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What’s the ruckus about concussions?

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This year, many Mehlville athletes might have noticed a new addition to their MSHAA physical form: a waiver about concussions, a mild type of Traumatic Brain Injury. These “mild” brain injuries have received an abundance of airtime this year, as doctors continue to discover more about them. Brain injuries are more likely to cause death than any other type of sports injury. In football, 65-95% of fatalities result from brain injury.

Take the Risk?

Is it worth it? Brain injuries are very common in football, occuring once every 5.5 games. High school players are twice as likely to get concussions as college athletes.

If an athlete returns to the game and gets a second concussion before the first one has healed, he is much more likely to have long-term issues including difficulty with concentration and memory, headaches, and physical coordination.

Sit the bench?

Saftey First?

After receiving three concussions, an athlete is five times more likely to get Alzheimer’s and other memory problems later in life, as well as an increased chance of depression.

There are two types of concussions: simple and complex. While people may return to their normal functions after a simple concussion, a complex concussion can have much more lasting consequences.

Play it safe.

To learn more, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website at

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