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A New Beginning By Ti Ladson and Jordan Locklear

Written: February 27, 2012 Mrs. Johnson 1st period class, English CP

Three seconds on the clock. HE SHOOTS! HE SCORES! Javon Robinson is a basketball star at the Jordan High. He is six foot four, skin light, and built like a soldier. I know right, a real ladies man. Javon has played ball since he was five years old. At age thirteen his mother, Jasmine Robinson, died giving

birth to his little sister. Javon is a B average student. He is determined to get a scholarship and go to NBA, because he knew it would have made his mother conceited. Living with his father and his little sister is not perfect but it is alright, especially when Tianna’s around. Tianna Covington is one of the most attractive cheerleaders at Jordan High. She is an A average student, very intelligent and has a lot going for herself. She lives with both her mother and father. She has high expectations for her future, graduating from collage being one. After scoring twenty- four points in the championship game, Javon offered Tianna a ride

home. On the ride home Javon asked Tianna about her ex boyfriend Trevon. “We are no longer together,” replied Tianna. “Oh so he dumped you?” Javon asked with a sense of sarcasm. “No I dumped him,” said Tianna, with a laugh. Finally they stopped at Javon’s house. Mr. Robinson had to work, so Javon was stuck babysitting his little sister. Not that he mined doing it that was one of the reasons for bringing Tianna along. “Where’s Emily?” asked Tianna “I’m not sure but I’m going to go look for her,” Javon responded as he walked up the stairs.

“She’s asleep,” Javon rejoined coming down the stairs. Tianna was now sitting on the couch waiting for Javon, after while they commenced going down memory lane. Javon leaned forward to kiss Tianna and succeed. He also asked her to be his girlfriend, she said yes. They cuddled and watched movies for the remainder of the night. 3 Months Later “It’s finally graduation day,” said Javon with a sense of excitement. “I know” Tianna replied kind of joyless. “What’s the matter” inquired Javon

“Nothing it’s just that I’m going to Princeton and you’re moving to Seattle. We’re never going to see each other.” said Tianna “That’s what I’ve been meaning to talk to you about,” Javon exclaimed as he pull out a silver small box. Tianna face lit up with joy. “We aren’t getting any younger and I love you just as much as you love me, so will you marry me?” Javon asked as he began to get on one knee. “Yes!” Tianna screamed “Yes”!

Javon proposing to Tianna before graduation.

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A New Beginning  

short story

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