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“Simple. Powerful. Gear.”

“Simple. Powerful. Gear.” SandBell® The patented SandBell ® from Hyperwear is the most versatile and functional training weight on the market. The SandBell ® - made from elastic neoprene - is among other things a cross between a dumbbell, a barbell, a medicine ball, a grip bag, a slam ball, a gliding disk and a kettle bell. The use of neoprene makes the SandBell ® easy to grab, yet strong enough to slam and adapted to a very intensive use. The dynamics of the sand makes SandBell ® workouts very efficient – more muscle fibres are recruited in a shorter amount of time. The weight with its accompanying colour code is depicted on the SandBell ® and can range from 1 to 23kg (2 – 50lbs).

SandBells® in each weight class: red

1 kg - 2 lbs


2 kg - 4 lbs


3 kg - 6 lbs


3,5 kg - 8 lbs


4,5 kg - 10 lbs


5,5 kg - 12 lbs


7 kg - 15 lbs


9 kg - 20 lbs


11 kg - 25 lbs


14 kg - 30 lbs


18 kg - 40 lbs


23 kg - 50 lbs

SteelBell ® The SteelBell ® is the larger and more robust version of the SandBell ®. With a thick edge, a thicker layer of neoprene and a stronger core, the SteelBell ® conserves the safe and dynamic features of the SandBell ®, but with a weight range between 2.3 and 91 kg (5-200 lbs). Another important difference between the SteelBell ® and the SandBell ® is the weight in proportion to the dimensions. A 70 kg (150 lbs) SteelBell ® is the same size as a 23 kg (50 lbs) SandBell ®.

SandBell速 The patented design trains hand, wrist and arm power with each exercise.

The dynamics of the sand present an extra challenge to the body on the level of stability and coordination.

Explosive swings and snatches can be performed safely.

Soft enough to be dropped onto your foot without risking injury.

Neoprene edge for a stronger and more durable SandBell 速.

Delivered with sand or empty. Without sand, you will save on shipping costs.

SandRope™ The SandRope™ offers you all the benefits of high-intensity battle rope training, but requires less space, doesn’t need an anchor point and offers a much wider array of exercises! The SandRope™ is a neoprene cover filled with sand that can move freely in the cover. This presents an extra challenge to the body on the level of stability and coordination. Where a standard heavy battle rope takes up a length of 15-20 m, the SandRope™, with its length of 3 m, is ideally suited to smaller spaces! Hyperwear’s SandRopes™ contain 14 kg of sand, so are comparable to the weight of a standard 15 m rope of Ø 35 mm. The flexible neoprene cover of the SandRope™ of Ø 50 mm creates a firm and comfortable grip for the hands, without those loose fibres that you can get with traditional battle ropes.

SandRope™ More results in less time!

Perfect for smaller spaces; weight: 14 kg – length: 3 m.

The dynamics of the sand offer more instability.

More variation on the level of exercises.

Sturdy and comfortable neoprene cover.

Hyper Vest Pro® Hyper Vest® PRO by Hyperwear is a revolutionary type of weight vest aimed at creating more resistance during movements. This extra resistance largely enhances training results, offering more results in less time! A unique feature of the Hyper Vest is its patented control system. It evenly distributes the extra mass of the vest and keeps it secured tightly and comfortably around the upper body. The vest is also elastic horizontally, which allows you to breathe freely and without hindrances while the weight stays in place. The V-shape around the neck, the short waist, the wide arm holes and the use of breathable material offer a comfortable fit and complete freedom of movement in all directions. Hyper Vest ® PRO is available in sizes S to XXL (5 – 30kg) and is delivered with weights included. Always use the Hyper Vest during sports-specific trainings, fitness trainings or just during daily activities. You will notice that wearing the Hyper Vest positively affects e.g. weight loss, revalidation, fitness, sports performances and your general health.

Hyper Vest ProÂŽ

Elastic chord for easy adjustment and a perfect fit.

Patented, breathable material for a tight and comfortable fit.

Elastic features for total freedom of movement.

Every pocket can carry up to 2 weights.

Available in sizes S to XXL (5 – 30 kg).

Strong zipper, easy to put on and take off.

Products & Accessories Hyperwear SandBell ® The SandBell® – a cross between, among other things, a medicine ball, a barbell, a grip bag, a slam ball and a kettle bell – is made of elastic neoprene and filled with sand. Available in different weights, from 1-23 kg (2 – 50 lbs). Can be delivered with or without sand. Hyperwear SteelBell ® The SteelBell®, with a thicker edge, thicker layer of neoprene and stronger air valve has the same safe features as the SandBell®. Filled with steel pellets and available in weights from 2.5 to 91 kg (5-200 lbs).

Hyperwear SandRope™ A revolutionary battle rope made of neoprene and filled with 14 kg of sand. The SandRope™ has a length of 3 meters and is delivered with sand and anchor included.

Hyper Vest ® PRO A unique and comfortable weight vest with a perfect fit. Available in sizes S to XXL and in weights from 5 – 30 kg.

Hyperwear SandBell ® DVD´s Various DVDs are available, for the purpose of cardio, strength, full-body workout or simple basic exercises with the SandBell® and the SteelBell®.

Hyper Vest ® PRO Booster Pack 35 Extra weights for the Hyper Vest for a total weight of 2.5 kg (5 lbs).

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