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Volume 58, Issue 4 January 30, 2013

Pg. 7 The Many Sides of Corey Arbini

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Top Movies of 2012 & A Prediction of What is To Come

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Oscar predictions Who Will Win

B est Picture W

ill probably win-

Lincoln Could win- Silver Linings Playbook Should win- Django Unchained

Best Actor Will probably win- Daniel-Day Lewis Could win- Joaquin Phoenix Should win- Daniel-Day Lewis Best Actress Will probably win- Emmanuelle Riva Could win- Jennifer Lawrence Should win- Quvenzhané Wallis

Best Original Screenplay Will probably win- Quentin Tarantino Could win- Wes Anderson Should win- Quentin Tarantino

Best Director

Will probably win- Steven Spielberg Could win- Ang Lee Should win- Tarantino and Affleck should

have been nominated.

Best Supporting Actor Will probably win- Tommy Lee Jones Could win- It’s a toss up. All amazing

performances from Christoph Waltz, Alan Arkin, Robert De Niro, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tommy Lee Jones Should win- Christoph Waltz

Best Supporting Actress Will probably win- Anne Hathaway Could win- Jacki Weaver Should win- Amy Adams



Quentin Tarantino- Django Unchained Ben Affleck- Argo Kathryn Bigelow- Zero Dark Thirty


Jamie Foxx & Leonardo Dicaprio

Django Unchained

Mehlville High School 3200 Lemay Ferry Rd. St. Louis, MO, 63125


NEWS 2 Students Warming Up for Helping Kids in Need BY ERIC CHAVEZ WRITER & PHOTOGRAPHER

We all enjoy being nice and warm in our winter coats, gloves, hats, and scarves. But for some, this may not be a possibility. Mehlville has started a program called Winter Warm Up to help students in the district receive clothing that will help keep them warm during the long winter months. “Anyone that has the ability to help others should take that opportunity,” said Leadership Teacher Andy Ross. Students and parents can donate to the Winter Warm Up program by bringing in items to school. The program helps students in the Mehlville School District who are in need of warm clothing. This program was started here at Mehlville by the Leadership class, but has spread to Oakville High School as well as the districts middle and elementary schools. “It’s a good cause for people that need help and it is an opportunity Photo By Eric Chavez to give it to them,” said freshman Hunter Wilkerson. When donating, bring in items that are in good condition. Acceptable items include: hats, gloves, scarves, coats, sweat shirts, or anything that would help someone when it is cold outside. The size of the donated item does not matter because the student who will receive the items could be in any grade level in the district. “Instead of those clothes sitting at home in boxes, give them to someone in need,” said leadership student Brendan Heinkel. Students and parents can bring donations to the Silent Night basketball game on February 8 when the Panthers take on the Northwest Lions. Students who bring items to school can drop them off in Mrs. Ebert’s class room, room 302, or in receptionist office See the Student Council Advisor Jane Ebert or Andy Ross for more information.


Mehlville Named Top Performing District

Mehlville School district is one of the Top Performing Districts being measured through Missouri’s new system that raises the bar on accountability. Less than 5 percent of the 559 public school districts and charter schools in Missouri appear to have outperformed the Mehlville School District.

Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge is taking place on February 23 at Creve Coeur Lake from 12-4 p.m. This event consists of food, drinks, friends, fun and “plunging”. With a total cost of $75, all proceeds go towards Special Olympics. Plunging is an incredibly fun experience where different groups of crazily dressed people run and jump into the freezing lake. If interested, contact Jane Ebert, or students Nikki Kamp or Paige Hohnstrater.

Teacher Court for the Winter Dance

Students can donate to “vote” for their favorite teacher. Proceeds benefit Polar Plunge. The male nominees include: Greg Adam, Tom Harper, Jason Landherr, Tim Ode, and Charlie “O-Rod” Rodriguez. The female nominees include: Jordan Fryer, Cleaveanna Kauffmann, Cheryl ogolin, Jacquelyn Wamser, and Kristin Wheatley. All change counts as positive points and all paper money counts as negative points.

Coaches Vs. Cancer

The annual Coaches vs. Cancer game against Oakville will be on Friday, February 22 at Oakville. The girls and boys Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball teams will be playing. T-Shirts to raise money for cancer research will be sold for $10. Orders need to be turned in by Tuesday, February 19 to the Athletic Office. Junior Varsity games will be played at 4 p.m., Girls Varsity at 5:30 and Boys Varsity at 7 p.m.

Wheel Chair Basketball

National Honor Society is hosting the annual Wheelchair Basketball game on Wednesday, March 6. The game starts at 6 p.m. and costs $2 for students to attend. Mehlville teachers will play against the St. Louis Junior Rolling Rams. Mrs. Kate Brindley, National Honor Society’s Sponsor, said, “We are excited to see the turnout this year because we have some really good ideas!”

Backpack Program Update

Currently the backpack program has 17 backpacks going home each week that actively serve 31 children. Please encourage students to bring in items even if it is not your week to give. Donations of canned chili, soup (cream of tomato or vegetable), snacks (cookies, chips, raisins), fruit cups, and Easy Mac are in high demand.

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Many lawmakers came back to Washington for an eleventh-hour session of Congress to approve the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Photo Used Under CreativeCommons License CC-2012


We did not become self-aware until we were at the very edge, looking at the looming prospect of darkness, agony, and misery for ourselves. We actually had even been pushed off, but clinched on by a hand for one more day until action was taken to finally give us a boost back up. While it may sound like the climax of a Hollywood movie, it was much more important and dramatic than that. It was our nation’s fiscal cliff. Just narrowly averted by an eleventh hour session of Congress, it proved a larger point about our nation’s political system and the ever-looming issue of the national deficit. You’ve probably heard the term on the news, from your parents, maybe in class and amongst your friends and never really spent much time thinking about it. After all, not like it would have affected you. Or would it? Believe it or not, it sure would have. If the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 had not been passed, starting early this year we would have been experiencing rapid increases in taxes and unemployment rates. This would have undoubtedly produced a recession, if not depression in the United States. So what is this fiscal cliff and why is it so important? In a nutshell, the fiscal cliff is basically the sharp decrease in budget deficit that the United States would have encountered if certain tax cuts had not been extended by the first day of 2013. The reason why we had reached the fiscal cliff was because congressional and executive lawmakers throughout the past twelve years have been passing various tax cuts and spending programs that the United States Budget could not handle. The Congressional Budget Office creates this budget for each year based on how much revenue the United States is

Photo Used Under CreativeCommons License CC-2012


expected to take in. The problem therein lies that all of these tax cuts reduce the amount we actually take in and that all of these spending increases result in more of the money being spent than can be afforded. For the past eleven years we have registered an increase in the total budget deficit and an increase in the total national debt. There are many causes that can be attributed to the United States reaching this point in fiscal irresponsibility, but one major effect that we fear. Reaching the debt ceiling. That’s the artificial limit on the amount of debt the United States can accrue. This number has been increased over the years as required, but a year ago President Barack Obama signed a bill into law that would prevent the United States from increasing it any further. In March, the national debt is scheduled to exceed this limit, thereby defaulting the United States on the loans it has taken to cover the deficit. This ultimate catastrophe would initiate a government shutdown that would not allow it to fund any programs or pay any employees. Forbes estimates that tens of thousands of government employees would go without paychecks, and people on government income would see their checks cease as well. Immediately, the effects would be catastrophic, but long term effects would outweigh them. While current college students have plenty of federal grants and financial aid to choose from, it is highly likely


that in the future the government would reduce funding to these programs in order to cut spending. Mark Kantrowitz, founder of, highlights the fact that there are a few federal grant programs that have been extended by the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, but more are on the verge of being cut after March 1. “Fewer students will be able to get work-study jobs and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, as these programs would experience cuts. Fees for federal education loans would go up and the maximum Pell Grant would be cut by as much as $400” said Kantrowitz. The fiscal cliff may not be all that bad though. The political situation in the United States may also change. Party lines have already begun smudging as both sides agree to compromise in order to save the nation. Lawmakers in the future will likely learn from the mistakes that led us up to this cliff and prevent the partisan rhetoric that led to it. For right now, we can only hope for the best and wait until March when this situation arrives at its final destination.

FEATURES 4 High School, then college, then get a job. This has become the typical path for high school students as they make their way towards joining the workforce. Some students however, choose a more adventurous path filled with honor in that of the military. "I always knew I wanted to... All the males in my family were in [the military]" said senior, Devin Stinson. Already being a part of the National Guard, Stinson plans to continue his training at Fort Leonard Wood at a higher level after graduation. As a Combat Engineer, Stinson is responsible for clearing the way for his team. This includes checking for any harmful material that could put his team in danger as they advance. "It's a brotherhood, you trust them with your life," said Stinson. While Stinson's unit in currently deployed in Afghanistan he continues to train here at home with a familiar face who walks our halls as well, senior, Jareth Foster. Once a month these two student head off to base in Festus, Missouri. Staying two days at a



Students Choose a Different Path BY KAYLA HEZEL FEATURES EDITOR

time they do basic training, workout, and learn tactical work. Along with Stinson, Foster's family history influenced his decision of joining the military greatly. After graduation Foster hopes to move onward toward becoming a Military Policemen by going through AIT and then ROTC. Through these programs, Foster hopes to gain an edge over the competition and get closer to reaching his ultimate goal. "I want to be a cop or SWAT [officer] and being a military policemen will help me get a job after the military," said Foster. During his time in the military as a policeman, Foster will be responsible for breaking up fights and altogether holding up the law of the military.

While we see recruiters and banners bearing the words National Guard, and both these students have chose that route, the National Guard is not your only option when leaning towards joining the military. Senior Brandon Schroeder, along with Stinson and Foster, shares the desire to serve his country as his family members before him have done. However, where Schroeder differs is in his choice of branch. Instead of the National Guard after graduation, Schroeder plans on joining the Navy. "I don't want to live an ordinary life I want to see the world and make a difference in peoples' lives," said Schroeder. Schroeder first realized his desire to help people across the globe shortly after his grandpa's death (who was also in the Navy)

when he was nine years old. Following graduation Schroeder plans to go to Navy boot camp where he will already be two ranks above most because of his training he has completed through United States Naval Sea Cadet Corp knocking off 18 months of training. The USNSCC is a Navy youth training in which Schroeder joined three years ago. Within this program he has gained training that puts him above others in areas like military vehicle training, military police training, leadership and much more. For Schroeder, the ultimate goal is becoming a Navy Seal. "I want to do a job nobody else is designed to do," said Schroeder. While all of these students have displayed great courage with the decisions they have made and they encourage all to join this path is not for everyone. "It's a personal choice. You have to have a certain desire," said Schroeder. If you wish to join the brotherhood and defend your country visit the counseling office or talk to a local recruiter.





Participating in a foreign exchange program

is an experience of a lifetime only few students get to be a part of. The program offers an immense educational experience, but behind the educational aspect lies an individual journey of three students that have travelled from Europe, and landed here at Mehlville. Amber Van Der Horst

Amber Van Der Horst, senior, is a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands. Her journey dates back to her father’s experience in the foreign exchange program, which inspired her to come to America. Her transition from Holland to America did not come naturally. “Change can be hard, but I believe in the end everything turned out well,” said Van Der Horst. Due to the friendly atmosphere that embraced her, Van der Horst feels she has made a myriad of friendships that will last a lifetime, has gained a newfound independence, and exponentially bettered her English. “The school system is great, there are many wonderful classes, and I think I have learned a lot from coming here,” said Van Der Horst. Van Der Horst hopes to study nursing in the Netherlands, and perhaps return here to visit sometime in the future.

Jade Suijs

The newest exchange student, Jade, maintains an intense urge for adventure and a fun-filled experience. Although already graduated in the Netherlands, she came here to better her English and obtain an unforgettable experience. She admits her expectations of America were comical. “I pictured it like Mean Girls, oh and I thought the big yellow buses were cool,” said Suijs. Through personal experience, she realized that school was in fact a much friendlier placed than portrayed in Mean Girls. “Everyone is so friendly and accepting, I realized this very quickly,” said Suijs She hopes to stay here until June and then pursue a further education in the Netherlands.

Amber Van Der Horst and Jade Suijs enjoying MHS. Photo by Milan Orescanin

Angelo Schulz

Travelling all the way from Germany, is senior Angelo Schulz. Schulz’s main inspiration for coming to Mehlville is his strong motivation to learn English. “The language barrier is probably the hardest part,” said Schulz. Although making friends was difficult at first, Schulz claims that Mehlville students welcomed him anyway, and were able to make him accustomed to school, especially Mehlville’s utilities, “The school has soap that actually works!” said Schulz. With his upbeat attitude, and drive to learn, he hopes he will eventually attend a university here in America.

Photo by Milan Orescanin


BY SAVANNA HEINEY NEWS & COPY EDITOR More than one billion. This is the number of views the Korean pop song “Gangnam Style” by PSY has received on YouTube since its release. Korean pop has swept America, Europe, China, Japan and many other countries across the globe. Korean pop is similar to American pop with added dance moves and colorful attire and fashion. “People are changing their view on music and its style or way the music is presented. The group 2NE1 for example wears the same fashion style and sings like Lady Gaga except in a different language,” said Tanja Vidic Co-President of the Korean Pop Club. These dynamite groups like Super Junior and Girls Generation have made multiple tours in the United States to reach out towards the American audience with their music. So much interest has gathered at Mehlville High School, that ten people belong to the newly founded Koran Pop Club. Korean Pop Club meets every other Friday after school to learn Korean and how to write and say certain words in Hangul. The members

try to replicate the choreography of the songs produced by various Korean artists by watching music videos made by the artists. The club’s goal turns into having tons of fun while learning about a different language and culture different than our own. “It exposes people to a different way of doing things through another language and causes them to open up their mind through listening to Korean pop songs,” said Co-President Madja Cizmo. With an overall interest in culture and a different style of music, Korean pop is one example of cultural differences and changes around us. The acceptance of this new trend in music will continue to play an enormous role in our pop culture. People continue to stay open-minded and listen in to the funky new beats from some bands such as Super Junior, Girls Generation, PSY, 2NE1, NU’EST, Big Bang, and many others. People interested in joining Korean Pop Club should see Mr. Gulath in room 314 for further details or come by a meeting after school to see what the craze is all about.





I will be 28 so I’ll probably see myself settling down starting a family. I hope to be performing somewhere and doing anything with music.” - Jordan Rackley, senior.

Religion, faith, and the Bible are all words that you would normally not expect to hear in a public school, but in the club Cornerstone that is just what students are talking about. Formally FCLA (Future Christian Leaders of America) the club decided to change its name to Cornerstone, so they would stop being confused with other clubs such as FCCLA and FBLA. The name Cornerstone is based off the Bible verse Isaiah 19:13 “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic.” Cornerstone is open and welcome to every faith background. While the club is based off the bible students don’t have to be Christian or spiritual in any way to join. “We don’t claim one denomination of Christianity, all we do is read from the bible, unbiastly,” said Laura Connolly, Cornerstone member. At a typical meeting members open in prayer then read a couple verses from the bible. They then discuss how they could take the message and live it out in their daily lives. There is no one club leader everyone has equal say in things

Photo by: Eric Chavez

“Happy.” - Armin Duderija, senior.

I’m going to be an architect and a musician and have a family with three kids and a beautiful wife. - Rodney McGuire, senior.


“In a pharmacy, living somewhere better than Saint Louis--like the south. Being happy,” --Vanessa Brown

“Married with a kid, happy, successful with a big house and a range rover,” --Meldina Sabotic

and everything is just one big discussion. “Cornerstone is a place to come for support, encouragement, guidance, and love. If you’re going through a tough time we are here for you,” said Connolly. Cornerstone is a place for students to be themselves and to open up to others about any struggles they are having. Anything said in Cornerstone will not be discussed outside of the meetings and is strictly confidential. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings which are typically once a week after school for 45 minutes. Make sure to listen to the announcements for dates and locations of upcoming meetings.



The Many

Sides of


Head of the math department. That is what most people know Corey Arbini for. However, when he’s not working within the walls of Mehlville he keeps himself busy with some really cool hobbies. Arbini first got interested in the art of photography in the fourth grade when his parents signed him up for a summer camp to get him out of the house. Starting with a SLR film camera he has worked his way up the ladder of quality cameras. “Be prepared to spend some money,” said Arbini towards anyone wanting to get involved in photography. With his favorite subjects being that of nature and sports. Arbini especially enjoys taking pictures at the Cardinals game where he hopes to capture the exciting moments and keep them as memories. Taking pictures of professional sports is not the only way Arbini gets involved in the excitement that comes along. He also coaches girls volleyball both at the ameture and collegate levels. He is more than your typical coach too. In his 16th year of coaching for High Performance, Arbini has had the second most teams qualify for nationals in the Gateway region. His triumphs do not stop there. He has carried his success with him coaching at the collegiate level for Washington University holding the spot of number one in the nation for nine weeks of the 12 week season. His love for the sport and adding wins to his already substantial list of achievements is not Arbini’s main objective as a coach. “Sports offer a lot of life lessons... a recent statistic said that people who play sports in high school make more money,” said Arbini. Laughing, Arbini tells of one of his favorite memories coaching. While playing in a national tournament in Baltimore he got caught up in the excitement of the game leading him to snap his clipboard over his knee. “A few months later we played the same team. After the game some of the girls came up to me and said, ‘Hey coach, I think you forgot this in Baltimore,’ holding out my clip board,” said Arbini. Another close competitor for favorite memory with coaching was when his Washington University team played in front of 6500 people at Penn State. He hopes to add to his coaching experiences by joining the Mehlville staff as assistant of boys varsity in the spring. Art and sports are not the only way Arbini spends his free time. “If I hear something I like I try to go home and learn it,” said Arbini describing his attitude toward his guitar playing.

FEATURES 7 Starting four years ago after being inspired by a roommate who was a member in a band, he quickly taught himself a few chords eventually learning to play his first song in that of “Every Rose Has its Thorn” by Poison. “I’m not great. I’m okay... Youtube is my best friend,” said Arbini. In high school he listened to artists like Jay-Z and DMX. However, since then his style has seen a complete 180 no listening to artsits like Train and Phillip Phillips. When he’s not taking pictures, coaching, or playing guitar Arbini can be found playing Call of Duty with none other than, guidance counselor David Pitts. Receiving his first Nintendo when he was eight years old, his love for videogames grew from there. His passion for gaming was especially strong during his years in college. While attending Saint Louis University, his senior year on a full ride scholarship Arbini realized he no longer needed to maintain the GPA needed to keep his substantial scholarship. This is when he decided to go into each of his finals with very little studying. Instead he made the decision to play game after game of NHL Hockey with his buddy with a dollar riding on each game. “Video games are great but you better be balanced. Don’t let it consume all your time,” said Arbini. Even though with all his unique hobbies he may seem very busy Arbini still manages to continue his education. Already having received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Saint Louis University, he is now only five classes away from obtaining his PHD. “Education is something people can’t take away from you... the more education you

Check out more of Arbini’s photos at

“Education is something people can’t take away from you... the more education you have the more doors are opened to you,”

A&E 8









Ang Lee’s film is an amazing vi-

sual experience, especially in 3D. Life of Pi is probably the most well done 3D I’ve ever seen in a film. Every texture and dimension has meaning and adds to the visual experience. Claudio Miranda’s cinematography is excellent, viewers can expect an Oscar in that direction. Along with the cinematography the score adds to every camera movement and plot point. Speaking of plot points the ending is original and open, leaving it to the viewer to decide what they prefer to get out of the movie.

Moonrise Kingdom

I’m one of the biggest Wes Ander-

son fans you’ll ever find and this is probably my favorite movie of his. You can expect the same old quirky characters and heartwarming story. It’s dramatic, it’s funny, it’s charming, it’s lovable. The acting was superb as well. Everyone- from the expected Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray- to the younger performances did a great job.

Looper Well

shot, well acted, well written, and just well done. It is very clever but not pretentious and had enough action to keep Bruce Willis dies hards satisfied. It wasn’t an over the top blow-em-up movie either, instead it was a perfect balance. Ryan Johnson, who directed Brick and a few Breaking Bad episodes did a fantastic job on this one, his best film yet.

With Marvel’s The Avengers raking in over $623,357,900 and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey earning $163,825,685 on it’s opening weekend, it’s safe to say that 2012 was a good year for movies. Here are some quick reviews of the best movies last year.

The Avengers The biggest movie of the year. Not a contender for

best movie and definitely not a perfect movie, but it was so fun and satisfying. As a comic book fan it was always a dream of mine to see all these heroes come together and be awesome on the big screen together, the fact that it was done well makes it all the better. I’ll thank the perfect choice of a director, Joss Whedon, for my dream coming true.

Django Unchained

My personal favorite film of the year. Quentin Tar-

antino outdoes himself with this one. It’s the same old blunt writing you’d expect from Tarantino but with a spaghetti western feel. The performances from everyone were spot on. This was the first time I completely hated DiCaprio, and the first time I completely loved Christoph Waltz, by that I mean their characters because both performances were excellent. Jamie Foxx’s performance was surprisingly fantastic. Even smaller performances from Jonah Hill and Tarantino himself were great and entertaining. The movie had a great balance. What can you expect from Tarantino and this cast? An amazing movie. Although the movie is very racially charged, Tarantino writes a noholds-barred script and shoots no-holds-barred action. It’s safe to say that this film doesn’t hold itself back at all.

The Hobbit:

an unexpected journey


expectations were unnaturally high when I first heard of this movie being produced. Probably because it’s Peter Jackson and it’s Middle Earth again, and that’s awesome. But then when the first reviews came pouring in I set them way back down to a reasonable level. Because critics like to do that I guess. When I sat down to watch it I didn’t expect it to be as good as The Lord of the Rings by any means, but the fact that I was about to go back into Middle Earth had me happy enough to be sitting in that theatre. And it successfully did put me back with a huge feeling of nostalgia in only a way that Peter Jackson could do. It was a well done film and a faithful retelling of a beloved book. I look forward to the next two movies, we only have adventure left.

Alex Wilkinson- Freshman “I saw The Avengers, it was pretty good. Really funny and had a lot of action.” Kaitlyn ----- Freshman “[The Avengers] was really good, had a lot of action.” Cortez Dorsey- Sophomore “[The Avengers] was an action filled movie, one of the best super hero movies that has come out so far.” Joe Ghormley- Sophomore “I think [The Hobbit] was good, I’m a giant Lord of the Rings fan, I only wished it came out sooner though.”

Lawrence Krabbe- Senior “The Dark Knight Rises was the best movie of the year, it wrapped up the trilogy perfectly” Nick Saali- Senior “I think [The Avengers] was a decent movie, but I’m not much into superhero movies” Mark Nothum- Social Studies Teacher On The Dark Knight Rises “It was good end to a good series”

Bill Maxfield - Film Analysis Teacher “The movie was pretty good, I think the next two will be better because the exposition is out of the way now”


dark knight rises

Christopher Nolan does it again. He re-

minds us of just how human Batman is. Bruce Wayne is a recluse, Wayne Enterprises is unprofitable and bankrupt, and the Batman has moved on. The emotional arc that continues after is inspirational. The Batman is down and meanwhile supporting roles do a fantastic job of keeping the plot moving. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a fantastic job as a supporting actor and as “sidekick”. Although the best thing about this film is the resolution. The way that Nolan brings an end to this beloved trilogy is incredibly satisfying and left me content feeling that I’ve experienced the entire story.





What to Expect in The Hobbit: The Desolation




Peter Jackson continues his second trilogy a year after the first one released, and you can expect the final film, The Hobbit: There and Back Again, to release only half a year after that. You have to appreciate the way Peter Jackson makes movies.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues

The legend continues with the same comedic cast and a few newcomers. Adam McKay directs with Judd Apatow producing and Will Ferrell working on the writing alongside McKay.

Oz: The Great



Sam Raimi directs the prequel to the beloved Wizard of Oz. It stars James Franco, Mila Kunis, and Zach Braff. Peter Deming’s cinematography looks absolutely gorgeous assisted by the CGI and 3D.

The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann directs the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel in presumably his own red curtain style of filmmaking. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Jason Clarke, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, and Carey Mulligan. I’m excited to see this modern retelling of The Great Gatsby, I wasn’t a fan of the 1974 version.

Star Trek Into Darkness

I watched the longest trailer of this movie, more of a scene really, when I went to go see The Hobbit. The scene they showed was an action-packed escape scene that was incredibly suspenseful and leaves you wanting to finish the movie right there, I’ll watch The Hobbit later. J.J. Abrams can be thanked for making Star Trek relevant again to a younger audience and he is continuing to do so.


What would you expect from Steven Spielberg? I definitely see a few Oscars towards Daniel Day-Lewis and Spielberg. For an in depth review go on and check out Kayla Hezel’s thoughts here -

The Place Beyond



This movie has already been released through the indie circuit but you can expect to see it at your local theatre this March. Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper star. Gosling plays Luke, a motorbiking stunt driver who turns to bank robbing putting him in a collision course with an ambitious policeman, Avery Cross, played by Bradley Cooper. The moral policeman and the bank robbing stuntman providing for his lover and newborn seems like an interesting juxtaposition in the story.

The Lone Ranger

Marvel kicks off its Phase II sequels this summer with Iron Man 3 in May, followed by Thor: The Dark World in Novem-

The Wolverine

I’m actually looking forward to this one, even after the last Wolverine movie, due to the sheer writing talent working on this film. ber. Thor stars Chris Christopher McQuarHemsworth again rie of The Usual Susand directed by Alan pects fame teams up Taylor. with Scott Frank of A few other Marvel Minority Report and movies releasing are: James Mangfold to -Ant-Man write the screenplay -Guardians of the with the backing of the legendary Frank Galaxy Miller who is credited -The Inhumans for the comic book -Captain America: The Winter Soldier along with Chris Claremont.

It’s a modern blockbuster version of The Lone Ranger Directed by Gore Verbinski and starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Armie Hammer. I’m -The Amazing Spiderman Sequel excited to see what hollywood can do with a huge budget on this classic.



Iron Man 3

Director Shane Black continues the franchise with the support of Drew Pearce on the screenplay and a myriad of stars. Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce, and Ben Kingsley are just a few of the many credited cast. Black seems to be taking a darker approach with this Iron Man installment, comparable to Nolan’s, and accordingly, Zack Snyder’s superhero takes.


By far my most anticipated movie of 2013. It’s Zack Snyder Directing with David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan writing and producing. Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, and Laurence Fishburne are all set to act alongside many more. This one is sure to give The Dark Knight and The Avengers a run for their money.

Honorable Mentions




I’ve yet to see Argo and Skyfall almost made the list.

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It is hard to believe Missouri is one of only four states requiring a semester of Personal Finance for graduation. Counselors suggest students take Personal Finance as sophomores. The course equips students to manage money and avoid financial mistakes. Most students their sophomore year begin thinking about getting jobs. So, wouldn’t you want to know what to do with your money? Personal Finance helps students make wise decisions about spending and saving their money. Don’t just take my word for it. Personal Finance teacher Jean Driver, sums up personal finance class as, “Building students to become responsible conformed consumers and contributing members of society.” Student spending and budgeting is enormously important. Decisions made during adolescence will carry on into adulthood. Most students can’t wait to get out of the house now. Can you imagine living in your parents basement in your thirties because you weren’t smart about money? “The main thing students need to think now is save! Pay yourself first,” said Driver. As high schoolers, students either work for their money or get it from their parents. Personal finance classes are meant to help students invest their money wisely now for the future. Knowing the difference between needs and wants can be one of the main factors involved in spending.

Colleen Matthews, senior, recognizes this challenge. “I have more wants than needs,”said Matthews. Materialistic attitudes flood the halls of Mehlville; student attire is not just about what is stylish, but about what designer products and name brands are on the tags. After coming back from winter break, many teens notice students with new items that are obviously expensive. Spending serious cash on clothing, jewelry, and handbags from the “right” designers has become more popular among teens. “Name brands are important. I would spend a lot of money to stay trendy for sure,” said Matthews. Total U.S. credit card debt equals $793.1 Billion. Do not become a contributor to the economic issues in our country. Be smart about your money now and save it. That Michael Kors purse and new Uggs won’t be looking as nice when you can’t afford to pay your rent in ten years. Personal Finance cannot fix a materialistic mindset. However, it can help high schoolers start making educated spending decisions and start thinking long-term. Spending decisions will only get harder as teens grow older. Gaining the right knowledge now and taking advantage of Personal Finance can help teens later in life. Making wise decisions about where students invest their money can lead to a lifetime of success.

GET AWAY TO GROW UP Growing up. It’s what college is all about. The only way to fully experience “growing up” is to go away for college. Going away is the real deal. Students get a taste of adult life, with a little help just like one would after college. High schoolers planning on going to college have two choices; staying close to home with family, or going away from family. Getting away is key. To get the full experience and grow and mature, it’s best to be away and on your own. Since college is supposed to be a learning process along with proving to the world that teens are finally ready for adulthood, it only makes sense to be independent and learn to take care of yourself. “It teaches you to be responsible and makes you rely on yourself instead of others, like your parents,” said Tony Dees, Southeast Missouri State University freshmen. Some of the responsibilities a college student would face are budgeting money, handling resources like food, and still have time to get all the school work done. Budgeting money is probably one of the hardest things to do when in college. There are many things that students may need, and these must come before any of the wants they have. It’s also beneficial to be away because students get to experience what it’s like to

be independent. “We are forced to grow up, make our own mistakes and learn our own lessons. These lessons become more valuable because our parents aren’t there to drill them into our heads,” said Anushri Thakkar, Truman University freshmen. Going away is beneficial because students learn how to take care of problems like budgeting with the people around them, or on their own, just like they would in the real world. While a parent’s advice and help may be needed in some situations, they are only a phone call away. According to Statistic Brain, only 13.7 percent of students who attend a public university are from out of state. While this number is small, it only goes to show that most people who think about college are not thinking of the benefits they would have if they went away, or out of the state. Yes, it’s possible to get a good experience staying at home as well, but students will still be with parents and family who are available instantly. If there is a problem, they are nearby and can help. Its true one is never alone in the real world, but it also means others will be there to help guide students during college as well. “I live on campus at UMSL, and being close to my family is great, especially when I’m running low on food or money,” said Belkisa Dautovic, college freshmen.

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Staying close to home does have its benefits as well, but it will not help you prepare for the real world, as well as going away would. Even if students go a few hours away, like Dees, there are opportunities that are available to still be able to get out and see the world. “I’m the student assistant basketball coach at SEMO, and we travel a lot. Going to these big cities for tournaments has been beneficial towards my future. I feel like I’m more prepared being away from home,” said Dees. If going away for college isn’t a possibility, it’s helpful to find other outlets

to let students see the world and explore career options. Options provided by local colleges and universities could include studying abroad for a year or so, sports teams, leadership roles, clubs, organizations, and much more. Another way to get all the benefits of shaping independence for adulthood is for students to start planning their college careers earlier. Saving money and looking into colleges for scholarships and other helpful information in advance could help fulfill teens’ dreams of going away, and being prepared

STUDENT PRINTS BY MARINA DUFFIN REPORTER Every year students work hard to reach their final goal. Graduation. With all the work students put in they should receive privileges when they become seniors. Senior privileges would motivate students to do the best they can. Oakville High School has senior privileges. So what is stopping Mehlville? “It’s about the liability,” said Principal Angelo Colona. He does not want to take on any added risk of what could happen to the students while they are not at school. Seniors at Oakville who achieve a 3.5 GPA and are active in at least two clubs receive their privileges. Privileges include an open travel during ANP (TAP). They also have


Seniors Deserve Privileges http:/


one day a month where the schedule is changed so they have ANP first. On this day the seniors with the privileges can sleep in and do not have to be at school. Molly Duggan, a senior at Oakville, likes the privileges she receives. “I think it makes people try harder with school and I like it because I have a lot more freedom to just do whatever in ANP,” said Duggan. An open TAP for seniors at


Mehlville would be beneficial. Seniors would be able to work more efficiently. If they discovered they needed help on an assignment they could just go get help. Seniors should also be exempt from finals if they have an A in the class. They have worked hard all year to get this grade they deserve and the final just puts added stress on them. After an intense junior year seniors should be able to take on a lighter schedule.

Seniors take classes just to fill up their schedule. They take these classes to achieve credits they do not even need to graduate. Instead of taking these classes seniors should be able to opt out of taking a first or last block class. Instead of taking these classes they could leave early or arrive late. Senior, Jessica Crawford believes we earned senior privileges. “We have worked our way up through all the jokes and fears of being an underclassmen so, rightfully we should get to enjoy being on top,” said Crawford. Seniors deserve privileges. They work extremely hard. Mehlville, a school of character and hard-working students, should put this idea in action. These privileges would show students that appreciates their hard work.


SPORTS 12 My Thoughts ExZackLy

Baltimore Ravens Key Players


Blood. Sweat. Tears. All

the hard work put into being a high school athlete can tear down a body, and make for a rough adulthood. High school athletes are responsible for an estimated 2 million injuries, 500,000 Joe Flacco doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations each year. This brings up the question: is it really worth all the trouble athletes and their families go through? Though some sports may be considered more dangerous like football, and hockey, other sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, and volleyball Ray Lewis can be just as harmful to your body. Many high school athletes move on to play at the collegiate level which just adds on to what the athletes body has already been through. The big question is how do these injuries effect the athlete later in life? I experienced this as an athlete. In the past I had a Ray Rice small surgery done on my right knee that resulted in some complications and restrictions but for the most part was a quick recovery. The larger problem is sometime in the future I will start having more complications and eventually need a knee replacement. Common injuries such as my own make people really wonder is it worth all the trouble to play a sport for Anquan Boldin a long period of time? That depends on the athlete. In my case I would do it again Photos Courtesy of www. in a heartbeat .



This Super Bowl will be one to remember. A hard fought battle between two deserving teams. The San Francisco 49ers are an old school team coached by John Harbaugh. The dynamic offense is led by an unexperienced Quarterback Colin Kaepernick who has been on fire since he took over for Quarterback Alex Smith. They also bring a high powered defense with 6 pro-bowlers into the game. On the other side Jim Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens have a veteran defense led by Ray Lewis who will be playing his last game in the NFL. In the NFC champoinship Lewis led the defense to an incredible performance against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. On the other side of the ball Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco has been playing incredible the past few games, and I believe he is playing well enough to overcome the 49ers strong defense. Flacco will rely on Ray Rice to run the ball while he takes his shots down field to recievers Anquan Boldin and Torry Smith. All this combing for a 21-17 victory over the 49ers.

On February 3rd the world will be watching, on the edge of their seats, to find out once and for all who is the better Harbaugh. The rag-tag, hard hitting ravens will need to slow down the explosive 49’ers offense to pull out a victory in this game. The Baltimore Ravens will be led not only by Middle Linebacker Ray Lewis, but the offensive trio of Running Back Ray Rice, Quarterback Joe Flacco, and Wide Reciever Anquan Boldin. Boldin having been in the big game once before while apart of the Arizona Cardinals back in 2009. One thing you can count on is the fantastic matchup between the Ravens deep ball receivers and the 49’ers secondary. As we all know Colin Kaepernick was one of the hottest Quarterbacks entering into the playoffs and has used momentum to propel his team to the Super Bowl. Personally I believe the Baltimore Ravens will win this Super Bowl, they have more of an emotional push along with their skill. So I predict that the Ravens will defeat the 49’ers 31-21.

BY SAMUEL J NUNNALLY ASSISSTANT TO THE SPORTS EDITOR Another NFL season has come to a close, leaving the Rams barley out of the playoffs again and hoping for better luck next season. However, this super bowl should be one for the ages. It is a matchup between most people’s preseason NFC pick, and a sleeper team that many counted out at the beginning of the playoffs. If I had to choose one team to win though, I would have to go with Ray Lewis, and the Ravens, and I will tell you why. Seeing as though this is Lewis’ last game, spirits are going to be high, the Ravens are going to come out hot; I even think they will score on their first possession. To go along with the high spirits I think that Colin Kaepernick, being a first year starter, will crumble under the pressure of a big game, leading to the 49ers’ demise. My pick for Super Bowl MVP has to be Lewis. I think he is going to have the game of a lifetime and will make a few game changing plays by himself. Besides Lewis the biggest factor in this game is going to be both quarterbacks. If Colin Kaepernick preforms like he has in previous games, this game could go either way, but if he doesn’t play that well, it will be a bad day for 49er fans. Also, Joe Flacco, quarterback for the Ravens, has played fantastic these playoffs and does not show signs of slowing down. The way I see this game going is: Ravens, 24: 49ers, 13.


SPORTS 13 San Francisco 49ers MHS Staff Picks

Key Players

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Frank Gore

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With the winter sports season winding down into districts, lots of teams have very optimistic looks on the upcoming postseason.


One question always comes up when a new signing is made in the world of First off, boys basketball heads into its final stretch of contests with a record of 6-6. Ryan professional sports: how much money is Posgay leads the team, averaging 9.2 points per game. too much? "We just look to go into every game with a ton of effort and hope that can propel us to “The payment of athletes is generwin," said senior forward Nick Dudly. ated by fan interest,” said Nicole Luber, Girls basketball started out strong winning three of their first four games, but then slowed down to a 5-8 record. Sierra Gray, averaging 14.9 points per game, looks to improve their Associate Director of Integrated Marketing for Sports Illustrated. record before districts. As of 2010, the average player in the "I think we can do well in districts if we put it all together into one game," said senior MLB made roughly $3.3 million, howguard Erin Huie eplaining her optimistic look towards districts. ever Alex Rodriguez (the highest paid Swimming Next we take a look at the Mehlville Swim Team. Winless so far in this season, they are player) made $33 million that same optimistic on the upcoming conference swim meet on February 7-8th. year, ten times as much as the aver"We just hope to improve our times and improve our personal records,” said junior swim- age player. Granted, Rodriguez hit 30 mer Rachel St. Louis. homeruns that season and drove in 125 The state swim meet will take place one week later on February 15th. RBI’s, but Jose Bautista hit 24 more Wrestling homeruns than Rodriguez and only had Lastly, we hit the mats where Mehlville Wrestling is looking to have a great postseason one less RBI, but only made: $2.4 milrun behind the lead of seniors James Sellers III, Lawrence Krabbe, and Jarrath Foster. lion, definitely proving that sometimes Districts begin in mid-February, at Lindbergh High School. “He knows they are stronger, better, and more competitive this year. I would look for us you can get more for your money. There is absolutely nothing wrong to finish top five,” said Sellers. with making money, and all of these athletes deserve the contracts they are receiving, whether they are living up to them or not. For example, Steven Stamkos was only the 10th highest paid player in the NHL last season even after scoring 60 goals and racking up 37 assists with a total of 97 points. On the other hand you have a player


Photos by Kayla Hezel

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like, Rashard Lewis of the NBA who made $22.1 million dollars in 2011(second most in the NBA) after only scoring about 12 points and grabbing six rebounds per game. Playing the same position as Lewis; Al Horford made $5.44 million that year averaging 15 points a game, nine rebounds, and an all-star game appearance to go along with it. Lately however, the conversations about who is making too much money is being brought up around the world of baseball, which is fitting, seeing as though it is the offseason. The spotlight is mainly on outfielder Josh Hamilton who recently signed with the Los Angeles Angels for a contract worth $125 million over five years. After hitting 43 homeruns and driving in 128 RBI’s it is safe to say that this former MVP had a great season, and many would say that he is worth this amount of money. Hamilton has been one of the most consistent players in all of baseball the past three seasons and is coming off his best season of his career. Even though these contracts are signed there will always be small market teams like the Oakland A’s who surprise people every year by making the playoffs, so this tactic does not always work.

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Student Prints: How long have you been playing basketball? Sierra Gray: Seven years. SP: What is your favorite basketball memory? SG: Winning an MVP award with my AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) team. SP: How do you prepare for basketball in the offseason? SG: During the offseason I play with my AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) team. SP: Who is the biggest factor on team this year? SG: The five seniors because we can lead the way for the younger girls and expect them to come in and play their part. SP: What are your personal goals this season? SG: We all set personal goals with our coach before the season started and we agreed that I should have at least 12-15 points per game. SP: How do you prepare for every game? SG: After school I shoot around a little, and right before we play I get focused while listening to music. Last but not least I say a prayer, usually during the national anthem, just to get something off my chest. SP: What does the team do to get ready for each opponent? SG: Every game we have PGM (pre game motivator) which basically means someone steps up and motivates the rest of the team.







Student Prints: What is your favorite color? Paula Curran: Blue SP: Favorite sport? PC: Soccer SP: Favorite subject? PC: Science SP: Favorite food? PC: Peperoni pizza SP: Favorite childhood memory? PC: Not sure SP: Favorite family vacation? PC: Georgia when I was eight SP: Dream college? PC: Mizzou SP: Favorite hobby? PC: Hanging with friends SP: Favorite thing about MHS? PC: My friends SP: Do you have siblings? PC: One older brother SP: Major accomplishment for the future? PC: To get a 4.0 GPA SP: Favorite teacher? PC: Harper SP: Dream job? PC: Marine biologist SP: Favorite website? PC: Don’t have one SP: Favorite memory? PC: Meeting my best friend SP: Favorite childhood toy? PC: Legos SP: Favorite superhero? PC: Batman SP: If you could have any super power which would you pick? PC: To fly SP: Harry Potter or Twilight? PC: Twilight SP: What is one thing you want to do before you graduate? PC: Take all the classes I want Photo by Eric Chavez

With media attention all over school safety and recent school shootings in schools such as Newtown, Connecticut many parents, teachers and students fear safety at schools. Mehlville’s administration is doing everything they can to make sure that students feel safe. All teachers and administrators are trained according to a crisis manual that is updated annually by the schools crisis team. A new buzzer system is going into effect at Mehlville. This means that any students or visitors that try to come into the school after a certain time, they will have to buzz in and state their name and why they are here to the office before being allowed in. Safety remains an important concern for administration. “We have plans in place, school safety is just ever changing so we have to stay up to date, and communicate them” said Dr. Shannon Pike, Assistant Principal. Students should report unsafe behavior or any concerns regarding safety to administration, counselors, or teachers.

New buzzer system at front entrance. Adminstrative assistants have been trained on use. Photo by Eric Chavez




winging and bouncing to the beat with your friends and fellow classmates can make one night of the dreary winter season come alive. This year’s winter dance will take place on February 2 from 7-10 p.m. Many students look forward to the event as a way to socialize outside of the classroom and to have some fun. What creates such a memorable night? The theme plays a major factor in a student’s decision to attend a dance. Student Council decided on the theme ‘Fire and Ice’ since the weather has been ice cold and ridiculously warm this winter season. “Individuals can wear dresses or color coordinate their outfits to an icicle, snowflake, snow princess theme or simply wear a dress that is silver, white, or blue. Opposing colors may represent flames with colors such as red, gold, yellow, orange, and scarlet. If you have another outgoing idea, then become creative with it and flaunt it on the night of the dance,” said Student Council President Brendan Heinkel. Tickets cost $5 in advance, $20 at the door, and will be sold on January 20- February 1.

Winter Dance Tie-dye t-shirts will be sold for $12 at lunch the week of the dance. Students must be clear of all fines before they purchase a ticket. If students are bringing a guest, make sure to fill out a guest form. Finally, have your student identification and ticket present in hand the night of the dance, otherwise they will not let the party rockers in the door. The moment we all have been waiting for. At the dance we will not only have a court of students, but also a teacher court as well. Students will be eligible to nominate their favorite candidates during TAP. From there, the student court is voted on at the dance. Voting for the teacher’s court will be based upon how many coins or dollar bills are donated during lunch the week of the dance. Any coins count as positive points and all bills will be counted as negative points for each staffer that passed the first round of nominations. All of the donations, or votes, will go towards Special Olympics. Student Council members will add up the points and announce the winners at the dance. Nobody knows who will win.



January 30 2013 Student Prints  

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