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“Friction Training”

FLOWIN® FLOWIN ® offers a new and functional, but most of all practical view on power training: Friction Resistance Training. FLOWIN ® Friction Training is performed on a FLOWIN ® Friction Board. The smooth surface of the FLOWIN ® Friction Board is the starting point of the training. With the workout pads, movements can be performed on the smooth surface of the Friction Board, during which the core muscles stabilize movements in order to control them. The resistance you experience during the exercise can be modulated by using different movement patterns, contact points, speeds and movement amplitudes.

Training from the inside out As opposed to many fitness machines, where one single muscle group is generally trained in an isolated fashion, FLOWIN ® is aimed at integrated power exercises. These exercises do not train just one muscle group at a time, but allow you to make several muscle groups work together efficiently. The format of the FLOWIN® board (138 x 98 cm) allows you to train standing up, but also sitting down and lying down, using the complete body mass as workload during the entire workout. Training options are manifold: FLOWIN ® can be used as a training tool for e.g. fitness training, personal training and revalidation.

FLOWIN速 Friction Board Large format: 138 x 98 cm. Suited to many exercises with large movement amplitudes.

Workout pads for hands, feet and knees.

Products & Accessories FLOWIN® Pro FLOWIN® Pro is suitable for intensive use in sports centres and (physiotherapy) practices. The FLOWIN® Pro package consists of a hard FLOWIN® board that cannot be rolled up, with adapted pads. The board is available in black and white, dimensions: 138 x 98 cm.

FLOWIN® Physio FLOWIN ® board that cannot be rolled up, with adapted pads. Thanks to its format, the FLOWIN® Physio takes little space and is easy to take along. Available in black and white, dimensions: 98 x 68.5cm.

FLOWIN ® Sport FLOWIN® Sport is ideal for home use and easy to take along. The FLOWIN® Sport package consists of a board that can be rolled up, adapted pads, a DVD and a storage bag. Dimensions: 138 x 98 cm. FLOWIN ® Pad Kit Extra set of 5 pads for knees (1x), hands (2x) and feet (2x).

FLOWIN ® Push-up Bars Place the push-up bars on the workout pads for an ergonomic, neutral and comfortable position of the wrist. The sturdy metal construction guarantees that the push-up bars are safe and durable. FLOWIN ® Storage Cart Storage cart for maximum 30 FLOWIN® Pro boards and workout pads. Delivered without FLOWIN ® boards and pads.

FLOWIN ® Instructie DVD’s Instruction DVDs with different exercise programs suited to all ages, young to old, and all levels, from beginner to professional sportsman or woman. Also available: FLOWIN® Pilates and FLOWIN® Fit & Dance DVD.

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Flowin® Friction Training™ is a multifunctional easy to use bodyweight training concept and training equipment. There are two different prod...