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May 2011

Published by the Calabasas Historical Society

The Calabasas Historical Society

President’s Message

Election of Officers for 2011-2012

An eminent historian, Carl Becker, once wrote: “History is the memory of things said and done.” Phyllis Hansen, the speaker at the Calabasas Historical Society Annual Meeting on April 27, showed how charm bracelets help us to keep those personal memories alive. We were treated to pictures highlighting the history of amulets, chatelaines, and charms from the earliest of times to the present. Members of the audience brought their own charm bracelets and shared their charms and stories with the audience. We also had an opportunity to recall the memory of the past year and all of the events that have taken place. We celebrated the opening of the CHS Collection in the Calabasas Library. This rich collection is filled with references of things said and done in Southern California. Karilyn Steward, librarian, shared information about how to participate in Calabasas’ digital story telling project and we recalled many interesting outings that CHS sponsored. There is much more about all of these in the following pages.

The following slate of candidates for CHS office was presented by the Nominating Committee, approved by the Board of Directors and unanimously approved by the attending members at the annual meeting on April 27:

Our thanks to the City of Calabasas for all of their support throughout the year.

      

President – Sue Jennings First Vice President and Program Chair – Judy Jordan Second Vice President and Membership Chair– Marilyn O’Connor Third Vice President and Ways and Means Chair– George French Treasurer – Pia Coleman Recording Secretary – JoAnn Wacht Corresponding Secretary – Arlene E. Bernholtz

At the May meeting of the Board of Directors appointments were made to the following Board positions:      

Historian – Bradley Bobbs Member-at-large – James Bozajian Parliamentarian – Debbie Bruschaber Newsletter editor – Megan French Hospitality – Pat French Librarian – Robin Mitchell

New officers will be introduced and installed at the BBQ on June 12.

See you at the CHS BBQ on June 12!

Sue Jennings and Debbie Bruschaber

James Bozajian was selected by the Calabasas City Council to serve as mayor of Calabasas in March 2011. The Calabasas Historical Society congratulates him and welcomes his expertise in continuing to serve on the Board of Directors.

May 2011

California of the Past: Digital Storytelling Project Delete text and place photo here. The Calabasas Historical Collection has something in it for everyone with an interest in the history of Calabasas, Southern California and the West. Where else could you look through early issues of an illustrated monthly magazine edited by Charles Lummis. Our earliest issues for Land of Sunshine are from 1898. In 1902 the name was changed to Out caption a goes here West. Before We have issues through 1909. These magazines were filled with stories, poetry, articles, photographs and illustrations touting the good life in California and encouraging migration to the land of permanent vacation. Or maybe you are interested in something a little more recent? You could view a tract map of Park Moderne with prices marked on some of the lots. Or maybe see a salesman’s guide for promoting lots in Girard, the development that later became Woodland Hills or the master plan for the development of Old Town Calabasas. The collection includes books, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, clippings, transcriptions of oral histories of local residents, and over 400 digitized photographs. On Thursday, June 2 from noon until 1PM at the Calabasas Library, we will present a slide show introducing all who come to the wonderful materials in the archive. Selected materials from the collection will be on display. The Collection Room is open only when a docent is present. We are trying to staff the room on a regular basis on Fridays from noon until 3:15PM and on Saturdays from 10 AM until 2 PM. Access can also be arranged by appointment by OR contacting DELETE BOX, PLACEeither Robin Mitchell at 310-327-5345/818-222-4617 TEXT OR LOGO HERE or Sue Jennings 818-716-7572. We encourage all of you to learn to be a docent and help us keep this wonderful Phone: 555.555.5555 resource open to the public. Don’t forget that docents have a wonderfulFax: opportunity to explore the collection 555.555.5555 themselves while helping others to use it as well. If 555 Street Address you are interested in training to be a docent, please call City, State 55555 Sue Jennings at the number listed above.

The California of the Past program was started in 2007 to preserve the stories of California’s past. In January of this year a collection of digital stories was made available through libraries in the state. There are stories of coming to California from other parts of the US as well as from places all over the world. There are memories of growing up on farms or ranches and in small towns all over the state. There are stories from WWII veterans, about Japanese internment, and life on Indian reservations. There are family stories, school memories, and recollection of places and events. Recently, Calabasas was selected to participate in the program. The project is funded by a grant from the California State Library that includes all of the equipment needed to capture you telling your story as well as scanners to digitize photographs, letters or other documents that add to your story. City of Calabasas staff will record everything and produce a three-to-five minute documentary of your story. Your story will then be added to the statewide collection and featured on for future generations to view. You will receive a DVD copy. To schedule an appointment to tell your story contact:  Karilyn Steward, Librarian at 818-224-1753 or  Arvin Petros, Media Operations Supervisor at 818-224-1631 or Sign up today. This is a great opportunity to support CHS’s mission – to promote and preserve the historical interest of Calabasas and surrounding environs.

Calabasas Historicial Society welcomes


as new Gold Members

May 2011

Calabasas Historical Society

Old Town Western BBQ

Contact Arlene for further details 818-348-9071 or 310-850-8508 or

Sunday, June 12, 2011 3:00 to 7:00p.m.

May 14th, Saturday Barn Dance & BBQ dinner at Leonis Adobe, 6:30 p.m.-10 p.m. Line dancing, dinner by Stonefire Grill, live and silent auction $45 members RSVP 818-222-6511

At Leonis Adobe Museum 23537 Calabasas Road, Calabasas, Ca 91302 Contact George French for further information at 818-347-9356 or

May 15th, Sunday Its fun, it's festive, it's only one day a year and it’s FREE! Visit the Museums of the Arroyos (MOTA) ~ the Pasadena Museum of History and The Gamble House in Pasadena; Heritage Square Museum and Charles Lummis house in LA and the LA Police Historical Society Museum in Highland Park. These five museums located along the Arroyo Seco open their doors noon to 5 p.m. Each year, thousands of Angelinos have experienced the diverse mix of art, architecture and history of the Arroyo Seco area found in the five unique history-based museums that preserve and perpetuate early Los Angeles life. This year’s MOTA Day theme is Hats and guests are encouraged to wear crazy, fashionable and sporty hats as they tour all five museums May 19th , Thursday CHS tour of Lotusland in Montecito. The two hour garden tour starts promptly at 10a.m. Fee $35.00. No host lunch to follow at nearby restaurant. May 21st, Saturday Associated Historical Societies of Los Angeles County, Mini Conference at Pico Rivera History and Heritage Society, 9 a.m. registration, meeting, lunch, and museum tour $15 RSVP 213-250-2214 May 30th, Monday The 9th Annual Memorial Day Observance will be held at the San Fernando Valley Pioneer Cemetery. The program starts at 11 a.m. The location is 14451 Foothill at Bledsoe, in Sylmar. Be sure to mark your calendar for this special tribute to our veterans. A warm, small town feeling of observance is felt while taps are played and veterans in attendance are recognized. This historic cemetery holds the documented bodies of Civil War Veterans as well as early pioneer families.

Connections to the Past…… Quotes taken from “Calabasas Girls” An Intimate History 1885-1912 by Catherine Mulholland. Her



Calabasas is squashes, Calabozo is jailhouse, And Calboose is the end of the line. Take your pick.


Reckon we oughta call it by a white man’s word?


What you got in mind?


Pardonin’ the suggestion- let’s call it Poverty.”


May 2011

Living History Award The prestigious Living History Award established in 1979, the year that the Calabasas Historical Society was incorporated, honors outstanding individuals whose dedication and hard work had been instrumental in making and preserving local history and to those special individuals who have contributed to preserve the history of Calabasas and its environment. Last year’s award went to Albert "Bud" and Jacqueline Marley. If you are interested in nominating a person or persons for the award, please contact Robin Mitchell or 24466 Mulholland Hwy, Calabasas, Ca 91302-2320 for additional information. Nominations need to be submitted on or before May 20, 2011. The recipient of the award will be announced at the CHS BBQ on June 12.

Calabasas Historical Society P.O. Box 8067 Calabasas, CA 91372

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