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The Finish Line English 9 Cp 9-28-11 By Daniel Norton & Cory Pevey

It was an unusual day and there were two guys with a big idea. They wanted to start something new, like writing lyrics, and trying to become something in music business. The two guys wrote their own lyrics and make their own beats, so they were original. They also had to change their life style up, getting used to the movement in the music and the true feelings of expressing their feeling in a song. Getting use to the music was kind of weird, but one of the guys said a suggestion. “Should I make better metaphors in my lyrics?” The other guy said, “Stick to your first instinct.” The young man replied, “Okay you’re right.” One afternoon the guys got mad, “But there is one problem" one of the guys replied.

“There are problems with us talking ‘smack’ about each other and our music.” So they realized this music was real, not fake. It had got to the point where the guys wanted to prove every one wrong, because people doubt their name, and one of the guys always said “I’m going to make it in life; no one can’t put me down”. The other guy said “Yeah you’re right”. The young boy put his heart into their music, it wasn’t easy but they strived to make it better in their life, I guess music can change the feelings the guys felt, but since the story he got behind his music was realistic, they had no choice to give up on music but they didn’t he got in his spotlight and wasn’t never coming out of it. The boy said “Our time is running out so that means to work even harder than before push your self to get in that place you are ment to be.”

The finish line was here, so the boys were successful they got big and put there city on the map. The boys last words were “I’m finally famous.”

daniel and cory  

By Daniel Norton & Cory Pevey The Finish Line Getting use to the music was kind of weird, but one of problem" one of the guys replied. l...

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