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August 15, 2013 ● Volume 59 ● Issue 1

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In a decision reached on July 9, the Mehlville School District was chosen to be the new home for 216 new students from the Riverview Gardens School District. The decision, however, has left Mehlville School District officials wondering why Mehlville was chosen in the first place. Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost said June 20 at the Board of Education meeting that it was unlikely that the Riverview Gardens School District of 5,900 students would choose the Mehlville School District of nearly 11,000 students due to the distance being 22 miles between the districts. “I never thought for a minute that Riverview Gardens would select the Mehlville School District,” said Knost. Knost also discussed the Missouri Supreme Court decision which upheld a state law allowing students of unaccredited school districts to attend any accredited school district in their county or adjoining county. The tuition would be paid by the unaccredited school district. In the case of Mehlville, the current expenditure per pupil is $9,306. This is the amount the Mehlville School District will receive for each student transferring from the Riverview Gardens School District. Riverview Gardens will also be responsible

for transporting the transferring students to the Mehlville School District. But whatever the logistics of the case may be, Knost believes it is crucial that the focus be put on the students, both new and returning. “Those who do transfer will be received, nurtured, and educated as our own students. We will not let the students get caught in the crossfire,” said Knost at the July 25 Board of Education meeting. One of the largest concerns is the subject of transporting the transfer students. It is the responsibility of the Riverview Gardens District to provide the transportation in all cases whether it be transportation during the school day or after school activities. Depending on the amount of buses and traffic, the bus trips could be quite long. “I believe that it is quite possible that there will be kids on buses on one-way trips greater than an hour,” said Knost. “Have you ever tried to wrestle with Telegraph traffic?” Much concern was also brought up over whether spending long amounts of time on the bus could impact their academic performance. “I think it’s logical to say that [time on the bus] could impact their performance. However, that is not a new concern. Based on participation in the Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation

(VICC) program, it has proven to be worth it,” Knost said. Many students were also very concerned about the possible longer bus rides. “The students who are on busses for longer won’t be able to focus as well in school,” said Sara Kirkley, junior. “I know I wouldn’t.” One of the most frequently asked questions at the July Board of Education meeting dealt with how the quality of education would be affected by new transfer students. Knost had a very prompt reply. “Absolutely not,” he said. “I can look you in the eye and tell you from my heart of hearts there will be no impact on the quality of education in the Mehlville School District.” This appeared to be an opinion that many Mehlville students had as well. “I truthfully do not think this will distract learning in any way,” said Kaitlyn Krejci, senior. “Having transfer students is no different than having a new student who has moved into the district.” With the new school year just beginning, many worry how the teachers will be able to deal with larger class sizes. Assistant Principal Jason Landherr says that teachers


should not have a difficult time at all. “Our teachers always do a great job of accommodating the needs of their students, and working to provide individual support,” said Landherr. “I believe that the current faculty will have no issue handling the new students.” Additionally, Landherr believes the returning students will greatly help transfer students feel at home. “The students in our building and across the district do a great job of showing the ropes to new students” Landherr said. As the school year progresses, more developments in this situation will be brought to light. This is just the beginning, and the way that this unfolds will affect the future of both the Riverview Gardens School District and the Mehlville School District.

■ Aug. 23- Football Jamboree ■Aug. 24- Football/Soccer Green & White Games ■Aug. 28- Open House ■Aug. 28-29- Picture Day for Underclassmen ■Aug. 30- Varsity Football Home Game Against Northwest


■Sept. 2- No School- Labor Day ■Sept. 6- Varsity Football Away Game Against Fort Zumalt North ■Sept. 10- Steps to College Night ■Sept. 13- Varsity Football Away Game Against Eureka ■Sept. 19- 2-Hour Early Dismissal ■Sept. 20- Varsity Football Home Game Against Fox ■Sept. 21- ACT Testing


As students come back to campus to begin a new year, they may notice a few changes. One of the anticipated changes is the progress on the new auditorium. Last October, construction crews began building a new auditorium for the district. Administrators say the auditorium will be finished by November 1, although it could be finished earlier. “We are currently ahead of schedule, but the date hasn’t moved,” said Dr. Eric Knost, superintendent. The auditorium will be used for performing arts, visual arts, class assemblies and as a venue for district events. “The possibilities are endless,” said Knost. “It could have certain class functions such as the Junior Ring presentation or Senior Awards Night in the auditorium,” said Jason Landherr, Assistant Principal. “It will offer all of our performing arts students a great venue for plays and concerts.” “We hope to have choral concerts

in the auditorium,” said Robin Mik, Choir Director. “Issues with scheduling, sound, lighting, staging, and the general atmosphere have proven to be detrimental to the students’ learning experience.” “Our art students are already wonderful, this will just help them. They deserve this,” said Knost. While different clubs and activities, including drama, choir, and band; are eagerly awaiting the completion of the auditorium, the construction has led to some obstacles. “Our front parking lot will continue to be a construction zone and parking and traffic flow will be restricted,” said Dr. Denise Swanger in the 2013 Panther Pages. “Nothing has changed over the summer,” said Knost. “Students adjusted last year to the changes.” One thing has changed, however: the name of the auditorium. This August, the Board of Education unanimously voted to name

the auditorium the William B. Nottelmann Auditorium, in honor of the school’s first band director. Nottelmann is an alumna of Mehlville. He spearheaded the writing of Reflections: a History of the Mehlville School District and Its Communities. After Nottelmann retired from owning music stores 20 years ago, he began the Nottelmann Music Scholarship, where he awards two students, one

from Mehlville and one from Oakville, a $500 scholarship to continue their music education. Last years Mehlville recipient was Savanna Heiney. “He’s a wonderful man and [this is] a wonderful way to honor his lifelong contributions to our community,” said Knost on the district’s Facebook page. While students worry about getting to new classes on time and starting the year off right, they can look forward to all that the new auditorium will be able to offer them and the community.

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8.15.13 ● Vol. 59 ● Iss.1

NEW FACE IN THE OFFICE By: Nisveta Fejzic Opinons Editor


20 questions with Morgan Charleston

By: Kayla Hezel Editor in Chief

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Andrew Ross has taken over as the new assistant principal after 22-year Mehlville administrative veteran Angelo Colona retired. Before coming to Mehlville in 2010 Ross taught social studies for 3 years at a high school in Ohio. Ross taught Government and Leadership last year. Ross’ connection with education started when he was young. “I grew up in a family of educators. My dad was a teacher for thirty-five years. Aunts, uncles, and my older sister were in education. So I was always around school growing up,” said Ross. Ross’ move to administration was not startling to his students. “I actually wasn’t surprised when

I found out he was the new principal, I knew he would become one sooner or later. I think Mr. Ross will be an awesome principal because he’s so organized and on top of things, and he just has the best interest of Mehlville at heart,” said Marc Jones, senior. Ross is excited about getting involved this school year. “I’m really looking forward to working with groups of teacher on finding ways to help improve classrooms,” said Ross. As an administrator Ross will enjoy working with student council, supervising after school activities, and other activities outside the classroom.



New Spanish teacher, Heidi Higuera will immerse students in the language and culture of Spain in her first year at Mehlville. Having previously taught at St. Elizabeth Academy, she is looking forward to teaching her new students. “My favorite thing about teaching is having such a passion for my field of Spanish and being able to share that with the students,” said Higuera. Higuera was inspired to become a teacher after volunteering to teach abroad, and studying in Spain with her sister. “We fell in love with the culture, the people, the mentality, the lifestyle, everything,” said Higuera. Loving both Spanish culture and teaching, Higuera took her two interests and merged them together to make her profession. She majored in Spanish Education at Southeast Missouri State Univer-

Other New Teachers

sity in Cape Girardeau, MO. When asked about her favorite past time, Higuera lit up enthusiastically and talked about her love of hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, biking, and camping. “I am an outdoor nerd,” said Higuera. When she is not outside, Higuera loves to sit down with a good book. “I like reading about cooking and historical fiction,” said Higuera. She hopes that her students will understand all of the aspects of Spanish language and culture. “I want them to have an appreciation for the country the language comes from, their culture, their beliefs, their ideas. Just in understanding about where the language originated,” said Huguera. You can find her in room 228 so stop in and say “hola!”

English: Emily Ball Science: Karen Fritz, Corey Paffraft, Michael Saputo Social Studies: James Fischer, Lucas Ravenscraft, Scott Vouga Foreign Language: Heidi Higuera (Spanish) Family Consumer Sciences: Carley Ray

Student Prints: What is your biggest fear about starting high school? Morgan Charleston: Getting bad grades. SP: What are you most excited about starting high school? MC: Meeting new people. SP: What are your favorite office supplies? MC: Tape? SP: What is your favorite fast food? MC: Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. SP: What is to your favorite color M&M? MC: Blue. SP: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? MC:Like 10 or 20... I don't know. SP: Why are Trix only for kids? MC: Cause they're funny for kids? SP: What came first the color orange or the fruit? MC: Fruit? SP: If you could mix any two animals what would you mix and what would you name the new creation? MC: A Monkey because I like monkeys... and a dog. I would name it Montillo. SP:Who is your dream spouse? MC: Brian. He lives a few houses down from me. SP: If you knew you were going to die what would you have as your last meal and who would you share it with? MC: Nachos with my niece. SP:What is your life song? MC: One of Taylor Swift's songs. SP: If your house was on fire, what is the first thing you would grab? MC: My niece. SP: What Harry Potter House do you think you would be in? MC: Gryffindor. SP: What is your spirit animal? MC:Monkey. SP: What is your first memory? MC: I barely remember anything. SP: If you could pick two celebrities to be your parents who would you pick? MC: Taylor I don't know his last name, from Teen Wolf and Rachel from friends. SP: If you could have any superpower what would it be? MC: To put people on fire. SP: What is the first word that comes to mind? MC: I don't know.


8.15.13 ● Vol. 59 ● Iss.1

Greg Heinemann Named New Offensive Coordinator By: Samuel J. Nunnally Sports Editor The Mehlville Panther football program has gone through a lot of changes this offseason. One of which was the addition of new offensive coordinator, Greg Heinemann. Before coming to Mehlville, Heinemann coached at Fox, Kirkwood, Washington University and most recently Lindbergh. Heinemann’s 40 years of experience even included a previous stint at Mehlville. As a player, he played for an undefeated team at Fox high school and played college ball at Southeast Missouri State University. “My favorite part about coaching is being around young people who are striving for a goal,” said Heinemann. As far as his goals for the team, Heinemann hopes to bring excitement back to the Mehlville program, but also said that this goal will be achieved with wins. As well as calling the offensive plays, Heinemann will be coaching the quarterbacks. The aspect of the season that Heinemann is most excited about is coach-

ing with his son, Kent, Mehlville’s head varsity football coach. “I am excited about coaching with my son. We share a passion for coaching and working with young people in general,” said Heinemann.

Varsity Football Schedule 8/30: vs Northwest 9/06: @ Fort Zumwalt North 9/13: @ Eureka 9/20: vs Fox 9/27: vs Marquette 10/04: vs Parkway South 10/11: @ Oakville 10/18: @ Saint Louis University High 10/25: vs Lindbergh



Fall Sports Calendar Varsity Golf (Girls):

8/29: Parkway South @ Landings at Spirit 3:30pm 8/30: Webster @ Sunset Hills - 8:00am 9/4: Lindbergh @Sunset Hills - 3:30 pm 9/5: Oakville @ Quail Creek - 3:00pm 9/9: Webster Groves @ Sunset Hills - 3:30pm 9/10: Fox @ Quail Creek - 3:30pm 9/11: Lindbergh @ Aberdeen Golf Club - 8:30am

ross Country: Champion Takes Over as New Athletics/Activities Director C 8/29: Nike Fleet Feet XC Kickoff

@ Parkway Central 9/7: Jackson Invitational @ Jackson City Park 9/14: Forest Park XC Festival @ Forest Park 9/21: Festus Bowles Invitational @ Forest Park 9/28: Hancock Invitational @ Jefferson Barracks

By: Samuel J. Nunnally Sports Editor

Varsity Tennis (Girls): 8/28: Eureka @ Mehlville - 4:00pm 8/29: Lafayette @ Mehlville - 4:00pm 9/4: Rockwood Summit @ Mehlville - 4:00pm 9/5: Lindbergh @ Lindbergh - 4:00pm 9/10: Bishop DuBourg @ Mehlville - 4:00pm

Varsity Softball: 8/28-8/30: @ Parkway Tournament 9/3: Eureka @ Mehlville - 4:15pm 9/5: Hancock @ Mehlville - 4:00pm 9/6: Kirkwood @ Kirkwood - 4:15pm 9/9: Ursuline @ Ursuline - 4:15pm

Varsity Soccer (Boys): 8/29: Saint Mary’s @ Saint Mery’s - 7:00pm 8/31: Vianney @ Vianney - 6:00pm 9/3: Kirkwood @ Mehlville - 6:00pm 9/10: Parkway North @ Mehlville - 5:30pm 9/12: Granite City @ Granite City - 6:30

Photo by: Samuel J. Nunnally

Dr. Tim Champion will be taking on the role of Mehlville’s athletic director this year. This is Dr. Champion’s first year as an athletic director, but he has a lot of experience in the fields of education and athletics. Champion taught for 15 years in the Afton school district and coached both men’s soccer and women’s soccer at Saint Louis University. Champion played college soccer at Harris Stowe Universtity. He is very excited about this year’s athletics, but

is most excited about helping the teams grow and believes they all have a great chance to excel. “What I want Mehlville athletes and students to know about me is that I come from a sports background but I was also a teacher, so I believe academics go a long way,” said Champion. Champion believes that this will be a great year for MHS athletics and has high hopes for this season.


Varsity Volleyball (Girls): 9/3-9/06: Marissa Labor Day Tournament 9/10: Union @ Mehlville - 7:00pm 9/14: Rockwood Summit Invitational 9/18: Nerinx @ Nerinx - 5:30pm 9/19: Northwest @ Mehlville - 5:30pm

Varsity Swimming (Boys): 9/3: Webster @ Mehlville - 4:30pm 9/4: Kirkwood @ Kirkwodd - 4:00pm 9/13 Ladue @ Ladue - TBA 9/19: Marquette @ Mehlville - 4:30pm 9/26: Lafayette @ Lafayette - 4:15pm

continued from front page torium the William B. Nottelmann Auditorium, in honor of the school’s first band director. Nottelmann is an alumna of Mehlville. He spearheaded the writing of Reflections: a History of the Mehlville School District and Its Communities. After Nottelmann retired from owning music stores 20 years ago, he began the Nottelmann Music Scholarship, where he awards two students, one from Mehlville and one from Oakville, a $500 scholarship to continue their music education. Last years Mehlville recipient was Savanna Heiney. “He’s a wonderful man and [this is] a wonderful way to honor his lifelong contributions to our community,” said Knost on the district’s Facebook page. While students worry about getting to new classes on time and starting the year off right, they can look forward to all that the new auditorium will be able to offer them and the community.

For a complete listing of fall sports, visit the Athletics Tab on the Mehlville High School Website.



8.15.13 ● Vol. 59 ● Iss.1


You’re walking up the steps, and you pull the doors wide open. There are people wandering the halls, and suddenly it hits you. It’s your first day of high school. You don’t know where your best friend is. You don’t know where your first class is, or what your teacher is like. Most of all, you’re scared. But, don’t worry it really is not that bad, I promise. Here are a couple tips to help get you through your first day. Don’t be scared, people are not out to get you, just be friendly and you will be making new friends in no time.

You won’t get lost. It’s slightly difficult to do so because first, the second and third floors are giant squares, and secondly an upperclassmen or teacher would be more than willing to help you find your second block English class. Don’t use stairwell five to get to the bottom floor. It leads to the band room only. Stairwell six and four don’t reach the bottom floor, they only go to the second and third floors. All the other stairwells will get you to all three floors. Your teacher does not want you to fail. The teachers really are not scary. Actually they are super nice and helpful. They will help you whenever, before class, after class, during TAP and



even after school. Lunch is actually good. The lunch staff is all super friendly, and the food is good. It doesn’t get better than tacos, pizza, chicken patties and a long line of snacks. You also don’t have to stay confined to the lunchroom. Feel free to sit out in the commons after you eat, and if you do take food out there, make sure you clean up after yourself. The custodians will love you for that. Lastly, your bus is here. Don’t worry, if you can’t find it at the end of the day, there are plenty of teachers and staff outside to help you, and if you can’t find them, ask that boy in your eighth block walking in front of you, I’m sure he’s willing to help. Good luck on your first day, don’t be nervous, high school is so much fun. It’s hard to believe but, it’ll be over before you know it, ask any senior.

On August 7 Freshmen plpayed minute to win it games as their mentors introduced them to the school.

Photos by Kayla Hezel

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