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I Love You, Bro

story anushri thakkar co-editor-in-chief

photos courtesy of danny gustafson, lee grochowski, & kelsey flachs

Urban Dictionary defines the term “Bromance” as “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.” A bromance goes beyond the everyday highfives

and friendshakes; it form of male

ly handis a unique bonding. Mehlville has several powerful bromances, and everyday more are in the making.

Danny Gustafson & Cameron Stoner “It’s not like we’re in love with each other. It’s much deeper than that,” said Danny Gustafson, senior. “It’s more like a strong feeling in your gut that the dude next to you is probably the weirdest kid you’ll ever meet.” Gustafson’s bromance lies in the eyes of Cameron Stoner, senior. They met during their freshmen year on the basketball team. In the beginning, they were not too fond of each other, but that soon changed. “I thought he was kind of a jerk at first… he was kind of a weird kid around school and he made me laugh,” said Gustafson. Gustafson and Stoner support each other on a daily basis. “I can come to him with anything. For example, if I’m having relationship issues or if I had a bad day and I want to rant I can talk to him. He’ll be there to listen and support me,” said Stoner. Gustafson and Stoner expect their bromance to survive past their high

school careers. “In life you only get one, maybe if you’re lucky, two, of those guys that you can be bromantically involved with,” said Gustafson. “When you get something like that, you really just have to hold onto it.” Lee Grochowski & Kevin Frederick On another horizon, Lee Grochowski, senior, is saddened by the thought of his best bro, Kevin Frederick, away at Missouri State. “We met when we were four years old and ever since then we’ve been bros,” said Grochowski. “He used to have these dinosaur shoes and I just thought they were the coolest things.” They grew up together and made it through the next fourteen years. Grochowski, working his way through senior year without Frederick, strives to maintain their bromance. “It sucks because you lose your best friend kind of, but you still know that if you ever need a bro he’s always there,” said Grochowski. While still communicating, t h e t w o don’t have nearly as many “bro moments” as past years. Grochowski believes that they will surely uphold their bromance through this year and in years to come. Brendan Fisher and Matt Fee Last but not least, juniors, Matt Fee and Brendan Fisher have shared a bromance since the sixth grade, where they met while playing basketball at Margaret Buerkle Middle School. “We have a best friend love, not a weird love, and we like to play games together,” said Fisher. Fee and Fisher enjoy each other’s

company whether they simply sing a song or explore the methods of playing Chinese football. “Matt is a real nice guy and he likes to play fun games like Chinese football,” said Fisher. However, when they’re not playing Chinese football, they’re singing. “We sing hit 90’s songs together, like classics,” said Fee. Even though Fee and Fisher explore many different ventures together, they do not fear brutal honesty with each other. “He’s cocky. Ask anybody, he’s cocky – but I love him,” said Fee. And just as well, Fisher knows that Fee has his flaws. “He’s really bad at the games. He never wins and he breaks my things,” said Fisher. Hoping to stay friends beyond high school, Fee and Fisher are positive that their love will not die – especially

with the start of their new music group (of which they chose not to disclose further information). Bromances exist in a variety of capacities. No matter how silly these bromances appear to outsiders, these unique friendships form into lifelong bonds. From months to years, a friendship can evolve into a deep rooted bromance – just as these three have. Additional bro terms: bro, broski, brohan, broseph, brozone, brosicle, broseidon, brotato chip, brotein shake Features Student Prints



Urban Dictionary defines the term “Bromance” as “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.” A bromance goes beyond th...

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