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My family and I moved into a new apartment: my two brothers, my mom, my dog, and I. It was a new city, new people, new everything we had just moved from North Carolina to New York, there was my brother Joe he was the oldest, youngest brother Trell, and then there’s me Kierra im the middle child. My mom is a single parent our father left when we were just baby’s, we had it hard growing up mom worked all the time as a nurse; so it took most of her time up with us. My youngest brother and I had to depend on Joe to do everything; one day mom had to work real late so we all walked to the park; mom gave us each ten dollars trell got hungry so we walked to Mickey D’s for a little while. Mom called me on my cell phone and told us to get home it was getting late, so when we got to our apartment the door was open, so Joe went in quietly and noticed the TV. In the living room was gone, we slowly walked in

behind Joe we walked inside our bedrooms kierra walked into her room and noticed that her chain hanging on the mirror that her grandma gave her was missing. Joe went to his mothers room and there was clothes and pictures destroyed every were. Joe and trell stuff wasn’t touched so Joe called mom she rushed home and called the police, police arrived and investigated the house they didn’t find any finger prints. They said they would keep trying and updating us. Months later the police found the robber it was terrifying but were doing better now so now that everything has happened, mom tries to stay home often. Everything is good.

kelly and tiffany