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They never thought they would survive after that weekend three years ago‌ It all started when their peaceful vacation turned disastrous. As the Jones and the Smiths were planning a couple’s vacation to Hawaii, the phone rang. It was their pilot Jose calling to inform them about weather and how there was a typhoon moving in the direct path of their flight. They ignored his information and reasoning for wanting to delay the flight until next weekend. After they arrived at the airport, the Jones considered waiting like Jose has said but the Smiths talked them out of if. While the plane was on a direct path towards the typhoon the Jones and Smiths ignored their

peaceful ride getting bumpy. All at once the plane starts losing power and the left engine blow and they start to free fall descending at rapid speeds. Then the next thing the couples and Jose realize are that they are on an island filled with trees hid from society until now. The colors were vibrant and the sand was warm against their half uncovered skin. They don’t have any memory of how they got there. All they remembered was the plane going down. They then realize they have no food and reality sets in on their situation. As the couples were stranded they all start panicking, and as they were fussing Jose demand them to be silent immediately. The couples looked

stunned at him. He had a idea that the radio might still work. All of a sudden the pilot and the couples started talking about it and they got an answer through to a station. As they were telling the station about their situation and trying to explain their location static took over the radio and it went blank. So as the couples are stranded on the island they have to survive a night in unforbidden territory trying to hunt animals and find food sources. As morning came the couple notices a boat far off, they were hysterical in trying to get the boat to see them but nothing worked. Jose then realizes there’s a flare in the crashed plane. He frantically searches for it and then finds it under a pile of ruble. As he fires two

shots the boat spots them and comes in their direction. As they were rescued the captain of the ship asked where they were going and as they told him he looked surprise because he jus happen to be going the same way.

mikey and logan  

They never thought they would survive after that peaceful vacation turned disastrous. As the Jones and waiting like Jose has said but the Sm...