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Why should you choose solar electric systems

What they use to do before being famous?

¿Califico para el crédito “EIC” si tengo ITIN?

Solar Panel technology has been in use for over 40 years. It has the capability to convert sun slight into electricity. Choosing a solar panel has many benefits like:

¿Qué eran antes de que fueran famosos?

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Clint Eastwood:

también sus dependientes.

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it’s safe, and very reliable. Noiseless and Durable. it’s looks sleek and modern.

Financial incentives would be available to you: •


Wire • ISSUE MARCH 2012


Federal Tax Credit, started in January 2009. We Energies and other local utilities buy your excess solar electricity at rates higher than they charge customers. They set up the routing of your excess so that you’re selling to the utility automatically. Grants are available from organizations that Focus on Energy.

For more information contact: Domenico Santilli,Owner of Power Control, LLC at 414.688.6196

Swimming pool installer/ Instalador de piscinas

puede reclamar contribuyentes en que ambos conyugues tengan seguro social y Los dependientes tienen que vivir en el mismo hogar con el contribuyente por mas de

Kelsey Grammer:

6 meses.


¿Para el crédito de niHarrison Ford:

ños con ITIN?

Carpenter/Carpintero Si. Toda persona con seguro social o numero de identi-

Whoopi Goldberg:

Bricklayer/ Colocaba ladrillos

ficación de contribuyente puede reclamar el crédito por niños dependientes que son

George Clooney:

Construction General Laborer/Construción General

menores de 17 años y para los cuales el contribuyente proveyó la manutención.

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Promising Year for Contractors

Empresario Wire No.2  

Promising Year for Contractors

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