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globalhealthU HIGHLIGHTS

Introduction Track

Week 3: Global Health 101

THIS TRACK INTRODUCTION TRACK Goal: Provide chapter members a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of GlobeMed.

THIS WEEK GLOBAL HEALTH 101 Goals: Learn about the history of global health. Gain an understanding of how GlobeMed’s work operates within this broader context.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND SMALL GROUP FACILITATORS You should use your small group facilitators to help lead this week’s discussion. Make sure the appropriate people are contacted and prepared to lead!

Overview The third week of globalhealthU will focus on providing context for GlobeMed’s work within the larger movement for global health. We will learn about the history of global health, and see how we arrived at where we are now. Subsequently, we will engage in a critical discussion about this history, what value it holds, and how it impacts our work. Component of the mission statement highlighted ✦ “global health equity / the health of the impoverished”

Teaching Global Health 101 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes In this section, you will teach your chapter about the history of global health. Needless to say, the topic is exceptionally broad and you will not be able to address every aspect of it. Therefore, we have provided a presentation to offer some direction and structure. As always, please include your own expertise and knowledge - our resources are merely meant to help you get started. Resources ✦ Global Health 101 presentation ✦ ✦ overview.aspx ✦ ✦ ✦ Possible Presentation Methods ✦ Use the provided PowerPoint, but supplemented with your own research! ✦ Timeline Activity: When learning about the field of global health, it is helpful to look at the historical timeline to see when different global health developments occurred, when certain organizations were founded, etc. ✦ This is a competitive game that can be played in groups. ✦ Before the meeting, put timeline events onto slips of paper. Each strip of paper should include one fact; do not include the



globalhealthU ✦

dates. Put the dates on separate strips of paper. Make sure you create a set of fact/date strips for each group you will break you chapter into. ✦ At the meeting, assign your chapter members into groups, giving each a set of fact strips and a set of date strips. ✦ The groups will have to try and put the facts in the right order, and match them with the correct dates. ✦ The winner can be determined in two ways ✦ The first group to put the timeline in the correct order (they will probably have to try multiple times) ✦ The group who has the most correct timeline after a given period of time. Jeopardy ✦ Before the meeting, create a Jeopardy game using global health facts. ✦ Create a series of headings that address a varied spectrum of global health topics (ex: diseases, interventions, organizations/institutions, miraculous discoveries, global health successes, global health failures, etc…) ✦ Then create questions for each of the headings. They should be varying in difficulty, depending on their point values. ✦ During the meeting, break your chapter into groups. ✦ Have the groups compete to see who can answer the most questions and earn the most points! Race to the Board ✦ Before the meeting, create a series of questions that relate to a varied spectrum of global health topics. ✦ During the meeting, have your chapter divide into two groups ✦ Each group should stand in a line on either side of the room, facing a blackboard/whiteboard/ butcher paper. Draw/place a line on the floor that is about 5-10 feet away from the board. ✦ One person from each team will compete at a time; the person who competes is whoever is at the front of the line. ✦ Have the member of each group that is at the front of their line step forwards to the line on the floor. ✦ Then, ask one of the questions. ✦ The competing chapter members will have to race to the board ad write the answer to the question on the board. Whoever writes the correct answer first will earn a point for their team. ✦ After you decided who won that question, the two chapter members should go to the end of their respective team lines, and the next two line leaders can come forward to the lone on the floor, and repeat. ✦ The team with the most points wins!

Discussion Estimated time: 10-15 minutes It is important to not only engage in information sharing, but to also allow chapter members to engage and critically examine the content. After learning about the history and field of global health, chapter members should discuss the value and implications of this knowledge base.


globalhealthU Possible Discussion Questions ✦ How did the various movements in global health build off of each other? How are they connected? How have they changed? ✦ What are the positive components of each of these global health movements? The negative components? ✦ When was the concept of “global health” really developed and used for the first time? How has this concept changed and evolved over the years? ✦ How has the international community impacted the field of global health in the past? What role does the international community play now? How has its role changed and why? ✦ Why should we bother learning about the history of global health? How do we learn from this history and how can it affect us now? Is it even relevant to our work? If so, how? ✦ How has the idea of health as a human right developed in the world? In international organizations? Through conferences and meetings? What are the tangible impacts of the idea of “health as a human right?” ✦ What role does GlobeMed play in the movement for global health? How does our partnership model tie into the idea of a “movement for global health equity” and “health as a human right?” Key Points ✦ The current global health movement is the result of a vibrant and nuanced history. GlobeMed’s work operates within this broader context. ✦ The sections of the mission statements we explored were “global health equity” and the “health of the impoverished”.


Final Week 3  

Overview Teaching Global Health 101 Resources ✦ Global Health 101 presentation ✦ ✦