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By: Meagan Quenneville, Jasmine Knight, and Amanda Burton

Friedan’s contribution  Comprehensive perspective on aging  Physical and mental abilities  Age has become equated with illness  Critical of “youthful definitions” of aging

Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canda, 2001

Tornstam’s contribution  Gerotranscendence  Cosmic dimension  Self dimension  Social and personal relationships

Robbins et al., 2001

Joan Erikson’s contribution  Expansion of Erik Erikson’s and Tornstam’s stages of


 Supportive social environments  Social institutions  Physical and social environments

Robbins et al., 2001


What makes these aspects of aging positive? How is this different from the theories developed previously?

Theories of Life Span Development  

By: Meagan Quenneville, Amanda Burton, and Jasmine Knight

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