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SUSHI in Slovenia Megumi Yoshida

What is sushi ? In Japanese cuisine, sushi is vinegared rice, usually topped with other ingredients, including raw fish, cooked and uncooked seafood, and vegetables. Outside of Japan, sushi is sometimes misunderstood to mean the raw fish itself, or even any fresh raw seafood dishes. In Japan, sliced raw fish alone is called sashimi and is distinct from sushi, as sashimi is the raw fish component, not the rice component. The word sushi itself comes from an archaic grammatical form of a word that is no longer used in other contexts; literally, "sushi" means "it's sour". There are various types of sushi: sushi served rolled inside nori (dried and pressed layer sheets of seaweed or alga) called makizushi or rolls; sushi made with toppings laid with hand formed clumps of rice called nigirizushi; toppings stuffed into a small pouch of fried tofu called inarizushi; and toppings served scattered over a bowl of sushi rice called chirashizushi. In this book, I will explain how to make makizus.







Ingredients (for 5 people) Short-grain rice ... 500g

Soy Sauce


We need short-grain rice because it sticks together better.

I recomend “Kikkoman” and “Yamasa”. This brand is famous in Japan.

Rice or apple vinegar can be used but rice vinigar is used traditionaly.


Raw salmon or tuna ... about 400g

raw salmon

It can be paste or powder wasabi.

Nori ... 7 sheets

raw tuna

You can buy it on the open market. Fresh fish has clear edge, but older fish has broken shape or very wet surface. Buy it with ice, so it can stay fresh.

Drobnjak or Green onion

Cucumber ... 1

Sesame ... some

Salt / Sugar / Oil

It is dried and pressed layer sheets of seaweed or alga.

Eggs ... 2


Japanese ingredients .... in Ljubljana you can buy it in Zrno do zrna, Kalcek and Maximarket.

How do i know which fish is fresh enough? When you buy. Good fish : It has clear shape clear edge, not getting apart. Bad fish : The layer of fish is getting apart. Tired shape. Wet surface. Not good smell. Advice : You can get good fish on the open market or E.Leclerc in Ljubljana. Ask for some ice when you buy it, so you can bring it home more fresh.

Advice : Good fish can stay for 1- 2 days in the fridge.

How to handle fish? 1. Keep the fish always in cold. 2. Wash your hands, dishes and tools carefully.



Pot for cooking the rice


Soup spoon (tablespoon)

The pot needs 2/3 of empty space when you start cooking the rice, because the rice become 3 times bigger.

It is for taking bones out from the fish. If you don’t have it, use your hands.

In this book we will use soup spoon which you use for eating soup. We will measure vinegar, sugar and salt with this.

Big mixing plate

Bamboo mat

Roasting plate is useful. It is for mixing the rice with sauce.

You can buy it as table mat in the kitchen shop.


Flat mixing spoon

It mast be sharp for cutting the fish smoothly.



Anything flat is okay. It is for cooling the rice down.

Preparing the rice ( before cooking )

Wash 500g of rice.

Leave the rice in cold water at least half hour. (It is necessarily for making softer rice)

Cooking the rice

rice 550ml water

Put the rice without water in a pot. Add 550ml of water.

Cover the pot and cook with biggest fire till it start boiling hard.

Bigest fire

When the rice starts to boil, make fire smallest and continue cookeing till the rice soaks all the water. (Do not open the pot too often and never mix inside.)

Smallest fire


When there is no more water, turn off the fire and wait for 15 minutes “ without opening the pot�. Wait for 15 minutes

Making a sauce for the rice

rice vinegar sugar salt

During the rice cooking , make sauce for the rice. Mix these ingredients in a pot... 5 spoons of rice vinegar 4 spoons of sugar 1 spoon of salt. Warm it till sugar melts completely. (Do not boil it because vinegar will evaporate.)

Spoon = The tablespoon which you use for eating soup. 1 spoon means not fully on the spoon but flat surface on top.

Mixing the rice and sauce Tools you need.

Big mixing plate


Flat spoon (make wet)

Fan for making wind

Wet towel

Open the pot and put the rice out on the big plate. (The rice should be still warm in this process)


Sprinkle the sauce on the rice.

Mix the rice with sauce.

Make wind on the rice so the unnecessary vinegar steam will go away.

Cover the rice with wet towel.


Chopping the chives (or long green onions)

Chop the chives (or long green onions) very thin.

Cutting cucumber

Peel out the skin.

Cut into 1cm sticks.

Baking the eggs

Put those in a bowl... 2 eggs 1 spoon of sugar a little bit of salt (1g) then mix it.

Fry with oiled pan on both sides.

Cut into 1cm wide sticks.


Burning the sesame

Burn the sesame till it slightly burned.

Cutting the fish (salmon) Tools you need.

Sharp knife

Cutting board



Take out the bones with pincetter or fingers.

Cut the skin out.

Cut in center

Continue cutting horiyontaly to cut the skin out

Cut off also the other side


Clean with cold water then dry with kitchen paper.

Cut into thin slice.

Make it into sticks.

Keep it in the fridge.

‘ Cutting the fish (tuna)

Cut the tuna into 1cm sticks against the pattern.

Keep it in the fridge (if you don’t use it immediately).


Rolling the sushi Settle on the table : Nori, bamboo mat, water (It’s for weting the hands), and everything which you prepared in - . If the rice is stil warm (warmer than body temperature), it sould cool down first.

You can cool down with cold water.

Raw salmon or tuna


bamboo mat

Prepare the Nori on bamboo mat.

Fit the nori and bamboo mat. longer side of nori


Make the hands wet with water. Place the rice very thin on Nori. Leave the space in last edge.

Side view p13

Lay the fillings in a horizontal line : fish, egg, cucumber, chives and sesame. (You can find your favorite combination as well.) fillings




chive (green onion)


Hold the front edge with first two fingers. Then place middle fingers on fillings and roll till the end of the rice.

Hold and press firmly until you form the rolling shape.

Leave last space of Nori

Put water at last edge of Nori.

Roll till the end.


Cut Sushi with wet knife. Clean the knife with wet towel each time when it gets sticky.

Place on the dish.


Soy sauce and Wasabi

Memo: If you don’t eat immediately, keep it covered in the fridge. It can stay till next day.


Questions and Answers


Where did the sushi came from?

China Japan

Southeast Asia

In 4th century BC in Southeast Asia, people were preserving the fish with salt and fermented rice. At the end of fermentation proces (couple of month) only the fish was consumed while the rice was discarded.

This technique of preserving the fish first spread to China, then later, around the 8th century AD it came to Japan. In Japan fish was eaten together with rice and sushi became more of a cuisine than just a way to preserve food.





Later in 17th century the rice vinegar was introduced as a way to preserve fish and add taste to the rice. Also at that time vagetables and other dried preserved foods were added to the mix.

In 19th century nigirizushi (hand formed sushi) was invented by chief in Edo city (Tokyo was called Edo at that time). The nigirizushi quickly became famous fast food. Makizushi (rolled sushi) was invented in Osaka around that same time.

After the big earthquake in 1923 many skilled chiefs from Edo lost their restaurants and in searching for job spred the sushi all over japan.


What else can i put in rolled sushi? You can use almost any vegetable, fish, seafood and meat.


Cut into sticks and sprinkle with lemon juice.


Carot, Red radish

Cut into sticks.

Boil with salted water till it become softer.

Water ... 200ml Sugar ... 2.5 soup spoon Soy sauce ... 2 soup spoon

Any mushroom

Slice into 1cm fat.

Boil it with those ingredients till it is cooked.

Water ... 200ml Sugar ... 2 soup spoon Soy sauce ... 2.3 soup spoon Ginger ... some slice

Fish, Seafood, Meat


Mix those ingredients in a pot, warm till sugar melt completely.

Fry seafood with oiled pan, add some sauce to make better taste.

Which Soy Sauce is good? I recommend Japanese soy sauce like “Kikkoman” and “Yamasa”. Chainese soy sauce is usualy not the best choice for sushi.



Which part of Tuna do you use for sushi? You can use any part of tuna. Most of time, i see red part of tuna in Slovenian fish market. It is famous that fatty portion of tuna belly is most valuable for making sushi in Japan. It calls Otoro in sushi restaurant and many times most expensive in recipe. It’s taken from around the stomach of tuna, only about 15% of hall tuna body. It has right pink color and has white stripe. Next valuable portion is under the skin. It called Tyutoro (medium fat). It has dark pink color. Last part of tuna is center of the tuna. It called Akami (low fat). It has dark red or red color.

O-toro (high-fat)

Chu-toro (medium fat)

Akami (Low fat)


Which fish can i use for sushi? In Japan, we use almost any kind of raw fish and sea food for sushi. It just needs to be fresh enough.

The easyest fish to use in Slovenija

Losos file Salmon fillet

Rumenoplavuti tun Tuna

Gof Greater amberjack

Kovac file John dory

Mecarica Swordfish

Zobatec file Common dentex

Rdeci okun file Norway redfish

Skarpena file Marbled rockfish

You need to cut out the bone and skin.


Zobatec Common dentex

Orada Gilthead sea bream

List Sole/Flatfish

List jadranski Adriatic sole

Bodika ali Skarpena Marbled rockfish

Kovac John dory

Ovcica White steenbras

Ugor ali Gruj European conger

Brancin European seabass

Skusa Atlantic mackerel

Sardela Anchovy

Bradac Goatfish Striped mullet

Morska spaka Angler

Oslic Hake

Another seafoods.

Sipe Cuttlefish

Hobotnica Octopus

Ligenj Squid

Kozice Shrimp

Grebenasta pokrovaca Pecten maximus


What kind of sushi can we eat in the restaurant? Raw

MAGURO Red portion of tuna

TORO Fatty portion of tuna belly

TAI Red snapper

IKA Squid

MIRUGAI Giant clam

AWABI Abalone

HAMACHI Yellowtail

HIRAME Flatfish

AMAEBI Sweet shrimp

SABA Mackerel

UNI Sea urchin

IKURA Salmon roe


EBI Shrimp



ANAGO Sea eel

SAKE Smoked salmon

TAKO Octopus



MAKIZUSHI rolled sushi


URAMAKIZUSHI inside-out rolled sushi (California roll)

HOSOMAKIZUSHI Thin rolled sushi

TEMAKIZUSHI Cone shaped roll

How to make Nigirizushi (hand formed sushi)? You need:

Sushi rice


Sliced fish



Make rice ball with wet hands. Put a little bit of wasabi on sliced fish. Fish


Place fish on the rice ball. Wasabi comes between fish and rice.

Hold gently the rice and fish together. (It is for fitting the rice and fish together.)

Ready. Memo : Sushi chef from restaurant use more difficult technique for making nigirizushi. On this book, i introduce easy way.


Longer side

How to make inside out roll ( Uramakizushi / California roll)?

Cut a nori sheet in half.

Turn to the other side plastic wrap and nori together. (so the top is nori, down is wrap.)

Place it on bamboo mat.

Place some fillings on nori horizontally.

Place rice fully on nori. (You don’t need make space)

Hold bamboo mat and nori together, and roll. Sprinkle sesame on the rice.

Cover a plastic wrap on the rice.


Hold and press firmly until you form the rolling shape.

Make round shape with rolling motion.

Take out from bamboo mat and unwrap the plastic wrap.

Cut with wet sharp knife.



How to make cone shaped sushi (Temakizushi)?

Longer side

Temakizushi is usually served as ingredients and rice separately so you can roll by yourself with your favorite toppings. You roll Temakizushi with your hands and eat it immediately. We see this style often at the party.

Cut a nori sheet into half.

Take some rice (not to much) and shape it as triangle on the left side of nori.

Place the fillings on the rice.

Roll left side of nori first.

Then finish rolling right side. Eat immediately with soy sauce.


How do you make pickled ginger “Gari� ? Ginger ............2 pieces (For sauce) rice vinegar ...50ml sugar ...............4 spoon salt ..................1/6 spoon Remove the skin of ginger. Slice the ginger with peeler. Boil it with salted boiled water for 5 minutes. Shake the water out from ginger. Mix rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a small pot and worm it till sugar melts completely. (do not boil it) Put ginger and sauce together in a bottle. When the bottle cool down, keep in the fridge for 2-5 days to pickled. It can stay about 5 months.

How to make miso soup. For 2 people Water ..................... 300ml Miso ......................... 2 soup spoon Dashi powder .......... 2/3 tea spoon Tofu (soft) .............. about 100g Wakame ................... little (0,5g) Long green onion .. some






long green onion

Soke Wakame in water for 10 minutes and cut smaller if it is too big. Boil water with dashi powder and chopped logn green onion. Add miso, tofu and wakame then remove from fire before it start boiling again. Serve into soup bowls. Miso: It is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting rice, barley and/or soybeans, with salt and the fungus, the most typical miso being made with soy. Dashi: It is Japanese stok, which becomes the base of many Japanese dishes, made from kombu (dried kelp) and (or) dried fish.


Can pregnant woman eat sushi? Pregnant women can eat sushi with vegetables or cooked fish but it’s better not to eat raw fish. In Japan people take a lot of care for keeping the fish fresh, but outside Japan raw fish can contain to much bacteria and it’s not apropriate for pregnant woman.

How long it takes for making sushi? It takes about 2-3 hour except time for soaking the rice.

Ingredients for diferent amount of people. If you want to cook the rice more than 1500g, you should make in 2 turns. Because the rice will be uncooked on upper part.


2 people (28sushi)

5 people (56sushi)

8 people (84sushi)

Rice Water

250g 275ml

500g 550ml

750g 825ml


Vinegar Sugar Salt

2,5 spoon (25ml) 2 spoon (18g) 0,5 spoon (8g)

5 spoon (50ml) 4 spoon (36g) 1 spoon (17g)

7,5 spoon (75ml) 6 spoon (54g) 1,5 spoon (25g)


Chive Cucumber

some half

some 1

some 1


Egg Sugar Salt

2 1 spoon (9g) little (1g)

2 1 spoon (9g) little (1g)

3 1,5 spoon (13g) little (1.5g)


Sesame Fish

25g 200g

50g 400g

75g 600g







Soy sauce Wasabi

some some

some some

some some


Where can i get Japanese ingredients in Ljubljana? Maximarket Mercator

Zrno Do Zrna Kalcek

Where can i get good fish? Ribja Trznica (fish open market in center)

E. Leclerc t: 01-42 04-100

Where can i get good knife? Oster rob

11 people (112sushi)

14 people (140sushi)

17 people (168sushi)

Rice Water

1000g 1100ml

1250g 1375ml

1500g 1650ml


Vinegar Sugar Salt

10 spoon (100ml) 8 spoon (72g) 2 spoon (34g)

12,5 spoon (125ml) 10 spoon (90g) 2,5 spoon (42g)

15 spoon (150ml) 12 spoon (108g) 3 spoon (51g)


Chive Cucumber

some 1

some 1,5

some 1,5


Egg Sugar Salt

3 1,5 spoon (13g) little (1.5g)

3 1,5 spoon (13g) little (1.5g)

4 2 spoon (18g) little (2g)


Sesame Fish

100g 800g

125g 1000g

150g 1200g







Soy sauce Wasabi

some some

some some

some some



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How to make sushi in Slovenija.