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with work from Rashaun Rucker Nikolai Noel & Matthew Shelton Use this book to explore the artwork. Inside you’ll find games, drawing activities and things to think about. Keep this book as a souvenir of your visit! Thank you!

Nikolai Noel & Matthew Shelton

Nikolai and Matthew combine a lot of different and sometimes unusual materials to make something new like a weight with jewels on a string, a wood box with plastic and candles, or a hammock made out of metal. Think of two different materials and draw them together to make something new.

Draw something to sit or lay in using your own unusual materials.

Draw something you liked from your favorite piece.

Rashaun Rucker

Sometimes Rashaun draws just the outline of an image and then fills it in using shading. Draw two images side by side: one with just the outline, and the other shaded in. OUTLINE


Rashaun Rucker uses pencil and paper to draw images of a bird and a human together. Draw a human mixed with your favorite animal.


Look all over the gallery and see if you can find these things: A palm tree and stars... Draw them here.

A bird and an arm... Draw it here.

A box with candles inside... Draw it here.

KEEP THINKING ABOUT THE SHOW! What 5 words describe the show? What was your favorite thing in the show? Draw something you think belongs in the show:

For more about each artist, including interviews and podcasts, visit SECOND STREET GALLERY /// 115 Second St SE, Charlottesville VA 22902 @SSGCVILLE @secondstreetgallery SSG is a 501c3 nonprofit art space dedicated to bringing the best of contemporary art and creativity to central Virginia. Our outreach projects are supported in part by the Bama Works Fund, the LEAW Family Foundation. and the J&E Berkley Foundation. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

January Activity Book  
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