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21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

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Successful Asians Shree Narendra Modi

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Neighbourhood Champions Conference

12 Hindu Temple to host Police Surgery

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Asians Reach the Rich List

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British Indian Awards 2014

The British Indian Awards were taken place in Solihull, Birmingham on Friday 16th May at the St. Johns Hotel in Solihull presented by BDO and organised by Oceanic Consulting, attended by many professions and dignitaries. The evening, sponsored by accountant BDO Binder Hamlyn, honoured the success and achievements of Britain’s Indian individuals, groups and business people. The evening was one of recognition and celebration, which highlighted the significant role Indian’s play in contributing to a better Great Britain. Arbinder Chatwal, Head of India Advisory Services, BDO LLP commented: “Congratulations to all the winners and finalists, who demonstrate an impressive mix of dedication, hard work, integrity and creativity. BDO is really pleased to see the achievements of the Indian community in Britain today being recognized and we are proud to be part of a ceremony that puts the spotlight on the very best in Indian talent.” Over 400 people attended the glamorous event, including host DJ Neev of Kiss FM. Singer and songwriter Indiraa showcased her talent by performing her latest single India on stage, also entertaining the guests, with six number one smash hits single, was Navin Kundra. Award winners included Businessman of the Year, which went to Jindy Khera of catering firm KTC in Birmingham. Best in education winner was Professor Monder Ram from Birmingham University Best in Accounting went to Andeep Kumar Mangal of local accountancy practice Thapers while the Best in Sport winner was Yan Dhanda, an England under-16 international footballer currently on the books of Liverpool.

One of the winners of the night was awarded to Keaton Samra for the Young Achievers Award. Having started his passion of Karting at Rye House’s Cadet Academy in Hoddesdon at the age of 6, Keaton has proved that he could become the future British Karting Champion! Keaton took his MSA ARKS test at the age of 7 years and passed with flying colours. He achieved 100% in his theory test and completed seconds earlier than required, since starting Karting in September 2008; Keaton has impressed various business owners enough for them to sponsor Keaton when he was only 6. Whilton Mill Ltd was one of these. Keaton's father was approached by Luke Hines (GT Driver/Champion) from Zip Kart/Grand Prix Racewear (GPR) who is based at the Silverstone circuit, once he heard that an 8 year old was competing against the best in the country in the Honda Class at Cadet Level. Keaton was only 8 and yet finishing in the top 20 and best finish of 18th, this was the start to his first year of competitive racing. Keaton now karts at Whilton Mill and Kimbolton at Club Level and on various National circuits as part the Formula Kart Stars British Championship. Keaton has also achieved the 2013 East Anglian Champion Award, Midlands Champion award, and 10th seed in the UK after finishing 10th in 2013 British Karting Championship. As well as recognising the achievements of Indian men and women at the forefront of their communities and industries, the event also raised money for the official charity partners The Well Foundation, whose aim is to provide accessible clean water around the world.

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In the Month of May we finally witnessed the hot temperatures in the UK. This means more time outdoors with our sunshades, suntan, summer clothes and of course those tasty barbecues. Talking of food, very soon Asian Culture will be launching a special edition of mixed recipes for you to try, by a very well known chef based in west London. So whether you like Punjabi, Gujarati, Pakistani food or want to learn new dishes such as Indo Chinese or Parsi dishes then watch this space launching very soon. Finally the Indian elections completed on 12th May and the new Prime Minister of India was announced on 16th

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21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

May. Asian Culture would like to congratulate Mr Narendra Modi on his win and look forward to big improvements in India. Read on our Successful Asians' Edition on the man himself who upon hearing his win, left to seek blessings from his Mother in Gujarat. On the topic of Mother, I would like to personally thank our readers and supporters for their immense support during this month as we completed one year of our Dear Mother Madhuben Keshavlal Parmar's death anniversary. A year has flown very quickly and it only felt like yesterday when She ended her call with her favourite words 'Jai Gurudev Dikra'. On behalf of Asian Culture and Siddhashram Shakti Centre, Thank You for your kind words. Om Shanti Kajal Sehmi Editor for Asian Culture TV Presenter for MATV Radio Presenter for 1035mw

21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014



21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

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21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014


Successful Asians –Narendra Damodardas Modi On the date of Friday 16th May 2014, Asians from around the world particularly the Indians, waited for the moment when the next Prime Minister was announced for India. For many it was not a surprise but a huge relief to witness the win of 282 of 543 parliamentary seats by Mr Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Indian general election of 2014 was held to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha electing members of parliament to all 543 parliamentary constituencies of India. Running in nine phases from 7 April to 12 May 2014, this was the longest election in the country's history. According to the Election Commission of India, 814.5 million people were eligible to vote, with an increase of 100 million voters since the last general election in 2009 making this the largest-ever election in the world. A total of 8,251 candidates contested for the 543 Lok Sabha seats. The average election turnout over all nine phases was around 66.38%, the highest ever in the history of Indian general elections. The result of election was declared on 16 May, fifteen days before the 15 Lok Sabha completes its constitutional mandate on 31 May 2014.The counting exercise was held at 989 counting centres. The National Democratic Alliance emerged as the majority coalition, winning 336 seats, and the BJB as the single largest party, winning 282 seats. The United Progressive Alliance won 59 seats, and the Congress, 44. On Friday 16th, when it became clear that Narendra Modi is the inevitable winner of the 2014 elections, the 63-year-old went to seek blessings from his mother Hiraben, in Gandhinagar. She fed him sweets and offered him blessing as they sat outside on her porch with children, well-wishers and the media looking on. India's incoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also been greeted by hundreds of jubilant supporters as he arrived in New Delhi from his home state of Gujarat. The day after leading the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to a landslide election victory, Mr Modi was mobbed by hundreds of flag-waving supporters at the capital's main airport before waving to hundreds more who lined the streets on his drive to the city centre. At BJP headquarters, Mr Modi congratulated grassroots campaigners who showered him with pink rose petals. He also met other party leaders and was expected to start discussions about forming a cabinet. BJP officials said Mr Modi would not formally take office until after Tuesday. The win has given India its first parliamentary majority after 25 years of coalition governments, with BJP claiming six times more seats than the Congress party. Outgoing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was magnanimous in his final address to the nation on Saturday, wishing the incoming government success. In a televised message, Mr Singh said he was confident about the future of India. "I firmly believe that the emergence of India as a major powerhouse of the evolving global economy is an idea whose time has come," he said. In his home state of Gujarat, Mr Modi told supporters he was confident of the future. "I want to make the 21st century India's century. It will take 10 years, not very long," he said. "India is our mother. How can we watch our mother cry?" In his speech, the prime minister-elect pledged to make good governance and development cornerstones of his administration. "People used to believe that you couldn't run an election on the basis of development, that to win an election you had to hand out scraps to people," Mr Modi said. "Modi will be PM with the BJP winning, that's been decided, but I am thinking ahead. "Those politicians who don't believe in development, who ran away from development during the election, they too will accept development as an election platform in the coming days." Mr Modi has promised "good days are coming" in his first reaction to the historic victory by the BJP. "India has

won. Good days are coming," Mr Modi wrote on Twitter shortly before he went to seek blessings from his mother. However, the leaders of the Congress party, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, told reporters "We understand that victory and loss is part of democracy, we respect this decision. I take responsibility for this defeat." Senior Congress leader and spokesman Rajeev Shukla told reporters the party was ready to sit in opposition. "Modi promised the moon and stars to the people. People bought that dream." British Prime Minister David Cameron congratulated Narendra Modi on Friday on his victory in India's elections, saying he wanted to work with the Hindu nationalist. Britain effectively imposed a diplomatic freeze on Mr Modi for 10 years over antiMuslim violence in his home state of Gujarat in 2002, but reinstated relations with him in 2012 as part of a general bid to boost ties with India. British Foreign Secretary William Hague also sent congratulations to Mr Modi and said he would "look forward to forging an even closer partnership with India in the months ahead." "The UK has strong ties with India and the British Government looks forward to working with the new Indian Government to build on this relationship and deliver security, growth and prosperity for both our nations," Mr Hague said in a statement. Outside BJP party headquarters in New Delhi, jubilant supporters banged drums, lit firecrackers and waved flags as results showed Mr Modi ahead in both the seats he is contested in Gujarat and the holy city of Varanasi. Crowds roared "Hail Modi, Hail Modi" outside BJP party headquarters in Ahmedabad, which is the main city in Gujarat state where Mr Modi has been chief minister since 2001. Since being named as his party's candidate last September, Mr Modi has flown 300,000 kilometres and addressed 457 rallies in a slick, presidential-style campaign that has broken the mould of Indian politics. Analysts say Mr Modi has outclassed Mr Gandhi, 43, while promoting his pro-business record as chief minister of Gujarat. Mr Singh has already said goodbye to his staff after a decade in office, which commentators say has been marked by mounting policy paralysis. Mr Modi's mantra of development has won over many voters who were initially skepti cal about his Hindu-centric ideology and his role in sectarian riots in Gujarat in 2002. The riots resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 people, mainly Muslims. Mr Modi has denied any wrongdoing and a probe ordered by the Supreme Court found he had no case to answer. Mr Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950 as N a r e n d r a Damodardas Modi into a lower middle class family in Gujarat but he has risen to be one of India's m o s t co nt ro ve rsial and powerful politicians. He is also the 14th and currently Chief Minister of Gujarat though he is expected to resign soon to take up the office of Prime Minister.

Modi was a key strategist for the BJP in the successful 1995 and 1998 Gujarat state election campaigns, and was a major campaign figure in the 2009 general elections, eventually won by the Indian National Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA). He first became chief minister of Gujarat in October 2001 after the resignation of his predecessor, Keshubhai Patel, and following the defeat of BJP in the by-elections. In July 2007, he became the longest-serving Chief Minister in Gujarat's history, at which point he had been in power for 2,063 days continuously. He is currently serving his fourth consecutive term as Chief Minister. Modi, the son of a tea seller from one of India’s lower castes, grew visibly emotional when he spoke of the people of his home state, where he grew from a boy in a small village to the four-term chief minister.

“You people of Gujarat are my mother and father. You have raised me. While I serve Mother India, I will also worry about you,” he said. “You are my energy, you are my inspiration, you are my strength.” Meanwhile in the capital, New Delhi, Modi’s supporters celebrated in the streets, setting off fireworks, dancing and singing. But the Congress Party headquarters was almost deserted, with security officials and media outnumbering workers. The mood was somber. Mr Modi has steered Gujarat state as chief minister since 2001 and is seen as a no-nonsense leader and has pledged to strengthen decision making, boost investment in industry and infrastructure. He is hated by some since the 2 0 0 2 sectarian riots in Gujarat i n which 1000, mostly Musl ims, were massacred. H e has been cleared of invo lvement but has refused to apologise for loss of life. Mr Modi's outlook is guided by civil ization identity of India, defense of India and an Indian world view, not a European one. As Prime Minister he'll be in charge of 1.25 billion people.


Neighbourhood Champions Conference KP.

21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

Vaisakhi Event

the honour of enrolling him. The Neighbourhood Champion initiative had been launched by her and she was delighted to see it grow and flourish in our borough and help to keep down crime. It was very rewarding to have the Borough Commander of Harrow Police, Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens, give a talk on the huge impact that Neighbourhood Champions had made in the fight against crime. He stated, unequivocally, that they had played a big role in helping reduce crime throughout the borough as they were the "eyes and ears" for the local Police and also for the Local Authority. He was keen to see many more recruited on streets that still needed Neighbourhood Champions. He could not thank them enough for their contributions. It was very encouraging for volunteers The Sikh Association led the Vaisakhi celebrations, under the guidance of Cllr Kam Chana. The event was held in a marquee in the grounds of the temple and many community groups turned up to make the occasion a happy one. Prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow West, Hannah David also attended and participated very bravely in an item during the GUTKA presentation! Many groups who took part in these celebrations. It was a real pleasure to see performers in colourful costumes representing their particular community. The Sikh Association presented a host of performances and conducted as well. They provided us with moving Shabads from the Guru Granth Sahibji, excellent Tabla

A very successful Conference of Neighbourhood Champions was held on 26 March at the Kadwa Patidar Centre in Kenton, Harrow. The turn-out was excellent as were the exhibits from various partners such as the Fire Brigade, Harrow Police and much Council led services to benefit the public and help enhance safety. Refreshments were plentiful and organised well. Neighbourhood Champions flocked from different parts of the borough to provide valuable feed-back regarding what they had encountered during the course of work on their own patch. Information-sharing and pooling of ideas/experiences at each table with the help of a facilitator was encouraged. People from all walks of life and many members of our diverse communities attended. The evening simply flew!

We had the pleasure of having the Fire Borough Commander, Richard Claydon; join as our 1000th Neighbourhood Champion along with a team of ten Firemen. The Leader of the Council, Cllr Susan Hall, had

The Zoroastrian Centre in the heart of Rayners Lane, hosted a Story-telling session, based on the "GOOD LIFE�, on the evening of 7th May. Speakers were Rohinton Munshi representing the Zoroastrians and Rabbi Danny from Pinner Orthodox Synagogue. They both had interesting and thought-provoking stories to tell. This was the fourth in our annual series on the Good Life. Last year we had stories from the different Faith Groups based on "the BIRTH STORIES�. Our next session will be held by the Bahais in the Quaker House in Rayners Lane. Many members attended and listened attentively to their accounts. Tea and refreshments were kindly provided by the Zoroastrian Centre. We missed having their President Malcolm Deboo in our midst as he was busy receiving their High Priest who had arrived from Udwada. After this, we met in the foyer and sat down to a lively discussion about what we had learnt from these stories. We all felt how amazing it is that so much commonality exists between our different Faiths. It seemed clear to us that we all belong to ONE family--

giving up their time to perform this valuable service to hear so much praise from our top cop. He also gave us statistics for crime which had fallen quite substantially during his first year in this borough. He did, however, point out that much remains to be done and that the Neighbourhood Champions were an invaluable asset who would help him realise his vision to make Harrow the safest London Borough over a period of three years. We were currently sixth in London and were about to beat Bexley's safety record. After which, he hopes we will overtake his own borough Merton and become number four. Please contact Harrow Council if you wish to join and become a Neighbourhood Champion. It is a very worthwhile initiative. It was particularly good to hear that the Council's Neighbourhood Champions web-site was being developed substantially and that much more useful information would be available making this resource even more effective in its delivery.

Good Life

the family of mankind ---and felt very fortunate to be brought together and learn from each other's faiths. Our grateful thanks to the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe for their hospitality and love, in particular to Ratan Buhariwala who looked after the arrangements for the evening along with Rohinton Munshi.

playing, energetic Bhangra dancing as well as GUTKA performances which were amazing. Other performers included the Indian Association of Harrow, Vedicca London Group, The Tamil Association of Harrow, Harrow Bengali Association and HAMA. The Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Nana Asante, Mayoress Awula Serwah, Honorary Alderman Keith Toms, GLA member for Harrow and Brent, Navin Shah, Guruji Dr Parmar of International Siddhashram Centre, President of Pakistan Society of Harrow, Ghazanfar Ali Chhatta and many other local dignitaries attended and enjoyed their evening. Tasty vegetarian food was provided by the Swaminarayan Temple and enjoyed by all along with hot cups of tea served by volunteers. This was much appreciated by all.


21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014


detailed analysis of our financial status and has recommended we attract more corporate members. Membership Secretary Michael Carmody for the past decade, had decided to step down and serve locally in his own area. He was presented with a token of our esteem and was visibly moved. Samia Malik attended on behalf of Harrow Council and received thanks for the support given to us by our Local Authority. Since this is a rather special year, being our 30th, the Chair requested the senior management team to please remain and not step down in order to ensure a good presentation from HIFC. Voting cards were given out. Happily we returned our Chair Punitha Perinperaja and her Vice Chair along with our Hon. Treasurer and Secretary. We were lucky to retain the services of Varsha Dodhia and Ummi Merali who are most helpful. Ummi has been instrumental in constructing our web-site and is a great team player. We elected members from various Faith Groups and the corporate sector as committee members and look forward to a wonderful year ahead. The Chair thanked us and made closing comments inviting us to partake in the A meeting of the Rayners Lane Safer refreshments laid on. A rather pleasant and successful AGM and a tremendous 30 year celebration of the Neighbourhood Panel was held on Saturday, 26 Harrow Inter-Faith Council later this year. Watch this space! April at Churchill Court, North harrow. Some of our

Safer Neighbourhood

The Annual General Meeting of the Harrow Interfaith Council was held on 29 April in the Members' Lounge of the Civic Centre, Harrow. It was a good turn-out and began with a welcome speech by the Chair, Punitha Perinperaja, followed by a report by the Secretary, Pat Stevens. Honorary Treasurer, Rohinton Munshi gave a


The Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Nana Asante held a special Thanksgiving Service in the Council Chamber on Sunday, 13th April. It happened to be Palm Sunday. The Chamber was filled to capacity with dignitaries from other boroughs including Mayors and ex Mayors of Harrow. The Mayor thanked everybody profusely for the warm reception she had received at every event throughout her Mayoral year and had found it a very moving experience. She was accompanied by the Mayoress Awula Serwah and Leader of Harrow Council, Cllr Susan Hall who read out lessons. The Service was beautifully led by the Mayor's Chaplain, Reverend Suzanne Nti. Reverend Shaun Lambert of Stanmore Baptist Church read a homily, emphasising the sacrifice Jesus made for the world, reminding us of our duty. We were treated to inspirational singing by the Willesden New Testament Church and the Harrow

Community Choir, who made us feel so proud. Everybody present felt so moved and uplifted by the feeling conveyed powerfully through their singing praises of the Lord. This was particularly impressive as we were a week from celebrating Easter. The Mayor wished to convey the message of Christianity. It was delightful to see how well the event was attended, by people from all walks of life, different communities representing Harrow's rich diversity and all age groups, especially young ones. Harrow Interfaith Council was well-represented along with many Faith groups and community members who had given up their Sunday to be at this special event. This was followed by a Reception in the Members' Lounge. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the fare and the feeling of friendship and camaraderie. It turned out to be a very happy and joyous occasion for all those who attended and a momentous day for our Mayor to cherish.

members were unavailable on this occasion, many busy campaigning for the local elections which are barely a month away! Sgt Paul Culver gave us useful information of the state of play in our Ward. We were very pleased to see the reduction in crime, in particular residential Burglaries. We meet on a quarterly basis and find out exactly what has been occurring in our local neighbourhoods on our Ward and setting priorities accordingly. The Crime Statistics for March 2014 had been published and it was rewarding to see Rayners Lane as one with a "low" sticker on it. West Harrow has made great strides as well. This is most helpful as we are almost adjoining. Pinner South, where our Jewish Moriah School is based also is recorded as� low" in crime. Our thanks to all the teams who have worked so hard to make this possible. Days of action continue throughout the borough from time to time and have brought excellent results. The Rayners Lane team have worked very hard holding Street Surgeries and briefings which the public find most useful. PCSO John Duggan and PCSO Lisa Donoghue presented excellent crime prevention advice to a vulnerable group of around 80 seniors at the Zoroastrian Centre in Rayners Lane which was much appreciated. We are extremely sorry to learn that our Sergeant Paul Culver will be retiring and leaving us some time in July. He has served in the Metropolitan Police Service for 30 years. Paul has been such a helpful and friendly face and will be sorely missed. We wish him a very happy retirement and good health. Our good wishes will follow him wherever he goes! watch every monday Spiritual LIVE Show


ON SKY 793- MATV Every Monday From 8.30pm to 9.00pm BST

with Gurudev Dr. Rajeshji


21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

The Prime Minister’s UK Indian Diaspora Champion to host the first ever Gujarat foundation day celebrations in UK Parliament 54th Gujarat Foundation Day Reception & Achievement Awards Ceremony Members’ Dining Room, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster Thursday 1st May 2014 from 7:00pm – 9:30pm Notable guests confirmed: the Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP (Minister of State) and His Excellency Mr Ranjan Mathai, Indian High Commissioner in London Priti Patel MP, the Prime Minister’s UK Indian Diaspora Champion, is hosting the first ever Gujarat Foundation Day celebrations in the Palace of Westminster. As an MP of Gujarati origin, she is proud to host this event and to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of the Gujarati community to the UK and around the world. This event is the first of its kind and is being hosted in partnership with the National Congress of Gujarati Organisations (NCGO) UK – the voice of 104 member organisations. As the Indian state of Gujarat was established on 1st May 1960, celebrating this special foundation day is very important to Britain’s Gujarati population. To hig hlight the significance of this event, over 200 high-profile guests – primarily Gujarati community leaders in the UK – have been invited to celebrate and to listen to keynote speakers, which includes the Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP (FCO Minister of State with responsibility for India) and representatives from the Indian High Commission in London. The evening will also feature a cultural Gujarati demonstration and an awards ceremony to recognise the achievements of notable members of the British-Gujarati community. In the lead up to the event, Priti said, “As an MP of Gujarati origin, I am proud to host the first ever Gujarat foundation day celebrations in UK Parliament. This major event not only commemorates the founding of the state of Gujarat 54 years ago, but it is a celebration of the tremendous contributions the Gujarati community makes

to our British way of life. This is a historic and special event and I look forward to sharing it with members of Britain’s Gujarati community.” Sharad Parikh, President of the NCGO, added, “It is with immense pride the National Congress of Gujarati Organisations (NCGO UK) holds this celebrations in the Palace of Westminster. We are celebrating not just the birth of the State of Gujarat but the continued success of Gujarat. We are at the forefront of British society in education, self-employment, voluntary work and an adherence to law and order. NCGO is privileged that almost all the major British Gujarat organisations are affiliated with it. Over the last 28 years our organisation has made considerable contributions in defending the just rights and interests of the Gujarati community in the UK and also enriching Britain's culture, social, economic and political life. With what has been achieved over the short time span, it makes us confident that the Gujarati community will continue to make an increasing contribution to the Britain of tomorrow.” Note to editors : Please note that numbers are limited for this event and participation is by invitation only. Media representatives are required to register in advance by contacting Benjamin Maynard in the Office of Priti Patel MP at or on 020 7219 3528. National Congress of Gujarati Organisations UK The NCGO is a not-for-profit organisation that is not political party-affiliated and non-sectarian in religion. Its objectives are:

• To inform, advise, involve and represent the Gujarati speaking population of the United Kingdom on all issues which affect them and generally to work for their social, economic, educational, cultural, linguistic and religious advancement • To act as a national forum and central organisation to assist the Gujaratis in the dealings with statutory and voluntary organisation • To undertake activities aimed at promoting the interests and meeting the need of the Gujaratis • To work for a society based on the principles of social justice and equal rights and opportunities for all • To support, by lawful means, the claims of every citizen to the right to enjoy base civil liberties and • To foster a better understanding and relationship between the various communities and organisations

21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

The Unity of Faiths Foundation congratulates Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi A special thanks to Shri Ram Jethmalani our Indian Global Ambassador, Dr MN Krishnamani, Ms Pareena Swarup our foundation lead in India, Mr Sandeep Singh & Dr. Shamender Talwar & Anna Prior (Co-founders)

The Unity of Faiths Foundations congratulates Shri Narendra Modi on becoming the Prime Minister of India and leading the largest democracy in the world. We at The Unity of Faiths Foundation are very honored to be working with the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, for our all India project; spreading Unity over the oncoming years to the billion people from the many backgrounds and cultures within India, and also globally.



21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

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Zile Huma Zile Huma, a well known singer and youngest daughter of Madam Noor Jehan passed away in Lahore today. According to details, the singer died in a private hospital on Friday morning. Few days back, she was admitted in ICU in critical condition due to diabetes and kidney failure. The doctors said that her leg was also amputated during her treatment. Zile Huma was born in Lahore on February 21, 1944. She was the youngest of the three children of Noor Jehan and Shaukat Husaain Rizvi. The late singer was married to a jeweler Aqeel Butt. The couple had three sons and a daughter. In 1990s, Zile Huma started her music career. She got formal education in music from Ghulam Muhmmad. During her music career, she also released an album to pay tribute to her late mother.


TB tests at Siddhashram Shakti Centre

Siddhashram Shakti Centre is opening the doors to the public for free TB tests as part of a London-wide study. As part of creating awareness for tuberculosis, Public Health England is currently running a study into a new test for the illness especially for those who have been travelling to a country with high tuberculosis rates. Anyone who has travelled within the past five years can be tested for free. Research assistant Louise Cross, who has been testing members of the temple for the past two months, said: “I am really impressed with the response we have had so far. “The main reason we are trialling a new test for latent TB is because cases are increasing rapidly among people who have been exposed when they have travelled abroad.” Founder of the temple, Gurudev Dr Rajeshji said. “For me this temple is here for the whole community to use as well as being a place of worship. “We decided to let the screening take place here to because we want to make sure it is as easy for people to get tested.” Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most deadly infectious diseases in the world. Each year it kills 1.4 million people with nearly another nine million suffering from the disease, mainly in developing countries. TB usually develops slowly. Your symptoms might not begin until months or even years after you were initially exposed to the bacteria. In some cases the bacteria infect the body but don't cause any symptoms, which are known as latent TB. It is called active TB if the bacteria cause symptoms. The test involves taking a small amount of blood and results are then forwarded on to the patient and their GP. Anyone who may have travelled to countries including India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan, Thailand and large parts of the African continent can get tested.

Those interested in getting tested can do so at the temple every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm to 2pm and people can call the temple on 0208 426 0678.


21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

SECRETS OF SUCCESS Today I want to share some of the "Secrets of Success" that elude the vast majority that want it. Let's start by talking about money as a measure, although it is clearly not the only measure it is a great one to use as it solves most problems at the bottom of the ladder. There are only 1400 Billionaires and 12 Million Millionaires on this planet, Less than 300,000 live in the UK yet London is the biggest city of choice for the Mega rich ... 4,224 multi-millionaires, defined as individuals worth more than $30m (£19m) each, according to analysts. We live in a time where, despite much media doom and gloom, more millionaires are being created each day than ever before in history. The question I get asked is "What does it take". The question I ask is "Are YOU willing to BE and DO what it takes to have it all?" Over the years I have attended dozens of seminars around the world and interviewed many millionaires and a few Billionaires too... and it still amazes me how SIMPLE success is when we strip away the personal journey. It's the Entrepreneurs and Visionaries in this world that create these inspiring results. Most often they do not set out to be Millionaires but rather they get excited, obsessed and consumed with an idea that can make a difference, add value and improve the lives of others, with single minded determination, they never stop chasing their dreams. What makes them tick, what makes them special is interesting; they see things differently to the masses. They see things before they happen, they are DREAMERS, courageous, willing to be different, often judged and misinterpreted, seldom understood. The ability to believe versus doubt, be positive versus negative, possible versus impossible, constructive versus destructive, solution versus problem oriented. They WORK HARD, dawn to dusk, study their craft hard, play hard and make sacrifices average people are not willing to make.... and the people will say it was easy for them. They ALL take care of their MIND, Most take care of their BODY and many nurture their SPIRIT, of course there are always exceptions to all rules but here I tackle the themes I myself have noticed in the ones I have met. To succeed you have to be at your best, Peak Performance is high on their list of skills. They are consistent, persistent and committed. An ATTITUDE of MUST DO rather than just CAN DO, over riding the natural traits of failure... lazing around, procrastinating, watching TV, drinking beer every week etc. Contrary to most beliefs, Entrepreneurs HATE high risk, they play the games they know they can influence and win in. they maximise their odds of success. The risk is in doing nothing and living average, the evidence is all around us and overwhelming. The vast majority of people retire flat broke and living on less than they were used to living on. M a k i n g money is a bi product of doing what they love doing, it’s t h e journey that excited them, not just the end goal. THE SUCCESS FOR

MULA = Innovation and Entrepreneurship can solve all global problems They are Dynamic, Charismatic and Confident, their Conviction is mesmerising, they can put people under their "spell" with their passion. Their Relentless Enthusiasm, Obsessive work ethic, Unquestionable Self Belief and Confidence make them attract the right people and circumstances to win. Their value system governs their life, strong ethics, values, beliefs and the ability to influence others; they understand it's a team work that makes the dream work. People often criticise and mock them but that's ok as their dream is for them also, they will see it later, they will eventually come around, explore and find something for themselves to help them and they will say ‘’Thank you, I was wrong,’’ although this part is often not public. Always an element of "LUCK", right time, tight place, and right people. L.U.C.K reads... Labour Under Constructive Knowledge. The Truth is if you focus on anything enough you can master it. Money alone did not make them happy, it may have driven them initially but once money was handled their ability to make the world a better place is multiplied. Scientifically it is "Impossible" for a Bee to fly, yet they do. Humans are often limited by their own limiting beliefs and perceptions of "reality". "A Bumble bee flies because it doesn’t know it can’t". Ambitions grounded in reality I think is the key. Saying you will be a Doctor in four weeks from scratch is silly, that's not what I mean when I talk about anything being possible and dreams can come true. What I mean is that if you really want something bad enough, over time and with the right coaching, mentoring and guidance, anything is possible. Being Stubborn and naive means you do things most do not, these are also traits often seen in successful people. Millionaires are great Motivators and they Inspire people to Be, Do and have more. They care about others and want to help people see things the way they see them. They see a way, find a way or create a way. All entrepreneurs are dreamers, they never retire, and they move on to pursue different passions. The crazier the dream the better the journey. My journey started 19 years ago when I read a book that would take me on a journey that I could not h a v e imagined. I now coach people all over the world on how to master themselves, their thoug hts, emotions, feelings and actions so that they can live their best life. I would like t o give you a gift f o r reading this article through. a copy of the book that got m e s t a r t e d , "THINK A N D G R O W RICH" along with 4 other books that changed my life. Visit I wish for us Love and Success Always Kalpesh Patel x


21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

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Hindu temple to host police surgery International Siddhashram Shakti Centre and local Police officers will be launching a campaign once a month to discuss crime and antisocial behaviour. The Temple based on Palmerston Road in Harrow and Wealdstone will be conducting a police surgery on the first Tuesday of every month. The surgery will aim to create awareness of the crimes that are taking place in many areas and advise members of the public on how to remain alert. Borough commander Simon Ovens said: “There are parts of the community that for cultural reasons are sometimes reluctant to talk to the police. “By having the monthly surgery here we will be able to talk to people in a place they feel comfortable and can talk to an officer in confidence. “We’re very grateful to be able to work with the temple and have the surgery here.” The Founder of ISSC, Dr Rajeshji Parmar stated ‘‘It’s important to us the temple is used by the whole community and we hope people will be more comfortable to come here and speak to police if they have a problem.” The latest crime figures for Residential Burglary in London show a 10.8% drop from 60,353 to 53,847 in 12 months (till

How to do Yoga? Shri Nirodbaran once wrote to Sri Aurobindo' "Please give me some necessary instructions, not depending on my notes, as to what should be done. If I have seen the tail it must lead me to the head! Sri Aurobindo replied (26 March 1937): “There is nothing to do but to go on concentrating and calling the Presence within and without you, the opening, the power to receive and let it come. The more the mind falls quiet during or as the result of concentration, the better (no other thought in or out). But no need to struggle for that, must come of itself by the concentration." Shri Udar Pinto states: "I joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1937 and since then I have tried to do His Yoga as best I could by reading the very fine books He has written on this matter. But after about 25 years or more of this effort I was not at all sure that I had reached anywhere and so one day I told this to our Sweet Mother and asked Her if I was doing the Yoga correctly. I really hoped for Her Blessings to help me do it correctly but I got a shock when She said that I was doing it all wrong. I was nonplussed and asked Her what I should do and She answered, smiling: 'Why do you want to do the Yoga and do it all wrong?' I said: `Then what to do?' She replied: 'I will do the Yoga for you! You can stop all you are doing and let me do it. I have come down on earth to make things easy for you so why should you try when I am here to do it?' I asked 'What then is my part?' `Just give yourself to me and I will do it all for you and you just go on doing the work you are doing for me.' I accepted at once and I

shook the hand of the Mother as a sign of the contract we formed that day. "But then I found that giving oneself to The Mother is easy to say but so difficult to do and so I asked Her how to do it. She said: 'In the morning when you get up what do you do?' I said I do my toilet and get ready for my bath. But She asked for detail and I said I started with brushing my teeth. Then She asked: 'But what do you think of or dream about when you brush your teeth?' And I said that it was such a usual thing to do that I found nothing to think about or to dream about. Then She told me what I should do during each act of my toilet, my bath, my breakfast, etc. She said, 'Feel my presence very much with you. Make me do with you the things you are doing. Talk to me, discuss with me the best way of doing what you have to do. While eating, let us together find the wonderful taste of what we are eating. You will see how wonderful will taste even a slice of bread it you eat it with me, together, enjoying its taste.' So now I try to do this and it has changed my whole life and has made everything so beautiful and full of joy." Cont. In Next Issue

- Article from: “Correspondences, Interviews and Conversations with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother”

April 2014) with an increase of 15.1% from April 2013 to April 2014 in Domestic Crime from 49,041 to 56,470. The total number of crimes from 12 months to April 2013 was 765,938 as opposed to the 9.1% drop from 12 months to April 2014 with a figure of 696,411. Although it is a fair drop in numbers, crime is taking place everyday regardless of where and how. All ages can be effected and the police are spreading protection everywhere to help those in need. The Police will also provide private and confidential interaction if required, to protect one’s identity. If you would like to get involved or require more information, contact the Temple on 0208 426 0678 or directly via Asian Culture. (Our details are found at the front inside page).

21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014



21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

Bobby Deol To Comeback With


obby Deol last set of late 1990’s – Abbas-Mustan’s solo-career gradually Guddu Dhanoa who is well such as ZIDDI and to make a sequel to his BICHHOO. Though the film at the time, Dhanoa has which will take the sequel has been signed to play female face is been opposite Deol. complete remake of LEON starring Gary AFLATOON starring heavily inspired by Bobby reclaim his ? Now that is a million dollar


he much anticipated film starring Superstar Rajnikanth will be rocking the global box-office this May. The film will introduce viewers to a new cinematic experience for the first time on the Indian screen. The film has been shot using “first motion capture” technology. The technique is known as photo-realistic 3D animation. The budget accorded to the project was over Rs 125 Crs. The project was helmed by Rajnikanth’s daughter Soundarya. KOCHADAIIYAAN involved over 200 technicians from abroad and India. The world famous Pinewoods Studios was also used to shoot important sequences. James Cameron’s AVATAR was made with the same technology. However, to compare KOCHADAIIYAAN with its Hollywood counterpart would not be justified. Hollywood makes these ventures with budgets ranging anything above Rs 3000 crs and employs a large group of technicians which works over a period of 3-5 years. Instead, this should be seen as a huge step forward in technological advancements within Indian cinema. The film trade is expecting KOCHADAIIYAAN to break many records on it releases.


Vivek Oberoi in Sanjay Gupta’s MUMBAI SAGA



certified hits were way back in the SOLDIER and Rajiv Rai’s GUPT. His fizzled out. However, filmmaker known for his actioners SALAAKHEN, is all set 2000 directed film was not a major success found a right script forward. Bobby Deol the main lead. A fresh scouted for to star BICHHOO was a the Hollywood hit Oldman. Dhanao’s Akshay Kumar, was also the same Hollywood hit. Can solo-status at the box-office question !

Armaan Jain – Raj Ajay Devgan To Wield The Director’s Baton For SHIVAY Kapoor’s Grandson

jay Devgan is all set with his next directorial venture SHIVAY. The actor will produce the film under his home banner. SHIVAY is still under pre-production stages and is being planned as a big budget action flick. Devgan’s last offering as a director was U ME AUR HUM starring KAJOL. Though a commercial failure, Devgan received a lot o f critical appreciation for his first effort as a filmmaker. It’s unlikely that Kajol will be seen as the female l e a d oppos ite Ajay. Meanwh ile, the production stage of SINGHAM 2, is a l m o s t proceeding at a fast pace. Ajay Devgan will once again reprise his role as the fiery inspector he AGNEEPATH Bajirao Singham. fame director Karan Malhotra, has apparently roped in Akshay Kumar and the SOTY charmer ivek Oberoi will reportedly essay a role Sidharth Malhotra for inspired by senior Mumbai Police inspector and encounter his next project. The film in specialist Vijay Salaskar who was question is said to be an official remake of the Hollywood martial arts hit killed in 26/11 attacks. Vivek WARRIOR starring Tom Hardy and Joel delivered one of his career best Edgarton. The project is likely to be co- performances in Sanjay Gupta’s produced by Karan Johar and Endemol SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA. the relationship Productions. This will be the first time that Akshay will be working However, between Gupta and Vivek turned under the Dharma Productions banner. bitter when the latter opted out of Saskhi Khanna – The New Star Kid In The Waiting SHOOTOUT AT WADALA. Recently, both hugged and ith Bollywood currently bombarding the industry with star kids, It seems made up at a party veteran actor Vinod Khanna’s son Saskhi Khanna, is also gearing up and chose to leave their to try his luck in the showbiz industry. There were talks that filmmaker differences behind. Milan Luthria was going to launch Saskhi in his upcoming venture. However, its MUMBAI SAGA will seems that project has gone to Arjun Kapoor. Unlike his elder step-brothers complete Sanjay Akshaye and Rahul, Sakshi has opted for a physical transformation. The kid is Gupta’s trilogy on the busy developing his six-abs packs. Apparently, the musically blockbuster Mumbai’s high profile AASHIQUI 2 was offered to Saskhi by Mahesh Bhatt. But due to unknown reasons, police encounters. the project went to Aditya Roy Kapur. Many top line producers are currently vying to sign up this latest Khanna on the block. However, it seems Saskhi is still waiting for the correct launch pad.



To Make His Debut


aif Ali Khan has taken the responsibility of introducing Raj Kapoor’s grandson, Armaan Jain. The film in question is LEKAR HUM DEEWAANA DIL, which will also mark the directorial debut of Arif Ali, brother of filmmaker Imtiaz Ali. The trailer was launched recently with a lot of fanfare. Armaan’s facial features seem a cross between Raj Kapoor and Mama Rajeev Kapoor. Armaan’s mother Reema, is daughter of the late legendary showman Raj Kapoor. Saif Ali Khan is coproducing this film with his partner Dinesh Vijan. One expects great music from LHDD since AR Rahman is handling the musical affairs of the project.

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B Gupshu e nesh Pat g a Y y B


Emma Watson In Shekhar Kapur’s PAANI ?


here are talks that Hollywood actress Emma Watson may f e a t u r e alongside Sushant Singh Rajput in Shekhar Kapur’s most ambitious Indian film PAANI. A big announcement is expected very soon. Veteran Hollywood actor John Travolta is also in talks to play a key role. Hrithik Roshan was originally chosen to play the lead before the role went Sushant. PAANI has been in the news for many years. Kapur had been trying hard to find a producer to fund his dream project. Finally, It was Aditya Chopra who showed a keen interest in producing this venture, which is being touted as India’s very own CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON.


Anil Kapoor and Indra Kumar Teaming Up Once Again


nil Kapoor and filmmaker Indra Kumar have shared a professional relationship since the 1980’s. MOHABBAT and KASAM, both starring Anil Kapoor were produced by Indra Kumar. Known as the “Hit-Maker” of the 1990’s, Kumar went on to direct the 1992 blockbuster BETA which also featured Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. Even though, their last outing together – RISHTEY (2002) failed to reach the same heights, Indra Kumar is in talks with Kapoor with a possible project. The script is said to be a masala fare with the usual dose of drama, romance and comedy. After tasting mega success with his adult comedy GRAND MASTI, Kumar’s upcoming film SUPER NAANI, will be his next offering this summer. SUPER NAANI is a screen adaptation of the successful Gujarati stage play BAA AE MAARI BOUNDARY. Rekha is portraying the role made famous by the veteran Gujarati actress Padma Rani.

Sonakshi Sinha Shoots For Her First Tamil Film


t’s a known fact that Hindi film heroines are paid a bomb to feature in films made down South. So why would Sonakshi be left behind ? Her first Tamil film LINGAA will have the big man himself – Megastar Rajnikanth. The film is being helmed by one of India’s finest filmmakers KS Ravikumar. The music is being composed by AR Rahman. Initially, Rajnikanth was not comfortable with the idea of romancing Sonu on the big screen, since her father Shatrughan is a very close friend of the Megastar. However, the awkwardness was dispelled on the very first day of the shoot. Infact, the unit members were all praise for Sonu’s professionalism considering Tamil was a completely new language for her. Expectation are also sky-high for her next release HOLIDAY co-starring Akshay Kumar.

Did You Know ?


HUDGARZ was the directorial debut of actor Raakesh Roshan. The film was originally written with Jeetendra and Kamala Hassan in mind. However, since Hassan showed no interest in the project, Roshan did away with the Tamilian character. He rewrote the character as a Bihari Babu and signed Shatrughan Sinha instead. The story was based on Jeffery Archer’s novel KANE & ABEL. Sri Devi was approached for the role eventually played by Bhanu Priya. Govinda and Neelam were added to the cast in order to attract the youth audience, both were a huge craze back then. This was a “make or break” film for Raakesh Roshan. He had virtually mortgaged all his assets to finance this film. Luckily for him, KHUDGARZ turned out to be one of the “biggest hit” of the year. Subsequently, the film was remade successfully in other regional languages also.

Kya Hit Kya Flop !


ith big films set to releases after the conclusion of the on-going Indian Premiere League Cricket, small films were “squeezed-in” during the months of April and May. 2 STATES has turned out to be a lucrative investment for its producers Karan Johar and Sajid Nadiadwala. The film has grossed over Rs 104 Crores domestically, at the time of going to press. The Hollywood biggie THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2, left no chance for small films to survive even one day. The film has become the “highest grossing weekend opener” for a non-Indian film with a gross of over Rs 50 Crores. KAANCHI, PURAANI JEANS, YEH HAI BAKRAPUR, MASTRAM, KOYELAANCHAL, MANJUNAATH, KHWAAB were all non starters at the ticket counters. Only HAWAA HAWAAI managed find a niche audience and critical acclaim. Hopes are now on THE XPOSE starring Himesh Reshammiya, HEROPANTI marking the debut of Tiger Shroff and KOCHAIIDAYAAN featuring Rajnikanth.


hagwandas Mulchand Luthria known as Sudhir, passed away after battling prolonged Remembering illness. Sudhir was a regular feature of films made during the 1970’s and 1980’s. His memorable role is difficult to quantify. However, one will always associate him with Veteran Actor hits likemost HAQEEQAT, HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA, KHOTEY SIKKEY, DEEWAAR, SHAAN and SATTE PE SATTA. Sudhir was also the uncle of filmmaker Milan Luthria. May his soul rest in peace. Sudhir

16 Southbank Centre celebrated the 5th year of Alchemy, the annual festival that showcased from the UK and South Asia with the best in music, dance, literature, comedy, fashion, art and design

21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

Perth-native Mary Evans) was one of the brightest lights of 1930s and 40s Bombay cinema. A former circus performer, she came to dominate India's silver screens with her

Diversity at Alchemy Alchemy is a high profile, large scale event that takes over the whole Southbank Centre site. The South Asian culture, brought a mix of dance, music, talks and debates to the Southbank Centre exploring the culture of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and taking a closer look at their relationships and influence on the UK and vice versa. Festival-goers witnessed cuttingedge music, a huge range of free workshops, classes and Bollywood films. A special show from Anoushka Shankar was celebrated to mark the fifth birthday of Alchemy.Having sold out Queen Elizabeth Hall in both 2011 and 2013, Anoushka Shankar moves into Royal Festival Hall. Flavours of India, an integral part of Alchemy turned the Southbank Centre Square into a bustling market, celebrating the wonderful food cultures of India and South Asia. All regions of South Asia; the deep heritage and living expression of a continent that has been shaped by countless influences, exchanges, distinct climates and a kaleidoscope of different identities were present in the market celebrating the diversity and rich cultural traditions of the Indian subcontinent, with food taking centre stage. Nina Rajarani led this beginners' introduction to the Indian Classical dance form bharatanatyam and on the same day Jham! a fresh, youthful, contemporary dance work performed by a cast of eight performed attracting hundreds of views. The piece was brought together by the rhythmic, syllabic, vocally percussive South Indian style of solkattu and the immediately familiar modern style of beatboxing. The title, Jham!, is one of the syllables used in solkattu, and also conjures up a musical jam – improvisation and collaboration. This upbeat, energetic work highlighted the rhythms and play between the ancient and the modern. Saad Haroon weaved stories and stand-up comedy in his new solo show FACTORY LIFE. FACTORY LIFE took the most integral moments in Haroon's past and brought them together in 90 minutes of non-stop hilarity. His unique take on what life was like growing up in Pakistan, and the trials and tribulations that a young Muslim boy from a conservative community must undergo on his quest to become one of Pakistan's top comedians inspired many leaving them in laughter. The story of Bollywood's first female action hero. Hailed as the must-see show at the Melbourne Festival in 2013, this musical and cinematic celebration of Fearless Nadia was a rip-roaring adventure into classic Bollywood cinema. Her name said it all: Fearless Nadia (aka

roguish charm, beauty, and swashbuckling, death-defying stunts. She was the star of Hunterwali, one of the early smash-successes of Bollywood cinema, and for two decades

was an icon of Indian cinema. Twelve acclaimed musicians, including guest master musicians from India on tabla, shenai, sarangi and dholak, performed a live score to a montage of Fearless Nadia's iconic and rarely screened film Diamond Queen (1940). Mr Amithabh Bachchan quoted 'An excellent tribute to her and the cinema of the time... Pretty darn awesome! An innovative idea, played out to perfection.' Nikesh Shukla's novella The Time Machine was sincerely a deeply moving cooking memoir. Losing a parent is one of the hardest things anyone can go through. After Nikesh's mother's death he found the last of the food she had cooked in the freezer. Not knowing the recipes he faced a dilemma: to eat it and taste his mother's cooking for the last time, or to save it. Fearing the homemade Gujarati food of his youth would be lost; he decided to teach himself to cook like his mum. He experienced a

moment created by the smell of cumin and coriander, the sound of frying onions over Bollywood music and the sight of the spices dancing on the flames – it was like his mum was alive again. He set on a journey to rediscover the recipes. The Time Machine is the story of remembering parents, legacy and good food. In this unique staging, while Nikesh cooked his mum's recipes for the audience, readers performed The Time Machine. Proceeds from this show go to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Nikesh is the author of Kabadasses and Coconut Unlimited which was shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award. Bend It... was a 20-minute collision between football and bharatanatyam dance. The show was performed by a cast of dancers and musicians and completed with fouls, injuries, slow-motion replays and the ultimate heartstopping goal. A day of wide-ranging events discussing Pakistan was narrated by author Kamila Shamsie. The extent to which Pakistan is a country viewed by outsiders through the filter

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Other Shows 27th July 2014 - Watersmeet Theatre, Rickmansworth, WD3 1EH 6th Sept 2014 – Fairfield Halls, Croydon, CR9 1DG Contact: Yogesh: 0208 949 3594 ; Madhu 0208 397 7359 Ranjan 07903 372330 ; Nayan: 07976 299502

21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

of terrorism and extremism became evident a few years ago when media outlets around the world, including UK Tabloids declared that Karachi Fashion Week was striking a symbolic blow against the Taliban. The finest thing about these headlines was the satirical backlash they inspired, not least the twitter account @FAT_Pak (Fashionistas Against Taliban, Pakistan). A series of events about a Pakistan which can't be viewed through a single filter, covering topics such as satire, film, cricket and the Pak-Sino relationship were conducted throughout the festival. Commentators on Pakistan, both internally and externally, have written millions of words on the Indo-Pak and Af-Pak relationship, but the most interesting of all the regional abbreviations – Sino-Pak – remains comparatively unexamined. After Partition, India got democracy and Pakistan got a sense of humour – and both sides of the border are convinced they have the better end of the deal. History forgets which Pakistani made this statement, but satire has been a much-valued part of Pakistan's cultural life through its democracies, dictatorships and the grey areas in between. Between the time of the TV comedy sketch show 50-50 in the 1980s to the satirical pop videos of Beygairat Brigade (Dishonourable Brigade) in the last three years, humour in Pakistan has become much darker, and edged with despair. The novelists Maha Khan-Phillips and Moni Mohsin read from their comic work, while also discussing with Kamila Shamsie what made them laugh in Pakistan, and when the jokes are hardest to come by. Artists David Alesworth and Adnan Madani shared their impressions of the Karachi art scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Even as democracy returned and MTV arrived, in the art schools the 'burger' kids of Clifton and students from the growing north of Karachi were encouraged to respond to the visual culture of the city. The urban landscape, craft and commerce and high and low artistic forms became a rich field for enquiry. For a brief but influential decade,

a cosmopolitan group of artists collaborated, taught, and left a legacy which remains formally undocumented. David Alesworth is a visual artist, landscape designer, and teacher who has lived and worked in Karachi and Lahore for more than twenty years. Adnan Madani is an artist and writer who lives in Karachi and London. He writes on a range of topics related to Pakistani contemporary art and art theory.Chair: Nada Raza is an assistant curator at Tate Modern with a focus on South Asia. Terrorist attacks, corruption, political aspirations, glossy hair, factionalism, growing religiosity, capitalist aspirations, battles with India, the marginalisation of women, hope and despair: the story of Pakistan and the story of Pakistani cricket overlap each other in so many ways it might convince a successful captain of the national side that he is fated to be the successful captain of the nation. As Pakistan's international players enter their sixth year in exile from their home ground, which no other side will now visit, what does cricket in Pakistan tell us about the nation itself? Osman Samiuddin explained in a discussion with Kamila Shamsie. In the last few years, films such as Zinda Bhaag, Slackistan,Ramchand Pakistan, Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi, Waar and Khuda kay Liye have generated considerable hype about the New Wave of Pakistani cinema. Detractors claim that the drought of the preceding 25 years makes a few drops of water look like a wave. Meenu Gaur, director of the movie Zinda Bhaag (the first entry Pakistan has ever submitted for the Oscars) discussed the view from within the industry with Hammad Khan (director of Slackistan and Anima State) chaired by Rachel Dwyer, Professor of Indian Cultures and Cinema at SOAS. Indian stage screen actor Naseeruddin Shah together with his wife and daughter, Ratna Pathak and Heeba Shah performed a fun reading of Vikram Seth's Beastly Tales : a modern, rhyming version of Aesop's Fables. Familiar characters took their place beside a newly minted gallery

17 of individuals who were quirky, witty and fun. The Citizens Archive of Pakistan brought together a wealth of personal stories, memories and objects. Whether exploring the building of a nation, the drawing of a religious line, the voice of the collective or the experience of an individual, these items included a range of critical perspectives on Partition and considered what it meant to revisit this history today. The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural and historic preservation and educational outreach, operating in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It seeks to educate the community, foster an awareness of Pakistan's history and instil pride in Pakistani citizens about their heritage by engaging diverse generations and communities in telling and documenting Pakistan's rich history and in imagining its future. Exhibition designed and curated by Onkar Kular and Sanam Maher. Supported by the British Council. Alchemy Fashion focused on the underground design and urban fashion scene in Pakistan. The evening kicked off with a documentary by filmmaker William Williamson on youth culture and how it's influencing fashion in Pakistan, produced in collaboration with Dazed Digital and The Doll. This was followed by a catwalk show presenting some of the most interesting designers to come out of Pakistan, in partnership with the British Council. Alchemy Festival commenced on Thursday 15 May 2014 - Monday 26 May 2014 attracting thousands of visitors in the UK, to witness the diversity between the South Asian Culture. It was taken place at London's hub of cultural arts, The Southbank Centre which was announced in March 2013 that it's set for a £100 million revamp that will see the 1960s design finally move into the 21st century with a proposal that includes a floating glass pavilion, two more roof gardens, a space for riverside arts and a large pedestrian area.


21st May 2014 - 20th June 2014

Rememberence for Late Madhuben Keshavlal Parmar

On Sunday 18th May, a remembrance was held at Siddhashram Shakti Centre to mark one year of the death of our Mother, Late Madhuben Keshavlal Parmar. The family of the divine temple gathered together for a Shradhanjali (Tribute) and paid respect with bhajans, holy chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa led by Arti. Many vocalists attended and contributed by dedicating beautiful bhajans in Gujarati and Hindi dedicated to Madhuben. We were honoured to have classical singer Mrs Kankana Banerjee, a name that is used widely in Indian households, to perform sweet music in the name of Lord Krishna. Thereafter continuous

bhajans were sung by Mahant Shri Shipra Giri Bapu, Bhupendra Pandya, Mickey Sethi, Ameer Khan and Haridan Gadhvi. Artists from India were Mohanbhai, Gaurav Patel and Kamlesh Ustad. Tabla was performed by Sandeep Raval and Nikhil Parmar with manjira performed by Ravi Vegad. Family members offered Thaal and Arti to Madhuben with a remembrance speech by Shri Rajeshji. The bhajans ended with Prasad in the way our Mother would have wanted. Late Madhuben K. Parmar was the Manager of International Siddhashram Shakti Centre (Valsaad, India)

where she managed staff and fulfilled duties of the Ashram independently. She welcomed everyone with Prasad and Her blessings and never failed to smile. On the early hours of Saturday 18th May 2013, She was taken to the heavenly abode also known as Siddhashram. We love and miss our Mother and can never be replaced by another. On behalf of Siddhashram Shakti Centre, I personally thank you for your warm tributes and kind messages, throughout this past year. -JAI GURUDEV

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EFFERVESCENT INDIAN IN LONDON Living in London is like running an endless marathon and a Londoner just another busybody in the massive ant brigade. Life sprints ahead even before one realizes life. In some sense the life is quite similar to any other urban city of the world, but what is remarkably different and striking is its unique attitude. 9 million people reside in the city and speak close to 300 languages, yet the city has its own identity. London way of life is infectious and irrespective of where one comes from, almost instantly one becomes a part of the herd. The internal operating system by default becomes compatible to the London way of life. Life runs on auto pilot, and at the same speed as the underground tube one boards every day to work and back, always on time, super-fast and rarely out of service. Boss, ‘I think, am going to be off sick next week for two days’! Yes, true enough nothing spontaneous is expected nor appreciated; dinners are planned months in advance and holidays a year in advance. So, people like me can never manage a single holiday because syndrome in my life leaves me with no other option, by the time I decide to head out, all the rooms are booked and the cheap fares taken. Firstly, I can never decide where I would like to go 50 weeks later and secondly how on earth am I to sustain a state of super excitement for that length of time? So, just like that I decide to float around in my own dreamy milky way as some lost meteorite not to mention my two constant companions- stress and disappointment. I, sometimes wonder if making spontaneous decisions and living life in moments is in the Indian DNA and is it possible to be well planned for everything, every time? Well, people here certainly are and their life’s calendar including the funeral is all sorted-either you fit in or you wait. The other characteristic of the London life is that the city does not talk on weekdays and on weekends it’s spirits lift up. However, what is particularly intimidating is the deafening silence of the daily commuters. During the peak hours the train carriages are

packed yet the overwhelm encoura apprecia pleasant greeting.

with people silence is ing no one ges nor tes a smile or a T r u e

enough, if silence was ever louder than words, it is only here- it screams loud- ‘Do not talk to me’. If there is ever any loud voice that pierces through the silence it is that of some immigrant or not so well bred white individual talking very loud on the phone or to his companion. There is no stopping him, his pitch is loud and exclamations even louder. So amidst uncomforta ble stares and frowns the screaming individual stands alone, as everyone start moving further down the carriage. On the other hand the loquacious Indians generally used to being very verbose in their speech find this cultural difference hard to comprehend. Back home the day starts with multiple conversations with all and sundry from the milkman, the driver to the neighbours. The constant chatter, blaring tunes of Chamak Chalo, the incessant honking of the cars, the hustle and bustle in the household and the mayhem on the streets truly mark the beginning of a new day. Hence, verbosity comes very naturally to Indians after all the Indian languages are built on phonetic scripts. The culture encourages freedom of speech, addas, open forums and arguments over cups of tea and suddenly to discard the penchant for speaking and resign to a life of silence and etiquette is nauseating. The seasoned well to do NRI, is quick to adapt and behaves no different than any other Londoner. The food scenes in London are predictable everyone is gripping finger food as they go about their daily life on weekdays and a lavish spread limited only for weekends. Hot Indian breakfast and even hotter meals for lunch and a spicy three course alternative for dinner deliciously cooked and served to you is a luxury only the queen can afford. Cereal for breakfast, sandwiches and soups for lunch and a mere cheesy main course for dinner is not really a tempting option for the foodie Indian, so one ends up spending all the spare time cooking elaborate Indian cuisines. It is true, food habits can never change, they only adapt a little. The trouble is that we are not a Yes or No nation and nothing is black and white, there is always that grey area which defines the chaotic and mystical Indian way of life. However, w h i l s t retaining the essence of the soil there are many aspects that need to change. An average Indian talks far too much for very little productiv ity. Most times he continues to talk even after the audience has stopped listening. He lives to eat to the point of being unfit and unhealthy. Indian soul spends all his life juggling between expectations, emotions, and duties, to an extent that he forgets his own wellbeing. The oversensitive, argumentative, passionate Indian lives a fuller life but almost always carries undue stress.The trend is slowly changing, over the years, a Global Indian

19 soul is absorbing and adapting to the niceties of other cultures whilst retaining his Indian Identity. He happily settles down to listening to Bollywood tunes on his headphone shutting the lonely world behind him, enjoys his spicy chutney tikka sandwich for lunch, works hard and works out even harder. He willingly spends a little more to fuel his prompt holiday spirit. He may still fail to make long term plans for simple things like holidays and dinners yet is wise when it comes to planning finances for life or retirement. Many things are changing and many cannot, but one thing is for sure- ‘Living life in moments and for others’ is in the Indian DNA.

Immigration News UK Immigration - The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has asked the U.K govt. to grant immigration amnesty to illegal immigrants. Nobody is aware of the fact that how many illegal immigrants are there. Mr. Cameron promised to cut in to 'Tens of thousands' by the year 2015 if he won and became Prime Minister. Further the UK home after the govt department which is responsible for Immigration has opted for a Computerized checking System. The program known as E-Borders had been launched. The Scope and the scale of the project limited and renamed Border System Program. This Program announced in 2003. It was the brainchild of Tony Blair that could check people from entry and leaving country. UK Immigration has announced to bring an end to Tier 1 (General) visa extension from 6th April 2015 other initially this visa opened in 2008 which allowed skilled migrates in UK to work which lasted for two years Canada Increases Intake Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program On May 1, 2014, the Government of Canada implemented major changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Class. Under new policy, the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism will substantially increase the cap of annual applications to 25000 in the reference year with 1000 applications in each of the 50 new High Demand Occupations. “This represents outstanding economic opportunities for many candidates who value Canada’s high stature in the global migration market” says Attorney Colin Singer, Managing Partner of and Global Recruiters of Montreal – The announcements will also affect the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Federal Experience Class. Canada Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said that he will announce new pilot scheme in a couple of months. Which will allow foreign nationals to gain Canadian permanent residence visas but on the other hand they would need to invest more than twice the amount’ under Immigrant Investor Program (IIP). For UK, Canada & Europe Immigration please contact Baljinder Singh Rathour - Director LIIE Immigration on 02085828713 or 07931242466 (What’s up) or email

Asians Reach the Rich List A UK tabloid has confirmed that Britain’s richest people are wealthier than ever before with a combined fortune of almost £520bn. Wealth expert Philip Beresford, who compiled the list, said he had never before seen such a "phenomenal" rise in personal fortune. Tycoons the Hinduja brothers were top with a joint fortune of £11.9bn. Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja replace Arsenal FC shareholder Alisher Usmanov at the top of the annual list. London-based brothers Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja co-chair the Hinduja Group, a multinational conglomerate with a presence in 37 countries and businesses as diverse as trucks and lubricants to banking and healthcare. Younger sibling Prakash, along with his son Ajay, looks after the banking interests from Geneva. In India, where youngest sibling Ashok lives, they are best known for Bombay Stock Exchangelisted IndusInd Bank and truckmaker Ashok Leyland that is overseen by Gopichand's son Dheeraj. A new 1,040 megawatt power plant in southern India, earlier stalled due to regulatory hurdles, is due to start operations in June. Lubricants arm Gulf Oil, which bought US-based Houghton International for more than $1 billion in 2012, is preparing to list the combined unit this year. Brothers sold a 49% stake in Saudi-based lubricants maker Petromin for over $300 million last year. Family's showpiece asset is the 67,000 sq. foot Carlton House Terrace, a heritage mansion in London, which sits on the site of a former palace near Buckingham Palace; it is now valued at an estimated $500 million. Mr Beresford said: "The richest people in Britain have had an astonishing year. While some may criticise them, many of these people are at the heart of the economy and their success brings more jobs and more wealth for the country." Other Asians who have made it to the list are the retailers of owned by Mahmud Kamani with a fortune of £300m.

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