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cedartown performers ’ company presents

A Musical Fairy Tale

Music by Stephen Sondheim

Book by James Lapine

August 9, 10 & 11, 2012

Cedartown Performing Arts Center Cedartown, GA


In small towns across America, community theaters serve a tremendous purpose. There is no greater way to bring together diverse members of a community – persons of every age, background and belief – to work together to create living, breathing “slices of life” in the productions that represent their community. If you can act, paint, build, dance, sew, write, or sing – if you love working with others and sharing their enthusiasm – if you’re a leader, an organizer, a listener, or just eager to learn – then there is a place for you in community theater. Our goals at the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company are to revive community theater in Cedartown, so that our friends, our neighbors, and most especially our young people, will have the opportunity to come together, to work together, and to create the memories that will enrich their lives for generations. We want all of Cedartown’s young people to gain the confidence that comes from having hundreds of eyes watching as they say their lines, sing their songs, and display their artistic achievements. We are proud to have formed the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company, so that we can contribute to the vibrant, small-town community experience that we all enjoy in Cedartown. We look forward to working with you all, and to producing memorable productions for years to come. Charles E. Morris, Jr. – William L. Lundy, Jr. – Catharine W. Lundy CEDARTOWN T HEATRICAL P ERFORMERS’ COMPANY P.O. BOX 1018, CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA 30125 770/748-5643 · 770/881-0311 · 770/546-4153

“The arts are fundamental resources through which the world is viewed, meaning is created, and the mind developed.” – Elliot W . Eisner, Professor of Education and Art, Stanford University

cedartown performers ’ company presents

A Musical Fairy Tale

Music by Stephen Sondheim

Book by James Lapine

August 9, 10 & 11, 2012 Cedartown Performing Arts Center Cedartown, GA

DIRECTORS Catharine Lundy, William L Lundy, Jr., Chuck Morris PRODUCERS Catharine Lundy, William L Lundy, Jr., Chuck Morris VOCAL COACH Angela McRee

CHOREOGRAPHERS Lee Lundy Brittany Lane Harris

Into The Woods is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI)

A Message from the Producers Contemplating the passage of time with our children’s theatre is both rewarding and alarming. Rewarding to see so many young and shy performers become incredibly talented actors. Alarming because eight years have passed in the blink of an eye. We have loved bringing children’s theatre to Cedartown, Georgia. The performances reflect talent. We started this theatre with high expectations: We expected our shows to be crisp, acted well, articulate, animated and excellent in every way, including props, drops, orchestra, costumes and stage sets. Mission accomplished. Our previous shows have included Treasure Island, Annie, The Sound of Music, Seussical the Musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, A Christmas Carol and The Wizard of Oz. We are happy to bring you Into the Woods. All of our shows have been blessed with incredible local children. We cannot believe the talent right here in Cedartown, Georgia. The performing arts present such a great learning experience. Performing in front of hundreds and hundreds of people per show represents an incredible accomplishment. To do so well reflects dedication, determination and commitment from these young performers. These shows could not happen without the involvement of many people: Our young actors, advertisers, parents, grandparents and backstage helpers and crew. It’s a complete family affair! We thank the Cedartown City Commission for recognizing the value of children’s theatre and accommodating our requests. We thank Dawn Abney, our new Operations Manager for the auditorium, who has enthusiastically embraced our shows. Tucker Casey of Casey’s Food Store, a locally owned and operated store for over 100 years has always supported our theatre, both financially and in person.

Our orchestra members, who practice diligently to bring you this show, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. . The entire family at Parker and Lundy has worked hard on our show. Our paralegals, Julianna, Leila. Jesse and Brittney, and Carol Aaron, our receptionist. They wear all hats throughout the production period, and serve our clients as well as doing anything that needs doing with our children’s theatre. Catharine and I especially wish to recognize our talented children, Lee, Will, Spencer and Laura. Laura’s role as the Witch is a real stretch for her, as she is anything but. One more show we get to work with our children. Priceless. We thank God every single day for them. Our daughter, Laura, was a drama major at JSU, and had the lead in three JSU shows. We give all glory and credit to our Lord Jesus Christ, whom we serve. May God bless our great country. Thank you to everyone who helped with costumes, and with our set. A special thanks to Megan Keating Morris for all of her hard work in many areas of creating our program. Thank you to Chuck Morris for his expertise in virtually all areas of theatre. He’s a great lawyer, juvenile court judge, and law partner. Finally, we humbly thank you for buying a ticket and being here! Where would we be if you did not show up to encourage these performances? Well, we can tell you, your presence means everything to our young performers. Sit back and enjoy the show. It is a timeless story of fairy tales and our influence on children. Remember, children will listen . . .

Into the Woods is one of the most challenging productions that the Cedartown Theatrical Performers have staged. The complex music and demanding vocals have required a tremendous commitment from our performers during rehearsals all summer. I am always impressed by the level of dedication that our cast members demonstrate, and I am always happy to work with Bill and Catharine Lundy to create the opportunity for these young people to shine. This summer, our cast has been led by Lee Lundy and Will Lundy, who have taken on many responsibilities in directing and producing our shows; Brittany Harris, whose talent and skill is reflected in the choreography and character development; and Jessie Beck and Spencer Lundy, who have worked to organize rehearsals and assist our younger cast members in learning their roles. We have so many people to thank – the parents, grandparents and siblings that support our performers by bringing them to our many rehearsals. Talented musicians such as Angela McRee, Leigh Ann Lundy, Wanda Hutchins and our entire orchestra, who add so much to our productions. Cedartown’s local business owners and individuals, who purchase ads in this program, and purchase tickets to our performances. Additionally, we truly couldn’t stage these shows without the professionals at the Cedartown Performing Arts Center. Dawn Abney, David

Thompson, Neal Beeler and the entire staff are not only generous and patient hosts, but valued advisors and instructors that add tremendous support for our productions. Cedartown is so fortunate to have a performing arts center with the highest caliber technical capacity – and a professional staff capable of fully utilizing this wonderful facility. I must also thank Bill and Catherine Lundy for bringing such energy and dedication to all of our productions. Without their vision and passion, we could not sustain our efforts to expose Cedartown’s children to the performing arts. Every year, my wife Megan Keating has generously given of her artistic talent – and dozens upon dozens of hours of her time – to design our posters, flyers, tickets, t-shirts, and our show program. I am grateful to Megan for putting such a professional public “face” on our shows, with her tireless and inspiring work. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful wife and family, and I appreciate the love and support that Megan and our son Grayson provide for me in all of my “theatrical” endeavors. Thanks for joining us for our journey Into the Woods. We hope you enjoy the show!

Bill Lundy & Catharine Lundy

Chuck Morris

Grace Ann Lundy

You are our shining star! We Love You, Momma and Daddy

Lee, Will and Spencer,


Thanks for the memories!!

You are my role model!!

I love you!

I love you,

Grace Ann

Grace Ann



We love you so much! Dad, Mom and Carson

Hoping you find magic In the Woods Mom, Dad & Stan

Suzanne Ellis

Congratulations Ramplee,

We are so proud! Love, Mom, Davy, Bex, and Daddy

Break a leg,

Mary Beth! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Nana, Andy, Mary, & Mac

Break a leg Elizabeth! We love you! Mom, Jon & Andrew

Elizabeth, We are always amazed by your talent and enthusiasm. You are beautiful inside and out.

We love you, Sunshine! Grandmama & Granddaddy

We are proud of you and love you very much Bea & Pop Ruff

TREY McCULLERS Three out of three dogs agree that… Oh yeah! He’s a righteous dude!

I concur.


Wait…What was the question?

Children will listen . . . Matthew 7:15

With all our love to Laura, Will, Lee & Spencer Lundy! Love, Mom and Dad

To our little STAR! We love you! Daddy, Mama & Ridge

Maggie Hawkins

We Love You! Momma and Daddy

CinderELLA, We are so proud of you! Break a leg and have a ton of fun! Love, Papa, Mama, Harris and Julianne

Cast Narrator …….…….…………… Gabrielle Marangakis Cinderella …………………….. Ella Peek Jack’s Mother …………….….. Kendall Lee Baker ………….………………. Lee Lundy Baker’s Wife ….….……….….. Brittany Harris Cinderella’s Stepmother …….. Jessie Beck Florinda ………………….……. Juliann Andrews Lucinda ……….….……….…… Elizabeth Arencibia Cinderella’s Father …………… JW Perry Little Red Ridinghood ……….. Eleanor Goldin Witch …………….….…………. Laura Lundy Cinderella’s Mother ………….. McCall Pirkle Mysterious Man ….….……….. Matt Kelley Wolf ……………………………. Spencer Lundy Granny ……………….……….. Kate Saxton Rapunzel ………….….………. Mary Beth Tillery Rapunzel’s Prince …….….….. Patrick Wheale Cinderella’s Prince …………… Spencer Lundy Steward …….…….…………… Trey McCullers Giant ………….…….…………. Kate Saxton Snow White ….….….….…….. Kassie Beck Sleeping Beauty ……………… Suzanne Ellis

Festival Goers Isaiah Beck Grace Ann Lundy Asia Turner Maggie Hawkins

Emma Watkins Lily Porterfield Ramplee Colbert

We appreciate the donation of unique and vintage costume pieces. To donate clothing for future shows, please bring items to 212 Main Street during normal business hours, or call Catharine Lundy at 770-881-0311.

Musical Numbers Act I

Act II

Act One Prologue: "Into the Woods" Narrator, company

Act Two Prologue: "So Happy" Narrator, Company

"Cinderella at the Grave" Cinderella, Cinderella's Mother "Hello, Little Girl" Wolf, Little Red Ridinghood "I Guess This Is Goodbye" Jack "Maybe They're Magic" Baker, Baker's Wife "Our Little World" Witch, Rapunzel "Maybe They're Magic" (reprise) Baker "I Know Things Now" Little Red Ridinghood "A Very Nice Prince" Cinderella, Baker's Wife "First Midnight" Company "Giants in the Sky" Jack "Agony" Cinderella's Prince, Rapunzel's Prince "A Very Nice Prince" (reprise) Cinderella, Baker's Wife "It Takes Two" Baker, Baker's Wife "Second Midnight" Company "Stay With Me" Rapunzel, Witch "On the Steps of the Palace" Cinderella Act One Finale: "Ever After" Company

"Agony" (reprise) Cinderella's Prince, Rapunzel's Prince "Witch's Lament" Witch "Any Moment" Cinderella's Prince, Baker's Wife "Any Moment (reprise)" Cinderella's Prince, Baker's Wife "Moments in the Woods" Baker's Wife "Your Fault" Jack, Baker, Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood, Witch "Last Midnight" Witch "No More" Baker, Mysterious Man "No One Is Alone" (part 1) Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood "No One Is Alone" (part 2) Cinderella, Baker, Little Red Ridinghood, Jack Act Two Finale: "Children Will Listen" Company

We wish you the best of luck!

Production Team Rehearsal Pianists ….………….……………..

Leigh Ann Lundy Wanda Hutchins

Lighting Design and Operator …….…………

Neal Beeler

Sound Engineer ……………………………….

David Thompson

Follow Spot Operator ….……………….…….

Edward Guzman

Production Administrator & Ticket Manager .

Carol Aaron

Graphic Design ………………………………..

Megan Keating

Costumes …….………….……….……….…..

Catharine Lundy Shirley Carter Pama Lee Nancy Goldin Lynn Ellis Jessie Beck Chuck Morris Denny Fetkenhour Julie Fetkenhour

Stage Crew …….……….…………….……….

Sets …….….…………….…….……….………

Bill Lundy Catharine Lundy Will Lundy Lee Lundy Spencer Lundy Chuck Morris Molly Edwards

Casting Committee …….………………..……

Chuck Morris Catharine Lundy Bill Lundy

Star light, Star bright, Asia, you’re the shining star tonight!! Break a leg Asia! Love, Astin & Brionna Turner

Orchestra Conductor ……….. Piano .……….……. Horn ….….…….…. Violin ……………… Violin ……………… Clarinet: .…………. Basson …….…….. Trumpet ………….. Trombone ……….. Flute ….…………..

James Willis Wanda Hutchins Rita Carter Brittany Stephens Holly Donadio Deidra Hudson Evan Ledford Tommy Beall Larry St. Clair Lisa Elders

Best Wishes to Asia Mariah Turner “For you hold the Key to a Bright Future”

Remember: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change… Courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.” Love, Grandmother, Shiron, Aunt Sybil & Uncle Stanley

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Into The Woods! Thank you to the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company for bringing this great children’s theatre to Cedartown. You make us all proud!

To Bill, Catharine and Chuck, thank you, And to all our student actors, “Break a leg!” John & Deborah Barrett Daniel & Mandy Barrett

Biographies Juliann Andrews (Florinda) Julieann is a 6th grader at Lundy Christian Academy. This will be her sixth performance with CTPC. She loves being on stage. Julieann also enjoys singing, acting, and dancing. While away from the stage, Julieann enjoys swimming, playing with her friends, eating popcorn and going to Top This, her favorite ice cream place. Julieann would like to thank all the people at CTPC for all the work they put into the shows and she hopes everyone that comes to watch it enjoys it. Isaiah Beck (Festival Goer) Isaiah is an upcoming 4th grader at Youngs Grove Elementary School. This will be his third show and he wishes for many more to be in his future. Isaiah was one of the Lollipop Guild in The Wizard of Oz and Enchanted Flatware in Beauty and the Beast and enjoyed every minute that he spent on stage, even at rehearsal. He has appeared in various church plays and has had special roles in school productions. Isaiah is looking very forward to being in Into the Woods. Kassie Beck (Snow White and Festival Goer) Kassie will be a sophomore this upcoming school year at CHS. She has been in many performances such as; the Variety Show The Planets, CTPC Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, the Follies Cedarvaniamania, and plans on being in future productions. She has also been in singing competitions such as; Cedartown Idol at Cedartown High School and Northwest Ga Idol. Kassie also preformed in S.P.A.S.M. at her high school every Friday. She plans to go to New York someday and pursue a career in acting, singing/songwriting or dancing, or she would like to become a teacher at one of the local Elementary Schools. Kassie is very excited about Into The Woods and any other plays that lies in her future! Jessie Beck (Cinderella’s Stepmother) Jessie is a sophomore at the University of West Georgia, studying Middle Grades Education with a concentration in math and science. She graduated from Cedartown High School in 2011 as valedictorian where she achieved star student, student council president, NHS vice president, and Miss CHS. She appeared in various roles as an actress and dancer in Cedartown High School's variety shows: Exhibit, Seasons, Alice, and Mind Games, as well as being a dance captain for the show Mind Games. She performed in CHS one acts: And, The Diviners, and Boys Next Door. Jessie choreographed The Wizard of Oz with the Cedartown Theatrical Performer's Company, and was cast as a napkin and silly girl in CTPC's production of Beauty and the Beast. She would like to thank Bill and Catharine Lundy for the opportunity to be involved in theatre.

Ramplee Colbert (Festival Goer) Ramplee Colbert will be a seventh grader at Lundy Christian Academy. She made her acting debut in Beauty and the Beast and subsequently narrated the play A Christmas Carol. Ramplee was also a contestant in the LCA talent show and a coil for Kaa the Snake in The Jungle Book. Ramplee starred as a Poppy and was in the Emerald City Ensemble in The Wizard of Oz. She enjoys singing, dancing, being creative and hanging out with her friends. Ramplee wishes to dedicate her performance to Bill and Catharine Lundy for giving her the opportunity to share the role as a festival patron in this years play Into the Woods. This was an honor to be chosen. Always follow your dreams and reach for the stars! Suzanne Ellis (Sleeping Beauty) Suzanne will be a sixth grader at Cedartown Middle School. This is her third appearance with Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company. When not performing with CTPC, she enjoys time on stage with school musicals and 8 years of dance with Second Steps Dance Studio. Other interests include children’s activities and musical programs at Cedartown First Methodist Church, playing tennis with Jordan Hubbard Tennis Academy, and spending time with her multiple pets at home. Eleanor Goldin (Little Red Riding Hood) This is Eleanor's second show with Cedartown Theatrical Performers Company. She previously appeared as The Mayor of the Munchkins, a jitter bug, and part of the emerald city ensemble in The Wizard of Oz. Eleanor has also acted with Rome Little Theatre as well. She would like to thank her family for all of the support they have given her. Eleanor is so excited to be Little Red in Into the Woods and can't wait for the show! Brittany Lane Harris (Baker's Wife) Theatre: Annie as Lily St. Regis (CTPC), The Sound of Music as Liesl VonTrapp (CTPC), Beauty and the Beast as Belle (CTPC), Hair as Crissy (ReVision Theatre), The Scene as Clea (AMDA, NY), Butterflies are Free as Jill (AMDA, NY). Brittany is a recent graduate of The New School University where she received a BFA in Theatre and Screenwriting. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Brittany would like to thank her Mom, Dad, Nan, MaMa, and Bill and Catharine Lundy for everything they do. Also, she would like to thank Will Lundy for always being there and supporting her in everything she does. This performance is dedicated to her Papa, Charles D. Harris. Maggie Hawkins (Festival Goer) Maggie is in the 5th grade at St. Mary's School in Rome, Georgia. This is her second performance with Cedartown Theatrical Performers Company. Her

Biographies previous stage experience includes being in the children's cast in the 2008 Follies Twisted, the 2012 Follies Cedarvania Mania, a solo in St. Mary's School's Christmas production Arrest These Merry Gentlemen in 2010 and in ten dance recitals. She took dance for 5 years at Second Steps in Cedartown and 3 years at Rome Civic Ballet. Maggie was also a "featured extra" in Billy Bob Thornton's upcoming movie Jayne Mansfield's Car. Maggie also attends First Baptist Church and is in the youth choir. She enjoys tennis, running, soccer, tumbling, and art. Maggie dedicates this performance to her parents Mark and Kim Hawkins.

Dance Studio and is on the Cedartown Middle School basketball cheerleading squad. In addition, Kendall is a fourth year piano student and has participated in numerous school productions. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Kendall would like to thank CTPC, especially Bill, Catharine and Chuck, as well as her fellow actors and actresses for another wonderful experience this summer. She hopes everyone enjoys the show and the adventure Into the Woods!

Catharine W. Lundy (Director/Producer/Costumes) Catharine is a co-founder of the Cedartown Theatrical Performers Company, LLC along with her husband, Bill, Matt Kelley (Mysterious Man) Matt is 14 years old and is entering ninth grade at Lundy and Chuck Morris. Catharine has brought her talents to children’s theatre productions of Treasure Island, Annie, Christian Academy. Matt’s most recent performance The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, Seussical was the lead role of Mowgli in LCA’s production of the Musical, A Christmas Carol, The Wizard of Oz and Disney’s The Jungle Book. Previously, Matt joined the now, Into the Woods. Catharine sews, selects, and cast of the Cedartown Follies, where he performed in designs many of the costumes you will see onstage and the chorus, and sang a solo. Last summer, Matt enjoys every minute of it! In the last year, Catharine has performed as the title character (the Wizard) and designed costumes for the Jacksonville State University Professor Marvel in the Cedartown Theatrical productions of Leading Ladies and Freedom Riders. Performers’ Company production of The Wizard of Oz. Matt has also appeared in many other LCA productions, Catharine is a 1980 graduate of Jefferson Christian Academy in Birmingham, Alabama, and a 1990 starring as the lead role of Hansel in the school’s performance of Hansel and Gretel. In the LCA black box graduate of Jacksonville State University with a B.S. Degree in Accounting and a minor in English. Catharine production of The Boxcar Children, Matt portrayed Dr. has served as a paralegal at Parker and Lundy for 27 Moore, and earlier performed in the lead role of Tom years and owns Weddings Plus here in Cedartown, Sawyer in the school’s 2010 production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Later that year, Matt performed with the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company as Fred Swann, Scrooge’s nephew, in A Christmas Carol. In 2009, he performed on stage with CTPC as the Bookseller and Wolf in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Matt is an active member of Four Mile Baptist Church, and enjoys swimming, riding bikes, traveling, playing the piano, performing, and spending time with family and friends. Matt is thrilled to perform again with CTPC, and thanks everyone for the opportunity. He also would like to thank his family for being so supportive of him. Most of all, Matt gives God the glory for all the blessings He has provided him. Kendall Lee (Jack’s Mother) Kendall is a sixth grade student at Cedartown Middle School. This is her fifth performance with the CTPC. In CTPC’s last production, The Wizard of Oz, Kendall played the role of Auntie Em and appeared as a Poppy and a Packer in the Emerald City. In previous CTPC productions, Kendall played the role of Maxine, a Narrator in A Christmas Carol, Flower Lady in Beauty and the Beast and a Who in Seussical the Musical. In the spring of 2010, Kendall also played the role of Susie Harper in LCA’s production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She is extremely excited to be cast this year as Jack’s Mother in CTPC’s production of Into the Woods. Kendall is an eight year dance student at Second Steps

Biographies providing wedding invitations and gifts as well as high school graduation announcements. Catharine appeared as a featured extra in the upcoming Paramount Picture’s film Jayne Mansfield’s Car, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Robert DuVall and Kevin Bacon, and as an extra in the feature film 42, which was filmed in Atlanta. Catharine has been married to Bill for 29 years (June 4, 1983), and they have four children who have all been a part of the theatre: Laura, age 24, Will and Lee, age 18, and Spencer, age 17. Catharine also teaches at Lundy Christian Academy, located at 242 East Avenue in Cedartown, Georgia. Catharine is thrilled to be a producer of Into the Woods, and to once again put together the costumes for this show. Grace Ann Lundy (Festival Goer) Grace Ann first appeared on stage in 2006 at three years of age with the Cedartown Theatrical Performing Company’s (CTPC) Broadway production Annie. She next appeared on stage in 2008 in Seussical the Musical where her acting skills were expanded to include roles as a Cadet and a Circus performer. In 2009, she had a major role in CTPC’s Broadway production Beauty and the Beast as Chip. CTPC then produced A Christmas Carol in 2010 where Grace Ann performed as Belinda Cratchit. In the Spring of 2010 she performed in Lundy Christian Academy’s Tom Sawyer playing the role of Hope Austin. She also performed with Lundy Christian Academy in 2011 in their Spring production of Hansel and Gretel as the musical Doll. Grace Ann is a third grade high honor student at Covenant Christian School here in Cedartown. She reads on a 6th grade level, and was awarded “Best Reader” in 2nd grade. Grace Ann enjoys singing, dancing, acting, watching movies, and she adores animals! She has taken piano lessons from her Mom for 3 years and she will be entering her seventh year of dance at Second Steps Dance Studio. She is actively involved in the children’s programs of First Baptist Church, where she is a member, and she sings and plays piano solos in church as well. Grace Ann is once again thrilled to be a part of the cast of Into the Woods. She loves to act on stage with Laura and “her boys”, Lee, Will, and Spencer. Grace Ann would like to thank Uncle Bill, Aunt Cat-Cat, and Chuck for the opportunity to be on stage again! Laura Lundy (The Witch) Into the Woods marks Laura’s fifth stage performance with the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company. Laura previously was the stage manager for CTPC’s production The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast. She made her directorial debut with CTPC’s Beauty and the Beast. She is thrilled to be a part of this whole process. Laura is an upcoming third year at Cumberland School of Law. She most recently returned from Los Angeles, California where she was attending The Lee

Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Laura graduated Magna Cum Laude from Jacksonville State University, where she played tennis on full scholarship and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama. While at JSU, Laura was named to the Phi Kappa Phi academic honor society. In addition, Laura performed in three main stage shows while at JSU: All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, Sylvia, in which she portrayed the part of Kate, and Eurydice, in which she portrayed Eurydice. Susan McCain directed all three of the shows at JSU. With Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company, she has performed in four previous shows. In Treasure Island she portrayed the part of Belle Gunn. In Annie, she was Grace Farrell. Sound of Music marked her third show with CTPC in which she played the part of Maria. Her fourth performance was Seussical the Musical where she played the part of Mayzie La Bird. Laura would like to thank all that her parents, Bill and Catharine, do for her. She would also like to thank her brothers for sharing yet another show with her. Most of all, she thanks God for her talents and for all the opportunities. Enjoy the show! Lee Lundy (Jack) Theatre: Treasure Island as Jim Hawkins (CTPC), Annie as Drake the Butler (CTPC), The Sound of Music as Friedrich von Trapp (CTPC), Seussical the Musical as The Cat in the Hat (CTPC), Disney's Beauty and the Beast as Lumiere (CTPC), A Christmas Carol as Ebenezer Scrooge (CTPC), The Wizard of Oz as Scarecrow (CTPC), Leading Ladies as Leo Clark (JSU Drama Department), Treasure Island as Jim Hawkins (Rome Little Theatre), You Can't Take It with You as Jim (Rome Little Theatre), ALICE as Dance Swing (CHS Drama Department, Tom Sawyer as The Schoolmaster (LCA Drama Department), Hansel and Gretel as Frack (LCA Drama Department, The Jungle Book as Kaa the Snake (LCA Drama Department. Film: Jayne Mansfield's Car as Featured Extra. Lee's hobbies include 14 years of piano, French, reading, and painting. Lee is an upcoming freshman at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA, where he will pursue a degree in Theatre. Lee received his Acting for Beginner's certificate from the Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. Spencer Lundy (Wolf, Cinderella’s Prince) Spencer is a student at the Lundy Christian Academy. This is Spencer’s eighth show with Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company. Previously, Spencer has appeared in Treasure Island (Captain Flint) Annie, The Sound of Music (Kurt), Seussical (JoJo) Beauty and the Beast (Gaston) and A Christmas Carol (Bob Cratchit), the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz and as an extra in the Paramount Pictures movie, Jayne Mansfield’s Car where Spencer sported a "60's" haircut! When he’s not in a play, Spencer also enjoys playing

Biographies the guitar. He recently competed in the Texaco Country Showdown. Spencer would like to thank his parents, Bill and Catharine, his brothers, Lee and Will, and his favorite sister in the world, Laura, for their love and support! Will Lundy (The Baker) Will is a freshman at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Theatre roles include: The Wizard of Oz as the Cowardly Lion (Cedartown Theatrical Performers' Company), A Christmas Carol as Jacob Marley/Mr. Fezziwig/Old Joe (CTPC), Disney's Beauty and the Beast as the Beast (CTPC), Seussical the Musical as Horton the Elephant (CTPC), The Sound of Music as Rolf Gruber (CTPC), Annie as Burt Healey (CTPC), Treasure Island as O'Brien (CTPC), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as Huckleberry Finn (CTPC), Shadowlands as Douglas Grisham (CTPC). Tap Dance Performances Include: The Wizard of Oz (Kennesaw Dance Troupe) and Boogie Shoes (KDT). Will received his Conservatory Training at the Tony Award winning Alliance Theater. In his spare time Will enjoys playing the drums, competing in USTA tennis tournaments, reading, hiking, fishing, writing, swimming, and just about any other verbs ending in -ing. In the fall, Will played football for the Unity Christian School Lions, who went on to win the State Championship title. To his

friends and family, thank you for such a fun and incredible experience… so far. To his parents, Bill and Catharine Lundy, I am forever in your debt (financially and figuratively). To Brittany Harris, "It got better." To everyone in the cast, break a leg. To the audience, have a great time, enjoy the show, and God bless us everyone! William L. Lundy, Jr. (Director/Producer) Bill is a co-founder of the Cedartown Theatrical Performers Company, LLC, along with his wife, Catharine Lundy and law partner, Chuck Morris. Their desire to introduce the performing arts to a town that did not have a young performers’ theatre has been a driving force behind its creation. Professionally, Bill is the senior partner at the law firm of PARKER AND LUNDY. Bill primarily handles serious personal injury claims to jury trial or settlement, claims for injured workers in Georgia and Alabama, and wrongful death claims against trucking companies and nursing home facilities. Bill is a committed trial lawyer, establishing record verdicts in two cases involving the mistreatment of the elderly, with jury verdicts of $9,502,683.00 in Walker State Court, Lafayette, Georgia and $2,000,000.00 in Polk Superior Court, in Cedartown. Bill won a landmark decision in the United States Supreme Court in 1993. Bill is a 1977 graduate of Cedartown High School and a 1981 graduate of Jacksonville State University, where he signed a full football scholarship and was a letterman on 3 Gulf South Conference championship teams with 3 NCAA Football Playoff appearances. Bill graduated from the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He has also served as Chairman of the Disciplinary Board of the State Bar of Georgia and as President of the General Trial and Practice Section of the State Bar of Georgia. Bill as found a new hobby related to his passion for the performing arts. Last summer, Bill was cast as a reporter in the upcoming Paramount Pictures movie Jayne Mansfield’s Car, filmed right here in downtown Cedartown, Georgia. The entire Lundy family was cast as extras and enjoyed the experience. After Jayne Mansfield’s Car, Bill has appeared as a featured extra in four additional film and television projects including The Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Following (as a courtroom lawyer, no less), Trouble with the Curve, in a scene with Clint Eastwood, and 42. The release dates are set for early to middle 2013. Bill has been married to the former Catharine Wells of Birmingham, Alabama, for 29 years and they have four children: Laura, age 24, Will and Lee, age 18, and Spencer, age 17. Bill maintains his law practice in Cedartown, Georgia with his brother, Richard J. Lundy and Charles E. Morris, Jr. as Parker and Lundy. Bill and Catharine also started a Christian academy known as Lundy Christian Academy located at 242 East Avenue in Cedartown, Georgia, which is now entering its

Biographies seventh year. Bill also was recently recognized by the State Bar of Georgia in awarding him the Chief Justice Robert Benham Award for Professionalism and Community Service for 2012, which recognized his contribution to the legal profession and his community. Gabrielle Marangakis (Narrator) Gabrielle is a recent graduate from Shorter University. She took ballet for seventeen years. Her past musical performances include Beauty and the Beast, Crazy for You, and Grease. She was also involved in drama at Cedartown High School. This is her second performance with Cedartown Theatrical Performers Company. Last summer, Gabrielle appeared as the Emerald City Guard in The Wizard of Oz. Trey McCullers (Steward) Trey McCullers is a twelve-year-old up and coming seventh grade student at Lundy Christian Academy. Trey is about to enter his third year with Lundy Christian Academy. He enjoys playing baseball, riding his dirt bike, and camp fires. Trey also enjoys movie production. During the summer of 2011, Trey filmed for eight days around Cartersville and Atlanta for his screen debut as an orphan in the movie The Three Stooges, which was released on April 13, 2012. His favorite subject in school is history and his favorite college football team is the University of Florida where he plans to matriculate. Trey made his stage debut as George (the baker) in LCA’s production of The Box Car Children; subsequently, in Cedartown Theatrical Performer’s Company’s production of A Christmas Carol, Trey portrayed the young boy near the end of the play that Scrooge calls down to from his window to fetch a turkey.

also chairman of the Cedartown Civic Arts Commission Board, and a member of the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation Board of Directors. Among his favorite roles on the community theater stage, Chuck has enjoyed playing Jethro in The Beverly Hillbillies, Freddie in Noises Off, and Charlie in The Foreigner. In the past year, Chuck has appeared as an extra in several feature films and television pilots filmed within Georgia, including The Trouble with the Curve, 42, The Devil’s Knot, Revolution and The Following. Chuck is married to the lovely and talented Megan Keating, who he first met while they were both volunteering to work on a Rome Little Theatre production. Chuck thanks Megan for all of her inspiration, patience and support, as it is her skill and artistry as a graphic designer that makes our posters, tickets and programs into the special keepsakes that we all enjoy. Ella Peek (Cinderella) Ella is a student at the Darlington School. This is Ella’s sixth show with the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company. Previously, Ella has appeared in The Sound of Music (Marta) Seussical (Baby Kangaroo) Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (Townsperson) A Christmas Carol (Martha Cratchit) and The Wizard of Oz (Tree, Jitterbug, Poppy, Emerald City Packer.) Ella would like to thank her parents and family for their love and support.

J.W. Perry (Cinderella’s Father) J.W. is 13 years old and a straight A student at Cedartown Middle School. This is J.W.’s sixth show with the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company. J.W. previously appeared in The Sound of Music, Seussical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, A Christmas Carol and The Wizard of Oz. J.W. would like to thank Chuck Morris and Bill and Catherine Lundy for their constant support and encouragement through the years, and for Chuck Morris (Producer/Director) the many opportunities that the CTPC has afforded him. Chuck earned a B.A. in Theatre from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. After college, Chuck Many thanks are also extended to all of his family and friends for their love and support and to the cast/crew performed in regional touring productions with Theatre for making all of his experiences in the theatre so IV and The Patchwork Players, and also spent three amazing. To all of you: God Bless and enjoy the show! summers performing in The Lost Colony. Chuck graduated from Georgia State University’s College of Kiersten “McCall” Pirkle (Cinderella’s Stepmother) Law in 1998, and is a partner at the law firm of Parker McCall is fifteen years old and is an upcoming and Lundy. Chuck also serves as a part-time Juvenile Court Judge for Polk and Haralson Counties. Since co- sophomore at the Lundy Christian Academy (LCA). She has been very active in the performing arts from a founding the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ young age. This will be McCall’s seventh performance Company in 2004, Chuck has worked with Bill and Catharine Lundy to provide performing opportunities for with CTPC. Her previous roles include an ensemble orphan in Annie, Sister Margaretta in The Sound of Cedartown’s children and teenagers. Chuck coMusic, a bird girl in Seussical the Musical, The directed/co-produced The Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Fezziwig in A Carol, Annie, The Sound of Music, and Seussical the Musical, and co-produced Treasure Island and Disney’s Christmas Carol, and Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz. In addition to CTPC performances, Beauty and the Beast with CTPC. Chuck directed On Golden Pond, You Can’t Take it With You and Clue the McCall has appeared in Cedartown Junior Service Musical at Rome Little Theatre, and he presently serves League’s 2004 and 2008 Follies, Stars in Our Eyes production of Grease, and the Rockmart Civic Arts as President of the RLT Board of Directors. Chuck is

Biographies Commission production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. She has also appeared as Aunt Polly in Tom Sawyer and Mother in Hansel and Gretel with LCA. Other than musical theatre, McCall has studied dance for 9 years including tap, jazz, ballet, Pointe, and lyrical at the Rockmart Ballet Garden. McCall has received numerous awards for her singing talent, most recently winning Cedartown Idol 2011. McCall would like to thank Chuck Morris and each of the Lundy’s for their wonderful guidance and support throughout each performance.

CHS drama club and has enjoyed performing in their annual variety shows. In addition to theater, Mary Beth enjoys acting on film and has appeared in several television commercials. Mary Beth also is passionate about dancing, having recently been selected to attend an intensive summer session with the Atlanta Ballet. Other interests include singing and playing guitar.

Asia Turner (Festival Goer) Asia will be a Fifth grader this fall at Cherokee Elementary School. This is her fourth performance with Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company, previously appearing in The Wizard of Oz as Munchkin and Lily Porterfield (Festival Goer) Teacher #1, A Christmas Carol as a Narrator and Lily will be a 5th grader this fall. This is her second performance with Cedartown Theatrical Performers.Last Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as an Enchanted Flatware. Asia has performed with the Art Center summer, Lily played the roles of Munchkin Miss #3, Theatre in Rockmart, GA in the shows Alice and Poppy, Emerald City Manicurist in The Wizard of Oz. Wonderland and 101 Dalmatians. While away from the Lily enjoys singing solos for school events, churches theater, Asia attends Thankful Baptist Church in Rome, and other outside events. While away from school she GA. She is active in the children choir and Abundant also enjoys swimming, and loves to take dance at Praise Dance Ministry at church. She attends JoAnn Second Steps Dance in Cedartown and enjoys taking Collier Dance Studio in Rome where she enjoys ballet, and playing the piano. At school, Lily enjoys science and raising money for needy children at Christmas. Lily tap, and jazz. She also is a member of the Girl Scouts. has enjoyed Into the Woods and looks forward to all the At Cherokee, Asia excels as a Renaissance student and performing in school productions. This year she was performances. Lily would like to thank her mother and father and everyone that helped get her to and from the chosen as a member of Good Morning Cherokee She would like to thank CTPC for giving her another practices making it possible for her to be in these opportunity to perform on stage. Asia is very excited shows. about Into the Woods, and would like to dedicate her performance to her family. Kate Saxton (Grann and The Giant) Kate is going into the 10th grade at Lundy Christian Academy and is very excited to be a part of Into the Emma Rose Watkins (Festival Goer) Woods! Her previous roles include Granddaughter Emma is the daughter of Heath and Jessica Watkins. (2006 CHS Variety Show), Scat Cat (RCAC's The She will soon be 9 years old and going into the 3rd Aristocats), Tweedle Dum (RCAC'S Alice in grade at Cherokee Elementary. This will be her fourth Wonderland), ensemble (CTPC's Beauty and the Beast), Wicked Witch of the West (CTPC'S The Wizard production with the Cedartown Theatrical Performers of Oz), and several roles in school productions. She has and she gets more excited with each show. Last year, Emma was very excited to be a Munchkin in The Wizard also danced with various ballet groups over the last of Oz, which is one of her favorite movies! When she is twelve years. She would like to thank her family not following her big brothers around, she enjoys (especially her family at CTPC) for helping her prepare watching movies, riding her bicycle, and being a for this role. tomboyish diva. She is so very grateful, to once again, be part a magical show. Mary Beth Tillery (Rapunzel) Mary Beth s a rising eleventh grader at Cedartown High Patrick Wheale (Rapunzel’s Prince) Patrick is a third School. This is her sixth performance with Cedartown year law student at the Cumberland School of Law, Theatrical Performers’ Company. Mary Beth made her where he is a candidate for his Juris Doctorate degree debut with CTPC in The Sound of Music. She also in 2013. He is a 2007 graduate of The Citadel in appeared in CTPC’s productions of Seussical the Charlston, South Carolina. Patrick is making his acting Musical, Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, and debut and is very excited to be a part of Into the Woods. A Christmas Carol in which she played the role of the He hopes everyone enjoys the show and thanks Bill, Ghost of Christmas Past. At school, Mary Beth is a member of the National Honor Society and International Catharine, and Chuck for the opportunity to spread his wings a bit. Thespian Society. She is an active participant of the

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