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Harwood units in Anthracite, Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection. Similar utility room, from £1,400 (cabinetry only)

Similar utility room by The Main Company, from £10,000

Ditch thE Door When your utility room looks this good, it would be a shame to shut it away. Door-free utility rooms are big news in open-plan living area, with free-and-easy access between spaces the key to efficient use. Use the same cabinetry, flooring and paint colours as the kitchen to achieve a seamless decorative flow, and ensure your utility doesn’t let the side down. Choose laundry appliances that promise quiet operation – look for the ‘Quiet Mark’ to stop dinner conversation or movie night being drowned out by the spin cycle.

carvE out nEw spacE A utility area can work beautifully in the most unlikely of areas, like this corridor that links a kitchen and garage. ‘In a narrow space, consider having all your cabinetry on one side, to help with the flow of the room. It will also leave room for additional storage such as benches, coat hooks or shoe racks,’ says Alex Main, director of The Main Company. Also consider the back of a garage or understairs cupboard. If laundry is the room’s main purpose, an upstairs location will put your clothes closer to their end destination. 96

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