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Starring B i lli E fAi E r s \ CHAN E llE HAYE s \ HollY HAgAN CH loE s i M s \ i Mog E N THoMA s \ NATAlE E HAr r i s & MANY Mor E


Hello! Thirteen has long been considered an unlucky number. From Judas sitting at the 13th place at the Last Supper, to Apollo 13 becoming NASA’s only unsuccessful attempt to land on the moon, it’s been a number associated with bad luck and, well, bad stuff generally. But here at Nuts we love to fly in the face of convention and we’re happy to report that 2013 has been another vintage year for pictures of Britain’s loveliest ladies. From TV stars like Billie Faiers and Holly Hagan to the country’s finest modelling talent (Lucy Pinder! Rosie Jones! Holly Peers!), it’s been one glorious cavalcade of buxom beauties. And now the very finest of all these shoots have been gathered together in this luxurious, glossy tome. So you now have the year’s sexiest stars, in their finest shoots, in one glorious Collector’s Edition. Now that is lucky. Enjoy your book…

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billie faiers 24

lUcY pinder 6

joeY fisher 38

geena mUllins 28

charlotte springer 42

charlotte crosbY 12

imogen thomas 14

sallie axl 30

jess daVies 44

hollY hagan 46

kellY hall 18

chanelle haYes 32

india reYnolds 20

beth hUmphreYs 36

sabine jemeljanoVa 50

nicole neal 70

danica thrall 52

hollY peers 82

coUrtneY stodden 72

hollie sparrow 56

claUdia dean 86

lUcY collett 58

laceY banghard 74

chloe sims 88

jenna jonathan 64

staceY poole 76

danielle sharp 92

rhian sUgden 66

natalee harris 80

rosie jones 94

LUCY PINDER There’s noT much we can say about La Pinder that we haven’t said before – she’s a remarkable woman and a proper Nuts legend. In our recent 500th issue we counted up the number of times she’d graced our cover – 66, if you’re interested. And her most recent shoot came with an announcement that was greeted by much whooping and cheering in the Nuts office. “I promise to keep entertaining you for many years to come!” she told us. God bless you, Lucy!


Claim to fame: Nuts’ mosT popular cover sTar age: 29 interesting faCt: lucy sTarred in The movie strippers vs. WereWolves!

“I love Nuts group shoots, they’re always very sexy and a lot of fun!”



“I’mafanofJoeyFisher.It’s nicetobearoundsomeone withsuchmassiveboobs!”


“I’mnotacrazy partyanimal. Ileavebefore itgetsmessy!”



Charlotte Crosby First oFF, gents, a bit of sad news. Tyneside tearaway Charlotte was quoted in the papers recently as saying she’s knocking her rude antics – which included the odd spot of on-screen rumpy pumpy – on the head now that she’s all loved-up with fellow Geordie Shore star Mitch. But fear not, gents, don’t be too upset, Miss Crosby tells us she’s dying to get back into Nuts after her delightful debut earlier this year. Hurrah!


Claim to fame: Geordie Shore girl turned celebrity biG brother champ age: 23 interesting faCt: she won a “boob photocopying” task on celebrity Juice!

“My first Nuts shoot was ace, but it was weird being half-naked in front of people!�


Imogen Thomas In Imogen Thomas terms, 2013 has been a pretty uneventful year – but

then, Imogen Thomas terms are a tad different to regular ones. She recently told Nuts, “You could say I’m no stranger to media attention, but I’m much happier now that it’s died down a bit!” Despite enjoying the quiet life, there’s no turning the volume down when it comes to being an extraordinarily fit lady, and Imogen continues to excel in that department in her shoots for Nuts.


Claim to fame: sexy Big Brother babe and Nuts cover sTar age: 29 interesting faCt: Imogen recenTly swapped her merc slK for an audI Q7!

“my most recent shoot in Nuts was my best by far!”



“MyNutsshootsmakemesohappy. Ialwaysfeelgreatafterthem!”


Kelly Hall Marvellous Miss Hall is a Nuts favourite and one of the UK’s top glamour models. She’s done loads of awesome stuff, but high up on her list of booby achievements, just underneath starring in many a Nuts shoot, has to be her role as a Soccer AM Soccerette. Watching football in bed with a cup of tea, a slice of toast and Daventry delight Kelly on the telly? What’s not to like? Now there’s a hangover cure and a half!

“My sleepovers are legendary but they always descent into nakedness!”


Claim to fame: Nuts babe and a forMer Winner of the suN’s Page 3 idol coMP age: 23 interesting faCt: Kelly’s Party tricK is balancing a Pint on Her Head!


IndIa Reynolds Nuts favourite india has done so many shoots for us that we can

no longer count them on our fingers, toes or any other wobbly bits you care to mention. But her meteoric rise to magazine fame has come at a price for the ravishing Reading girl. She tells us, “I think I have an unrealistic znterpretation of what boobs should look like because all the ones I see are spectacular!� Welcome to the Nuts world, India!


Claim to fame: Nuts cover star age: 22 interesting faCt: india has hinted that like lacey banghard, she’d love to have a stint in the Big Brother house!

“I get to spend my days dressing in the sexiest outfits. It’s a great laugh!”



“LucyPinder’smyfavouriteNutsgirl!” 23

Billie Faiers We’re not sure if we’ve mentioned this already but it was Nuts’ 500th issue recently, so we took this as an opportunity to work out who were the most popular babes to have graced our covers over the years. To our delight, fabulous Miss Faiers here made the top 20 – despite only making her telly debut in 2010. Clearly we’re massive fans of the TOWIE lot and their lovable boobs – and that’s not a sly dig at Joey Essex and Arg!


Claim to fame: seriously sexy star of TOWIE age: 23 interesting faCt: Billie’s taking her cloBBer shop Minnie’s around the uk!

“The TOWIE lot love my Nuts shoots. They’re all very supportive!”



“Myultimateshootwould beincrediblyglamorous. Tastefulalwayswins inmyopinion!”


Geena Mullins EvEryonE lovEs marvEllous Miss Mullins here – new to Nuts for 2013. As well as being jaw-droppingly beautiful, she’s also a dab hand at fashion design. Ironic really, as she once told Nuts, “My favourite outfit is nothing, ha-ha! But when I go to bed I have a habit of wearing the sexiest lingerie I own. I have no idea why.” Geena, there are some things in life that just don’t need an explanation. Trust us on this one…

“lucy Pinder and Rosie Jones naked? That’s the kind of thing my dreams are made of!”


Claim to fame: CoCknEy CutiE turnEd nEwbiE Nuts babE age: 21 interesting faCt: GEEna Can play thE piano and is also fluEnt in romanian!


Sallie axl Sallie iS juSt the latest in a long line of lovely ladies to prove one of the

sad truths of modern life – if you’re an attractive young lady with a bit of sex appeal and confidence about you, and you’re appearing on Big Brother, then sadly, just like Lucy Pinder, Lacey Banghard, Rhian Sudgen and Danica Thrall you’re going to get voted off! And so it proved with the curvy, tattoo-covered Sal although, thankfully, she’d already done a super-sexy Nuts shoot.


Claim to fame: tattoo lover and celebrity big brother beauty age: 26 interesting faCt: Sal iS beSt palS with the Valleys’ natalee harriS!

“i’m definitely more of a rock chick!”


Chanelle hayes We reckon that Big Brother’s Most Popular Housemate Ever would be

amazing girlfriend material whatever she does but given that Miss Hayes here is a combination of gorgeous telly model and cake store owner – she even baked our 500th issue celebration cake not so long ago – we’d estimate that she is more or less the ideal missus. Just imagine getting your hands on her buns! Her iced buns, of course.

“My first ever Nuts shoot was just so surreal and crazy. It was a wonderful thing to do!”


Claim to fame: top ten Nuts cover star and Big Brother babe age: 25 interesting faCt: chanelle Was voted second sexiest Female housemate ever!


“Iloveshootingwith LucyPinder!She’sjust sosexyandgorgeous!”



Beth humphreys Gents, we’ve found the perfect solution to Britian’s economic woes:

it’s Manchester babe Beth here. Not only is she an economics and finance student (take that, George Osborne) but she’s also around 1,000 times sexier than anyone in the Cabinet, and is just an all-round lovely person. “I’m not too bothered about what a bloke looks like but they must be nice, kind and genuine,” Beth tells us. Definitely not one of David Cameron’s lot then…


Claim to fame: Nuts-starrinG, animallovinG lovely lady age: 20 interesting faCt: Beth has shot with Keith lemon. BanG tidy? we’ll say!

“I love being in Nuts!”


Joey Fisher It’s faIr to say that there have been a lot of fine exports to come out of

Wales over the past 12 months. As Gareth Bale dazzles the Bernabéu with his fancy footwork, Builth Wells babe Joey is dazzling the Nuts world with super skills of her own. And she’s not slowing down anytime soon. She tells us, “I’m going to take over Nuts and get all of the Nuts girls for one big group shoot. I’ll get all of the biggest boobs in it!” Crikey! Who are we to stop her?


Claim to fame: brIllIant-boobed babe age: 20 interesting faCt: Joey Is a weekly contrIbutor to Nuts’ #MagIcMonday twItter boobfest!

“The boobs are the best things about Nuts. The girls are so sexy!”


“Shootingfor Nutshas changedmy lifeloads.It’s mademeso muchmore confident!” 40


Charlotte Springer ImagIne showIng up for a short back and sides only to be greeted

by hairdresser-by-day Charlotte here? The sexy Essex lass says her best features are her eyes, “But other people would probably say my big boobs! Or maybe my bum,” she mused to Nuts recently. “Most things I wear are sexy because I love showing off my curves!” Not half as much as we love admiring and celebrating them, Charlotte!


Claim to fame: essex gIrl and newbIe Nuts model age: 23 interesting faCt: a massIve wIne buff, her fave drop Is a ChIlean sauvIgnon!

“i’m a big fan of Beth humphreys. She’s such a babe and it was great to work with her!”


Jess Davies We’ve often Wondered why they speak that funny language in Wales… but now we know that it’s a secret code for the nation of dragon-bothering, choral-singing, egg-chasers to discuss how fit their ladyfolk are without the world finding out. But, thanks to Nuts, the secret’s finally out and girls like stunning Jess are here for us all to enjoy. “Iechyd da!” as they say in the Valleys. (We think that means “Cheers!”)


Claim to fame: Yet another Welsh Wonder to have taken over Nuts age: 20 interesting faCt: an outdoorsY tYpe, Jess has done a sexY shoot on a farm!

“i love Holly Willoughby. she has cracking boobies!”


Holly Hagan We don’t have favourite girls here at Nuts, we love everyone equally. But

we must confess to secretly going a bit gooey whenever Miss Hagan’s going to be featured in your favourite magazine. We get to see what colour hair she has, we get to hear what sauciness she has been up to – and, of course, there’s those spectacular boobs, which seem to get bigger every time she graces our cover. Gents, you can expect to see loads more of heavenly Holly in 2014!

“I feel part of the Nuts family now, which has always been my dream!” 46

Claim to fame: Geordie Shore stunner age: 23 interesting faCt: holly used to Work in a call centre before making it big on the small screen!



“Thepurple hairandnew boobswent downatreat thisyear!”


Sabine JemelJanova During a chat this year, Latvian lovely Sabine confessed to having a wild

streak that she indulges at every opportunity. “I love doing things outdoors,” saucy Sabine tells Nuts. “Walking in the mountains, climbing trees, or running naked through forests!” Fittingly, when asked about her favourite season, she says, “Winter. When it’s really cold outside and you can wrap up warm and drink mulled wine.” We’re mulling that wine as we speak, Sabine.


Claim to fame: Latvia’s finest – anD sexiest – export age: 22 interesting faCt: sabine’s Looks causeD a bLoke to crash his car!

“i once did a shoot where i was full-on naked on top of a tiger!�


Danica Thrall We’ve alWays loved this sexy blonde babe, but delightful Danica gained

herself a fair chunk of dedicated new followers when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother last year. Don’t worry, though, the new-found fame that came her way didn’t go to her head, and she’s since found plenty of time to star in a series of spectacularly sexy Nuts shoots. Which is lucky for us, and for you! Here’s the visual evidence in these spectacular photos, should you need it.

“i took a very cheeky agent Provocateur dress into the Big Brother house!” 52

Claim to fame: Nuts cover favourite and Celebrity big brother babe age: 25 interesting faCt: danica Was croWned Miss derbyshire in 2004!



“Nutsalwaysmakesjokesabout mydogbeingcalledWilly!�


Hollie Sparrow unsurprisingly, this blonde beauty is often complimented on her

brilliant boobs. “People usually give me funny nicknames because of them, like fun bags and knockers,” Herefordshire hottie Hollie tells Nuts. “I have this little blue dress that pushes them up under my chin. Every time I wear that dress out I get free drinks all night. Guaranteed.” How strange. That’s great news for Miss Sparrow but it never works when we try it.


Claim to fame: blonde bombshell and Nuts babe age: 23 interesting faCt: hollie’s a bit of a gaming geek and loves PokémoN!

“i love lucy Collett for her lovely curves and massive boobs!�


Lucy coLLett As followers of’s Girl Got Game will know, the ravishing

redhead’s a big fan of technology, and that extends to social networking. “There’s a massive naughty side to Twitter,” she says, “As anyone who follows me would know, I’m always tweeting naughty snaps of myself. Some days, that’s all I do!” If you want more followers, her advice is simple, “Post naked snaps of yourself!” Well, if you insist, Lucy… here goes…


Claim to fame: flAme-hAired vixen age: 24 interesting faCt: lucy presented An AwArd At lAst yeAr’s Golden Joysticks GAminG extrAvAGAnzA!

“I’ve become part of the Nuts family now!”


“IlovedtheblacklingerieIhadto wearformyfirst-everNutsshoot!�



“IfI’mnotgettingmy boobsoutinNuts, I’mplayinggameswith myboobsoutinNuts!”



Jenna Jonathan When reality tv show The Valleys first smashed onto our screens back in 2011, we have to confess we were a little bit mesmerised by the whole thing… the funny Welsh words… the rudeness of its stars… the sheer sexiness of Jenna here. But once we’d managed to compose ourselves, we wasted no time in getting Jenna and her merry pals into the pages of Nuts… where they managed to mesmerise us all over again.


Claim to fame: Fabulous Fittie From The Valleys age: 22 interesting faCt: Jenna’s 18th birthday present Was a boob Job!

“It’s been my dream for years to be in Nuts. I have the best job in the world!”


Rhian Sugden There are many strings to ridiculously-hot Rhian’s bow. Along with writing and DJ-ing, the boob-tastic Bury-born star has become a fixture on TV in recent times, appearing on Soccer AM and Rude Tube, as well as that awesome stint alongside fellow Nuts babe Danica on Celebrity Big Brother. Miss Sugden has mixed feelings about winter. “I hate being cold,” she tells us. “But my boobs love it. It makes them all pert and firm.” You’re not wrong there, Rhian!


Claim to fame: Celeb big brother babe age: 27 interesting faCt: rhian recenTly acTed as a TalenT show judge alongside helen Flanagan and georgia salpa!

“i love a bloke with a good sense of humour!”


“It’salways loadsoffun shooting forNuts. Wehavea rightlaugh!”



Nicole Neal The blonde fighTback starts here! The former fine-art student was once

a contestant on Pop Stars: The Rivals – the show that discovered Cheryl Cole and launched Girls Aloud – and used to be a dancer. “I’m pretty bendy,” she tells Nuts. “Photographers seem to pick up on that and put me into some funny poses.” The sky’s the limit for the Bournemouth-born babe, and we plan to support her all the way…


Claim to fame: Sexy STudenT Turned Top Nuts babe age: 22 interesting faCt: nicole loveS her carS and driveS a Shiny red Mini!

“i’d love to go travelling with my fellow Nuts girlies!” 71

Courtney Stodden “AmericA’s obsessed with my boobs!” declared Miss Stodden recently, proving that our Yank pals over the Pond are more switched on than people give them credit for. The lovely blonde babe was speaking to Nuts after going straight from the Celebrity Big Brother house to a sexy new Nuts shoot (and an exclusive one at that.) The taxi drivers outside the famous house must love us! Nothing like a gorgeous girl literally stopping traffic to liven up their day.


Claim to fame: AmericAn model And Celebrity biG brOtHer bAbe age: 19 interesting faCt: cUtie coUrtneY cAn sing. she hAs A pop cAreer on the side!

“I’m a total lightweight because I’m so small!”


Lacey Banghard We get asked about loads of things here at Nuts Central but the thing

we get asked most by the Great British public is, “What is Bedfordshire babe Lacey Banghard’s real name then?” And, gents, you rarely believe us when we tell you that it’s in actual fact… Banghard! Now luscious Lacey’s using her magnificent moniker – and business brain – to her advantage by launching her own line of condoms. Watch out for them next year. Crumbs!


Claim to fame: Nuts lovely turned Celebrity big brother star age: 21 interesting faCt: Bangers is Working on her oWn range of condoms for 2014!

“I love the sexy lingerie on Nuts shoots. I wish I could nick it!”


Stacey Poole Yorkshire lass staceY used to work in Topman, and was more than happy to give us a few top tips on how to impress the better sex. “Clothes are important,” she tells Nuts. “I like guys who push the boundaries a little and don’t just wear what everyone else does. Smart casual always wins, and I like clothes that show a guy’s shape.” That’s odd, because we like clothes that show a woman’s shape. What a coincidence!


Claim to fame: sexY shop girl turned Nuts star age: 23 interesting faCt: staceY released her own advent calendar last Year!

“My first shoot was with lucy Pinder!”


“Nutsisalways acelebrationof Britishboobs!” 78


Natalee Harris “i’m very outspoken and pretty argumentative. So expect some fireworks,” Natalee warned Nuts in her first-ever interview. Thankfully, there were neither arguments nor fireworks on the accompanying photo shoot – just lots and lots of looking sexy for the camera. We expect Miss Harris saves all that feistiness she speaks of for The Valleys itself. We guess that’s probably why they only show it after 10pm!


Claim to fame: Fit star oF The Valleys age: 24 interesting faCt: one episode oF The Valleys saw natalee coming into the NuTs oFFice to cause chaos!

“so much goes on in The Valleys… it’s truly wild!”


Holly Peers It’s been another knockout year for the Manchester minx, who continues to lead the charge of Nuts’ brunette brigade. Holly works hard on her reputation as being “the crazy one” of the group but, amazingly, the green-eyed beauty confides to us that she is still single. She recently told us, “It baffles me how a man could ever fancy me, because usually when they meet me I’m drunk and being a complete idiot!” Poppycock, we say!


Claim to fame: MagnIfIcent Manchester lass and Nuts cover legend age: 26 interesting faCt: holly’s fIrst-ever shoot was as a Nuts next top Model!

“I want to bring out my own sexy swimwear line in 2014!”


“Myfavourite shootsfor Nutsarewhen there’sagroup ofsexygirls!” 84


Claudia dean Meet the latest recruit to our growing army of breathtaking brunettes. Claudia recently peeled off in Nuts for the first time and was a massive hit. As one of her Twitter followers commented, “She’s the easiest way to define perfection.” We couldn’t agree more. Indeed so much did we agree in fact that we’ve asked the chaps at the Oxford English Dictionary to replace the written definition of that word with a pic of Claudia. They’re yet to return our calls.

“Nuts always has the best babes. You always get boob envy!” 86

Claim to fame: Berkshire BaBe and newBie Nuts Model age: 23 interesting faCt: GloBe-trottinG Miss dean recently returned froM india!


Chloe SimS When she’s not brightening up the screens of ITV2 with her Essex chums

on TOWIE, or bringing a touch of Essex glam to Las Vegas, stunningly sexy Miss Sims can probably be found bringing added joy to the pages of your favourite weekly lads’ magazine. When that happens, she goes from The Only Way Is Essex to “The Only Way Is Topless”! Actually, that just gave us an idea for an awesome new reality show…

“ When i’m at home, i just wear a slouchy tracksuit!”


Claim to fame: TOWIE lass and NuTs favourite age: 31 interesting faCt: entrepeneur Chloe has opened her oWn tanning shop!



“Ican’twaitforChristmas soIcaneatloadsand rockmyreindeerjumper!”


Danielle Sharp It’s been another big year for fabulously fit fashion graduate Danielle, who not only cracked Nuts big-time but also released her own 2014 calendar, designed her own clothes collection and maintained a successful blog. Now the North Lincolnshire lovely is turning her hand to acting and tells us she’s been in talks with US film bosses about tearing up the big screen. But just you Hollywood bigwigs remember one thing, you saw her on the pages of Nuts first!


Claim to fame: GrImsby’s Greatest-ever pIn-up age: 22 interesting faCt: DanIelle Is a fashIon moDel for ace branD the hunDreDs!

“i love drinking pints!�


Rosie Jones If a person’s standing in life was dictated by the volume of fan mail that they receive, then the magnificent Miss Jones would be, we don’t know, Queen Of The Solar System or something. She’s the readers’ sweetheart, the Forces’ sweetheart, the Nando’s/pizza lovers’ sweetheart… Basically, she’s just a total sweetheart and you all seem to agree with us. Here she is, our favourite girlnext-door, bringing to a close yet another year of insane Nuts sexiness.


Claim to fame: Nuts megastar age: 23 interesting faCt: rosIe has sIgned up alongsIde lucy pInder and pals for next year’s modball rally!

“Being in Nuts always makes me feel very special!”


“IalwaysgetaccusedofbeingtheNuts partygirl…butHollyPeersischeekier!”



“Hopefullythe amountoffun Ihavecomes acrossin myshoots!”


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