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September 24 - October 3, 2010 DIRECTOR PRODUCER






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Message from the Producer

t seems like only yesterday when Chuck asked me to be the producer for this production. Actually it was several months ago, at Chuck & Megan’s house, at the end of the 12 Angry Men cast party. The thought had not occurred to me at all to produce this show, and I had not even thought about being involved—I even told him that I was planning to audition for Annie. But the combination of my affection for Chuck as a friend, my great respect for him as a director, my level of appreciation for all the times he has worked himself to death to help me put MY shows together, the realization that this man was very passionate about bringing this musical to the RLT stage, and the fact that he landed JASON FORDHAM as the music director led me to accept this challenge. It has been an exciting ride indeed! Many questioned our decision to hold auditions as early as we did, but that was a move that unwittingly helped save this production. The day after our auditions was the day that the DeSoto caught fire. Now everyone knows this catastrophe resulted in Peter Pan being moved back two weeks, which was both a blessing AND a curse for them. We, however, did not change our dates, which resulted in us having the stage two weeks less than the normal allotted time. The extra time we spent off site learning our music and our stage blocking literally saved the integrity of this production. I have experienced almost every moment of this production process, and it has been an exhausting yet rewarding ride for me. I have so many people to thank, and my hope is that no one will be omitted due to the eminent demise of my brain. I solicited someone early on, before auditions began, to “shadow” me, and to prepare themselves to perhaps produce in the future. Carol Murchland expressed interest quickly, and I hope she has learned half as much as I have gained by having her by my side helping me in every way possible during this production (excepting the times where she was playing “lion tamer” during Peter Pan). She also served with me on the Ladies Night Out Committee (I will address that group in THAT program) and did so much work there as well. Thank you, Carol. Dave Willis signed on as Stage Manager early on, and was willing to do anything asked of him— he even auditioned when we were afraid we would be short of men! Dave is always dependable, accountable, and responsible, and I can think of few other people I would trust a show with. He and his team put a lot of work in to make this complicated production look sensational, and you will now see the positive results of that labor. Thank you, Dave. The position of Promotional Manager is a new one; at least the title is new, even if the work itself has always existed. Naomi Williams took on this job, also in the middle of Peter Pan, and has been indispensable. If you heard about this

show, and you must have or you wouldn’t be reading this, then chances are that you heard about it because of Naomi’s efforts. She has taken so much work and stress from me during this production, and has juggled multiple projects with calmness and competence. Thank you, Naomi. I know I will start repeating some of Chuck’s words soon, not even yet knowing what they are, but even a small cast show has so many people needed to put it together, and I am very grateful to Greg Asbury for not only designing our sound and training technical support, but also for recording music for the times when our wonderful accompanist Bradley Harris couldn’t be there; to Bradley for his hard work, his cooperative spirit, and his efforts to secure us alternate rehearsal space; to Becky Magruder, for her usual expert job with costuming; to Katherine Clonts, for her hard work and patience in choreographing this abnormal bunch; to Mary Ortwein, for her assistance with props AND of course the box office; to Pam Shoemaker and Suzanne Clonts, for taking care of House in their usual competent and organized manner; to Megan Keating, who had a hand in virtually every aspect of the production, from set design to program design to shirt design to multiple poster creation to making props to designing game pieces—I know I’m leaving another million things out!—Megan, I don’t want to ever imagine doing a show without your amazing talents; to the aforementioned Jason Fordham, who worked so hard and so long and so (mostly) patiently to get these singers in show shape—you are truly remarkable; to our amazing cast—I will acknowledge you personally for your contributions outside the stage-- but please know that this cast did everything from putting the set together, coaching fellow actors on vocals, accompaniment, putting up the display window, sponsoring our Ladies’ Night Out event, helping promote the show, all the while working hard to learn all of the difficult dialogue and songs in multiple rehearsal sites; and of course Chuck, who put his heart and soul into creating a vision for a show much unlike anything RLT has attempted previously. Chuck I admire your courage for tackling this beast, for staying consistent in your gameplan no matter what obstacles we had, and for always maintaining a calm, pleasant (99% of the time, at least) demeanor. Not to mention all the set designing, set constructing, light designing, and all the rest of the stuff that you always go above and beyond doing. RLT is so fortunate to have you, and this can never be said enough. Finally, thanks to you, our wonderful patrons. Whoever says that there is nothing to do in Rome just isn’t paying attention. There is always a plethora of wonderful entertainment choices, and we are honored that today you made the choice to visit us. It is our intention to always reward you for your choice.

Wayne Jones

Rome Little Theatre

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Clue the Musical

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2010-2011 SEASON

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Message from the Director


have been blessed to be surrounded by a top-flight production team for Clue the Muscial. Our producer, Wayne Jones, completely devoted himself to the show - which is exactly how he approaches every project he undertakes. With his organization, experience and insight, he has been a cornerstone for our show. I can't imagine how we would have mastered the complexities of Clue's music without Jason Fordham, our music director. Jason is a true professional, offering valuable coaching and encouragement while conducting vocal rehearsals with efficiency and precision. Jason led our actors through a challenging rehearsal period, and helped them to find their strengths and shine. Jason also recruited and rehearsed our very talented orchestra. Bradley Harris, Kim Brackett and Gwendolyn Watson have conquered this challenging music. Their diligence and talent have created fantastic accompaniment. Naomi Williams, our Promotional Manager, has worked very hard to generate publicity and exposure for our show. Naomi and Wayne put together a hard-working committee to make our Ladies Night Out performance a success. Thank you to the entire Ladies' Night Out Committee, Wayne, Naomi, Sandy Davis, Megan Keating, Alison Cox, Michelle Picon, Jennifer Chandler, Carol Murchland and Mary Walker. By continuing the Ladies' Night Out tradition, they generate a great audience for a fun event, and also provide us with an opportunity to work with others in our community to support their worthy causes. Our stage manager, Dave Willis, and his crew have kept all of our many moving parts working smoothly, and have helped our cast feel confident and comfortable as performances begin. Our production designer, Megan Keating, has worked to unify all aspects of our production - from printed materials, to colorful weapon props, and to the game board that is our set. Megan's vision - with the assistance of Becky Magruder as both a set painter and costumier - has recreated the elements of the classic board game, for all of us to enjoy. I'm not sure how to describe Greg Asbury, other than to say he is quite simply a technical genius. To me, genius means both inspiration and perspiration, in equal parts. Greg works very hard at RLT, and also brings creativity and an unflinching "can do" attitude to his work. We all owe Greg a debt of gratitude, not just for his work on the sound for Clue and our other productions, but also for his inspiration and dedication in upgrading the DeSoto Theatre. Katie Price has proved to be quite skillful and dedicated with her work on the lighting for Clue. Unlike some volunteers her age, Katie has come early, stayed late, watched intently, listened to directions and most importantly, applied everything that she absorbed. Katie shows a lot of initiative, and while working with her on our lights, I've found that she is a quick study who strives for perfection with every cue. Katherine Clonts, our choreographer, is another young and talented volunteer who made a great contribution to

our show. Katherine choreographed our dance numbers, and worked directly with me to stage "The Murder." Katherine not only made exacting notes that provided a great reference for the cast, she kept an upbeat and cheerful attitude that inspired confidence in the process. As a teenager working with experienced and talented adults, Katherine more than held her own - she showed real leadership and talent, and helped us get the musical numbers on their feet. As impressed as I was with each of our performers at auditions, I've marveled at their progress throughout the rehearsal period. We have a diverse bunch on stage, and each person has brought so much to the show. Ben Peck (with his electric suit) has really made Mr. Green a delight to watch. Throughout rehearsals, Ben made us laugh every day with his excellent comic character work. Ben is also a skilled carpenter who built much of the set. His upbeat, cheerful attitude makes Ben a pleasure to work with. I'm so glad that Leigh Barba returned to the DeSoto stage for Clue. She has great talent and instincts as an actress. Leigh's commitment to finding additional humor in the delivery of Miss Scarlett's lines and, of course, her creation of the spins and twirls that only a "Miss Nuclear Waste Pageant" winner can pull off, have created a memorable character. I'm pretty sure that, if you can write something down on paper, Laura Dutton can read it and make it funny. She has nailed the role of Mrs. Peacock from the moment that we started this process. As far as Laura's talent as a musician goes, it is really a great comfort to a director to know that the three-page solo in the middle of your show will be the least of your worries. Laura has created some memorable moments on the DeSoto stage, and her turn as Mrs. Peacock will serve as yet another example of her talents as both a comedienne, and a vocalist. The youngest member of our cast, Jonathan Chisolm, has perhaps the most daunting task in our show. The author's notes for Mrs. White - a character written to be played by a crossdressing man - call for a performer with a very wide vocal range. Jonathan's abilities cover that need very well. He has brought an enthusiasm to our rehearsals, and always spends a lot of time working on his character away from the theater. As a director, one enjoys working with actors that are willing to take risks and try unconventional things on stage. Jonathan has fearlessly attacked the role of Mrs. White, and in doing so has created many funny moments during the show. Bob Moulard is as erudite, intellectual and witty as the character he portrays in Professor

Plum - and he's a great character actor to boot. Bob's creativity and mastery of language made him an obvious choice to play our Professor. In addition to his excellent delivery, Bob's facial expressions truly highlight his scenes with the Detective and Mrs. White. Bob has really "found" the character of Professor Plum. I have directed Tiff Magruder previously, and I've learned that I can really rely on Tiff to find the many little things to do on stage - the little bits of "business" that a character completes when he's not delivering a line - that allow him to assemble a character piece by piece. I rarely have to make suggestions for Tiff, who always finds the perfect finishing touches to round out his work on stage. His physical comedy, precise timing and commitment to the details have created a great Colonel Mustard. Our "non-suspects" - Mr. Boddy and the Detective - add so much to our eclectic ensemble. As Mr. Boddy, Levi Burdick establishes an enjoyable atmosphere at the beginning of our show with his grace and ease on stage. For the audience, Levi is "the constant" in Clue, keeping them engaged and interested in the story from beginning to end. It is great to work with Levi not only because of his talent and presence as an actor, but because he brings a positive energy and upbeat approach to every rehearsal. Angela Jones establishes a commanding presence as soon as she enters as the Detective. Angela is a take-charge person, which is reflected on stage in the Detective's determination to dissect these colorful suspects and solve the murder. For our play, this creates the dramatic tension that moves our story to its conclusion. By taking these suspects to task, Angela plays this role very well. Like her husband, Angela always finds so many ways to contribute to a production, always taking extra time to finish the thankless tasks that keep us on track at RLT. Finally, I'd like to thank my wife Megan, whose daily support and encouragement helps me stay focused when I direct a play. Megan is my greatest sounding board, often helping figure out issues ranging from the best choices for scenery and lighting, to the best way to address a challenging situation with a performer or volunteer. Simply put, I couldn't do this without Megan. It has truly been a joy directing Clue the Musical. We thank you for your attendance and support, and hope that you enjoy our show!

Chuck Morris

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Clue the Musical Cast

Leigh Barba Miss Scarlett

Levi Burdick Mr. Boddy

Jonathan Chisolm Mrs. White

Laura Dutton Mrs. Peacock

Angela Jones Detective

Tiff Magruder Colonel Mustard

Robert Moulard Professor Plum

Ben Peck Mr. Green

Clue the Musical Cast Mr. Boddy ......................... Levi Burdick Mrs. Peacock..................... Laura Dutton Professor Plum ................. Robert Moulard Miss Scarlett ..................... Leigh Barba Colonel Mustard ............... Tiff Magruder Mrs. White ........................ Jonathan Chisolm Mr. Green ......................... Ben Peck Detective .......................... Angela Jones

Clue the Musical Orchestra Piano ................................ Bradley Harris Cello ................................. Gwendolyn Watson Percussion ....................... Kim Brackett

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We love you, Detective!

Break a Leg! Love, Wayne and the Girls!

Director Chuck!

Break A Leg!

Congratulations for a GREAT SHOW!! Love, Megan and Grayson

To our hard-nosed Detective, Keep turning over stones, Turning over suspects, And turning over when you sleep!

Break a leg! We love you! Mom & dad

Clue the Musical Crew Assistant Producer............. Carol Murchland Light Board Operator.......... Katie Price Spot Operator .................... Chase Brackett Sound Board Operators ..... Greg Asbury, Sam Canuel Costume Design ................ Becky Magruder Hair/Makeup Design .......... Holly Moore Hair/Makeup Crew ............. Kendall Garner Properties .......................... Mary Ortwein, Megan Keating Production Designer/ Graphic Designer/Photos... Megan Keating Promotional Manager ........ Naomi Williams Window Decorator ............. Angela Jones Backstage Crew ...............

Mary Walker, Ginger McClure, Virginia M. McChesney, Vickie Brown, Keith Williams, Jesse Kindred, Mallie Powell, Daniel Murchland, Cardie McClure, Chris Carey

Set Construction................. Ben Peck, Ed Baker, Chuck Morris, Dave Willis, Tiff Magruder, Dennis Bentgengston, Coni Carey Set Decorators/Painters .... Brittany Luksic, Megan Keating, Becky Magruder, Angela Jones, Kendell Garner House Managers .……...... Suzanne Clonts, Pam Shoemaker

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Clue the Musical Biographies Leigh Barba (Miss Scarlett) Leigh is a native Roman, and former “Miss Rome”, who started her Rome Little Theatre performances by playing “Stupefyin’ Jones” in Lil’ Abner at the age of 15. Since then she has played “Cinderella” in the Sondheim Musical Into the Woods and Scrooge’s long lost love in Dicken’s classic The Christmas Carol. Leigh has also had walk-on roles in major motion pictures including Navy Seals starring Charlie Sheen; co-hosted a morning radio show for Q-102.3 FM, and modeled for various ad campaigns that ran in publications including, “Modern Bride”, “Vogue” and “W”. She is a Rome Little Theatre “Legacy” because her mother Mary Ann Brock and grandmother Florence Brock are former “Little Roman” recipients for their roles in RLT productions. Leigh has studied voice and piano at Shorter University and completed studies at the University of Georgia in International Public Relations. She is currently the Executive Director of the Rome Area History Museum and the Public Relations Director for Emilia Imports Company, a wine import business. Leigh is married to Piero Barba and has two wonderful stepchildren, Anthony Barba and Elisa Forino. Kim Brackett (Percussion) Kim’s entire family is involved with Rome Little Theatre. Her three sons Evan, Chase, and Isaac, and her husband Dr. Neal Brackett, have all been seen regularly on the DeSoto stage. Kim is a “behind the scenes” personality, having worked with the box office, house committee, make-up, costuming, lighting, and most often, playing in the pit orchestra. Kim’s love of theater began with a viewing of Oklahoma! on TV when she was about 8 years old and has continued ever since. The first musicals she played as a percussionist were West Side Story, and fittingly, Oklahoma!, with theater companies in Massachusetts during the 1970’s. The total of shows that Kim has played now totals well over 50… (There is a point where one stops counting, rather like birthdays!) In Rome, she has performed musicals with the Prospect Theater Co., Darlington School, Stars in Our Eyes, ICON, R.O.M.E. and Shorter College, as well as Rome Little Theater. Kim currently plays with a number of musical groups including the North West Georgia Winds and the 8th Regiment Band. She is the timpanist and principle percussionist with the Rome Symphony Orchestra.

Levi Burdick (Mr. Boddy) Levi Burdick is an International Man of Mystery and is rapidly accumulating an impressive resume of theatrical performances with the Rome Little Theatre. Beginning with reprising the role made famous by the legendary Paul Newman, Mr. Burdick introduced himself to audiences as Brick Pollitt in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, where his performance touched the hearts of Tennessee Williams fans and saw Levi nominated for a Roman Award in the category of Best Actor. Being a team player, Levi followed up this effort by playing an illiterate juror in Inherit the Wind, a butler, a chauffeur, and a Transylvanian Prince in My Fair Lady, and, most recently, tackling another legend as the infamous Humphrey Bogart in Play It Again, Sam, where he was nominated for another Roman Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor. Often called a wolf pack of one, Levi Burdick is a man so feared that sharks have an entire week dedicated to him; so charming that, if he punched you in the face you would still have to fight the urge to thank him, a man so influential he was awarded a lifetime achievement award...twice. Mr. Burdick is not only the Most Interesting Man in the Room, he now graces the stage in the role of Mr. Boddy, a cross between Hugh Hefner and Brad Pitt. Please sit back and enjoy the mystery and intrigue with Mr. Boddy - the host with the most, wealthy, handsome, and charming. The man who lives to die! Jonathan Chisolm (Mrs. White) This is Jonathan’s 20th show with RLT. Jonathan’s first show was the musical Ester Ordinary Faith for his church in 2002. His past RLT shows include Tom Sawyer, The Castaways, Scrooge the Musical, Annie get your Gun, Here’s Love, Footloose, Cats 2008, Broadway Spectacular II, Alice in Wonderland, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Gypsy, The Foreigner, My Fair Lady, Broadway Spectacular III, and Peter Pan. He has had the privilege to be assistant director for both You Can’t Take It with You and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He also was assistant to the director for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and producer’s assistant for Twelve Angry Men. He was honored with his first Roman Award for Best Teen Actor for the role of Ellard Simms in The Foreigner and nominated for Best Teen Actor for the role of Freddy Eynsford-Hill in My Fair Lady. Jonathan is 18 years old and began classes at Georgia Highlands this fall. He has eight years of voice lessons at Musikworks, where

Clue the Musical Biographies he credits Ms. Daniela Oprivalova for his development as a singer. He would like to thank the director, producer, stage manager, and the entire cast for making this show so much fun. He would also like to thank his parents and grandparents for loving and supporting him. Laura Dutton (Mrs. Peacock) Laura has been acting most of her life. She found her stage voice in a production of Godspell at Northside High School in Warner Robins, under the direction of the legendary Ray Horne, and has been performing both on stage and in the orchestra pit ever since. Having majored in theatre at Valdosta State College, Laura cut her teeth on roles such as Anne in A Little Night Music, Daisy Mae in Lil’ Abner, Luisa in The Fantasticks, and Kathy in Vanities, going on to play veteran roles such as the title role in Mame, Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes, Mama Rose in Gypsy, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, Pitti-Sing in The Mikado and a dual role of Widow Corney and Mrs. Sowerberry in Oliver, in college and community productions from Warner Robins, Macon, Valdosta and Savannah all the way to California and Germany. She has appeared in Rome Little Theatre’s productions of Carousel, Side by Side by Sondheim, Broadway Spectacular, and Steel Magnolias, and in Icon Theatre Company’s production of Noises Off and the 2008 CofC Production of CATS. She has served as musical director and pianist for community theatre productions of Godspell and Pippin in Warner Robins, The Fantasticks, The Secret Garden, The Hobbit (the musical), The Sound of Music, Cabaret and Pippin in Savannah, and as vocal director for Carousel and musical director for RLT’s Christmas production of Here’s Love. She also directed Dearly Departed for the Calhoun Little Theatre. Laura considers it a privilege and a joy to have had the opportunity to play such exciting dramatic and comic roles throughout the years. She is thrilled to add Mrs. Peacock to that illustrious cast of characters! Laura is the Church & Financial Secretary at Calhoun First United Methodist Church. She resides in Cartersville with her son, Clayton Hall. Angela Jones (Detective) Angela is returning to the RLT stage once more. She was last seen in Broadway Spectacular III where she enjoyed chasing her husband Wayne around the stage in "Take A Chance On Me". She has been in several

productions in the past but says that Clue The Musical has been her most challenging role yet. She would like to thank Chuck and Jason for believing she could do it and giving her the opportunity. She sends a special thank you to her biggest fan and supporter, her husband. "Thank you Wayne (the show's Producer), for giving so much to me, our family, and RLT as well. You are the very best and I love you so much". She also wants to give a big thanks to daughters Alisha, Allison, and Kendell for their encouragement. Then last but not least, she sends a HUGE hug and kiss out to her favorite granddaughter, Anslee Norton. Mi-Mi loves you more then words can say! Wayne Jones (Producer) Wayne makes his 10th RLT production appearance as Producer in Clue the Musical. Wayne’s previous production credits include Faith County-Producer; The Homecoming-Co Director/Co Producer; The Christmas AngelCo Director/Co Producer; The Wind & the Willows-Producer; Dad’s Christmas MiracleDirector; One Foot in Heaven-Co Producer; Scrooge the Musical-Co Producer (won Roman for Best Producer, along with wife Angela); Alice in Wonderland-Co Director/Co Producer; The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe-Co Director/Co Producer. Wayne is also a veteran RLT actor, with 23 stage appearances, the most recent being this summer’s Broadway Spectacular III, and has been honored with 2 Roman Awards for acting, one for Best Lead Actor in It’s a Wonderful Life (George Bailey) and just this past year as Best Supporting Actor in Twelve Angry Men (Juror #3). Wayne has also served as Stage Manager, House Manager, Sound Tech, Backstage Crew, Usher, Concessions, Casting Committee, and of course the most important job of all—patron. Wayne is currently serving on the RLT Board of Directors as Treasurer, and is in his third year as owner of Wayne Jones Accounting Services (see professional looking ad elsewhere in this program). Wayne is honored to have served in this production with two highly admired and respected friends— Director Chuck Morris and Musical Director Jason Fordham. Their hard work and dedication, along with that of the wonderful cast & crew, will be apparent in the wonderful production you are about to witness. Most of all, he is grateful to be working with his “frazzled, serious, charged, shrewd, tacky, attractive” wife, better known to you as the Detective.

Clue the Musical Biographies Tiff Magruder (Colonel Mustard) Tiff has been involved in over 25 RLT shows over the last 10 years. He started by babysitting child actors backstage, but soon realized he lacked the talent required for this position. He then decided to turn his attention to set building. Many of the sets seen over the past few years have been designed and built by Tiff and his wife, Becky. Tiff has played a wide range of characters on stage. His most recent was Santa in Babes in Toyland. Chuck Morris (Director) Chuck received his B.A. in Theatre from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, where he appeared in multiple universitysponsored productions. After college, Chuck performed in regional touring productions with Theatre IV and The Patchwork Players, and also spent three summers performing in The Lost Colony. Previously, Chuck has directed On Golden Pond and You Can’t Take it With You at RLT, and was honored to receive Roman awards for directing each of these shows. Chuck co-founded the Cedartown Theatrical Performers’ Company with Bill and Catharine Lundy, in order to provide performing opportunities for children and teenagers in Polk County. Chuck codirected/co-produced Annie, The Sound of Music, and Seussical with CPTC, and is

looking forward to their next production, A Christmas Carol. Chuck last appeared on stage at RLT as Juror #4 in Twelve Angry Men. Recently, Chuck has portrayed Charlie in The Foreigner (Roman Award, Best Lead Actor); Jethro in The Beverly Hillbillies; and Freddie in Noises Off. Chuck has also appeared in the RLT productions of The Scarlet Letter, Rebel Without a Cause, Don’t Drink the Water, The Fall of the House of Usher, and Dad’s Christmas Miracle. Chuck is a partner at the law firm of Parker and Lundy, and a part-time Juvenile Court judge for Polk and Haralson Counties. Chuck is married to the lovely and talented Megan Keating, who he first met while they were both volunteering to work on an RLT production. Chuck thanks Megan and Grayson, for their support in these many endeavors. Bob “Bob” Moulard (Professor Plum) Bob has infested the DeSoto Theatre for six seasons now and has become as hard to get rid of as baby doo on a wool blanket. Mr. Moulard attended (if it can be called that) the fine arts department (if it can be called that) of a two-bit land grant cow college (you never heard of it), most of it so drunk he had to hold on to the floor, not to put too fine a point on it. After almost completing the four year program in only seven years, and being escorted to the county line by campus authorities, Mr. Moulard attended the Schola

Clue the Musical Biographies Cantorum Dysmelodia in Pavo where he sang bargain-counter-tenor for the school glee club, the Pals of Orpheus. He graduated sumo cum loud and comes to us at RLT from Cecil’s Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance and Light Opera Company in Armuchee where he sings whatever they will give him and operates the pipe snake. (Editor’s note: Mr. Moulard says he will continue to use this gag until somebody laughs at it, so please, somebody laugh. Please. Honestly.) Recently Mr. Moulard appeared as 42 different people in My Fair Lady, but don’t get him started, as he will go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about not being cast as Higgins until your eye has a glaze on it like onto that on a fine Sung Dynasty vase and you just want to smack him. It was for this performance that he was given a special Roman for Director’s Headache of the Year. Mr. Moulard loves nothing more than a mug of hot cocoa and a take-no-prisoners game of Candyland with his cat, Stinky Pudding, who cheats. Finally (thanks God!), Mr. Moulard dedicates this performance to his pals in the worldignored troupe of eating and sleeping felines, the Cats of Thousands. Carol Murchland (Assistant Producer) Carol Murchland is happy to be present at Boddy Manor as Assistant Producer having just returned from Neverland as Stage Manager. It has been entertaining being among all the suspects and the detective as the murderer of Mr. Boddy is revealed. She hopes you have as much fun solving the mystery! Ben Peck (Mr. Green) Ben has been in the creative arts arena since the early seventies. He has performed concerts, theatrical performances and church musicals. His experiences and desires have led him into acting endeavors. After playing Angry Juror #6 in RLT's Production of Twelve Angry Men, Ben knew he had once again found his WOW factor. Great thanks to my family and Coni, who continue to be my biggest supporters and inspiration. Gwendolyn Watson (cellist) Gwedolyn - composer, improvisor, teacher was born in California and moved to Rome, GA in 1996. After receiving classical training in cello (BA) and composition (MA), she spent 34 years earning her living improvising for American modern dance, ten of those years in New

York City. Always a collaborator, she has enjoyed writing music for the Juilliard Theatre Department, (NYC), and teaching Improvisation at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (CA) as well as in Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada, and around the USA. Having served on the faculties of Shorter University, and Berry College, she now teaches cello and piano students privately in her home, and is presently engaged in composing a Cantata with Writings from the Baha'i Faith. On November 5, 2010, at Shorter University, a concert highlighting some of her original compositions will be given, honoring her 70th birthday. Dave Willis (Stage Manager) Dave, a native Roman, has performed in many RLT productions for over 16 years. His first was as Otto, in The Diary of Anne Frank in 1995. He played George , in Chapter Two, Henry Drummond in Inherit the Wind and most recently as Juror #8, in 12 Angry Men. He has been involved “backstage” in numerous productions. He was assistant stage manager with Steel Magnolias in 2009. He served as stage manager with the musical My Fair Lady in 2010 and as general flunky or useful person for many past years. He also serves on the Board of Directors for RLT. Dave likes all parts of a production, but he loves being on stage! He graduated from Model High School, Coosa Valley Tech. and Shorter College. He has worked at Georgia Power, Plant Hammond for over 30 years. He has been married to the former Peggy Martin for over 38 years. They have one son, Marty, who is currently serving his country in the U.S. Army as a Cavalry Scout. They are members of 1st Presbyterian Church. Over the years Dave has met and worked with many wonderful people due to his involvement with RLT. He would like YOU to have the same experience. If you have ever wanted “to be an actor” or work “behind the scenes”, NOW is a good time and RLT is a great place to start!

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RLT Clue the Musical program  

RLT Clue the Musical program