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Volume 1, Issue 5

The University of Texas at Austin

November 2011

In This Issue: How to make 2 College Application Stand Out? UT Outreach 2 Continues the Path to Academic Success How to Prepare for 3 the SAT

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COLLEGE APPLICATION TIPS EDITION! Can you believe it is already November? This edition of the newsletter is geared towards providing tips and tricks to the college application process. However, the information doesn’t start or stop with this newsletter, find us on Facebook, attend a college-sponsored event AND meet with UT Outreach staff.

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" UT Outreach was a key organization throughout my high school years, and being able to meet with fellow UT Outreach freshmen students, upper class students, and directors was a great experience. Meeting with these wonderful people assured me that I have a family with UT Outreach that will without a doubt help me out, academically and non-academically, anytime I need it." -Jesse Figueroa, UT Austin– Psychology, Sophomore Story on Pg. 2

How to Make Your College Application Stand Out Given there are thousands of student applicants with a strong GPA, how can your application stand out? It seems tough, but it can be done. There are original and creative ways to not only catch the admissions committee's atten-

tion, but the scholarship committee’s attention. How? At some colleges & universities, the same essay or letter of recommendation is read for awarding admission and money! Now, you have two reasons to get with it!

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How to Make Your College Application Stand Out, cont. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to the college of your dreams: The most effective and easiest way to stand out is through your personal essay. You can put a creative twist to it and captivate the reader, while still addressing the prompt. Use your essay to advertise yourself as a mature and experienced individual and as someone who is able to think outside the box. Whatever your passion is, demonstrate it through volunteer work. During the four years of high school you should be looking into organizations, clubs, or extracurricular activities that interest you. Not only will they make your application stand out

but they will help you discover your inner passion and help you decide on future goals. The admissions committee will see you as another applicant, but by letters of recommendation provide an opportunity to understand you a little better. Pick your recommenders carefully. Recommenders will help you stand out by praising all of your best qualities and provide personal examples of your unique experiences and personality. Each recommender should be given information about you they might not be aware of and remember to give them enough time, preferably three weeks.

UT Outreach Reunion Mixes Fun Conversation & Tips for Success “I feel more confident about college now.” Alejandro Rodriguez, Alumnus of UT Outreach-Austin and First Year Nursing Student

On a balmy Monday afternoon, former UT Outreach students met in the new, state -of-the-art Student Activities Center on the University of Texas at Austin campus. These students didn’t come for a campus visit nor for a UIL competition. They represented the new UT Austin freshman class and the participants of the 1st Annual UT Outreach Reunion ! These former UT Outreach students enjoyed pizza as they talked and laughed with a lively bunch of current student leaders and the two executive directors for UT Outreach— Austin and UT Outreach of South Texas. Each former outreach student was paired with a Longhorn student leader and given a minute to share his/her background in what can best be described as speed dating or more precisely, speed friendship building. The reunion’s purpose was to go beyond the pre-college work that UT Outreach provides in Austin, the Rio Grande Valley & San Antonio. Student academic support services and mentoring opportunities were shared with the students. Patrick Patterson, Executive Director of UT Outreach Austin & Dr. Rose Martinez, Executive Director of UT Outreach South Texas announced the creation of a UT Outreach Student Advisory Council. An invitation for former UT Outreach students to be paired with a mentor was well received by the freshmen. The program was such a success that plans are underway to host a second reunion & to create a UT Outreach Student Advisory Council.

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How to Prepare for the SAT As a high school student the chances that you have heard the acronym ―SAT‖ are pretty high. But what exactly is the SAT? Why on earth do you need to take it? And most importantly, how do you prepare for it? For starters, the SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test and universities require it for admission. The SAT is designed to determine how well you will do at any university. SAT has two parts, SAT I and SAT II. SAT I is also called the SAT Reasoning Test and it is a compulsory exam. SAT I is designed to find out your reasoning abilities. SAT II, also called the SAT Subject Test, is an optional test that can be taken for a particular subject from the fields of history, languages, mathematics and sciences. SAT II gives you an opportunity to show your knowledge in a particular subject. There is a lot of information on how to prepare for the SAT that you might not know where to start. It is not as confusing as it might seem, especially if you follow the steps below: Decide when you want to take the SAT. Register at least six months in advance so that you will have to prepare. Obtain a good study guide that explains every section in detail and that has sample questions. Enroll in an online course or join a SAT prep course. Some high schools offer courses like these. Ask your counselor or UT Outreach Director for resources! Start learning every concept carefully. Study the sample questions deliberately. Once you have studied all the sections well enough you should start taking the mock tests. You must time yourself while taking a mock test. Evaluate your performance at every mock test. Get feedback from experienced people. Review the test taking tips on the day prior to your actual exam. Do not study the night prior to your exam. Organize all the required documents ready before going to the exam center. To register for the SAT, visit

Important Websites Applying to Texas Universities? Application now open! The Gates Millennial Scholarship application is now open! Due January 11, 2012! Search for scholarships with free scholarship matching service Find official college planning and preparation tools The Dell Scholars application is now open! Due January 15, 2012! The Hispanic Scholarship Fund application is now open! Due December 15, 2011!

UT Outreach San Antonio November Newsletter  
UT Outreach San Antonio November Newsletter  

UT Outreach San Antonio November Newsletter