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maKe a house a home

Bring the outside in u

l Try Herb starter kit, £16.95, Plant ’n’ Grow

pOt fr ag r an t h e r b s one for country cooks… Plant up a mini kitchen garden with fresh herbs such as basil, parsley and sage. They’re on hand for cooking with, and you can gently crush the leaves between your fingers every now and then for a sweet and spicy fragrance boost. alternatively, collect herbs from outside early in the morning (just after the dew burns off is when the oils are most potent) and hang little bundles around the house.


counTry Homes & inTeriors

Wo od en Wond er s forgo musty mothballs in favour of these cedar wood alternatives, £4, arket. simply sand them down occasionally to release the wood’s natural aroma.

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