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Global Garden

Garden Entrance



Plant Palette:

It is not a common experience for hyper modern urbanites to be surrounded with gardens and fully experience their micro-environments. The "Global Garden" is an attempt to provide the opportunity for users to have a closer engagement with the garden; instead of observing a garden as an object, it proposes to experience the world in the frame of a garden, or to see the world as a part of the garden. Being "inside" the globe allows the user to smell, touch and see the garden in an unique way; it make him/her "a part of the garden".

"Global Garden" is composed of three key elements: a rectangular plot of grass, A geodesic sphere which is to be comprised of 354 wooden flowerbox in two types and three variations, and a stair case which connects these two together. The "Globe" is structurally self sufficient and can be anchored to the ground.

The major criteria for creating the plant palette for the project include: dynamic quality of the core design, diversity of species, and birds/bees interest plants. Also the existing sun/shade contrast in the designed landscape initiates two different categories of plants for the exterior and interior. In order to represent the dynamic quality in the planting design, also the fast growing habit, climbers have been chosen prominently.

Proposed Plants for outside:

Cover of Vegetation Globe Entrance

Lonicera henry (Sun/semi shade, average water use, outside) (birds interest)

Wisteria sinensis (Sun/semi shade, average water, outside)

Carolina aster (full sun, average water, outside) (pink purple flowers, hummingbirds interest interest)

Upper Hemi-Sphere (composed of outward flowerboxes)

Site Plan Clematis armandii (Sun/semi shade, average water, outside) (white flowers)

Proposed Plants for inside:

Inner Layer of Vegetation

Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris (Semi shade, low water use, inside) (white flowers)

Cornus canadensis (full shade, low water use, inside) (white flowers)

Lower Hemi-Sphere (composed of inward flowerboxes)

Epimedium colchicum ssp. sinatum (shade tolerant, low water use, inside)

Rubus pentalobus (full sun/semi shade, average water, inside or outside)

Structural Anchor Point Cross Section 0





Rectangular Grass Plot

Entrance Elevation

Interior Shot

Side Elevation

Exterior Shot [Back View]

Global Garden; 14th International Garden Festival