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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

THE ART OF LIFE First South Indian Wedding Magazine

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2011 Volume 01 . Issue 03

Publishing Director S.Fayaz Mohammed

Creative Advisor Hadle Hamilton

Editor In Chief Jules Idi Amin

Managing Editor Jayanthy.N

Prolific Head Vinolia Lobo

Art & Design Suhail A.M

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Marketing Head A.Rajab Ali cover Model : Meenu Shorayen Wardrobe : Nalli Silks Photographer : Prateek Singhi Location : VGP

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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Dr.Wasim Devika Jayashree Mithra Suresh Prateek Singhi Ujjayinee Roy Hari krishnan Arjun Venkatesh Dr.M.Manoj Beno Surya Ganapathy Lathika Varanasi Manisha Koushik S.Yogesh Kanna Nisary Mahesh Bhanu Mohan Buddha studios Rajee Venkatesh Bhavna Rajgopal


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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011



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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

editor’s note Gazing at the overcast orange sky I anticipate the impending monsoon and with it the season of festivities and cheer. We at Mehendi give you one more reason to celebrate, with the launch of its first commercial issue, exclusively bridal and uniquely South Indian. Undeniably marriage is the single most significant event that in different ways changes various aspects of our being. This probably is the reason why weddings are given equal and utmost importance in all cultures universally. And is set with days of rituals and formalities which require months of planning before the big day. For most of our adult life we are in search of the perfect partner who we wish to find comfort, solace and companionship and when that happens, we celebrate this sacred union in style and grandeur yet conferring to age old rituals set for us by our ancestors. As the wedding season approaches Mehendi takes you on a journey through the nitty gritties of the innumerable south indian styles of wedding. This season promises Revival of the Classic. To celebrate this spectacular return we take a peek at the traditional elements of a South Indian wedding and the various rituals associated with it. Our cover feature Something Old Something New is an escape into the intriguing world of tradition, balanced with the right dosage of post modernism. Our mantra this issue is Classicism over Kitsch, simplicity over clutter and refined over crude. Mehendi’s temple weddings feature showcases a unique way of adding an exotic touch to your big day. The food section boasts of age old delicacies, and our exclusive feature on celebrity actor Karthi Sivakumar’s much talked about wedding seals the deal on the mantra. The night out section features the cities glitterati at their best. and our fashion experts give their verdict on the hottest buys .Our first commercial issue promises to be both a delight for your eyes yet also a guide on how to plan your wedding in a unique fashion. Change is inevitable... So change to the times and embrace it with style.......

Jules Idi Amin Editor In Chief


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

product page

Razzle Dazzle Single antique finish kada 41.140gms

Courtesy: VBJ Photos: Ravikiran vissa


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Bangles with meenakari work 80.620gms

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Yazhi Eardrops 23.600gms

Antique finish jummkas with ruby and emerald beads 52.100gms

Some jewellery never goes out of style. Here are some timeless pieces that resemble vintage heirlooms handed down through generation. A look at VBJ’s antique collection 15

Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011





Photos: Ravikiran vissa Courtesy: VBJ



Gold kumkumbox with uncut ruby and emerald 54.180gms


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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


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Antique finish gold plate design necklace with semi precious stones 70.220gms

Antique finish necklace with swirl pattern and godess lakshmi pendant 89.510gms


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Courtesy: VBJ Photos: Ravikiran vissa

Kundan Earrings 51.680gms

Handcrafted traditional kundan necklace with beads 202.230gms


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

wedding loactions


Temples, the abode of the divine Gods, resurfaces as the latest fad for wedding destinations. Classic romanticism cannot go farther than the old school tradition of sealing the bond at the preferred shrines, a glimpse at some of our heritage temples.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


hat better place to solemnize the matrimony than the very abode of sanctity itself? Since the evolution of an organized faith known as Hinduism, temples have always been a very prominent venue for people to take their sacred vows of marriage. Although in the recent past weddings have become more of a glamour statement, with the bride and groom opting for elaborate halls and hotels, if one is looking for a serene atmosphere with a blend of simplicity and tradition, then it is destination temples! Let’s touchdown on some of the famous temples‌

Brihadeeswara Temple

Madurai Meenakshi Temple- One of the renowned heritage sites of South India, the current structure of Madurai Meenakshi Temple is believed to have been constructed sometime in the 1600’s. Legend has it that this temple was built to commemorate the union of Lord Siva to Tadaagatai, who was believed to be the incarnate of goddess Parvati. Since then, it is no surprise that this is a legendary venue of South Indian weddings. The temple complex is the home of fourteen majestic Gopurams. Two of the towers are golden, consecrated to the main deities.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Akasha or Aether. This is one of the few temples where Shiva is represented in his anthropomorphic form, rather than a Lingam. It depicts Shiva as the bejeweled image of Lord Nataraja, the lord of the Bharatnatyam dance form. With the presence of five sabhas, this temple has been accommodative of numerous weddings. The Raja Sabhai is distinguished by the presence of a thousand pillars and a statue of a thousand – petalled lotus. Several water bodies are present in and around the temple, such as Sivaganga or the central temple tank; the Kuya Theertham and the Vyagrahapatha Theertham effuse their placid charm over the holy sanctuary of God. The entire temple is so constructed as to resemble the human body with all its nuances and Chidambaram Temple

This temple is also famous for housing the only silver deity of Lord Shiva in the country. Embossed with wall sculptures and frescoes, the Aayiram Kaal Mandapam serves as the idyllic setting for weddings. The statue of Ariyanathan Mudaliar, known to have built the thousand – pillared hall, is mounted on a gorgeous horseback at the entrance of the Mandapam. Just outside the mandapam are the musical pillars. When struck, each pillar produces a different note. The same hall is used for the celebration of the marriage of Siva and Parvati, during the Chithirai festival of Mid- April. This festival is marked by the procession of the holy chariot and the float festival in the temple tank. Consequently, the time of Chithirai is considered auspicious by many couples to tie the knot at the temple. Brihadeeswara Temple (Big Temple)- Another major tourist attraction and a perfect location for a traditional wedding is the hundred year old Brihadeeswara Temple of Thanjavur. Built in1010 AD by Raja Raja Chola 1, this temple is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Great Living Chola Temple”. An architectural masterpiece, it is the world’s first complete granite temple. Standing amidst fortified walls, the Vimana or the temple tower is among the tallest of its kind in the world. With the temple complex covering a huge quadrangle, it has the capacity to conduct more than one wedding simultaneously. A

river forms a scenic backdrop for the temple. An enormous statue of Nandi is located at the entrance of the temple. Apart from the primary deity of Lord Shiva, huge deities of Suryan and Chandran are also present. Sharply cut sculptures and pilasters provide deep bays and recesses in the inner area. The mandapam is host to dancers who excel in the traditional dance form of Bharatnatyam. Carnatic singers have also held their command in the mandapam. The culturally oriented could also include a few dance performances and classical musicians, aside from the wedding ceremony. Chidambaram Temple - In Hindu Literature, Chidambaram is one of the five holiest Shiva temples. Each symbolizes one of the five natural elements. Chidambaram represents

Veerabadra Temple


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Arundhadhi darsanam Married couples are made to see the arundhadhi star because the pole star is stationary and fixed in its position; hence the couple is expected to be steadfast and firm in fulfilling their vows and responsibilities. The bride: Just as the star Arundhati is attached to the star Vasishtha, so may I forever be firmly attached to my husband! Placing his hand upon the bride’s forehead. The bridegroom: As the heavens are permanently stable, as the earth is permanently stable, as these mountains are permanently stable, and as the entire universe is permanently stable, so may my wife be permanently settled in our family! -Rig Veda X.173.4 (Addressing the bride): Thou are the Pole star; I see in thee stability and firmness. Mayst thou ever be steadfast in thy affection for me. The great God has united thee with me. Mayst thou live with me, blessed with children, for a hundred years!

Konark Temple

Meenakshi Temple Meenakshi Temple

subtleties. Here also, the central roof is golden, consisting of over twenty thousand tiles. Festival celebrations are bountiful throughout the year, adding colour and vibrancy to the temple. This temple is also famous for hosting many song/ dance performances. Many opt to make their wedding coincide with a particular festival, as this is considered to be very auspicious. Konark Sun Temple - If one is on a quest to seek the blessings of the source that is the elixir of life before beginning one’s journey of a lifetime, then marrying in the Konark Sun temple wouldn’t seem like such a bad idea. The temple, also known as the Black Pagoda, is a World Heritage Site and is considered to be one of the seven wonders of India. The singular feature about this temple is that it is constructed entirely out of oxidizing and weathered ferruginous sandstone by King Narsimhadeva in the 13th

Rock fort Temple


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

century, in the state that is now known as Orissa. Located on the shoreline, the temple takes the form of the chariot of Surya (Akra) and is heavily decorated with stone carving. The entire complex was conceived in the form of the god’s huge chariot drawn by seven spirited horses on twelve pairs of exquisitely decorated wheels at its base. This temple is characteristic of curvilinear towers mounted by cupolas. The fact that the temple is near the sea- coast makes it an all the more eclectic venue for a wedding. Accentuating to this is the verdancy found in the area. Casuarina, mahogany and rosewood trees are found in abundance. The centre of the temple, very obviously, is dominated by a huge sculpture of Surya. There is an audience hall situated in the temple, used for many celebratory occasions. The ornate sculptures and the jewel like quality of Odishan art augments to the divine beauty of the temple.

Veerabadra Temple

Rockfort temple - Sometimes, the harmonious blend of spirituality and nature can be one’s priority for a wedding venue. The Rockfort temple is a classic example. The Rockfort or Uchi Pillayar Koil is a combination of two seventh century Hindu temples, one dedicated to Lord Ganesh and the other dedicated to Lord Siva, located atop a huge rock in Trichy. Geologically the rock is said to be one of the oldest in the world. The Shiva temple is carved in the middle of the rock and the Ganesh temple at the top portion. The Shiva temple is the bigger one, consisting of a massive stone statue of Shiva in the form of a Linga along with a separate sanctum for goddess Parvati. The temple is mystic in nature with its awe inspiring rock – architecture, created by the Pallava kingdom. The Ganesh temple is smaller, with an access through steep steps carved on the rock and provides a panoramic view of Trichy, Srirangam and the rivers Kaveri and Kolladam. It is quintessential of the Dravidian architecture. Truly a noteworthy location. Veerabhadra temple - Another

mandapams. One mandapam has pillars with life-size images of dancers, musicians and other sculptures, created by the artisans of the Vijayanagar Empire. The huge granite Nandi bull is carved out of a single stone. The ceilings have breathtakingly beautiful mural paintings. temple known for its architectural splendor is the Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi. It is located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is a wonderful example of Vijayanagara architectural style and art of the sixteenth century. A masterpiece of art work, it was done by the Vishwakarma Brahmin Stapathis who were also the sculptors of this temple. The temple sits on a mount and the presiding deity is Veerabhadra, believed to be a son of Lord Shiva. In the exquisite shrine is a wealth of magnificent sculpture in the intricate


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

With the chime of temple bells and the musical chanting of Vedic hymns ringing in one’s ears, temple weddings truly elevate the meaning of auspiciousness to a whole new level. As the vedic chant goes... “Maangalyam thanthuna naena, mamajeevana haethuna. Thanthe padnaami shubagae, vamjeeva sharadhaamshagam.” me


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

olden days

Photos: Rathy Sam

A journey through the ancient rituals of the South Indian Brahmin community, conducting the sacred union called marriage.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011



n the olden days, the Iyer and Iyengar communities were very particular indeed. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean to suggest that they are no longer particular. I just mean that they are perhaps a little less rigid in their preferences now. You see, in the past there were very strict procedures that were followed by everyone in the Tamil Brahmin community when it came to marriage and whilst these traditions may still exist today, the modern Iyer or Iyengar wedding has with time relaxed a little.

When the astrologer is consulted the horoscopes of the two in question are checked for compatibility. The astrologer will check twelve different criteria on the charts and if the couple is deemed to be compatible of six or more areas, then the quest for matrimony can progress to the next stage …the photograph! Photographs are taken and exchanged, where the families would insist on a ‘fullshot’ of the bride or groom as well as a ‘close-up’. The ‘full-shot’ would feature the bride/groom standing upright so that

For example in the past, it was strictly the girl’s family that would initiate the process of finding a suitable boy. There would be suggestions and enquiries made within their own caste-community and the first and most important thing that would have been considered were the ‘Gothram’. So, having checked the first box on the list, the boy and the girl are investigated by family members on either side. Enquires are made as to their character and their habits. Are they hard working, obedient, studious and religious? Can the girl cook? Does the boy smoke? All these questions and many more will be asked and answered and if the investigations result in unblemished report card for both, then we can all look to the stars and engage an astrologer.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

a good view could be had of them from head to toe. The ‘close-up’ is naturally to appreciate the wonders of their facial features. If the photographs are deemed acceptable, then we can progress to the next stage, which is the most fun stage of all … well at least for the family members on both sides! Actually, here we have another big difference of the Iyer and Iyengar marriages of yore and of today. The initial meeting usually consisted of the groom’s parents,

aunts, uncles, grandparents, sisters, brothers, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephews going over to the brides house to meet the bride’s parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, sisters, brothers, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephews.

and groom were allowed to speak with one another, initially in the company of everyone else present. As more time went by they were allowed to conduct a brief discussion in private and now with all the time that has passed we have the ‘courtships’ that we have today.

The bride and groom originally did not even attend the meeting! However, as time went by the groom started to attend such meetings and then with a little more time the bride too was allowed to participate in this stage of the quest. Then, the bride

If all went well at the meeting and the families were able to reach an accord the marriage can be confirmed right then and there. An “Oppu-thambulam” is exchanged as an acceptance between the families. This is a token exchange of a platter,

containing ‘vethalai’ (bettle leaves), ‘pakku’ (bettle nut) and any amount of money upwards from Rs. 1.50. A date for the ‘Nichiadartham’ (engagement) is set, however these-days this is incorporated into the wedding and done the day before the nuptials to save on the escalating venue hire costs. The ‘Nichiadartham’ was originally just a formal announcement to the public of the intent to marry this girl with this boy however now it is quiet an elaborate event almost like a formal wedding reception. Then the invitations are printed and a group of relatives are assembled to deliver the invitations. At this point it is very important that the right combinations of relatives are assembled – for example, the parents must be present to personally invite the close relatives. The girl’s parents also have to invite the boy’s family formally with their own invitation as the bride’s side and the groom’s side prints their own invitations. The boy’s family may then insist that the girl’s side visit and personally invite some of their important family members. It goes without saying that this can be a really stressful, long and tiring process. Still more stressful, long and tiring is the shopping for the wedding. Clothes and saris are bought for the uncles and aunts on both sides and at least two saris are bought for the bride by the groom’s family. The mother’s of the bride and groom will exchange saris of the exact same value and the girl’s parents have to buy a sari for each of the grooms sisters.

Photos: Rathy Sam

The bride is presented with the saris for the following wedding ceremonies: Nichiadartham – bought by the father of the bride. Oonjal – bought by the mother-of-the bride’s brother. Koorai Sari – worn for the wedding bought by the groom’s side. Nalangu – bought by sister-in-law (boy’s sister) Griha Pravesh – first visit to the groom’s house bought by the groom’s side. Reception – bought by the parents of the bride. First Night – bought by the parents of bride.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

wed is read and the parents exchange a small token. RECEPTION - Optional at this point but usually consists of light entertainment and dinner. VIRTHAM – The groom traditional would not have shaved up till this point. He is now given oil and the necessary personal grooming items and asked to shave his beard in preparation for the wedding. KASI YATRA – Symbolically, the groom at this stage has the choice to become a religious scholar and make a pilgrimage to Kasi but is then persuaded by the bride’s father and brother to stay and marry the bride. This is a symbolic re-enactment. MAALAI MAATRAL– This is the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom, sometimes hindered and helped along by the rest of family in a fun game. OONJAL – Here the bride and groom sit on the swing and just enjoy each other’s company and are admired by their guests. After this, the main marriage rituals start.

Once the saris are bought, the jewellery is bought along with the mangalsutras. The Iyers and Iyengars traditionally had two thalis (mangal sutra) - one from the groom’s side and one from the bride’s side which may have slight variations. All other jewellery is optional depending on what was agreed at the time of the engagement. Along with this the ‘pooja’ silverware is bought along with any other items necessary for the home, such as beds, wardrobes, fridges, air-conditioners, cars etc. Atleast one ring and one gold chain is bought for the groom by the bride’s parents and presented to him on the wedding day.

puberty for both the bride and groom. Here they seek the blessings of the ancestor for all steps along the way. This now prepares the bride and groom for the next stage of their lives as a married couple. PAALIGAI TELITTAL – This is a fertility rite where nine different seeds are soaked and germinated in small terracotta pots. Married women from the immediate family of both sides then mix the seeds and plant them. These seed are grown during the days of the wedding and then offered into a well of water at some point after the wedding.

The traditional weddings have come down from four days to one and a half days and generally consist of the following nuptial ceremonies:

MAPPILLAI ALAIPPU (BARAATH) – This is a more light hearted ceremony aimed at showing off the groom to the village and to the public so that everyone knows who he is and is made aware of what is about to happen.

VIRTHAM – This is a series of religious mantra performed by priests to re-enact all of life’s major events from birth to attaining

NICHIADARTHAM – after the Baraath, the engagement ceremony where the formal announcement of the intention to


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

These include Kannika Dhanam, Maangalya Dharanam, Sapta Padhi - the marriage is said to be complete only after this ritual where the groom holds the bride’s toe and takes seven steps around the fire, Ammi Midittal, Arundathi Paarthal, Aseervadam. The new bride is then taken to the groom’s house for the Griha Pravesh and the groom visits the bride’s house. In the afternoon, after an elaborate lunch, there is a function called ‘Nalungu’ – this is essentially a forum for the bride and groom to get to know each other. Then again, a Wedding Reception is held in the evening with entertainment, formal greeting of the bride and groom and an elaborate south-Indian feast served on a banana leaf. After the wedding, well we all hope and pray that they live happily ever after. me

Brides Feature

Something old Something new...


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Photographer Prateek Singhi

Hair And Make Up Raju

Styling Jules Idi Amin

Wardrobe Courtesy Nalli Silks

Location VGP


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

On top of the wotld , in a pleasant turoquise blue brocade silk with self border and zari.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Feel like a godess in this brocade kanchipuram saree with floral motifs and elaborate pure gold Zari pallu.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Evoke The Spirit Of The Ancients In This Heavenly Orange Brocade Saree With A Touch Of Swarovski Sparkle And Antique Border


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Awaiting prince charming in this picture perfect saree in pink and gold zari interwoven together to create a dazzling effect


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


The first sight of the person who can make your heart skip a beat can be quite unnerving, dating etiquette’s are here to help from making the wrong moves and keep the magic last forever .... Mithra Suresh


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Girl T

he first rule of date club is that there are no rules. “Not true,” quips Adele Srinivas, who found out that.

Her open mindedness was limited when it came to etiquette and presentation. In fact, most women would say that ‘caring, intelligent and great sense of humour’ are on top of their check list. What they are, in fact, saying is that, take care to check under your nails, be intelligent enough to cup your hands to your mouth to check for any signs of bad breath and you better have an attractive laugh when you show her your teeth, and that includes flossing (out) evidence of that spinach and feta cheese pizza. Women, we know this. Men have already swept their eyes over you the moment you’ve been ‘spotted’. So, it will not be long before he asks you out on a date. Before you ask yourself what your assets are, remember, it certainly does not mean showing them off before he has had a chance to look at your eyes. “I do not like it when women show up for a first date wearing revealing clothes, and this extends to a peek of the butt and boob cleavage,” says Carlos Pinche, a software engineer in the city. Also, here are a few urban myths you might want to bin. Men love women who present themselves well. True, but don’t try and cover up the frown lines or that pus volcano on your mien with excessive

makeup. Go easy on the foundation. “Men love it when women look like themselves. Yes, we want you to dress up, but don’t hide behind the look. You don’t have to wear fake nails, you could just file your nails,” says Carlos, adding, “In the same way, we don’t expect you to have minty fresh breath, but hey, don’t meet me for a date smelling like an ash tray.” Men love women who laugh at their jokes. “Unless you want to get laid on the first date,” Carlos quips. Ladies, giggling incessantly is a no-no. “Either it’s a sign that she is trying hard to please or that she is really horny. And there is nothing more exciting to a man than the chase. That does not mean you need to keep a stiff upper lip to impress. But we know a laugh when you mean it. And it just makes us want to work harder to get that twitter out of you,” Carlos informs matter of factedly. Men love it when a woman takes charge. Alright, we love women who know what they want. But there are two places that rule is an exemption. For one, at the restaurant, “Chivalry is not dead. At least, give us a chance to revive the game!” exclaims Carlos. Let them order the hors d’oeuvres, even if they are struggling with the pronunciation. Another place to avoid the reins, “Leave the game to us stupid men. Do not make the first move, no matter how badly you want the guy. Women know from the moment a guy steps into the room, whether they even want to


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

proceed with the date. Us guys though, we are as indecisive as the bug that hit the fan. When he finally processes his thoughts, and realises that he wants to take the next step with you, he will come to you. You just have to wait.” Men love it when women surprise them. Yes, they do. More or less, when it comes to the fact that you worked for a while as a war correspondent with the BBC, or that you once baked the tallest wedding cake in the world and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. “Do not, for crying out loud, talk about sun sign compatibility, and the chances of an Aries man and Virgo woman making it to the finish line. Linda Goodman and Chiro are reserved for pre-wedding moonlight dinner discussions,” laughs Carlos. Essentially, remember that men like women in power. Keep the quirks for when you both move in together. And do these tips make sense to all men? Nope. Ask Niyaz Siddiqui, a doctor by qualification, now a business manager at a hospital in the city. “We are but cave men. Our priorities have changed from hunting with a spear to eating with a fork, from reproducing to humouring conversation,” he explains rather earnestly. In other words, ladies, for a man, any woman is a good woman to date, as long as he does not have to be alone. So, says the doctor. me


Photos: Vijay Eesam


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

P.S. The art of transforming an enthralling love story to a successful wedding is barely a simple task.

Shruthi Ravindran


Jules Idi Amin

ike we have encountered in fairy tales and umpteen movies,‘….and they lived happily ever after’ demands a repertoire of hurdles and turmoil until it finally happens. Marriage is such an emotional moment in everyone’s life which cannot be denied. Meet rashmi and pradhan fashion designers from NIFT who talk about how they wove their lives together.

1. How did you both get to meet, having come from two geographically unrelated locations? Pradhan: Rashmi had come over for an Interview and that’s where I met her for the very first time. Rashmi: It was an Office Affair! I was looking for a job and a friend of mine referred me to Pradhan, The Design Manager.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

2. When did it actually dawn upon you that this is the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with? Pradhan: On the very first day, when I met her at the interview, I was very impressed by her personality & by her work. She is a very simple & an extremely sweet person. She is very down to earth and believes in love and that is where we both match! I didn’t have to go down on one knee and do all that ‘conventional’ man-like proposing. The feelings were absolutely mutual and the next thing we wanted is to be married!! Rashmi: It was a no-nonsense affair. I really liked him and felt very comfortable in his presence, right from the beginning. It was not a fairy tale, after all. It was extreme reality. Pradhan is from Orissa and I am from Chennai. Getting out parents consent, and making

Photos: Vijay Eesam

them a part of our marriage is the greatest achievement and the most cherished feeling that we will carry through our entire life.

3. Elaborate on the run up to your wedding, and all about organizing it …...

We had a reception cum cocktail party in the evening where we had family and friends from all over. We both played hosts. It was very nice and relieving to not have the ‘typical’ reception. We could interact with each one of our guests and spend quality time with them.We both are very happy and convinced about the way things unfolded for us. It was a truly blessed day, and to this date, we cherish the moments that have been captured in the videos and photographs. We are very happy being married.

We ran around from pillar to posts organizing our wedding. We wanted to have a small closeknit affair (in style) .We did not consult any wedding planners nor did we resort to any fancy deals. We stuck to our ideas and plans and it was well executed.

4. What is your take on this funny little thing called `LOVE `

It was a 3 day long affair. Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony on the first day at Rashmi’s uncle’s residence, followed by Haldi and Bangle ceremony was what completed the pre-wedding rituals.

Love is the strongest and the most meaningful emotion, which can change things for the better and make life wonderful. Likewise, falling in love is nice, but containing it & growing in love is what makes it most beautiful.

On the D day, we had the Hindu rituals in the morning. Only very close family and friends were a part of this ceremony where we tied the knot amongst the blessings of family.

5. Tell us something that you haven’t ever expressed about each other which you would like to share with us ?


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Pradhan: Thinking of Rashmi always brings a smile on my face, she is the best thing that ever happened to me. Being in her company, time just flies. She has an uncanny sense of humor. She comes up with something new and extremely funny at the most unexpected moment. She is very child-like and is always ready to learn new things. That is the thing I love the most about her. Rashmi: I respect Pradhan a lot apart from the admiration and love that I have for him. His zest for life is unquenchable and that is what I love the most about him. He has seen me through all the highs and lows and still I get to be myself. He brightens me up, and keeps me feeling beautiful all the time. He is my Best Friend first and then my Husband. me


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Groom Feature

Royal Wardrobe in Vogue


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

This raw silk gold Sherwani with zardosi work and swarovski detailing, is teamed with maroon dhoti with matching embroidery. accessorized with crushed maroon and gold stole and an ornate talwar to recreate the bygone era of pride. The dress is also teamed with gold maroon juti in maharajah style.

Photographer Arjun Venkatesh Model Abhishek Vinod Hair And Make Up Raju Styling Jules Idi Amin Wardrobe Courtesy Laagan Location VGP


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

This brocade silk short Sherwani with ari and swarovski intricate detailing is a fine amalgamation of Indian and western traditions. Accessorized with a maroon stole, gold talwar and maroon juti this look is a fashion statement for those who love to have the mix of both worlds.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

04 Raw silk gold Sherwani with zardosi work and swarovski detailing, with maroon dhoti. Accessories maroon and gold stole and talwar, gold maroon juti

Jamewar silk Sherwani in maroon and gold combination with intricate ari and bead work detailing. is teamed with a aligadi maroon bottom. The Sherwani is accessorized with a maroon and cream stole to add glamour and is also teamed with matching maroon juti to complete the look.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Beige brocade silk Sherwani with antique and resham work highlighted with stones is teamed with a cream chudi bottom. The Sherwani is accessorized with a gold stole, gold maroon combination of safa - juti and a maroon talwar to complete the majestic look.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Classicis in Kitschis out Jayashree

A revival of classicism seems to overpower kitsch specially when it comes to nuptial vows. A feature on destinations, venue, rituals, attire and food all in the old school fashion ....


hen Raj and Anita finally decided to tie the knot after five years of courtship, I was elated, being the couples long time confidant and friend, I couldn’t wait to hear the details of the upcoming wedding. Anticipating a fancy wedding I was curious to go over the details, suggesting various venues and themes. They cut me short saying they wanted a simple and traditional wedding. And that coming from the guy who is a gadget geek and a girl who is one of the cities well known fashionista, I was quite in shock. Not a year ago these much in love couple were planning a ‘Gretna Green wedding’. What brought on this change of heart? Having it traditional is more romantic, they said in unison. This it seems to be the new chain of thought. Visiting the rituals in its true surroundings is the buzz word in most cases as youngsters revisit the reins of tradition when it comes to something as solemn and intense as weddings.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Speaking about marriage trends, ironically even the most rebellious youth (my friends for example) want to seal their love in a rather ceremonial way. This is the one time that they would go for the tried and tested path touching the roots of our culture and tradition but simultaneously customizing it to suit their style while cutting out any extravagance. Simplicity and class without overdose seems to be their mantra. Classicism without kitsch is the rage. A perfect example is the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The wedding was a beautiful blend of tradition and style. Sentimental Kate also kept up the time-honoured tradition of wearing ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’ in her wedding. However the pair was careful not to overdo it in any way. It was rather ‘a simple wedding’ by their standards. Now this is something bridal couples want to emulate on their special day.

Ruminating about weddings and customs my all-time favourite ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ pops into the picture. A perfect portrayal of a traditional NorthIndian wedding, the movie was a visual treat. With all the beautiful costumes and traditional customs lined up in a fare, it captivated everyone making the movie a box-office bonanza. The reel wedding showcases antique jewellery, rich and elegant costumes and traditional inhouse marriage rituals all in the right dosage. If overdone it would have been a typical ‘Kitsch wedding portrayal’.

wedding in Chennai) we can do wonders in a wedding’, Venkat says with pride. Traditional Brahmin weddings have not changed one bit, he says. Right from janavasam (a wedding procession) to Kattusadam- a tradition carried out since olden days where sumptuous lunch is packed for the married couple, their families and relatives as they leave for their respective places the day after the wedding– it is still a three-day affair. However, when it comes to choosing the wedding attire, comfort and elegance

a great hit in today’s wedding scene. Same goes for the wedding jewellery. Heavy gold ornaments have taken a back stage while elegant diamonds, rubies and emeralds steal the show. Classic “temple jewellery” (ornaments worn by dancers in olden days) and vintage pieces in unique designs are the most sought after. Food plays a major part in any wedding. Though innovative chat stalls, soup corners and buffet dinner have found a place, the traditional banana leaf fare with mor kuzhambu (a curry prepared

My grandma ponders over all the fuss around weddings these days. After all who bothered about venues and themes, in those days it was done at temples or at houses with a host of relatives around to help. Presently it is all a money affair, she laments. Her contemplation of course is not without reason. But every young person’s ultimate dream is to make their big day memorable and a special one. While keeping up the tenets of the rituals, the youth of this generation have become sensible in planning out their weddings. Professional event managers have stepped in to the marriage scene to plan it for the couples. The enormous task of managing a wedding right from selecting a good wedding venue (prerequisite in any marriage) to the elaborate spread to be served is taken on by the planner. It is all fun and no sweat for the bridal pair and their families. They have wedding packages in all ranges - palatial backdrops, breezy beach locations and traditional temple backgrounds are some venues that a wedding planner tempts one with. Thematic wedding is no more only a celebrity affair. In spite of these modern touches, the essence of the wedding is not lost. Mr Venkat Ramesh of Star wedding. com, says people ask for innovation and variety in decorations and food catering while they still hang on to their traditional roots when it comes to rituals. Talking about the latest trends in south Indian weddings, he says though people ask for thematic wedding ideas, when it comes to putting those in action they never go for it. ‘Giving a divine touch by reproducing Thirupathi temple scene (Gopuram and pillars) in mandapas or bringing Kerala to Chennai (his company recently organised a traditional keralite

takes the forefront. Gaudy, jazzy zaris always linked with marriages are now a thing of past. Heavy silk saris worn with big zaris are now replaced by light weight silks with thread work and artistic pallus. In addition beautiful designer saris are foraying into the wedding market. While it is traditional silk saris for the wedding ritual, a bride opts for ghagra choli or a designer sari with heavy work for her wedding reception. For a bridegroom, it is elegant sherwani (no more formal suits and ties) for reception and authentic dhoti for the wedding. A sight to behold, this beautiful blend is


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

with curd) and paal payasam (traditional milk dessert) is what our hearts are after. Whatever be the theme, traditional or modern, simple or superfluous, tying the sacred thread and taking the seven steps together as man and wife in a Hindu marriage or exchanging rings and saying ‘I do’ is the most sacred ritual that has been since time immemorial. One can be rest assured that this one tradition will survive all tides and be carried forward for generations. me

Card Page

SAYIT Lathika


he sanctity lent to any wedding are by the people who grace the occasion. So what better way to usher in the people than through platforms that add to the shimmer and opulence? Here are classic examples of two weddings cards that are just a whiff of the splendor that the weddings would promise to define.


his card is a whole ensemble where the box containing the card is made of raw silk. Wrapped with a blue satin ribbon, there is a brooch or motif at the centre that is embedded with artificial stones that are polychromatic. They have a prism like quality, in that they reflect light. The gilding on the box is gold in color, shaped like a flower. Thick cardboard is used to bolster the interior of the box. There is a small compartment in the centre for goodies. The filling of the box is made of foam, so as to give the box a lightweight appearance. The invitation is printed out by glossy screen printing on two metallic board cards.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


The best way to invite your special guests for the big day

his card is also an ensemble with an insert that is placed inside a folder. This package is enclosed in an envelope. The folder is characterized by design print done in screen printing of brown and gold color, with an identical design on the envelope. Screen printing has been used to print the entire ensemble. A fragrance or perfume board flavors the card with an additional sensory perception.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

celeb wedding

Starry Ties The most anticipated star wedding of the season... We take a look at the very traditional and the very lavish wedding of Karthi Sivakumar amidst tinsel towns bigwigs. Dr.M.Manoj Beno, Medical Director, Billroth Hospitals.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


hen one thinks of a celebrity movie star wedding, the fear factor of the crowd and the chaos that accompany it creeps in. For such is the power of the visual media in the land of the cine idol worshippers. But the wedding and reception ceremonies of the current heart-throb and hero Karthi or rather Karthik Sivakumar, the son of actor of yesteryears Mr.Sivakumar, and brother of current sensation Suriya, were wellplanned and well-executed to the core, much to the delight and feel good factor of all those who attended it. My association with Karthi goes back to childhood days since we studied together in the same class in school. Before we go into the details of the wedding, I need to tell you this in short. In school, Karthi and Suriya evoked no shades of a celebrity status. They were absolutely down-to-earth. For argument’s sake, let us assume that this might have been because they did not know what the future had in store for them, for they had no idea of


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

entering filmdom. Later, they finished their education, worked hard, and found themselves to be top heroes. To this day, both brothers hold the same humility that was imparted to them by their parents, a quality long lost these days especially when one tastes fame. They still keep in touch regularly with friends, return phone calls and text messages, and value people’s opinions on their projects and activities. Today, popularity is good, but this is where these brothers leave a mark in our hearts. Karthi personally came over to a club where I was working out on a rainy day to give me the wedding invitation despite my coaxing him to take it easy. That is where the hospitality started. Since then, I found myself receiving umpteen numbers of calls giving me information regarding airport pick-up, accommodation, food arrangements and etc for the wedding and reception at Coimbatore. And they seem to have done this on a large scale for several relatives and friends, and when I landed at the Coimbatore airport with a friend and a bunch of the who’swho of Chennai, all I could see was placards and more placards that had printouts of the names of the guests with ‘Karthi weds Ranjini’ on them. As we drove into the city, Coimbatore sported a typical election campaign look with huge banners and hoardings erected by fan clubs wishing the couple. Some of them had pictures of the couple, while others flaunted prominent stills from Karthi movies. Pictures of Sivakumar, Surya and Jyotika were thrown in for good measure. Once we reached the hotel, we got ready in a while to go to the Kalyana Mandapam which was at Codissia, the huge venue where the Tamil Conference was held. Lunch was arranged at the mandapam, and we heard that there were some rituals in the afternoon followed by the reception in the evening. As we entered the mandapam, we were in awe of the size of the venue, which was clearly bigger than the biggest in Chennai. The Sivakumars had modified the exterior and interior of the wedding hall to accommodate the anticipated crowd with seating and air-conditioning facilities. Elegant chandeliers, huge sheets of satin, and captivating floral arrangements adorned the hall. We were greeted warmly by Mr. and Mrs. Sivakumar, Surya, Jyotika and Karthi’s


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

sister Brinda at the wedding hall. Karthi’s cousins Gnanavel, Prakash and Prabhu played perfect hosts from that minute until my time of departure to Chennai. A few minutes later, I went to the groom’s private room where I was greeted by Karthi with a hug. Surprisingly we did find time to catch up on casual topics on his big day, though there was family, well-wishers, photographers, etc. walking in and out. Karthi briefly introduced me to his fiancée and very soon wife-to-be. She seemed to be the perfect match for him, charming and simple. We headed to a cordoned off section for lunch which was a vegetarian gastronomic delight with all its variety and splendour. I heard much detail was taken into account for choosing the menu, the caterers, the quality and quantity of food for the wedding. Post lunch, the pre-reception ceremonies began. Here was a family of cine stars with their star status and style-icon image, conducting the ceremonies in proper and perfect traditional style, actively involving all relatives in the proceedings, giving importance to each and every individual present there. This preservation of culture and humility was the hallmark of the Sivakumar family. The reception began in the evening, before which we just about had time to go back to the hotel and get ready again. Karthi and Suriya were dressed in sherwanis, while the women were elegant in traditional silk sarees. There was a crowd of twenty thousand that attended the wedding, the likes of which one could see only in a cricket stadium. But still, everything was so well organised, and nobody was left disappointed. There was a mix of celebrities, relatives, friends and fans. Karthi and Ranjini never sat for a minute and kept attending to all the well-wishers who had come. I’m sure their feet would have ached badly due to all the greetings and posing for photographs that they had to do, but they both took it with a smile. By ten in the night, the reception ended, and we all sat for dinner. The dinner again was sumptuous with a sweet paan to give it a fitting finale. We went back to the hotel room and caught a few winks, and before we realised, we found ourselves back at the mandapam at five in the morning.

I was surprised to find several celebrities from the film industry to be present there quite early in the morning for the wedding. It merely showed the regards they had for the Sivakumar family. Karthi and most other men in the family wore the traditional dhotis. The wedding too was a crowded affair, but certainly less than the previous evening, and amidst much pomp and grandeur, Karthi tied the knot. I heard the picture was uploaded in seconds on the internet by probably some of the millions who stood there clicking the moment on their mobile phones. The rest of the rituals followed, and some celebrities stood on the stage till the very end of the proceedings. Breakfast followed. Almost everything you would find on a Saravana Bhavan menu was there, and I seriously doubted if my stomach had space for lunch. As we wound up with breakfast, I had a few words with Karthi and left to the airport to take my flight back to Chennai. In Chennai, there was another reception at the Meridien, again a star-studded one, more so because it was back home. Karthi and Ranjini, looked stunning in the suit and saree combination, the picture of which has been doing the rounds in all the magazines today. And then all good things did come to an end. Everybody who attended any of these ceremonies had only good memories to take home. It was a wedding worth attending, where hospitality was at its peak. Above all, it was a wedding where your presence was felt. Good luck Karthi, as you start your new journey. me


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Hush Hush... Hushh.... Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Expecting a Baby Beyoncé stole the spotlight at MTV Video Music Awards. But it wasn’t one of the pop diva’s signature show-stopping performances that had people talking. Instead, it was Beyoncé’s growing baby bump in an orange gown. Beyoncé, 29, posed for photos with her hands cradling her belly, teasing, “I have a surprise!” Later, during the show, she performed “Love on Top,” introducing the song by telling the Nokia Theatre LA Live crowd, “I want you to stand up on your feet. I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside me”. After her song, she unbuttoned her sparkling jacket and rubbed her stomach. The crowd roared.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Move In Together Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux have taken the plunge – the pair has officially moved in together. “They decided to rent a house together while they keep searching for the perfect one to buy,” says the source. “Jen and Justin are very excited about living together in their new home”. Aniston, 42, moved out of her Beverly Hills spread in July after deciding the home was “too much” for her and it was time to “simplify. “She and Justin looked very happy together,” says the source, “and even kissed at the table”.

Britney Spears:

People Don’t Know the Real Me 60

In an interview with Pop the singer opens up about bedtime (she hits the hay at 10:30 p.m.), gray hairs (she has zero) and what she’d be doing if she weren’t one of the most famous people on the planet (“I’d probably be a teacher,” she says. “I’d specialize in reading and history”.) But when it comes to the real person behind the pop star, Spears believes most people only know about “half”. “I can be pretty guarded with my personal life and I’ve learned that’s okay,” Spears, 29, says. “I think your personal life is your personal life, and that should stay private”. And keeping people guessing, she says, is part of her job. “Sometimes it’s our secrets that define us,” she says.

Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

British Heiress Petra Ecclestone Weds in Rome British heiress and socialite Petra Ecclestone, the 22-year-old daughter of former Armani model Slavica and billionaire Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone, exchanged vows on 27 th of august with businessman James in a lavish Italian ceremony that racked up a staggering £5million bill. Almost everything for the of the day was flown or shipped from abroad, including thousands of white roses from France, tables and chairs from Britain, a Rolls-Royce from the U.S. and luxury portable toilets from a firm in London - which will also transport the waste back to the UK. The wedding took place at Castello Orsini-Odescalchi, the castle where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wed in 2006. The bride arrived wearing an £80,000 Vera Wang couture gown, diamond tiara and earrings, aspiring handbag designer Miss Ecclestone arrived ten minutes late with her 80-year-old father, whose £2.5billion fortune funded the decadent affair.

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith: We’re Not Breaking Up! Quickly shooting down any speculation of a split, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith issued a statement regarding a tabloid claim of a divorce in the works. The Hollywood power couple told, “Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact.”

George Michael Reveals Separation From Partner The news finally came out. George Michael has separated from long term partner Kenny Goss, partly due to the fallout from Goss’s struggle with alcohol addiction. The 48 year old singer appearing at the Prague State Opera House on the opening night of his tour told the audience “Kenny and I haven’t been together for two and a half years.” My love life has been a lot more turbulent than I have let on. This man has brought me a lot of joy and a lot of pain. The former Wham! Singer had previously denied all allegations that he and Goss had separated. The pair tried to make things work but there was nothing either of them could do, they told sources they had drifted apart and with the alcohol added into the picture things weren’t exactly going as everyone thought they were.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011



Even with the cross cultural influences and the influx of world cuisine, our taste buds still crave Soul food when it comes to wedding catering... A talk with one of the city’s prominent caterer …


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


ivaramakrishnan Catering Services is one of the most sought after wedding caterers in Chennai. It is quite interesting to note that they are in the food business for the last 50 plus years in Tanjore and later created a niche as Marriage Caterers. In a conversation with the proprietor, he elaborated on the various dishes served at a traditional brahmin wedding. A typical South Indian meal is served in three main courses: sambar sadam, rasam sadam and thayir sadam. These three courses are related to the three gunas of spirituality: A South Indian Brahmin marriage is usually over a span of 2 ½ days. The first pre wedding event which is on the day prior to the wedding is called the Poorvangaminitiation into the wedding life – seeking the blessings of the ancestors. This ritual goes hand in hand with a heavy lunch feast. The caterer’s job begins even before the ritual starts as they have to prepare the mandapam or the marriage hall and on the dais with various kolams which are divine geometrical shapes have a deeper meaning in life and spiritualism. They decorate the dais and keep all the items ready for the homam. On the first day, Janavasam (introduction of the groom to the relatives, families and friends) take place. Before the Janavasam evening tasty and variety of food is served and that includes Kesari, Wheat Halwa, Bajji, Bonda, Sevai, Rava Dosa, Sambar, Chutney, Adai, avial etc. Dinner is served after Janavasam in a relaxed atmosphere of celebration and is served with Paal payasam, Boli, Amami Vadai, Brinjal karakari, Potato Podimas,

Yam chips, rice, ghee, dhal, Drumstick and Onion sambar, Mysore Rasam, buttermilk and pickles. The second day of the marriage or the Wedding day is the grand union of two bodies and souls blessed by elders with Homam and chanting of Vedic Mantras by vedic scholars or pujaris. The day and the feast starts with a large breakfast: Ashoka and Badam Halwa as sweets, idli, p ongal, vadai, Ghee, dosa and variety of chutney, masala, sambar, and idli chilli powder with oil.

Photos: Ravikiran vissa

After the wedding, the elaborate spread at lunch consists of kalyanapayasam, thayir pachadi, sweet pachadi, usili of beans or capsicum, potato podimas, Aviyal, banana chips, vadai, appalam, dhal, ghee, mixed vegetable sambar, more kuzhambu, vathal kuzhambu, rasam, curd, pathir peni, mini jangiri, pickle, ice cream, beda. The wedding night reception dinner is


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

usually a buffet of both North and South Indian cuisines from starters to desserts, ice cream, beda or pan. The caterers who are well known for their speciality coffee have their own and Tea and coffee stalls in the mandabam. The day after the marriage does not end with hugs and kisses but also a tasty meal is provided to all. This includes chakkarai pongal, ladies finger thayir pachadi, mixed vegetables curry, seppankizhangu roast, peerkangai kootu, milagu kulambu, jeera rasam, rice, appalam, naarthalai podi, thayir vadai, poricha kootu and pickle. The Kattu Satham which has to be given to the grooms party consists of idli smeared with chilli powder, puliyodharai, curd rice or thayir sadam, pickles, chips and water bottles, spoons and tissue papers. The food items are packed in separate container and these in turn are placed in bags for easy transportation. Besides the catering they also offer additional services like organizing the mehendi ceremony prior to the wedding day and arranging for light music or classical music for the reception .They provide pattamadai mat, decorated wooden seater, all the wedding sweets and savories, wedding bags, mineral water and small items that maybe required . Sivaramakrishnan caterers usually need 45 day prior intimation for these arrangements. But on special occasion they can work on a closer deadline. me

They can be contacted at: 10/4, 39 Mugapair East, Chennai 37. Phone: 9840095392






The issue of Public Display of affection has always been one of debated. While the young and fancy free plead the case of freedom of expression, the older prudish generation believe that such expressions are to be confined behind the confines of their home . This item will deal with both sides: There’s the uncomfortable one being affected upon, and there’s the one having to awkwardly witness the affection from a distance. What Is It? What makes some PDA disgusting and some of it seemingly okay? Many people do not mind a nearby couple holding hands or sitting close together in a park.

Yogesh Kanna

We are yet to be accustomed with the public display of affection, quite common in other countries, hailing from a conservative background, this is often shuned upon .. some tips on how to deal with PDA

And I’m pretty sure that most would be fairly uncomfortable with a nearby couple whose hands are clearly underneath each other’s clothes. So where is the line between tolerable and revolting? It seems that everyone’s personal “line” is different, whether they be okay with their own kissing but clearly intolerant with that of others, vice versa, or in any other combination of the sort . Instead of trying to make everyone’s values coincide with ours, let’s develop some methods of how to deal with excessive PDA. When is it right to ask


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Remind him that you love kissing him, or hugging him, but that you feel uncomfortable doing it when other people are watching. for it to stop, and when should we just ignore it away?

your destination, and quality of outgoing personality.

What if it’s someone else getting showered with love……?

•Tapping one or both of them on the shoulder.

As long as both of them seem to be enjoying it (and you can bet they will be), the best thing to do is probably to ignore it.

•Poking them very hard in the fleshy part of the arm. •Saying “Excuse me,” in your most obnoxious voice.

After all, do you really think you’ll change the behavior of complete strangers?

•Verbally berating them for obstructing your daily activities.

Of course, if you’re in a bad mood and think it will make you feel better, go for the bumper prize at calling them out for being a public nuisance.

Rest assured that you have sufficiently embarrassed them to stop for at least a few minutes and have therefore made someone else’s day a little bit better.

In any other case, it’s probably best to walk in the other direction.

What if it’s you who is getting all the attention?

This is, of course, unless they are blocking your way or otherwise preventing you from going about your business. This might be the case in a small path leading to the restroom, on a bus or subway, or in various other cramped spaces. In this case, I strongly advice you should go to town in any fashion you feel comfortable. This can include (depending on your level of anger/annoyance, necessity of getting to

This is, of course, slightly more complicated. You might not mind hurting the feelings of the strangers or otherwise embarrassing them, but you probably don’t want to do this to the love of your life! Try to get him in a good, talkative mood when the two of you are alone. It will be easier if you are not in public (like a restaurant) because that eliminates the possibility of the behavior arising before


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

you can start the conversation! You’ll want to approach the subject lightly, as it’s hard to predict how your partner will react. Try opening with an “I” statement, as this will focus the attention on how you feel instead of what he is doing. It should help avoid him jumping to defensiveness at first. And I strongly feel, that it is him that you ought to talk to and not to others. It might help, at this point, to immediately say what you do like. Remind him that you love kissing him, or hugging him, but that you feel uncomfortable doing it when other people are watching. Assure him that you might be more comfortable with it eventually. And tell him what you are okay with doing in public. If holding hands is something you are fine with, go ahead and initiate this gesture. Don’t shy away from his affection, while it may make you uncomfortable, remember that he just wants you to reciprocate his love .Do so at any opportunity you deem is conducive and stay harmonious in the relationship. After all it is a little bit of give and take on both sides. Have a lovely life! You lovebirds out there!!!! me


Devika, Physiotherapist, has worked with a well recognized hospital for a year, and now works as a physio trainer in a leading Fitness centre in the City. She is a certified Personal trainer & Fitness consultant.

Fitness H

ow soon and how much should I eat after an aerobic workout? – Gokul, Chennai.

Eat light after a workout. Remember, the blood supply is concentrated in the muscles at this point and may not be fully available for the digestive system for about an hour. How often should I work out in a week & how long? - Havilah, chennai. Most experts agree that 3-5 times per week is sufficient. Exercise for a duration of 20-60 minutes, you have to have a check on your Heart Rate. Can I use a sauna or hot shower right after a workout to feel fresh? - Arti sharma, Chennai. No, not recommended since the blood tends to pool in your extremities after a vigorous workout, and steams, saunas, and even hot showers tend to dilate your blood vessels making it more difficult for the blood to reach the heart and brain. Wait until you’re completely cooled down. What is the best time of day to


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

exercise? - Poornima, Chennai. The best time to work out is when you want to, so pick a time of day that feels comfortable. The morning (before you eat breakfast) is the best time for cardio work because your glycogen stores within the muscles and liver are at their lowest. This causes the body to look for other sources of energy, i.e., fat stores. How can I lose weight just on my stomach? – Nikitha, Banglore. There are no exercises or nutrition plans that can target weight loss to a specific area of your body, like your stomach. You can strengthen your core stomach muscles, and this will help your abs be stronger. I am skinny. How do I put on weight? – Rohit, Chennai. First, you need to do strength training. If you want weight, and don’t want it to be fat, you need to train your muscles. Secondly, you need to eat more especially protein. Healthy fats and carbs should also be increased, and most people aim for 3000-4000 calories a day. Start Experimenting on the low end and increase as needed.

What’s the best way to get rid of fat? – Sujatha, Chennai. Good question! There is a lot of debate about whether longer, slower workouts are better as opposed to shorter, more intense ones. Technically, you burn a greater percentage of fat calories with the slower workouts (long jogs, walks). But high-intensity workouts such as running or multi-impact step aerobics burn more calories overall, so you end up burning more fat calories in total. You really can’t go wrong either way, though - both approaches will help you lose weight if you are consistent. It basically comes down to personal preference - do whichever you prefer -- and whether you have time for a longer workout or more energy for a shorter, very intense one. How can I get faster results? – Vijay, Chennai. Change your workout every four to six weeks, or switch the order of what you do. For example, if you usually do weights and then aerobics, switch it around. Better yet, try new moves for old ones in your weight routine and try a new form of cardiovascular exercise. This way you challenge your muscles in a new way, which forces your body to work harder. This helps ward of that dreaded plateau and continue to see results. In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at what you’re eating. Your exercise efforts won’t trim you down if you eat high-fat and high-calorie foods. What is circuit training? Devi, Coimbatore. Circuit Training involves a set number of carefully selected exercises arranged in a consecutive manner. Each circuit may consist of a combination of exercise machines, hand-held weights, elastic resistance and bodyweight. With regular circuit training, lean body mass can be increased with a subsequent decrease in fat. Resistance exercises promote muscle development, increasing in muscle mass and tone. me


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011



Designer Sidney Sladen, opens his doors for a têteà-tête with our correspondent Yogesh for a heart to heart chat on his vision, creativity and style quotient in an exclusive interview. Yogesh Kanna.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


. We saw your Australian Spring Summer collection; it’s simply smart and simply chic and there’s quite a bit of Indian hues showcased anything in special that’s been your inspiration? The collection present didn’t have an inspiration but was a mix of many things which you usually won’t dare to mix, where you can find Fluids with solids, draping with geometric embroidery, blacks and blues in a flowing way. The inspiration as such was what I felt at that moment. This collection was a reflection of the emotional status and this show was actually a revival to me. 2. Is there any other place in the world that mirrors India in terms of fashion and have you shopped there to spruce up your collection? Istanbul! Is a place which I feel mirrors some elements of embroideries but I should say that India is more classier and treats it as an art and India has imbibed it and has made special in its own way by, including Sequin, Zari and stones and a repertoire of other things. India treats embroidery as art but embroidery is just embroidery in those places, so I should say that there is no other country that can mirror India in fashion. 3. Where do you see Chennai in the world of fashion in the coming years? Many would say Chennai is tailing Mumbai and Delhi, but the scenario is simply different, there in Mumbai and Delhi people may look more dressed up because they have the khan market and linking street there, by the word market I am trying to mention here that there are two types viz. The readymade market and label market per se here the fact that one must not repeat an outfit holds good and people are happy with the price here and are ready to come back over and over but there, they just team up a simple pair of jeans with very dressy top and all that, so to sum it all up I’d say Chennai is more classier, the demand is different here, so one cannot compare the cities in this regard. 4. A Kenyan father and an AngloIndian mother, has this ever influenced your bridal collection? As for Indian bridals, I would say


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

No because it a continuous learning process, but for western, yes it has helped me a lot, I tend to choose best of both worlds and for Indian bridals it’s a continuous learning process. 5. What according to you are the essentials that one must pack for a tour abroad? I always travel with fourteen pairs of shoes even if it is a weekend getaway, denims; black and white shirt, shades and one may even need a suit because you would never know when you may need them.

I don’t think moving away from tradition is going to make a bridal outfit any special, why I say this is because any other colour would make it look like any other flamboyant dress, as far as experimentation is concerned I would prefer shades of white, light white gold, beige and biscuit. 8. Many of us in India are on the heavier plumper side, is style really a luxury for the plus size divas (women who are in the plus size range) how do you think they can stay in style?

6. Any style advice for men and women of today who go to work? Personal hygiene is the key, well kept nails, moisturizer, hair gel, deodorants, mouthwash and a face wash and one may never have to carry them every day they can leave it in their drawers, because the attention paid to such small things pays off on a longer run. 7. There have been daring experiments with colours in bridal in gowns, celebs abroad are experimenting with shades of green, and what would you recommend?

are heavy busted. A wide square neck would not suit them. A simple V with a little cleavage showing would be perfectly fine if they have small waist and wide hip then clinch it with a belt and draw the attention to the positives of the person. Blacks are very standard so wine, emerald and royal blue would completely suit them. 9. If it were you to dress Will and Kate what would you come up with? I think many of us in India are big made, that’s because little attention is paid to health. In other countries there’s a lunch break and a gym break but what we can do as designers is observation and this keen observation pays off, many plump clients have well toned calves so we can restrict the length of the dress just above the knee, the difference between the skinny and being big is not much the design, the cuts are the same but the choice makes a difference if they


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

I was taken aback when I saw that Alexander Mc Queen outfit, generally in an Alexander Mc queen Outfit there is an element of flamboyance but I should say Kate played it too safe, it was very mundane. A little more detailing with embellishments would have added oodles to the royal look and as for Prince William he is not left with much choice, he has to be there in that traditional outfit. The maximum she would experiment is her hat. We are discussing this because it is Kate and it

13. What according to you is key stone of bridal fashion in India?

14. Any Advice to encourage Chennai people to stay stylish?

Art of embroidery is what would make or break it, even lace and appliqué. As I said earlier, Indian bridal wear is a continuous learning process for me, I should say the embellishment and detailing with zari, sequins the motifs and tilaks all these are indispensible ingredients of the lehengas, gaghras and saris.

I personally hate and cannot tolerate idea of cotton because it’s the most non glamorous fabric, I’d say georgette and chiffon are very stylish and are very airy and for men linen is very good. One can still dress simple and jazz it up with colourful shoes and bags.

was just a toned down version of Diana and it lacked sex appeal it needs more embellishments. 10. Is it possible for you to let the cat out of the bag about the bridal collection? The lounge upstairs is a one stop shop for bridals and right now, I can only say that it’s a very colourful collection. 11. What according to you is best investment in the lines of fashion? A nice pair of jeans, shoes, a black shirt and white shirt and some stunning belts, say for instance, a white shirt and jeans, brown belt and a very simple flip –flop can be very smart as well. 12. What is your favourite holiday destination? I would say, Sydney and Mikonos because I am with friends and I enjoy their company the most and can be myself with them over there but not here because you may never know you may run into your client.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

15. Is there anybody else in your list that you’d love to dress up? Beyonce! I would say. 16. Accessories that one may choose, speaks volumes about ones personality and reflects their individuality, what is that one thing you terribly love the most and cannot live without it? Belts, shoes and shades are a must. I am shocked to see that many prefer flat shoes, they crib and cry to wear stilettos, stilettos is a way of living, I have grown seeing my mother dress up for work in New York when one goes for work it’s all about presentation, a heel instantly makes your posture right. You’re back erect and your butt lifted, plus you can always wear it for a brief stint and change to a more comfy shoe when not asked to be present. 17.Women have always been dreaming about how they would dress up for the wedding and how their better halves would look like, keeping this in mind we thought you may give the readers some advice to look stunning on their D-Day? A 20 days regime of detox is not only for the bride but also for the groom. A little exercise will make your skin glow. To look stunning is not always about getting all dolled up and be present in the mandap or on the stage, it’s got to have a holistic approach, right from your decor, lighting photography and relatives dressing up and all that accounts. 18. There is this embarrassing situation when the bridesmaid’s dress is not designed and she shows up in this lovely dress and is making heads turn, is there anything to instantly tone down the look of the bridesmaid and make the bride feel better? I should say this particular case seldom happens, even if it happens, I would ask the bridesmaid’s design for reference and I personally think a 200% embellishment on the brides dress will always save the day, but yet again I would say, a gray shawl if kept handy can instantly tone down the bridesmaid look. me


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

pick of the issue

Antiqued leather brougues from Language

Blue suede brougues from Language

Photos: Surya Dinkar


Crocodile textured shoes from Language

Team your bespoke tailoring with mehendi’s fancy FOOT NOTES for men.

Two tone patent lace up oxfords from Language

Navy suede loafers from Language


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Leather mid calf boots with grid pattern from Language

Miss Sixty camel suede boots from Language

Black peep toe booties from Language

Lace up Peep toes from Language

BOOTY CALL Get caught in this seasons hot favourite booties

Tourquise booties from Language Ankle length booties with wooden heel from Language

Embroidered blue suede boot from Evoluizone


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Shaded anarkali style from Evoluzione Electric blue patent booties from Evolv

Beaded ocean blue tunic from Evolv


Stay keyed in with the seasons hottest hue flashing on all the runways Photos: Surya Dinkar

Turquoise pleated dress from Evolv

Sequinned anarkali from Evoluzione

Teal asymmetric tunic from Evolv

Brocade clutch from Evoluizone

Beaded belt from Evolv


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Pink and gold pouch from The Silk Route

Sequinned tunic from Evolv



Be the cynosure of all eyes in glitterring gold luxe

Metallic studded clutch from Damini Mettalic gold hand bag from The Silk Route

Draped style dress in yellow gold from Evolv Patterened tunic with embellished neckline from Evolv

Gold sequinned pouch from The Silk Route

cherry vivienne westwood pumps from Evolv

Bejwelled neckline on pleated tunic from Evoluizone


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mbrace is one of the Kama sutra’s which deals with various sexual union, that is also called as Sixty-four’ (Chatushshashti). The followers of Babhravya say on the other hand that this part contains eight subjects, viz. the embrace, kissing, scratching with the nails or fingers, biting, lying down, making various sounds, playing the part of a man, and the Auparishtaka, or mouth congress. Each of these subjects being of eight kinds, and eight multiplied by eight being sixty-four, this part is therefore named ‘sixty-four’. Now the embrace which indicates the mutual love of a man and woman who have come together is of four kinds: Touching, Rubbing, Piercing and Pressing. When a man under some pretext or other goes in front or alongside of a woman and touches her body with his own, it is called the ‘touching embrace’. When a woman in a lonely place bends down, as if to pick up something, and pierces, as it were, a man sitting or standing, with her breasts, and the man in return takes hold of them, it is called a ‘piercing embrace’.These two kinds of embrace take place only between persons who do not, as yet, speak freely with each other. When two lovers are walking slowly together, either in the dark, or in a lonely place, and rub their bodies against each other, it is called a ‘rubbing embrace’.When on the above occasion one of them presses the other’s body forcibly against a wall or pillar, it is called a ‘pressing embrace’. These two last embraces are peculiar to those who know the intentions of each other.

Unlocking some secrets to be your own Sex guru.....




Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

At the time of meeting the four following kinds of embrace are used: When a woman, clinging to a man as a creeper twines round a tree, bends his head down to hers with the desire of kissing him and slightly makes the sound of sut sut, embraces him, and looks lovingly towards him, it is called an embrace like the ‘twining of a creeper’.

When either of the lovers touches the mouth, the eyes and the forehead of the other with his or her own, it is called the ‘embrace of the forehead’.


The rules of the Sutra apply so long as the passion of man is middling, but when the wheel of love is once set in motion, there is then no sutra and no order.’

When a woman, having placed one of her feet on the foot of her lover, and the other on one of his thighs, passes one of her arms round his back, and the other on his shoulders, slightly makes the sounds of singing and cooing, and wishes, as it were, to climb up him in order to have a kiss, it is called an embrace like the ‘climbing of a tree’. These two kinds of embrace take place when the lover is standing.


There is also a fifth kind of kiss called the ‘greatly pressed kiss’, which is effected by taking hold of the lower lip between two fingers, and then, after touching it with the tongue, pressing it with great force with the lip.

When lovers lie on a bed, and embrace each other so closely that the arms and thighs of the one are encircled by the arms and thighs of the other, and are, as it were, rubbing up against them, this is called an embrace like ‘the mixture of sesamum seed with rice’. When a man and a woman are very much in love with each other and embrace as if they were entering into each other’s bodies either while the woman is sitting on the lap of the man, or in front of him, or on a bed, then it is called an embrace like a ‘mixture of milk and water’. These two kinds of embrace take place at the time of sexual union. Suvarnanabha moreover gives us four ways of embracing simple members of the body. When one of two lovers presses forcibly one or both of the thighs of the other between his or her own, it is called the ‘embrace of thighs’. When a man presses the jaghana or middle part of the woman’s body against his own, and mounts upon her to practise, either scratching with the nail or finger, or biting, or striking, or kissing, the hair of the woman being loose and flowing, it is called the ‘embrace of the jaghana’. When a man places his chest between the breasts of a Vatsyayana woman and presses her with it, it is called the ‘embrace of the breasts’.

IT is said by some that there is no fixed time or order between the embrace, the kiss, and the pressing or scratching with the nails or fingers, but all these things should be done generally before sexual union takes place, while striking and making the various sounds generally takes place at the time of the union. On the occasion of the first congress, kissing and the other things mentioned above should be done moderately. The following are the places for kissing: the forehead, the eyes, the cheeks, the throat, the bosom, the lips, and the interior of the mouth. Now in a case of a young girl there are three sorts of kisses: When a girl only touches the mouth of her lover with her own, but does not do anything apart from that is called the ‘nominal kiss’. When a girl, setting aside her bashfulness a little, wishes to touch the lip that is pressed into her mouth, and with that object moves her lower lip, but not the upper one, it is called the ‘throbbing kiss’.

Lastly when the lower lip is pressed with much force, it is called a ‘pressed kiss’.

Kissing is of four kinds: moderate, contracted, pressed, and soft, according to the different parts of the body which are kissed, for different kinds of kisses are appropriate for different parts of the body. When a woman looks at the face of her lover while he is asleep and kisses it to show her intention or desire, it is called a ‘kiss that kindles love’. When a woman kisses her lover while he is engaged in business, or while he is quarrelling with her, or while he is looking at something else, so that his mind may be turned away, it is called a ‘kiss that turns away’. When a lover coming home late at night kisses his beloved, who is asleep on her bed, in order to show her his desire, it is called a ‘kiss that awakens’. When a person kisses the reflection of the person he loves in a mirror, in water, or on a wall, it is called a ‘kiss showing the intention’.

When a girl touches her lover’s lip with her tongue, and having shut her eyes, places her hands on those of her lover, it is called the ‘touching kiss’.

When at night at a theatre, or in an assembly of caste men, a man coming up to a woman kisses a finger of her hand if she be standing, or a toe of her foot if she be sitting so as to inflame his passion, and kisses his thigh or great toe, it is called a ‘demonstrative kiss’.

Other authors describe four other kinds of kisses:

There is also a verse on this subject as follows:

When the lips of two lovers are brought into direct contact with each other, it is called a ‘straight kiss’.

‘Whatever things may be done by one of the lovers to the other, the same should be returned by the other, i.e. if the woman kisses him he should kiss her in return, if she strikes him he should also strike her in return.’

When the heads of two lovers are bent towards each other, and when so bent, kissing takes place, it is called a ‘bent kiss’. When one of them turns up the face of the other by holding the head and chin, and then kissing, it is called a ‘turned


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


To be continued...


beauty Rajee Venkatesh works with a leading slimming center. She is an expert in her field and has many celebrities as her clients.


y nails are very brittle and weak, Kindly suggest me some tips to maintain my nails healthy.

Moisturizing your hands at least 4 times every day will give them a healthy glow. Always wear rubber gloves when working in the garden or at home. Remove dead skin cells from your hands using a sea salt-lemon solution and this will help soften your hands and get rid of any discoloration. To strengthen nails and hydrate skin on the hands, soak them for five minutes in a warm cup of milk. The lactic acid in milk will exfoliate dead skin from your hands while calcium will give strength to fragile nails. Protect your hands daily from anything that could cause injury or any form of abuse. My skin is very oily and greasy, please suggest me some remedy to keep my skin non- greasy. At puberty, hormones are released in a rush that causes the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, sometimes far too much oil. For women particularly, there are other times in life when excessive amounts of oil are produced.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Some women deal with overtly oily skin once a month as part of their menstrual cycles because of the fluctuation of hormones.It is not unusual for the fluctuating hormones during pregnancy to cause it, too. But some people have greasy skin because it is genetic. Effectively dealing with greasy skin requires consistency. The first step is to follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. This is a good idea regardless of whether you have greasy skin or not. The second step is to keep your skin as clean as possible. To do this, cleaning your skin at least three times a day is necessary, to cleanse the pores of the dirt the old dead skin cells from plugging the pores and providing the bacteria a good medium for growth. Though it may be tempting and seem like a good idea, avoid over scrubbing, as this will cause irritation rather than help. I have split ends, please suggest me to have a healthy hair without split ends. Split ends can be undoubtedly treated at home; although it might take time, the results are pretty satisfactory. I do not mean that you should forget your other hair care routines whilst following these home remedies for split ends. Bear in mind, that all these remedies must be accompanied with proper hair care for appropriate results. So let’s get started.

The simplest and the least expensive ideas serve us better. So, you can confidently go in for trimming! The following is the treatment for split ends. Apply Hair Conditioner properly at the ends after every wash. Split ends are caused due to dryness. Add 1 tsp honey to 2 tbsp of olive oil and beat it with 1 egg yolk. Massage this onto the hair in small sections. Cover the head with a shower cap for about 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo the hair. Massage hair and scalp with warm avocado or olive oil. Wrap hair securely in a towel. Leave oil on hair for about 8 hours or overnight. Wrap the hair in a shower cap overnight to avoid staining pillows and bed. Wash hair and rinse with vinegar/water solution. Does hair straightening leads to hair fall, if so what is the remedy? If you don’t repair and protect your hair before straightening then, it is very damaging to your hair. I suggest repair, nourish and protect your hair first. Go for a hot oil treatment (use coconut oil/extra virgin olive oil plus vitamin E) stay natural; avoid putting too many chemicals on your hair. If you want your hair strands to be thicker eat more protein rich foods. Your hair strand will be thicker plus your hair will be shinier. Use a delicate


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

shampoo. Protect it with a hair repair with protection conditioner. Then, you can start straightening your hair again. Too much of straightening damages the hair. The chemicals and the heat used to straighten hair, damages the hair follicles and it starts looking like horse’s tail after some time. Am Arthi 25 years old my skin is very dry and dull please recommend me some best ways to have a healthy and soft skin? The regimen you should follow for your face can really vary from person to person. Since there are many different types of skin out there you need to focus on your personal skin type to help keep it in its best possible condition. When shopping for face creams, cleansers you want to make sure you get the right one. Never use regular bar soap on your face which can dry out and leave your skin dull. Use a face exfoliating cream once a week to remove dead skin cells for a beautiful glowing skin. Apply a good sunscreen with SPF on a daily basis. The earlier you take care of your face, the longer it will look young and vibrant. Also use an eye cream around the delicate eye area. me


From my heart Young and fancy free, we take a look at the mind of a young spirit and her take on life, love and the unknown Surya Ganapathy


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


ove one another and you will be happy for it’s as simple and as difficult as that” goes a saying which according to me is very apt to the current scenario of weddings. It might sound so simple when saying there is nothing lovelier, and merrier about life than a good marriage, but the difficulty with marriage is that we fall in love with a personality, but tend to live with a character, which might not always match our expectations and walks of life. Today, Love is no more the only key factor which can contribute to a happy co-existence. There is more to a successful married life. Bound by all the vanities and whims of life, being a girl, and thinking about marriage and its aftermath is quite natural and nail-biting. Every bride/groom dreams of the perfect wedding, a fantastic dress, grooming sessions, an impeccable catering, smiling guests and all expenses paid honeymoon to boot, but he/she often fails to understand the secret behind a successful marriage. When it comes to choosing the spouse, people these days seem more interested, looking only at how financially stable he/she is, their family background, how pleasing they look externally and for security purposes, details about their movable and immovable properties, which has made marriage more like a planned charter for convenience, fixed and listed to satisfy each person’s selfish needs and their super-ego`s. Above all this, there lies an important factor which decides on how successful a marriage is and that is knowing your spouse. This includes building transparency, judging one`s character and the level of comfort and understanding between the spouses which beholds and strengthens the bond before and after marriage and for the years to come. In the past, people lived and died in one geographic area and so did their family. In those days, there were many people to observe and judge your potential spouse and advice you upon how to live with her/him. As existence became the primary motive, the level of expectancy and ecstasies were limited which led to a contented family life after marriage with many kids as a result of ignorance and lack of exposure which led to divorce cases being out of the question. At present, as we have advanced

in terms of technology and exposure so also is our level of expectations from life, leaving us with great aspirations soaring to the sky. As a consequence of which, man has become a social animal, migrating for money and constantly making himself adaptable and ready to face every testing situation put in front of him, which in turn has resulted in independent lifestyles were people live in isolation, leading to the mere extinction of joint families. People today, do not get to observe others and see how each action have long term consequences nor do they have the time for it. Besides, not having a strong foundation in terms of life and its ethical teachings, they live in an unrealistic dream world created by fiction, entertainment, media, and fashion which are driven towards aping western culture, modernization leaving them behind with no family ethics to inculcate or teach to the future generations. In this era, where nobody has patience or the tolerance to understand the Vedas of a happy married life, marriage for convenience has become the gyan of the day. The Sole purpose behind the art of marriage is to avoid going through a rough path leading to subsequent marriage failures and divorce cases. By striking the right balance between retaining the old golden norms of coexistence and by being modern and practical in your approach and thought process marriage`s can still be made in heaven! They say, “Strike an average between what a women thinks of her husband a month before she marries him and


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Photos: Rakesh jv

what she thinks of him a year afterward, and you will have the truth about him”. This thought leaves me behind with only one thing to insist upon. Know your spouse well before you decide on moving forward to marrying him. Watch your thoughts, have clarity in what you want, keep your expectations low, be practical as much as possible for when there is no expectations, there is no disappointments. Choosing a life partner might be a herculean task. Prepare yourself for the change, just don’t go only by your instincts, and know your spouse well before you take the next step. Preparing for marriage can take up a lot of your time and effort but for all what you know, in the end. Marrying the right mate will make you feel it`s worth it!!. Happy married life.



Photos: Hari Krishnan


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Models Dev, Arun ,Abishek and Rohit

Karun Raman with Virendra Razdan and Siddarth

GLITTERATI Event - Dublin anniversary What – Fashion show featuring RMX JOS AND ANAMS MAN Where – Dublin Who – Spotted were Sugandha, Siddharth and Virendra razdan.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

karun raman with the barakah laun

Photos: Hari Krishnan


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Anuradha Sriram

h the model line up at nch

Ashok Amritraj


M C Paloma Rao

Event - Brand Anams fashion showcase Where - Held at the Hyatt Regency What - Launch of the Barakah line Who - Spotted were Adil Arif of Anams man ,choreographer Karun Raman , actors Sneha and Prassanna besides the cities socialities and fashionistas. 87

Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Azhar Joseph

Vivek and Shreya

Photos: Hari Krishnan

Sneha with her sister

KS Ravikumar


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Event - Karishma Fashion Event Where - Taj Mount Road What - Fashion Show Who - Models showcased the latest range of the Karishma’s JASHN 2011 spotted were actress Sneha as showstopper ,Sidney Sladen , Lakshmi Krishnaswamy , Pavithra and Sneha nair


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Photos: Hari Krishnan

Event - Toni & Guy launch at the Anna Nagar Where - Toni & Guy Salon What - Latest trends in hair and make up Who

- Spotted were Sam Paul, Shakthi Girish, KJ Mirdula and pooja.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

KJ Mirdula

Ivana Rosair Pooja Gayllyot


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011



Of tradition




Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Playback singer Ujjaiynee Roy talks to eminent ghatam artist Uma Shanker about his tryst with the ghatam


hatam artist Umashankar was born into a family of musical geniuses. He is the grandson of Shri T R Harihara Sharma and the second son of Ghatam Maestro T H Vikku Vinayakram, who has also been one of the few Indian Grammy Awardees. His illustrious journey in the field of Carnatic Classical music began with his debut concert where he accompanied the legendary classical vocalist Shri T V Gopalakrishnan at the age of thirteen. Soon after this

he started accompanying various upcoming classical artists of those days like T M Krishna, Vijay Siva, Sanjay Subramaniam, Unni Krishnan, Ganesh Kumaresh, Nithyasree Mahadevan, Priya Sisters and Sudha Raghunathan. Soon he started accompanying Dr. Sirkazhi Sivachidambaram and toured with him extensively for two years. His talent and meteoric rise was noticed by the late Bharat Ratna M. S. Subbulakshmi and she invited him to perform with her. This meant a lot to Umashankar as


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

his father till then had been the regular ghatam artist for M. S. Subbulakshmi. Soon this led to invitations from other musical legends like Balamurali Krishna, Mandolin U. Srinivas and Yesudas to accompany them. Umashankar started touring overseas and enthralled audience all over the world. His talent was highly revered and appreciated by stalwarts of Hindustani Classical music and Umashankar started accompanying masters like Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Zakir Hussain, Pandit Jasraj, Hariprasad

Chaurasia and Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. He carried his expertise ahead and started performing with jazz and alternative music artists like Jonas Hellborg, John Mclaughlin, Ricky Ray and Alexandra Romanova. Umashankar is a versatile musician and his ability in fusing carnatic classical with alternative music is absolutely seamless. He has also been performing sessions in Indian film music with legendary composers like Oscar winner A R Rahman, maestro Ilayaraja, Yuvan Shankar Raja and Harris Jayaraj. Umashankar tours all over the world with his band Nada Brahmam. I have personally known Umashankar for a few years now and caught up with him on his musical journey and life.

office. It did not arrive at the venue till I was about to go on stage. The tension was quite unnerving.

6. How long have you boys been together as a band? How did it start?

5. I understand that you have a band. Tell us something about the genre of music your band plays. Who are the other members of the band?

The band’s age is approximately fifteen years with the same members. When I watched other bands and groups perform, it inspired me to start my own.

Nada Brahmam is the name of my band and the genre is primarily carnatic fusion with lot of western influences, yet we try not to cross the limits of tradition.

Yes there have been numerous funny moments. During one such performance in Bangalore, the audience did not let us end the music even after our time was over. They went to the extent of forgetting the fact that it was a very formal occasion and started dancing to our music which in itself was very traditional.

I am proud to have been born in a family of such great musicians. My instrument of choice was the ghatam, which was out of interest during childhood. My genre of music is carnatic instrumental. 2. Did you always want to be a musician or was there any other option for a profession for you?

9. Uma I know that you are married. So how long has it been now? Who played for your wedding concert?

As a child I wanted only to be a musician. During my childhood, I used to perform as an amateur. But one particular concert that I played fetched me accolades as a performer. So I decided to take this as a profession thereafter.

My debut concert was at the age of thirteen, with Shri. T.V.Gopalakrishnan. 4. You have travelled all over the world to perform. Do you remember any interesting incident from any of your trips? Once I was performing in Italy and my instrument was stuck at the airlines

Yes we do play at weddings and the music that we perform there is very traditional. It’s essentially musical pieces set to different ragas. 8. Can you recall any funny incident that happened during any of the wedding performances?

1. You come from a family of illustrous and traditional Carnatic musicians. What would you say is the genre of your music?

3. When did you first perform on stage?

7. Does your band perform at weddings? If yes then what kind of music do you play during weddings?

The band also features Harikrishna on the keyboard, Venkatasubramanyam on the violin, Rajaram on the thavil, Swaminathan on the kanjira and Prem on drums. We also add other instruments like mridangam, the bass guitar and saxophone. We have also released an album under the label of Kosmic Music called “Beat Beat All The Way”.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

I have been married now for the last ten years. Mandolin U.Srinivas whom I have accompanied in various concerts in the last few years, played for my wedding. The journey has been quite interesting. 10. What would you say has kept you and your spouse together for so long? My wife is a very good Bharathanatyam and Kathak dancer. I believe its music which has bonded us and strengthened our marriage over the last one decade.



Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


top six return gift

SUGGESTIONS Say it sweet!!

Who doesn’t like chocolates? And what best way to thank your guest than gifting them with some nice homemade chocolates. There are many people who cater to your needs with different shape and size. Order in advance so that you


avoid any last minute confusion. So go ahead and do it sweet!

eturn gifts, are a token of our appreciation for the time and effort taken by our loved ones to make our day even special. When planning for return gifts, remember to gift something that is nice and trendy. Make sure you gift the same item to all your invitees so that there is no comparison or dissatisfaction with any. If you are planning to give a souvenir or something, it is good to get it prepared on order as it cost less and also has a personalized touch. Here are a few ideas to express your gratitude to all those who make it to your D-day!

Dry power

Light up the day

A well wrapped dry fruit box is also a good and a healthier option as a return gift. If you want to be a little more creative, get the box packed in an attractive way along with personalized thank you card.

Indian Diyas are classic and beautiful gift items. They are loved by everybody and are also beautiful decorative items. In case you do not get a Diya, you can go for aroma candles as well.

Treasured Souvenir Silver articles are considered as exclusive gift items. You can give small lighting lamps or silver coins; it will be a souvenir and remembered forever. Rhythmic notes The CDs can be a collection of the bride and grooms favorite songs. The collection can be a compilation of romantic melodies. Everyone appreciates good music so go ahead and cast your spell.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Go green! Do your bit to the environment by gifting some saplings. This will be cherished and nurtured for a long time to come. So go green! me

Orange Sky Media 97

Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Behind Closed


Relationships need to be handled with care and when a couple faces intimacy issues, one has to understand that, there can be many factors contributing to the situation. Keeping things in the dark won’t help, come out and seek proper help and guidance from the experts. Bhavna Rajgopal


hey had courted for a year before they got married; Sreeja and Nishanth had an arranged marriage and developed a deep liking for each other during their courtship period. Sreeja however was not ready for what was about to happen after her marriage. They didn’t have much physical intimacy after they entered matrimony. Though they ended up consummating the marriage, as time passed, Nishanth stopped showing interest in any kind of sexual activity. Sreeja began suspecting that he was probably having an affair and decided to take action, after several sessions with her counselor and finally having dragged him to one session with the counselor, it became clear that the problem was not that Nishanth was having an affair but he suffered from a sexual dysfunction called Hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Like Sreeja and Nishanth there are many couples out there who don’t have satisfying sexual relationships. Problems in sexual interaction amongst couples often occur to such above mentioned sexual dysfunctions. Sexual dysfunctions cover a range of problems that often occur during normal

sexual interaction. One of the most commonly known sexual dysfunctions is Male erectile disorder (commonly known as Impotence), in this disorder men have trouble achieving an erection or maintaining adequate erection to engage in sexual intercourse. This Sexual arousal disorder has a parallel form in women as well, here women are unable to get adequately aroused and achieve vaginal lubrication needed to engage in sex. This dysfunction is known as Frigidity and is less of a problem compared to Impotence, as lack of vaginal lubrication can be compensated by using commercial lubricants. There are other classes of disorders under sexual dysfunctions that are often misinterpreted, like Sexual aversion and Hypoactive sexual desire disorders. Both are seen in men and women. With the former, an individual fears any kind of sexual contact with their partner and in the latter they either have little or no interest in any type of sexual activity. With most sexual dysfunctions, when people suffer from Hypoactive sexual desire disorder or Sexual aversion disorder their partners begin to believe that these individuals are either having


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

an affair or don’t love them anymore ,resulting in cracks in their relationship like in the case of Sreeja and Nishanth. Sexual problems don’t end there, in spite of having sufficient desire and arousal some men and women have trouble reaching an orgasm. In men, problems range from Retarded Ejaculation to Premature Ejaculation. Also some specific dysfunctions seem to be more prevalent in conservative societies. One such sexual dysfunction is the Sexual pain disorders .Dyspareunia a type of sexual pain disorder is seen in both sexes and is characterized by severe pain during intercourse. Due to experiencing such pain, people often restrain themselves from having sex. Another such disorder is the Vaginismus and this disorder has generated a lot of interest, which is seen only in women .It involves involuntary spasm of pelvic muscles of vagina when intercourse is attempted and these spasms are not only limited to penetration during sex but also to any kind of penetration that may be attempted as in the case of a gynecological examination. What is most important about

Sexual problems don’t end there, in spite of having sufficient desire and arousal some men and women have trouble reaching an orgasm.


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

dysfunctions is that though some of them are caused by some biological conditions or medications, most dysfunctions have a psychological component to it and with adequate and appropriate treatment from trained professionals they can be reversed. Unfortunately couples facing such problems are embarrassed or shy that they don’t seek proper help. Complications further arise when problem in the bedroom spill to other parts of their lives aggravating the situation. Ignorance as well as beliefs in myths about sexuality may lead to long lasting dysfunctions. Today with the number of health care professionals trained in sex therapy offering their expertise to couples, small hiccups in their sex lives shouldn’t come in the way of a loving and enduring relationship between two people.

disorders), a neurologist (a doctor specializing in disorders of the nervous system), sex therapists and other counselors. Tests the doctor may use to help evaluate sexual dysfunction include: •Blood tests — To evaluate hormone levels. •Vascular assessment — To evaluate the blood flow to the penis. A blockage in a blood vessel supplying blood to the

From time to time many men experience some problem or the other with their sexual function. However, when the problems are persistent, it can cause friction between the couple and have a negative impact on the relationship. If you are consistently experience sexual function problems, especially with erectile dysfunction, see your health care provider for evaluation and treatment. Am a married women aged 34 .Can you please help me with some advice to improve my sex life as I feel that something is lacking. Priya, chennai If something is lacking in your sexual life, it can be due to certain things like Lack of desire, try changing your usual routine. Try having sex at different times of the day, or try a different sexual position.

Question and answer column

If you have trouble in getting aroused then you can use a vaginal cream or sexual lubricant for dryness.

I am a guy aged 30 and I have some problem sexually. Am married and this is causing a lot of friction in my marital life. Can you please tell me how is male sexual dysfunction diagnosed? – Ajay, chennai I can understand when you say it’s causing a lot of friction in your life. You can start by going to a good clinic and the physician will begin with a physical examination and look for any history of symptoms. You might be asked to undergo other diagnostic tests to rule out any medical problems that may be contributing to the dysfunction. The doctor may refer you for consultations with other health care professionals, including an urologist (a doctor specializing in the urinary tract and male reproductive system), an endocrinologist (a doctor specializing in glandular

When should I call my health care provider regarding any form of sexual dysfunction? –Ram, chennai

penis may be contributing to erectile dysfunction. •Sensory testing — Useful in evaluating the effects of diabetic neuropathy, sensory testing measures the strength of nerve impulses in a particular area of the body. •Nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity testing — Used to monitor erections that occur naturally during sleep. This test can help determine if a man’s erectile problems are due to physical or psychological causes.

If you have a problem having an orgasm, you may not be getting enough foreplay or stimulation before the actual intercourse. You might need to have a good amount of foreplay before you have your intercourse. Many women don’t have an orgasm during intercourse. If you’re having pain during sex, try different positions. When you are on top, you have more control over penetration and movement. Emptying your bladder before you have sex, using extra lubrication or taking a warm bath before sex may help. If you still have pain during sex, talk to your doctor. He or she can help you find the cause of your pain and decide what treatment is best for you. Try talking to your partner , communication is the key. me


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

extra marital

FORBIDDEN FLOWERS A sneak peak at why affairs are on the rise outside the sacred bonds of marriage and how it can be dealt with Dr. Wasim Mohideen


arriage as an institution itself is quite a challenging one; every marriage in contemporary times is an epic struggle with constant negotiations. Both the partners bear the onus of keeping this bond from withering away and even re igniting it. But often in the humdrum of daily chores and gut wrenching compromises the emotions that led to the union often fades away. Leading to lack of both physical and emotional connect and in some cases invariably extramarital affairs. Extra marital relationship has become a talking point in today’s society. And let’s face it; it has become more common today than any other time in history. In fact, there are some new age theories based on studies with questionable repute, that extra marital affairs actually help a marriage! In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Extra marital affairs are bad – period. The subject


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

of extra marital affairs is a text book by itself, so details are beyond the scope of this article, but let’s take a look at some basic issues. The affairs can be either physical or emotional. The most common physical associations are one night stands; where there is usually no emotional connect. On the other end of the spectrum, affairs can be deeply emotional with either very little physical connect; mostly due to the lack of opportunity or fear or an emotional attachment with a strong physical desire. Of course the situation can be anywhere between the two extremes. What is worse is largely a matter of personal beliefs, but an emotional affair is what usually ruins a marriage. If we look at common patterns, a straying partner who indulges purely in physical affairs-either frequent one night stands or regular physical intimacy with one partner, usually does not show signs of a marriage

Do not blame yourself for the affair of your partner. breakdown. Such partners usually do not initiate problems within the marriage and are quite devoted to their marital partner and kids. The story of a great golfer who recently confessed is one such example. On the other extreme, a straying partner with a strong emotional bond usually lacks any affection to their marital partner. Unless the other partner is told about it either by confession or by hearsay, a purely physical affair rarely causes trouble, where as in an emotional affair, the spouse usually detects that there is something fishy going on or the marriage is already in doldrums. So, once the partner finds out that the spouse is cheating, the reactions can vary. Some people are more forgiving

if the affair was purely physical and they find ways to rejuvenate their marriage, whereas most people just walk out of the marriage. In an emotional affair, the marriage is usually in trouble already and the affair is just the breaking point for the marriage. The most important part of the relationship is the coping. Do not blame yourself for the affair of your partner. The panic and anger that happens is normal, but do not take any decisions in a fit of anger. Give yourself a week or so to cool down and then take stock of your life, talk to an expert and finally take a decision. If the affair was purely physical, getting back is easier, but that is a choice that you have to make – to stay in the marriage or to walk out of it- but that decision should be taken only after a week or so after you find out. If you decide to work out the marriage, then in my opinion that is a great choice – a very mature one. With


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

a commitment from both partners, a couple can sail through this tough period and get back to being a happy couple. If the illegal relationships are a regular issue, after you have confronted your partner and the other goes back on the commitment, then you should weigh your options with a little more scrutiny. Finally, resist the temptation of an affair. If you have strong physical needs, talk to your partner about it and both of you can visit a therapist to sort out your issues. If you are emotionally unhappy with your marriage, visit a marriage counselor and make sincere efforts to rework that magic into your relationship. And remember no matter what the fashion is or what your magazine says, an affair is bad! me



Dr. Wasim Mohideen, Mehendi’s wellness expert who is a MD, holding a DFM(RCGP , UK), and Dip (Ayur).


rue love is a choice made in life and it is not a commodity which is professed and marketed by the film and music industry. How can I say that the one I love has made the choice? There is no software in the world that can detect it. You have to be honest with each other and trust each other. You have to trust that the one you have has made the choice. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. We recently split up for a short time because he has homosexual feelings which he has never acted upon. He told me that he fantasises about men but still wants to saty with me because he loves me. However, I’m worried. I’m certain he wouldn’t be unfaithful nor lie nor keep his eyes open for a suitable replacement but I’m worried he’ll feel held back.Should I let him go? Is there anything we can do? I can see from the personal details you’ve given us that you’re only 19, and the important thing is that you should not take any decisions which could harm you for the rest of your life. There is no hurry! So take things easy. My impression is that your young man may be gay, or mostly gay.If I’m correct, the long-term future for the two of you really isn’t very great. I think that there is an increasing tendency among younger people not to firmly categorise themselves in terms of their sexual orientation. I also think that if your lad is roughly the same age as you, he may still have slightly mixed-up adolescent feelings that might resolve with time. there is no need for you to rush into anything at this age , take it easy . My husband has always been supportive of me through this I.V.F Regime. But I do get stressed out at times; do you think I may land up having intimacy issue? When you say you get stressed out,


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

how do you react? All of us get stressed out and we react differently. If you keep taking your loved one for granted and keep yelling at him day in and day out, then yes, he will have intimacy issues. If you are stressed and look to your partner for love to tide through this phase, it will increase your intimacy. Many get married at the age of 35(I guess 35 is the new 25) by this time people are well settled in life and they are strong individuals, Monogamy is now monogacide, what do you think can be done? These are society based questions and this is probably not the right forum for me to express my personal beliefs. My man always says “variety is the spice of life” do you think he is bored of me? What can I do to impress him? Be open to him and talk about his needs. Find out if he is getting bored. You have not mentioned if you are sexually active with him, but if you are, then you need to sit and have an open discussion with him and work out something that works for both of you. Just because he wants variety does not mean he is cheating on you, he might be suggesting that you both try some ‘variety’ I’m a sexually liberated man; I have been there and done all of that. But I feel my wife may sense it someday, is it ok to stay the way I am or should I not let the cat out of the bag at all , I am confused Doc can you help me? That is a very personal call. If it has happened in your past, then you can safely forget it and move on in life instead of worrying about what might happen. Normally it’s good to cross the bridge when you get there. If you are continuing to cheat on your wife, then this is a good time to stop! me


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Photos: Buddha studios


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mussoorie Nisary Mahesh

Known as the queen of the hills, the magic of this small hill town seems to capture us forever. The preferred location of many movie makers for romantic scenes is also one of the topmost honeymoon destination in india. Nisary Mahesh takes a look at the this romantic destination with heritage to boot.


he search for the elusive and the exotic often takes honeymooners to far off places. But only few have realized the flavour and charm of this small hill town set up by the British officers to escape from the heat of the plains. Even though India is rich in hill stations, Mussoorie sits smug on the title, “Queen of the Hills” bringing out romance and adventure. Doling rich in history and beauty, Mussoorie was once the most favoured holiday destination of white sahibs as well as our ‘rajas’. This may account for the salon-like ambience, social life and entertainment here, quiet different from other hill stations. The town itself is perched on a 15-km long horseshoe-shaped ridge, with Tehri Garhwal and the grand Himalaya in the north, and the Doon Valley and Shivalik Hills in the south. The Mall Road stretching from Library Bazaar at one end to the abandoned Picture Palace Cinema at the other is the hub of all activities here. Mussoorie brims with holiday-makers in the tourist season. But still the visitors may find the air pure and invigorating with the majestic mountains and the green and verdant plains below. With the weather- rainy for most time and a bit too cold for many, Mussoorie is highly


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

conducive for romance especially in October and November. Before taking up by the British, Mussoorie was just another Himalayan pastureland, where sheep’s grazed on the abundant mansur shrub, from which it got its name. When the British fought the Gurkhas, the reigning overlords here in 1814 no sooner, it became the hotspot of the homesick British army men. The heritage buildings are a part of Mussoorie. The age old beauty of cottages and estates still makes its presence felt all over Mussoorie. The first house built in 1823- The Mullingar’, is still seen here. A stroll through the mall road which is lined with benches and lamp posts throws glimpses of the colonial period. The Christ Church on the Mall, the Library building, the cemeteries clinging to the slopes, all adds to its loveliness. An Irish nostalgia of a dead officer embodied in Shemrock Cottage, the Scot’s wistfulness in Scottsburn, Connaught Estate and Hampton Court, stands grand in a whirlpool of humanity. In a busy hill station, where the main road is crowded with tourists and hill slopes thickly packed with hotels and residences, one never expects a dense

jungle nearby. Yet Mussoorie gives that too at an 8 Km ride from Library Chowk to Cloud’s End Estate. The care takers of this 150 year old heritage bungalow will warmly welcome and arrange a journey through the thick bushes.

but a feeling of being cocooned in the mountains. At an altitude of 1,370 mts, Kempty Falls is 15 kms from Mussoorie towards Yamnotri.

Mussoorie on the Mussoorie-Dehradun Road.

Lake Mist

Though known for its scenic beauty and climate, Mussoorie has got something for everyone. Trekking, hiking, roller skating rinks, waterfalls and horse riding are there for the adventure lovers, while, a quiet stroll along the green woody pathways, the Kulri Bazaar, exploring the corners of the old Landour Bazaar, the great sunset of Lal Tibba or a picnic at the Company Garden is nice and romantic. There is a lot one can do in this charming and crisp hill town.

Lake Mist is a newly developed picnic spot with boating facilities, hotels and restaurants. It is located 5 kms before the Kempty Falls on the MussoorieKempty Road.

A bungalow built in the 1830s, located at the edge of a cliff. This heritage resort is located at the western end of Mussoorie, 8 kms from the Library and is surrounded by dense forests. It also offers an impressive view of the snow-covered Himalayan peaks and the Yamuna River.

Hot Spots in Mussoorie Camel’s Back Road This is a 3 km stretch from Kulri Bazaar to Library Bazaar- an ideal place for a leisurely walk or a horse ride. Named after a rock which has a semblance to a camel’s back, it will make you feel like travelling to some mystical point of origin. Kempty Falls Kempty waterfall is one of the most popular spots of Mussoorie. Located in a valley and surrounded by mountains, it offers not only a picturesque background

Company Garden One of the most popular picnic spots in Mussoorie- it is a beautiful garden with an artificial lake offering boating and there are several restaurants and curio shops nearby. The Ferris wheel here is a favourite for visitors, as the photo galleries rent out traditional costumes for visitors to pose in. Mussoorie Lake Another newly developed project- the Mussoorie Lake offers a spectacular view of the Doon Valley and the several small villages on the MussoorieDehradun highway. Bhatta Falls If crowded places are not your thing but still you don’t want to miss out on a waterfall, then this is just the place for you. Bhatta Falls is 7 kms from


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Cloud’s End

Gun Hill A thrilling ropeway ride to Gun Hill, the second highest peak of Mussoorie is an exciting experience with the panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges. How to reach Mussoorie is 34 kms from Dehradun and 290 kms from Delhi. It is situated at an altitude of 2003 mts in the Garhwal hills. There are regular flights from Delhi to Doon Valley (Jolly Grant). From the Jolly Grant airport, taxis and buses ply to Dehradun, from where they go up to Mussoorie (60 km). The overnight Mussoorie Express links Delhi to Dehradun. Where to stay The Claridge’s Nabha Palace (http://, Summer retreat

of the erstwhile Maharaja of Nabha, the heritage hotel set amid 13 acres of private cedar and silver oak forest Kasmanda Palace (http://www. one of the oldest buildings of Mussoorie perched above the Mall near Christ Church has extensive views, gardens and some royal rooms. Padmini Nivas (http://www. a gracious heritage ambience near the Library end. Cloud End Forest Retreat (http://www. the only jungle resort within 300 kilometers of Delhi, which is at an altitude of more than 7000 feet and has 400 acres of private forest surrounded by the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary. Climate Mussoorie is at its full bloom during September to November. The best season to visit Mussoorie is between April to June and again during September to November (spring time). During this time, the Himalayas are clearly visible. It is better to avoid monsoons as the roads to Mussoorie are in bad shape. In winter too, the roads will be blocked with snowfall.


Photos: Buddha studios


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011



Tolkiens high fantasy epic, The Lord of the Rings, came alive at this exotic location which is more ethereal than real ... a look into one of our continents most unreal island country ..if you are looking for an out of the earth honeymoon experience, then look no further than this .... Nisary Mahesh


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


ew Zealand for the Newly Wedded

Yes, its romantic in all sense and at the same time far from the usual stereotypes. Tranquil yet exciting, pristine yet modern- New Zealand combines all the ingredients of a perfect honeymoon destination. No wonder, this small faraway country is fast picking up as a hot honeymoon destination. Perhaps no other place in the world offers such an incredible variety of natural splendor within a few kilometers. From the mountains of the South Island to the Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand unfolds many surprising stories one by one.

those seeking peace and relaxation is that it is one of the least-crowded countries of the world. More than a third of the land has been set aside for national parks, reserves and heritage sites that preserve the country’s ecological treasures. No wonder, its a gorgeous place to pass as a fairyland; a perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon. Exotic Excesses (Must See / Must Do) Queenstown is an exotic ski resort, on New Zealand’s South Island, offering exclusive romantic attractions and some of the world’s most distinguished super luxury retreats with awe-inspiring vistas.

A stroll across the surrounding beaches, exciting water sports in the romantic jade-green lakes, fast flowing rivers and criss-crossed waterfalls, trekking in unlimited spread of virgin forests or through the central spine of snow-

Those travelers who want to enjoy a tranquil space should pencil in a trip to Rotorua. Here you can take a dip in hot springs that will soothe a long flight or drive. Close by it is the resort town of Mount Manganui with its surfing culture and laid back ambience.

capped mountains, watching the rarest of kiwis, penguins and dolphins- there’s something for everyone here wrapped in a sense of freedom that a less populated land provides. One can experience all this within a few hours of arrival in this virgin territory, still unspoiled by human intrusions and habitations. Sounds incredible indeed!

If you would like to have an unforgettable adventurous honeymoon, plan a trip heading to Lake Taupo where you can try your hand at sky diving, jet boating, bungee jumping, gondola riding and white-water rafting. Lake Wanaka and the Mount Aspiring National Park set against pristine alpine backdrop in the South Island are another great holiday destination. Visitors can also swim with

What makes New Zealand alluring to


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

dolphins, gambol with newborn lambs, watch the whales or fish in pristine streams and rivers. Towns such as Kerikeri and Paihia ooze kiwi charm and provide the perfect setting for honeymooning couples of all ages. Mount Cook, the highest mountain is surrounded by 12 giant glaciers. One can organise a tour past glaciers among landscape. Located at the southerly tip of the country, Milford Sound is another dream land. Abel Tasman Park is yet another lovely spot with freshwater streams that runs parallel to the long sweeping beach. For city lovers, there is Auckland and with a satisfying blend of dining delights, shopping, art, culture and scenic beauty. Auckland owns a vibrant harbor and is home to many yachts than anywhere else in the world. This gives a spectacular viewing from Westhaven Marina at night. Known as the Garden City, Christchurch is widely acclaimed for its architecture and rich culture. A

must-visit site for ballooning enthusiasts, it abounds with magnificent mountains, beautiful ocean and green farmlands all across Lombardi Vineyard and Hawke’s Bay, have the most hours of sunshine in the country and is home for many vineyards including the oldest- Mission Estate. Kapiti Island is famous for its bird

sanctuary with rare collection like bellbird, weka and tui. Just take a walking tour and enjoy the beauty of the place. Location This small island country is situated on the South Pacific Ocean and consists of two main islands and several smaller ones a thousand miles from the coast of Australia. How to Reach Fly directly from Mumbai to Sydney nonstop on Qantas Airways. From Sydney you can fly Qantas to Wellington or Auckland in New Zealand. It is advisable to book with a tour operator. Best Time to Visit While booking your trip to New Zealand it is important to know the right time of the year to make it. The season here (the southern hemisphere), is the reverse of that found in the north. This means that the summer in the European or North America would be the winter here. The warmest months are December, January, and February; the coldest are June, July, and August. So, if honeymoon is planned during Christmas or New Year, the long sunny days should add to the romantic atmosphere and with plenty of activities in and around the water like rafting, snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking. Away from the mountains, New Zealand winters are fairly mild. me


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

photograper page


AS I SEE IT Jayanthy


hat made you take up photography as a profession, and any reasons for Specializing in wedding photography? Photography has always been a passion, but it was only about two years ago that we decided to quit our regular jobs and shoot full time. People thought we were crazy then, and some of them still hold onto that view! We chose wedding photography for two reasons – one, the wedding market is huge in India, and our shooting approach separates us from the mass market, which has allowed us to find a bit of a niche for ourselves. We also do a fair amount of interiors and architecture shooting, which nicely offsets the seasonality of our wedding business.

A photographer’s take on the way he views the world through his lens, moments caught for posterity in the quirkiest, creative manner taking you from the mundane to fantasy ... A preview from Buddha Studios, which comprises of Gautham Manohar, Siddharth Khandelwal & Anoop Krishnan.

Tell us about your journey as a photographer and what has made you who you are today? We consider ourselves very lucky. To be able to make a commercially viable proposition doing something you really love is wonderful. It’s easy to put everything you’ve got into something you love, so that reflects in our work, in every shoot we do. People often ask us whether we ever get bored of weddings

Photos: Buddha studios


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

the pictures that really tell the story of the wedding.

– the answer is a definite no. Every wedding is unique – different people, different settings.

Any tips for, to be weds to pose their best?

What inspires you in your work? Your life? You’re Influences?

Hire a photographer that you’re comfortable with. I can’t emphasize how important this is, because if you’re comfortable with the photographer, you will be completely at ease, and those candid pictures are the ones that you will really keep going back too.

A photograph is like this little slice of time that you freeze forever. When you do it well, you preserve an otherwise fleeting moment for posterity. That is a stunning feeling, to know that many years from now, that image you made can still have the power to evoke memories and stir imaginations. Human emotion can be remarkably simple and deceptively complex at the same time. When you

The hardest and easiest part of your job?

positioning yourself correctly becomes impossible in some situations. This is one industry, where having an ego will put you out of business very quickly. What do you do to keep your images interesting? We experiment on technique all the time. We’ve also learned over the years that while we may find an image wonderfully interesting, a client may have quite the opposite view, so we do a fair amount of groundwork to gauge their taste for creativity and art before we take on an assignment. What genre of photography are you most interested in? get it right, a photograph transcends any kind of barrier – cultural, lingual or spiritual.

No single category really – though we do a fair amount of street photography in our spare time, as well as nature.

What do you feel are the pros and cons in your industry?

What’s the best part of being a wedding photographer? Also tell us about your style and approach that you use while capturing wedding photos.

The two primary advantages of the wedding industry is that a) it is a huge market in India b) its not going to go out of fashion suddenly. People are always going to get married! The cons – well the biggest one is that to a large section of the public, one wedding photographer is just the same as any other wedding photographer, and

There’s just so much happening at a typical Indian wedding. There’s always something new to try, and opportunities for creativity are everywhere. Also, it’s very rewarding when you anticipate and capture those candid moments, because at the end of the day, these are


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Our weddings are typically long, and often go on until late hours in the night, so they’re pretty demanding physically, especially if you’re doing a lot of weddings that month. The easiest part? No trouble finding something to eat if you’re hungry! What type of cameras do you shoot with? We use the best pro level equipment from both Canon and Nikon. How many weddings do you average per year? And how long have you been as a wedding photographer? We keep it to below a hundred. Anymore

How did you get your first wedding assignment? Was it easy from there on? We did our first, second and third assignment for free, so it took us a while before we actually started getting paid for our work! But today, we are lucky in the sense that people (the younger generation especially) relate quite easily to our work and are keen to work with us. What did you do to acquire more work besides providing awesome images? We listened to our clients very carefully! I think people really appreciate it when you pay attention to their requirements and concerns. Any interesting projects in the pipeline? We’re working on a coffee table book about Indian weddings that showcases our stunning diversity. Best and worst comments about your photos

Photos: Buddha studios and we won’t be able to provide the levels of quality that we do. We have been into wedding photography for two years

wrong at a wedding and if so, how did you handle it?

We average about 200 and 250 quality pictures per half day per photographer. We don’t put a cap on the number of images. We hand over all the images that have come out well during the events.

It’s an absolute guarantee that something or the other will always go wrong during a wedding. This can range from equipment failure to a sudden change of plan as to where a certain ceremony will be held, forcing you to sprint from one end of the venue to the other, with all your equipment in tow. It’s important to keep your cool and work around it. We carry spares for absolutely everything when we shoot a wedding, and sometimes, spares for spares!

What is your dream wedding destination?

If you could be invisible for one day with your camera…….?

We’d love to do a beach wedding in Hawaii.

If you specialize in candid wedding photography, then it is very important to be invisible every single day!

How many images do you average per wedding and how many do you usually present to your clients?

Have you ever had anything go


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

We often have brides calling us after they say the pictures and actually crying with happiness! We never had a crying groom though! We’ve had our share of negative comments as well though. I remember one particular session with a bride’s parents who refused to believe that we had consciously converted some of the pictures to black and white because we thought they looked better. They unfortunately associated black and white as “totally old fashioned”, so we had to redo the whole set in colour, after which they were quite happy! Any advice for upcoming photographers? Work towards a style of your own. It’s good to learn from the works of the masters, but if you don’t evolve a style of your own, it will become increasingly hard to push yourself, and you will find yourself stagnating from a creative perspective. me


#6%%)"456%*04 G O O D P I C T U R E S T E L L G R E AT S TO R I E S E W


M +91 9771133230 +91 9560965666 +91 9482538003

Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Dream Moments

Photo Courtesy: Buddha studio


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Photo Courtesy: Buddha studio


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Photos: Buddha studios


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Photo Courtesy: Buddha studio


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011


Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and an associate of the world renowned celebrity astrologer Dr.Prem kumar Sharma. She has appeared on various National News Channels and has written for numerous publications. More information about her can be found at .She can be contacted at


If you are in the middle of any decision, it’s high time to clear up the matter. You will finally decide what you have to do at professional front. Family members will coordinate with you and even will be more than supportive and caring in each step of your life. Your carefree attitude may lead to some financial losses. A good love life is foreseen and that would also invite memorable moments. You would enjoy as your health seems to improve. Traveling will be very pleasing and fruitful but it may also become a cause of anxiety. Don’t be hasty while going for a property deal.


All official ongoing tasks will be rewarding and resultoriented. Your friends and well-wishers will keep their promise and won’t let you feel down at demanding moments. Have patience and try to keep a tab on your anger while talking with your loved ones. You will overcome all the hurdles that are coming in your love life. Aerobics or Yoga classes will provide positive results. A luck time for money and property matters. Lucky Number - 2 Lucky Color - Blue

Lucky Number - 3 Lucky Color - Green


You will magnificently overcome from a crisis at workplace that would also bring respect for you. Your spouse and kids could feel ignored so you would need to spend more time with them on weekends. An event or trip will increase your contacts and social circle. New people will improve your chances to get more good opportunities. A little planning is must while going for a date with your romantic partner. Before signing any legal document, you must need to recheck it carefully.


New business projects and dealings will see new heights with the cooperation of professional people around you. Family and friends will be the biggest strength for you. Your may take your love life to the next stage by getting committed and loyal to your partner. A good time to invest in some apparently relevant deals and saving plans. Your zeal towards your fitness regime will be on its high. Short excursion will be important to avoid unnecessary stress. Try to avoid any legal transaction at this particular phase.

Lucky Number - 4 Lucky Color - Red


Lucky Number - 5 Lucky Color - Peach

A win-win situation at professional front is quite possible. A long awaiting desire is going to fulfill. Personal life seems to give you a good amount of satisfaction and pleasure. Your efforts will surely attract grand monetary gains. Bliss and happiness in love life is what you truly wish long for at this point of time and that will be fulfilled very soon. You could win a contest or game. Buying or selling your house or shop may not bring desirous results.

Gemini Your co-workers will be kind enough to facilitate you to complete your pending tasks. Go for some family outing as your family members need time to sit with you. Legal matters will settle down in your favor. Your love life will bloom to its fullest. Hobby classes or recreational activities will add a new spark into your persona.

Lucky Number - 7 Lucky Color - Pink

Lucky Number - 1 Lucky Color - Green


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011



Your business rivals may try to entrap you in some legal complications. A very sharp observation and good tactics will be needed in business meetings. Family members will give you a surprise or gift. A lack of care and time may upset your lover. Long and boring fitness regime may make you monotonous, go for some recreational activity. You may roam nearby your city or state. Crucial decisions will demand more time and may also block your way of happiness. So don’t be in a dilemma and follow the right path.

Make the best use of your time to gain from official jobs. Your punctuality and sincerity will win the hearts of people related to you. Family front would be happy and peaceful. Few hallucinations and doubts may become a hurdle to achieve the love of your life. Chances to face some problems while travelling could be possible. You would get good revenues or returns from your property and shares. Meditation will take you on a relaxing journey. Your habit to help people in need would catch the attention of known as well as unknown people.

Lucky Number - 8 Lucky Color - White

Lucky Number - 1 Lucky Color - Magenta

Scorpio Investing in real estate business will fetch fatty monetary profits. A sporty spirit is essential in professional dealings. Be careful as there are chances to see the face of court or police station. Acute pain in love affairs may disturb your daily life. Family front will be a source of strength and energy. Donation to any social trust or organization will give you inner peace and satisfaction. Personality development classes will improve and enhance your standing and image in public. Lucky Number - 9 Lucky Color - Green

Aquarius With their efforts and hardwork, people in government service and involved in stock market would become centre of admiration. Less expectations mean less disappointments, thus control your desires and don’t let them reach on a very high point. You will enjoy some outings and parties with family and friends. A good time to buy a vehicle or house. Long term investment plans are high on your agenda. Exchange of some gifts and momentums in love affairs will keep the relation lively and healthy. Some games or any sporty activity will make you engaged in spare time. Lucky Number - 3 Lucky Color - Purple


Fatty and rich business deals will come your way very soon. Your dedication and love towards family and relatives may make them more loyal for you. Financial dealings will not show any nuisance. Savings plans and property matters will be your priority. You will be blessed with a sound health. You are not suggested to go for any trip or travel. Disagreement with romantic partner may spoil your mood, so you would need to avoid some complications and petty issues. Lucky Number - 6 Lucky Color - Maroon

Pisces People in power and politics will raise your standard and respect in society and professional field. Your skyscraping desires will soon find their horizons. A maximum amount of contentment will be there in all your personal relationships. A reunion of old friends and relatives are on the cards. Romance will be high on your mind. You may have an encounter with any cunning and crafty person in legal or financial or property matter. A small dispute may occur with your lover but don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Brisk walking or jogging will be quite okay to control your increasing weight. Lucky Number - 5 Lucky Color - Mustard


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Check list

Plan for your BIG DAY

Check List 9-12 Months

6 Months DATE............. Book post wedding accommodation


Arrange for the day of transport

Organize your Wedding expenses

Finalize guest list

send out save the date cards

Shop for ceremonies or reception accessories

Set the date

Secure passport or visas, if necessary

Choose the colour theme

Beauty boost: Begin monthly facials , manicures and pedicures

Book venues Research vendors or hire planners

Budget planned.............

Arrange officiate

Actual Cost................... Balance........................

Month 4

Invite attendants


Draft guest list

Reserve rental items

Shop for dress

Shop for attendants gifts

Beauty boost: Begin fitness regime

Check Invitation

Budget planned.............

Beauty boost: Book wedding day appointments

Actual Cost................... Balance........................

6-9 Months

Budget planned.............

Mail wedding invitations


Actual Cost................... Balance........................

Tasting with caterer, finalize menu

Book accommodations for out of town guests

Music for wedding and reception

Order cake

List of must take photos for the photographer

Schedule time off work

Set up engagement photo session Beauty boost: Start experimenting with hair and make- up, figure out the look you want!


Select your return gifts Confirm honeymoon bookings

Book honeymoon arrangements

Actual Cost................... Balance........................



Sign vendor / make deposits

Budget planned.............

Month 2

Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Beauty boost: See dentist for pre wedding cleaning Budget planned............. Actual Cost................... Balance........................

Plan for your BIG DAY 2weeks Month 1



Dinner seating cards/ place cards

Assign wedding/ reception responsibility

Contact guest who haven’t responded

Confirm details with vendors

Confirm honeymoon arrangements

Final dress fitting with all accessories Beauty boost: Hair / make up trail run up, de-stress yourself at a spa.

Gift welcome baskets for out of town guests Beauty boost: Final facial

Budget planned............. Actual Cost................... Balance........................

Budget planned............. Actual Cost................... Balance........................

Day before




Ask trusted friends /family members to manage wedding gifts

Arrange for dress pick-up and delivery

Deliver wedding baskets

Final head count to caterer

Beauty boost: Get a manicure and pedicure

Prepare payment for vendors; arrange for someone you trust to distribute these on the day of the event

Budget planned............. Actual Cost................... Balance........................

The big day

Get out the luggage and pack


Beauty boost: Get waxed

Have luggage delivered at the wedding venue Relax and enjoy the day

Budget planned............. Actual Cost................... Balance........................

Beauty boost: Get pampered by hair and make-up team Budget planned............. Actual Cost................... Balance........................


Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

Congratulations & Best Wishes from The Mehendi Team



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Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011



Mehendi I Sep - Oct I 2011

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