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Week 3: Exploring the Poverty-Health Cycle

THIS TRACK TRACK 1 Goal: Learn about the many facets of poverty. Investigate how poverty is intimately related to health and GlobeMed’s work

THIS WEEK THE POVERTY HEALTH CYCLE Goals: Explore the connection between poverty and poor health, and the cyclical nature of this relationship.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND SMALL GROUP FACILITATORS You should use your small group facilitators to help lead this week’s discussion. Make sure the appropriate people are contacted and prepared to lead! BRING IN YOUR PARTNER This is a great week to include and emphasize the voice of your partner organization!

Overview Building off of the past two weeks’ explorations of poverty, this week we will delve into the cyclical relationship between poverty and health. Poverty is intimately and intrinsically connected to health. Although our analysis will simplify what is truly a complex cycle, investigating how poverty catalyzes poor health and vice versa allows us to identify the injustice and inequity in this cycle. While poverty is certainly not the only factor that can result in poor health or health inequity, its role cannot be understated. It is for this reason that we are focusing on the poverty-health cycle, because without a comprehensive understanding of poverty, we can never fully grasp health inequity.

Framing the Session: Outlining the Cycle Estimated time: 5 minutes Poverty is dynamic and diverse, but no matter the form, there are concrete links between poor health and poverty. Examining the more general macro view of this cycle gives a framework to understand the individual suffering and experiences detailed in case studies. To frame this session of ghU, take some time to provide your chapter members with the background information needed to understand this cycle. Consider defining the cycle in small groups or creating an activity using information from the One Pager. Resources ✦ One Pager

Witnessing the Cycle: Analyzing Case Studies Estimated time: 15 Minutes


Rachel Markon & Neal Emery, co-Directors of ghU

Building upon the general connection between poverty and poor health illustrated in the one pager, deepen your understanding by analyzing experiences of people who have lived this relationship first hand. These



globalhealthU case studies are broken up into two sub-groups; poverty leading to poor health and poor health leading to poverty. It is important to highlight the causality and cyclical nature of each of these relationships. In small groups, examine the case studies and afterwards engage in a discussion about the health-poverty cycle. This is a great place to incorporate your partner voice. Consider asking your partner organization if they have any stories about patients or community members that can supplement the ones provided. If not, maybe draw parallels between the communities and individuals discussed and your partner communities. Resources ✦ Case Studies (Poverty leading to Poor Health) ✦ Case Studies (Poor Health leading to Poverty)

Discussion Estimated time: 10 minutes While case studies are important for personalizing and internalizing this cycle, we need to consider how these two relationships coalesce. Possible Discussion Questions: ✦ How is the connection between poverty and poor health cyclical? How can they be mutually reinforcing? How is this cycle multi-generational? ✦ What facets of health exist externally to this cycle? What facets of health operate independently of poverty? To what extent is poverty a root cause of health inequity? ✦ How does your partner community fit into this cycle? What struggles that you saw in case studies are also faced by your partner community? ✦ How is the work that you are doing with your partner organization help combat this cycle? ✦ What are some steps that can counteract cycle? What role do grassroots organizations play? ✦ How does the GlobeMed model attempt to address the cycle? ✦ How does this cycle relate to health as a human right versus healthcare as a human right? What is the difference between advocating broadly for the right the health, instead of just advocating for the right to healthcare?


T1W3 Final  
T1W3 Final  

Witnessing the Cycle: Analyzing Case Studies Framing the Session: Outlining the Cycle THE POVERTY HEALTH CYCLE Goals: Explore the connection...