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For the second portion of our first exercise, I was really excited to approach Mimi’s soundbook in a whole new way. The simplicity in her work is extremely strong, and the emotions elicited read clearly. Although wanting to be minimal within my work this semester, as well, I was more interested in trying to capture the essence of her pieces through my personal attraction to layering and superimposition. I found that the strongest images in her soundbook, as far as evocation from an outsider’s perspective is concerned, were her feet, flannel, pearls, and letter. I initially constructed two different options: one that superimposed her feet over the flannel (and through lessening the opacity of each image I was able to create textures that read as memorable and yearning), and another that ended up being the one that I chose, which was her pearls over the letter. I made the decision to crop the letter into about a quarter of its initial image because the letter reads as extremely personal. Being it now my own image, I am able to provide more privacy while still offering up emotions to the viewer. Further, I felt as though the pearls would make a nice juxtaposition because it adds a greater sense of sophistication to the moment, as well as, timelessness to the overall image. Once I layered the images and lessened the opacity, I was able to utilize her black background by positioning the layered images closer to the bottom right corner and allowing darkness to envelope the top left corner of the page. This, to me, gave the letter a burned edge type of feel and further contributed to a sense of time. The images together then read as aged—a past memory—and I thought that I was better able to create a sense of intimacy in this way. I showed Mimi both images, and we agreed that the letter and pearls were the strongest.

As for Mimi’s interpretation of my soundbook, I think that she did a really great job of combining the different aspects of my pieces. While creating the soundbook, I made clear distinctions between the songs that read jazzier and those that were of the Ska variety. It was very interesting that she was able to utilize images from both approaches in order to manifest cohesion between the two. I found that the lefthand image and saturation of the print read as fun and exciting while the righthand image and print itself were very vintage and soft. Together they made a completely different and really nice moment. (Good job, gurr.)

Exercise Reflection  

Reflection on Exercise 1.2