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Meha Shetty I am a student of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad specializing in Furniture and Interior Design. I believe that there is no one way of learning so I try to be a part of anything and everything. I believe in perfection which I feel I can achieve only when there is nothing left to take away from what I design. Solid wood furniture and material exploration is my forte. I like doing different types of work and experimenting with my skills. My work includes a combination of aesthetics, functionality and my love for what I do. In my free time I like to stumble upon new craft ideas and learn new skill based techniques.



• Simple Furniture Design • Folding Furniture • Modular Storage System • Joinery Exploratory Stool • Bar Counter

• Walker cum Seating for elderly • Toucan Pogostick • Bamboo Fruit Basket


Lighting • Ambient Lighting • Pendant Lighting

Interior Architecture • Student Residence

Skills • • • • • •

Crochet NUTCASE Gravure Ngompa Mask Sculpture Representation Skills • Artworks

Simple Furniture Design The brief was to design a tablet-cum-seating for children aged 5-7 yrs. I designed this furniture so that it can be used both as a tablet chair as well as a normal chair. The mechanism of the tablet becoming the backrest its a very easy push button mechanism that can be handled by the child independetly.

Overall Dimensions

Folding Furniture The brief was to design a folding furniture for the balconies where there is a need as the space is utilized for a lot of 1 other activities. A furniture piece that is foldable will account for less utilization of space. The piece is a simple single action self locking mechanism. While in the folded position it can be locked so that while moving the piece around in the folded position it wont open, leading to a safer action. The wood used is Ghana Teak with a rosewood stainer and 3 a lacquer finish.








4 Locking Mechanism

Folding Mechanism

Modular Storage System As a part of my final Diploma Project with Urban Ladder Bangalore, I designed a Modular Storage solution for residential Spaces, that can accomodate a TV space, Study space and also an empty bedroom wall. Module 1

The system thus developed consists of 4 main modules which have a variation in terms of drawers and shutters. These modules sit on a base to form a complete unit. They can either be used individually as sideboards or in combination with other modules as a use case system. A link to the detailed project document Module 2

Module 4

Module 3

Left: Final model photos(1:10 scale) Right: Module 3 in use case

Joinery Exploratory Stool The brief was to design a stool with different joinery inorder to understand and explore the strengths of each. I used different types of joints like jumbo clamp and also joints that bring together two different materials like wood and metal together.




Overall Dimensions

Bar Counter As a part of a week long course a scaled model of a bar counter was made with a classmate of mine. We were supposed to choose 2 keywords and design something based on that. Our keywords were Jellyfish and Elegance and we chose to design a bar counter. The model was made using MDF and acrylic sheets.

The full scale joinery detail was deviced using Plywood, glass and metal clamps as proposed by us for the final piece.

Walker cum Seating for the Elderly The brief was to design any product for a special need. I chose to make a walker cum seating for the elderly as the existing walker as a lot of problems, one of the major being lack of a seating. I designed a walker in cane along with a seating as cane is a very light material so, the final piece is very light weight. Also as cane is a natural material, the elderly trust it more and also the warm of the material connects to them more than the mechanical metal products. It also helps in the upliftment of the cane craftsmen. The product serves to be more than just a medical aid to them.

Toucan Pogostick The brief was to design any product by taking inspiration from nature. The Toucan bird was my inspiration. The process involved studying the bird and making its sketches. Then abstractions were made from them and product ideas were deduced which was followed by thermocol models and final product ideation.

Explorational sketches

Bamboo Fruit Basket As a part of a week long course on exploring Bamboo as a material, I designed and developed this fruit basket. It is designed in a way so as to avoid material wastage.

Ambient lighting As a part of a week long course on exploring plastic as a material, I designed and developed this ambient lighting concept using polycarbonate sheet. While exploring the material I realized that due to the presence of moisture in the air and also some level of imurity in the material, on heating it started producing bubbles. Hence I used this natural occuring to create this lighting.

Pendant lighting The lighting is designed as a part of a form exploratory course where we had to come up with product ideation for a form that is obtained by manipulation of a geometric parent form. I chose cube a my parent form and did various explorations with paper. I did 2-D surface treatement by technique of repeatation.

Student Residence As a part of my Exchange programme in EnSAD, Paris, I did a main design project with my classmate that asked us to design a residence cum hostel for 12 students which includes a PWD in the given site location. The project involved a vigorous study of each activity done by the students in their day to day lives and accordingly creating spaces for each activity keeping in mind the Sun direction at different points of time. We made detailed plans of each space along with human body actions and also a 1:100 scale detailed model of the complete residence. We also did a 1:20 scale model of the bedroom space. The link to the full document http://issuu. com/meha.shetty/docs/design_project

Crochet As a part of Open Elective held at NID, i learnt the technique of crochet and came up with quite a few products. We also tried Yarn bombing on trees and other large objects. I even took the technique a level up and sold a few pieces at the NID convocation ceremony.

NUTCASE An initiative by me and another batchmate of mine, N U T C A S E is a brand established to showcase the idea of making jewellery with hardwares like nuts, washers etc. We even made a few accessories with the Chinese technique of knotting. There are also slippers and other fun stuff that we sell through our facebook page.

Gravure I learnt the technique of gravure during my exchange programme at EnSAD, Paris. The technique involved first etching on copper plates by means if treating it with acid and then taking its print on paper. This technique was one of the oldest means of printing prevalent before the printing press came into being.

Ngompa Mask IAs a part of my course at NID, we were asked to document a craft by going a visiting any part of India, staying with the craftsmen and accounting their skill. I visited Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh to study the craft of Ngompa Mask Making, which is a Tibetan craft. A Ngompa Mask is a mask worn during, the Tibetan Opera called Achi Lhamo by the Ngompa (hunter) character in the opera. I studied and made a detailed document on this craft. Here is a link to the document for further reading

Sculpture During my exchange programme at EnSAD, Paris, I learned to make sculptures. I learned different techniques of casting and moulding to create multiple pieces of the same sculpture. I even tried to get 3-D forms from 2-D slabs of clay and created a bowl. I also explored the technique of glazing.

Representation Skills A collection of few representation drawings that I made during my stay at NID. It includes hand drawn drawing and rendering and also vector drawing on the computer.

Artworks A collection of few artworks that I created during my exchange programme in EnSAD, Paris. It includes sketches done on my visits to various museum and art galleries and then their manipulations done on software.


Thank you Meha Shetty 13-A, Pocket-5 DDA M.I.G Flats Mayur Vihar-III Delhi-110096 INDIA +91 8141886061

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