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Painless Love English Nine CP 9-26-11 DaTavia Harris, Niara Chatman, and Nyia Gordon

In Brooklyn, New York 2009, Elizabeth and Marcus were playing by the old swing set. Marcus broke the news to Elizabeth that he was moving to Los Angeles, California. She couldn’t believe he was moving thousands of miles away. While he was gone she met a guy named Harley. Two years passed Marcus returned but he wasn’t the same guy she knew two years ago. When she seen Marcus for the first time in two years she was defy belief. Weeks past and Elizabeth was starting to see a total different side of Marcus and the more she seen it she started to realize she lost feelings for him.

Over a few months Marcus started to bother Elizabeth and Harley about there relationship. “Why do you like Harley?” ask Marcus to Elizabeth. She said that “he’s funny, smart, and plus he’s cute.” “Ok” said Marcus “Harley why do you like Elizabeth?” “She’s cute, funny, sweet and, beautiful.” “I see” said Marcus with an angry look on his face. Elizabeth and Harley begin to make plans to talk about Marcus. Harley gets and idea to kill Marcus. “Yes that is a perfect idea he is starting to become a little annoying.” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth called Marcus and told him to meet her and Harley at eight right by Tito’s Taco Shack at eight o’clock. Eight comes and Marcus standing in the dark waiting for Elizabeth and Harley. “Anyone there?” cried Marcus No one answers. As Marcus begins to walk home he feels someone standing behind him. As he

slowly turns around he sees a shadow run fast behind his body. Marcus begins to cry and become scared. All of a sudden he feels something over his head he couldn’t breathe. He tried to get away but Harley grip is too tight so he gives up. Moments later he can breathe he realizes he’s in someone basement tied up. Marcus begins to cry to be released. Elizabeth begin to cry knowing she couldn’t kill her best friend she decides to let him go and tell him how much she didn’t want to kill him that she just wanted to be left alone and that she didn’t like the new Marcus. Marcus begins to cry as she said those words to him.

“The only reason why I act like this to get your attention I was jealous of you and Harley friendship, I love you Elizabeth.” “Why would you be jealous, you’ll always be my best friend no matter what happens and I love you too.” They all became close friends and continue to go places and do things together. No matter happens never hurt best friends.

Niara,DaTavia, Nyia  

English Nine CP DaTavia Harris, Niara Painless Love 9-26-11 Marcus were playing by the old swing set. Marcus knew two years ago. broke the n...