950,990,995,4500

O ly m pus Ca me d i a c-2020, c-3000, c.3030, c-2000, c-3040, M A 15 1 / 3 0 / 6 1 c-3100, c-4100. c-5050 c-4040. O ly m pus Ca me d i a c-700, c-720, c.730, c.740, c.750, M A 1 5 1/ 3 0 / 6 3 C-765, C-770, SP500UZ c-755,C-760,

Olympus Camedia c-5060 c-7070


M A 1 5 1/ 3 0 / 6 5

M A 1 5 1/ 5 0 / 5 2

M A 1 5 1/ 5 0 / 6 2





CK3100N or CK3100P 1/3"CCDCamera


CK3900Nor CK3900P , 12"CCDCamera

DK3000 , T '

I t I I | | u

" c " M o u n t s w i t hL e n s M A 1 5 1l 3 5 t o 4 0 . 4 5 x M A 1 5 11 3 5 1 5 00 . 5 X M A 1 5 1 / 3 s / 1 51. ox M A 1 5 1t 3 5 t 2 o o . 7 x M A 1 5 11 3 5 1 2 52 . 5 X

Slip the "C" mount with lens over the top of the photo tube c K 3 1 0 0 No r C K 3 1 0 0 P 1 / 3 "C C D Camera

T2-1 Canon T2-2 Minolta T2-3 PentaxK T2-4 PentaxS T2-5 Nikon T2-6 Olympus T2-7 Contax,Yashica T2-B Konica f2-9 CanonEOS f2-1OMinoltaa / Maxim2000

CK3900Nor CK3900P 112'CCD Camera

MA1s0/60 CameraAttachment w/findereyepieces


Photo Eyepieces a l M A 5 1 22 5 X IV I MAsOO3.3X MAsOB5.OX

Connect directly to " C" m ount t y p e C C D C a me ra s

T r inoc ul a rH e a dw i th IntegratedMale "C" mount

Trinocular Head with Photo tube




3.8 Connectinga Videoor OtherCamerathat has a "C" type mount In orderto attacha camerathatemploysa standard"C"lypecameramountto the MT7530/MT8530 microscope, onecan usethe integrated male"C"mountby unscrewing and removing thechrometube. Tochangethe magnilication seenby the camera,an optional"C-Mount" WITHLENS cameraattachment portof the microscope: canbe usedon top of thetrinocular Optional

'rC' Mounts With Lenses - ForallMeijiTrinocular Microscopes

photo MA151/35/03 "C" Mount Adapter with 0.3X lens (Stips overexisting tube) photo tube) MAl 51135104 "C" Mount Adapter with 0.45X lens (Slips overexisting

MAl 51135/50

photo "C" Mount Adapter with 0.5X lens (Slips overexisting tube)

photo MAl 51135115 "C" Mount Adapter with 1.0X lens (Slips overexisting tube) photo tube) MA151135120 "C" Mount Adapter with 0.7X lens (Slips overexisting

MAl 51135/25

photo "C" Mount Adapter with 2.5X lens (Stips overexisting tube)

4.0 Maintenance and Cleaning 2\wanNrNG .

priorto performing Disconnect the powercordon yourequipment cleaning,maintenance or repair. . Keepelectrical components awayfrommoisture or humidity. . In warmhumidclimates, takespecialcareto preventyourequipment fromexposureto fungalgrowth in an airtightstoragecontainer or by othermeans. by usingdesiccant . Cleanthe microscope aftereachuse.Keepingyourmicroscope cleanwillinsureits properoperation overits lifetime.

DustProtection Be sureto usethe supplieddustcoverwithyourmicroscope aftereachworksession.

Gleaning Dust,fibersandotherdebriscancauseyourlieldof viewto getobstructed so keepingyourmicroscope cleanwillhelptheoverallqualityof yourwork.

Cleaningof PaintedSurfaces Usea softbrushor lint-free cottonclothto removeddustandlooseparticles. Toughdirtcanbe removed withwateranda milddetergent. 17




Paintedor plasticsurfacesshouldnotbe tarnished or etchedwithcleaningagentsthataretoo powerful. Tocleanpaintedsurfaces, usea moistened lint-free cottonclothwithmildsoapywater.

Cleaningthe Stage Usea soft brushor lint-freecottonclothto removedust and looseDarticles. DO NOTUSEACETONEOR OTHERHARSHCHEMICALS, usea moistened lint-free cottonclothwitha solutionof mildsoapywater.

Cleaningof Glass Surfaces Usea soJtbrushor lint-free cottonclothto removedustandlooseparticles. Fortoughdirt, use a soft lint-freecottonclothmoistenedwith distilledwater. lf thatfails,try usingmedicalor reagentgradeisopropyl alcohol.

Cleaningthe Objectives fgp NGERI Obiectives shouldNEVERbe disassembled for cleaningor for anyotherreasonlWedo notadvise cleaning the insidesurfacesof objectives or eyepieces. Usea softbrush,bellowsbrushor a softlint-free cottonclothto removeddustandlooseparticles. Fortoughdirt,usea softlinffreecottonclothmoistened withdistilled water. lf thatfails,caretully try usingmedicalor reagentgradeisopropyl alcohol. Wipelensesimmediately. Overtime,waterandsolventscan dissolveopticalcementsthatholdoptics togetherso NEVERsoakobjectives withANYtypeof fluid.


I f


i:r';{P N#

5.0Troubleshooting in JapanunderlSO9001manufacturing MeijiTechnoproducts are manufactured exclusively standards. However, if youeverhaveanydifficulty withany Meijiproduct,feelJreeto contactus at: MEIJITECHNOCO.,LTD. 322-1,Chikumazawa, Miyoshimachi,lruma-gun Saitama354-0043,Japan

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Meiji Techno America

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or electrical issuesyou mayhave. Ourtechnical staffis trainedto assistyouon mechanical

Operationallssues Pleasereferto the plevious"Operations" chapterswhichcoincidewiththe observation modethatyou are problemsincludethe improperpositioning using.The mostcommonoperational of contrastaccessories, partsinstalled.lf you are unableto obtainthe desiredimage the improperadiustment or the incorrect pleasereferto the corresponding fromthe microscope, chaptersof thismanualunderthe proper mode:brightfield, operation etc.

ElectricalProblems Electrical oroblems can include: . The lampon the microscope is notworking. . No voltageis present. Checkthefollowingprobable causes: . Checkthatall powercordsareproperlyconnected to the rightspots. . Makesurepoweris actuallypresentat thewalloutlet. . Checkto see if thereis a luseblown.



IW M ffi

5.1 Replacingthe mainsfuse on the microscope

YOUR EQUIPMENTBEFOREDOINGANY REPAIR. ALWAYSDISCONNECT Location of Mains Fuse is locatedon the back panel The mainsfuse of the MT SeriesMicroscopes of the microscopeas shown. Instructionsto replacethe mains fuse: . . . . .

Turnthe powerswitchto the off position. fromthe walloutlet. Unplugthe microscope Loosenthe fuse cap fromthe fuse holder. Removethe blownfuse fromthe fuse cap. Replacethe fusewiththe CORRECTtypeand ratingwhichis:

Back Panel

Halogen Systems MA327 3 Amp, 250V,5 X 20mm r Reinstall the fuse holderwiththe new fuse in place.


5,2 lncidentLight does not work . . . .

Makesureyour mainsoutletindeedhas power. is firmlypluggedintothe socketon the powersupply. Makesurethe plugfromthe illuminator Checkto see if the mainsfuseon the incidentlightpowersupplyhas blown. Checkto see if the lamphas blowninsidethe illuminator.


5.3 Replacingthe 12V50W HalogenLamp - Incidentllluminator (MT7500/MT8500 series) ALWAYSDISCONNECT YOUREQUIPMENT BEFOREOOINGANY REPAIR. Do nottouchthe glassenvelope of the lampduringinstallation. Keepthe protective sleeveor bagof the lampduringinstallation and removeil rightafterinstallation.


LAMeANDLAMeHousrNG MAyBEHor ro roucH.

o Switchoff the microscope. . Disconnect the powercord. . Waituntilthe housingand bulb havecooledsufficiently. o Loosenthe clampscrewand directthe backingplateso it can be removedfrom the housing. o Removethe defectivelamp, o Placea new lamp intothe socketwhileavoidingtouchingthe glass.Noticethe bulb is wrappedin plastic.Use the bag to avoid touchingthe glassenvelopeduringinstallation. o Be surethe bulbis pushedin as far as possibletherebyassuring the alignment of the filamentin the illuminator. o Reinstallthe lampcoverdoor. o Reconnectthe powercord and switchon the microscopeto align the filamentand to verifyproperilluminator operation.


Loosen this clamp screw

5.4 Replacingthe 6V 30W HalogenLamp - Transmitted(MT8500series) flcnurrorl ] ALWAYSDISCONNECT YOUREQUIPMENT BEFOREDOINGANY REPAIR. Do nottouchthe glassenvelope of the lampduringinstallation. Keepthe protective sleeveor baqof the lampduringinstallation andremoveit rightafterinstallation.

ANDLAMeHousrNG MAyBEHorro roucH. ]@fl-OT-lJ LAMe r Switchoff the microscope. o Disconnect the powercord. o wait untilthe housingand bulb havecooledsufficiently. o Removethe illuminator coverscrewsand liftthe coverto remove. o Replacethe defectivelamp, o Placea new lampintothe socketwhileavoiding touchingthe glass.Noticethe bulb is wrappedin plastic.Use it to avoidtouchingthe glassenvelopeduringinstallation. o Be surethe bulbis pushedin as far as possiblethereby aligning the filamentin the illuminator. o Reinstallthe lampcoverdoor. o Reconnectthe powercord and switchon the microscopeto verifyproperilluminator operation.

6.0Storage ' Protectyour microscopefromdustaftereachuse by coveringyour instrument withthe protective dustcoverthatCamewithyourmicroscope. ' storeyourmicroscope in a cabinetthathasa stabletemperature andlowhumidity. ' lf you livein an areathathashighhumidity, considerstoringyourmicroscope in a sealedcontainer alongwitha desiccant suchas silicagel. ' lt is alsorecommended thatthe objectiveand eyepiecesbe storedin a separateair tightcontainer withdesiccant.


7.0 Packingand Transport the microscope andthe is goingto be moved,shipor transport o Whenever the microscope in itsoriginalpacking. accessories information: copyof the originalinvoice,the operations . lt is advisable to keepa copyo{ all necessary whenshipping. withthe microscope manual,etc.included

8.0 Accessoriesand ReplacementsParts can be found for accessories andpartsfor MT SeriesMicroscopes Partnumbersandproductdescriptions partsfor all MeijiTechnoproductsareavailable throughour andreplacement listedbelow.Accessories dealernetwork.

Viewing Heads Part Number Description 30mm l.D.eyetubes type binocularhead,30" inclined, Siedentopf (includedwith MT7520& MT8520)

30mm l.D.eyetubes head,30" inclined, typetrinocular Siedentopf (i n c l u d e dw i th MT 7 5 3 0& MT 8530)


10-50'inclination, Ergonomic type binocularhead,adjustable Siedentopf 30mm l.D.eyetubes(optional)

Hyepieces (accepts 25mmreticle) SWH10X Super Widefield High Eyepoint eyepiece, F.N.22(standard)


S W H 1 5 X S u p e r W i d e f i e l dH i g h E y e p o i n te y e p i e c e ,F . N . 1 6( o p t i o n a( la) c c e p t1s9 m mr e t i c l e )


S W H 2 O X S u p e r W i d e fi e l d H i g h E y e p o i n te y e p i e c e ,F . N . 1 2( o p t i o n a( la) c c e p t1s9 m mr e t i c l e ) (accepts 25mm reticle SuperWidefieldHighEyepointfocusingeyepiece,F.N.22(optional) SWH1OX-F

- F = 200mm Corrected Brightfield/Darkfield Objectives - Plan Epi - Infinity P l a nE p i B D 5 XO b j e c t i v eN, . A . : 0 . 1 0w, . D .= 1 7 m m P l a nE p i B D 1 0 XO b j e c t i v eN, . A . ' . 0 . 2 5w,. D .= 7 . 4 8 m m N.A.:0.40,w.D.= 5.20mm PlanEpi BD20XObjective, N.A.'.0.75,w.D.= 0.38mm PlanEpi BD50XObjective,


llluminator MA928

Vertical Koehler illuminator, lamp,withclearblue,cleargreen,ND50neutral 12V50Whalogen filtersin metalmount(Thispricedoesnotinclude transformer.) density filterandpolarizing Transformer for MA928in separatecase (input100V-240V,12V50W)

Filters Blueclearfilter,20mmdiameterin metalmount (included) Greenclearfilterin metalmount (included) ND50Neutraldensityfilter,20mmdiameterin metalmount (included) Polarizing filter,20mmdiameterin metalmount (included)

MiscellaneousParts& Accessories MA941 MA942 MA958

withdropdown Ceramiccoatedflattop stage,191mm x 126mmwith right-handed coaxialcontrols(100mmx 100mmx-y travel)(includedin MT7500series) with dropdown Ceramiccoatedflattop stage191mmx 126mmwith right-handed coaxialcontrolsand 94.5mmdiameterclearglassstageplate(100mmx 100mmx-y travel)(includedin MT8500series) Photo/Video attachmentfor MA957ErgonomicHead,80120beamsplitter


Replacement 115V AC Powercordwithplug(USA)


22OVAC Powercordwith plug (European) Replacement


Replacement 220VAC Powercord with plug (UK)


Reticle.25mmdiameter Cross-Line


1Ommdividedinto100 parts,25mmdiameter


Smmdividedinto100 parts,25mmdiameter


1Ommsquaredividedinto400 parts,0.5mmsquare,25mmdiameter


1Ommsquaredividedinto 100 parts,1.0mmsquare,25mmdiameter


Reticlewith0.1mmgraduation, 25mmdiameter Cross-Line


EyepieceMicrometerfor grainsizingin steel,25mmdiameter


MetalStageMicrometer, 0.01mm for reflectedlight


Eyeshield for MAB17SWH10XEyepiece(pairincluded)


Replacement Lamp,6V 30W halogen


Replacement Lamp,12V 50W halogen

MA.327 MA686/05 MA7O1

Replacement Fuse,3A Adapterto mountRMS threadobjectivefor MT7500and MTB500series DustCoverfor MT7500/MT8500 Series(standard)


9.0TechnicalDescriptions Specifications PowerSource

100-230V50/60H2 o M A 2 7 5 l 0 5H a l o g e nb u l b1 2 V5 0 W ( l w a s a kci o d e : J C 1 2 V 5 0 W / G 1 ) , 3 4 0 0 ' K at max. intensity oMA326Halogenbulb6V 30W (Philipscode :5761),3100'Kat max.intensity o50 hoursaveragefor 12V 50W halogen o 100 hoursaveragefor 6V 30W halogen

B ul b


Voltagecontrol o lndooruse oAltitudeup to 2,000m oMAfNS supplyvoltagefluctuations up to +10"/"of the nominalvoltage oTemperature : +10 to 36"C (50 to 96.8"F) o RelativeHumidity: 0 to 80% up to 30"C (86"F) oTransientovervoltages typicallypresenton the MAINSsupply. is impulsewithstand Note:The normallevelof transientovervoltages (overvoltage) categoryll of IEC 60364-4-443. .ApplicableRATEDPOLLUTION degree

LightControlMethod Normal Environmental Conditions

Filtersand Applications Filter

I Application


| NeutralFilteror ND Filter.Greyfiltersor neutraldensityfiltersare usedto attenuateall frequencies of lightequallyresultingin preservation of color temperature. The ND50filterwouldindicatea reductionof lighttransmission by 50 percentor a passageof lightof 50 percent.


redwavelengths. Usedto achievedesiredcolor I ClearBlueFilter.Suppresses balance. Adds alternative contrast to images. I



I ClearGreenFilter.In the past,usedfor addingcontrastfor usewithBlack& Whitefilm and stillcan be usedto achievedesiredcolorbalance.Adds contrastto images.A greenfilterusuallyimprovesresolutionby alternative restrictingthe wavebandreachingthe objective.

Polarizing Filter

Polarizing Filter.Usedin conjunction witha rotatableanalyzer, the polarizing filterchangesthe angleof lightseen in the fieldof view.




'_h fl Tfi



weight & Dimension: Binocular headtype477.smm(D)x 471mm(H)x 212mm(W),8.9k9lor MT7520and9.4k9for MT8520 headtype477.smm(D)x 526mm(H)x 212mm(W),9.6k9for MT7530and 10.1k9lor MT8530 Trinocular 26

trl MEUIrEcHNo co.,LTD. MEIJITECHNOCO.,LTD. 322-1,Chikumazawa, M i y o s h i - m a c hl riu, m a - g u n Saitama354-0043 Japan

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' 0 8 .0 4 . 1 , 0 0 0V 1 P r i n t e di n J a p a n

Meiji Techno: MT7500 Series Manual  

Meiji Techno America: MT7500 and MT8500 Series Brightfield/ Darkfield Metallurgical Microscope

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