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Hello, I am Megha,i have recently completed my “Masters in interior design“ from Florence Design Academy, Florence, Italy. As a designer we are taught to think differently and out of the box. My inspiration is nature,we human beings are biologically drawn to beautify our space and to live and learn from the nature. Nothing can be better than nature,taking inspirations from this universe, the design will be sync with human needs and dreams. According to me, design should be simple (straight to the point), functional (best Utilise of anything),Aesthetic (pleasing to eyes) and the last it should be natural (as all of us are different with different choice, your design should reflect you). The designing and the stories contained in this portfolio show how my creative thinking & understanding ones needs have evolved over the course of the program.


Table of contents


Hospitality Design


Visual Merchandising


Office Design


Furniture Design

Hospitality Design


Smoky Sensation Restaurant Its a concept restaurant in Hong Kong, with a name “Smoky Sensation”.As Hong Kong is a very small and crowed city with alot of skyscrapers, so people live there life away from nature, and there the life of people is very hectic & have no time for themselves to relax with a cup of coffee in a peaceful place and to enjoy food in nature. But now you have a great place to sit and feel close to nature and spend a quality time with your loved ones & have a totally different experience.It has different moods at every different corner. It’s not just a restaurant, here you’ll have a flower shop on a boat with a lot of designer home accessories which you can buy.


Client Requirements : * High-end casual Restro * Nature’s Feel inside * Use of rough finishes * Different moods,look and feel at different corners. * indoor - outdoor concept * flower shop and homeware shop as well * Bar area * extra funky sitting concepts. * Rich colors * Accent furniture * Greenery * Effective & inviting Logo design




Logo has a cooking pan with flames coming out, which shows that chef is

cooking something very delicious & fresh. It’s like an invitation to you from the “Smoky Sensation”. And there is a reason for the two flames which are coming out from the pan,it is two “S” & “S” of Smoky Sensation.


The layout planning has been done in a way that a person can experience different moods, look & feel in the same space.

Layout Plan When you enter,on the right side you have bar counter & cafe area with stairs sitting at the end, And to the left you have alot of different sittings options like in at the end of left wall you have banquette sitting with separate tables on the same floor & with a step up, you have garden sitting with swing chairs options.


The theme for this restaurant is very rustic with a richness in it, As the wall treatment is very rough and unfinished which shows the imperfection of the nature with the use of greenery. Rough texture on the wall with warm yellow light falling on it from the ceiling,plants are hanging on the garden wall with creates a mood of picnic with swing chair sitting surronded by greenery and enjoying this experience with a food of your choice. At the entrance door you have displaying shelves occupied with designer accessories. And at right side you find the bar cafe counter finished in terrazzo with copper piping.

Antique mirror panelling above the banqutte sitting shows rustic style and the velvet used in upholstery gives richness and use of wood brings warmness,copper pendant lights make balance in the color palette and blend in the mood.


Facade is designed with obsucred glass in reeded style inserted in black metal frames,with a door in between the facade which is little different in way that it has more black MS Sheet with a huge handle with makes it prominent in the facade so its easy to see where the door is,as its also trying to blend in the facade, And the door also has few clear glasses in between it, which creates curiousity for the outisider as the facade has obsucred glass all over it and a few pieces of clear glass in the door


Menu Card Design Leather is wrapped over the menu, couz leather is for quality products only. Means the restaurant menu has a quality food. And the menu is in different colors couz it has alot of different varieties available in food.



Antique mirror panelling above teel green color banquette sitting with double complementry color scheme in furnitures,copper chair as an accent piece of furniture. Copper pendant light blends with the mood,different lights for different sitting to create different look & feel.


Earthy tone rough finished wall treatment at the wall with indoor-outdoor sitting concept and has swing chair on the stage with hand made tile complimenting this garden area and has alot of greenery.


In each swing sitting there is a partition made up of iron net,which creates airy partition,means light and air can travel its not kind of opaque but transparent but gives us a feel of separation.


As its said before also that its an experience like a picnic with your loved ones,so here is a painting on the wall which enhances your mood and feel after coming here. As this is the only painting used in this restaurant.


This piece of furnture at the entrance would displays the homeware decorative items to sell. Opposite to the display furniture its a boat in which flower person would sit to sell flowers and above the boat its vertical plants and flowers are hanging to sell. After the display furniture its bar area. Above the bar copper pipes are there to hang the goblets and plants also to complements it. with stair sitting at the end.


Stair sitting with comfortable cushions to sit here and reading novels with coffee or snacks. With sliding small tables for just you cofee mugs,which can slides all over the stair from left to right to adjust it accordingly and then sit comfortablly for long time also. Slider is there beneath every nosing of each steps of stairs.


Visual Merchandising


Tod’s Retailer Tod’s is an italian brand and is known for shoes and luxury leather goods, with styles that have became icons of modern living and as a symbol of the perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity. Each product is hand-crafted with highly-skilled techniques, intended, after laborious reworking, to become an exclusive, recognisable, modern and practical object. This brand is choosen just to design a retail Project.


When you enter, first it’s women section to attract more cutomers as we know women buy more.Then comes men’s section and at the end it’s billing counter which is hidden from the shopping zone so the queue won’t disturb. In front of entrance, there are 2 tables of different heights which are for fresh arrivals. Opposite to the entrance,its a feature wall shows fresh collection as well as displays jackets collection and to the right, its shoes display as we have space there to give sitting as it’s needed and to the left, its bags display. After walking through women’s section you have men’s section. At the centre you have sitting and obviously same placement to create less confusion and to keep same harmony.


From analysis of existing tod’s boutique,it shows that they have landmarks of use beige color leather cladding with black italian marble flooring in diamond shape for making it more elegant. So keeping these landmarks in this design,you can see the leather cladding is on the display walls of shoes,bags & jackets.But giving it a modern twist,here you’ll find beige color leather paneling with a golden brown mirror in between it.So the mirror is not so prominent in leather as it blends with leather’s color but its for gives reflection which breaks the monotony and gives more elegance to it.


This is the feature wall opposite to the entrance,which displays fresh collection. The area of this wall which is given for the mannequin and display shelves, can be seen from outside,So this is the main feature wall area.Adjacent to it is jacket collection.


3d Renders


Leather panelling over the wall and golden brown mirror is in between it which is blending but giving elegance & breaking monotony. Black italian marble with white diamond pattern which complements the whole spcae.


In front of the entrance, these two tables of different heights wrapped in leather to show their fresh arrivals.And these 2 furnitures are like an accent furniture in the boutique. These funtiures tells about the brand that it has quality,modern touch with tradition and mostly all of its products are hand crafted and made up of leather.


Office Design


Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is a social networking service which was launched by Mark Zuckerberg. He had said that Facebook’s goal is to make the world more “open, connected and transparent.” Zuckerberg doesn’t believe in privacy because he believes in radical transparency instead. He truly believes that improving communication, by making it more efficient will make the world a better place. This brand is choosen just to design a retail Project.


Client Requirements : * Accoustic treatment * Fun furniture * Kitchen * Fun breakout area * Best utilization of the space * Semi private area * Sustainable design * Cool & Fun environment


Challenges : * Open planning with easy access storage. * Have four teams (Marketing, finance, resaerch, designing) * Semi-private desk for manager . * Daily discussion area in staff area. * Plumbing pipe lines going at three different places from ground to ceiling,need to hide them.

* Sanitary fixture can be put with in 15’ diameter from those pipes. * Don’t want separate place for library,want to Combine with other place.




Facebook philosophy is to create transparent & open world, So there is no opaque private cabins for any emplyee.Its open & easy for all to work with each other & creating necessary partitions between the departments.


Brick Work continues on the waiting area,director’s cabin & half of the staff, to give it an industrial with black window frames & with colorful elements scatter to make the environment live and full of energy with comfortable sittings. The Director’s cabin has one transparent curtain wall fixed in a white frame and has a door in it at the right corner. At the right side,This staff desk has a high storage unit at the end of the desk to create a barrier between the lecture area (colorful stolls) and the staffs sitting there.

At the back wall its a sitting area for creative designer,So there is not only simple plain brick wall,they have wallpaper which breaks monotony in the wall and this area stands out in designing as there the designers sit. There is manager’s desk with a red color tinted glass partition, which restrict sound but at the same time creates a translucent partition and gives required privacy for the manager. Then,there is semi-private discussion area with a fun furniture and steps wooden sitting. Then comes the break out area,with more varieties of wallpapers.And at right end, its a patio & smoking zone. 31

First desk is for marketing,then finance & then research teams are sitting so they need to focus more on there laptop so they have no rainbows colors to distract them,but at the same time they have something modern,industrial,rustic and casual looking wall treatment of brick pattern

And at the last you can see there is use of wallpapers for the wall treatment, couz there the designers sit,and they are creative,so this area stands out for them and they also don’t need same monotony in front of their face,they need something creative and full colors so their mind can not be limited & can work think different. As you can see,First desk is for Marketing department which has a high storage at the end of desk to create a partition between the lecture area which is opposite to it.And other has normal height storage. There is a red color tinted glass partition between these departments,to create a sound barrier and at the same time its a open and transparent world in itself.


Now it’s fourth partition,lets start from the left side,Its patio area with swing chair to sit, enjoy and refresh your mind with some fresh air and have plants tree as well and it’s also a smoking area. Then there is Confrence room cum library cum meeting area which can be converted into small two - three small meeting/interview room with movable partitions.And has a library on the beveled colorful words of “FACEBOOK“, its a storage of the library. And at last its waiting area with comfortable 2sofas, centre table and arm chairs and side tables with a lot of colorful paintings and achievments and awards would display here.


Sustainable Design: For this the planning has efficient use of space, choosing materials with very low environment impact and reducing energy consumption, pollution and wastes.


Use of smart HVAC products in which smart sensor adjusts airflow according to the number of people in each zone.

2)- Recycled brick wall pattern for the wall treatment.


Rain water from the roof and grey water from basin is recycled by the vacuum flush toilet

4)- Energy saving feature includes use of Photovoltaic panel on the roof

Reduce Wastes by using reclaimed or recycled material : Furniture & 5)- decorative items refinished to give them new life. Tile carpet fabrics,furniture.


Plan for energy efficient lighting : Window, skylight & door to maximize 6)- the use of daylight and minimize artificial light, when artificial lighting is needed. LEDs, halogen & compact fluorescent light bulbs save energy and last longer.


Use NON TOXIC and NON Polluting product : Paint of zero-VOC and woods that haven’t treated with pesticides.

8)- flooring of bamboo and natural fibres.


For Accoustic, use of accoustic upholstery fabric on many furnitures which are aeshtic and functional on the space and accoustic panels clad on the walls and ceiling as well to add design element & sound absorbent also.


This is a layout in 3d,here you can see different desks for different departments,with red color tone tinted glass partition has been used which is very aesthetically pleasing and sound restrict as well as create required transparency between the space\department. right side to the lecture area its director’s cabin,with a feature wall at the back of director’s chair with designed shelves and wallpaper. In front of the entry it’s reception area with blue color as a background of reception as blue is the only color that facebook’s logo has been from a long time. 37

Opposite to the first desk its lecture/discussion area which have colorful stolls,which can be stacked back to a storage which is dedicated for the stolls(in front of women’s toilet).There is a sofa sitting used from both sides with especially designed light tables for this sofa over the green carpet area. Then the yellow pillar with shelves, can be used as library or open storage,it has been designed to hide the plumbing pipes fittings which are running from floor to ceiling. 38

This is a 3d render, view of lecture\discussion area with the 2-sided sitting sofa and designed light tables for laptops.


Another view from lecture area,here you can see the desks with glass partitions, and fun furnitures,yellow pillar with selves and industrial pendant lights.


View of Creative designer’s sitting area,with colorful wallpapers open huge widows so that they can imagine without any limit,comfortable sittings with relaxing\fun area in the centre,


Director’s cabin has different concrete flooring as of thermal mass factor, With feature wall at the back with designed open shelves and a wall full of colorful with big windows and a modern desk with comfortable chair for him and colorful pendant lights.


In front of main entrance,its reception,with facebook blue color feature wall and writtern “Facebook“,with a modern, very simple and clean design of reception desk made up of recycled wood, satvario marble, non toxic grey paint with alot of edison bulbs hanging to make it more elegant and modern. And on left wall from the entry it’s a vertical landscpaing.


Colorful furnitures :


Furniture Design


Traditional Chair It’s a piece of furniture which was suppose to design in a theme of tradition. A chair which shows the tradition of India,as india is very rich in it’s own tradition. India has alot of history with alot of religions so there are alot of traditions. So,it was very hard to choose one of the tradition,so i opted for “DOLI”. Actually,in india there was a ceremony started by royal families in which doli is used for the departure of new new bride(new queen) from her parental home to her’s hubby’s (king’s) home post marriage.But later, it can be used by any family. It a Palanquin : A covered litter for one or more passenger,consisting a large box carried on two horizontal poles by four or six bearers.


Challenges : * Shows tradition * Should has a modern touch * should be functional * design should be rich & royal * modular design


Inspirations : (* inspirations used from Google)


Output :

Perspective View This piece of furniture has a modern touch to it inspired from doli,which is now a couple seat(2people sitting). Carved in wood look royal with velevet upholstery shows richness to it. 49

From side view also you can see,it seeems very elegant and very classy.


It Can be a double seat or you can expand it,so that couples can sit comforatbly facinig each other. Which makes it modular and modern in tradition. 51

It’s going to look like this when opened. It has wheels means it can be moved if needed with given 2 horizontal poles at the back of each sitting. 52


Concept : As it’s to be a indian tradition,so in india the traditional furnitures are made up of hard wood,so in this also it is carved in wood and a very decorative indian style of pattern has been given and it has vertical poles on both sides to give a hard support with carving on it as well, It has decorated totally like a decoration done in a royal marriage. For creating it more creative it can be expand as well it has wheels to make it easy to move and horizontals bars/poles for grabing while moving it and the use of velevet for the whole upholstery make it with rich and luxurious. It has roof/shelter also to make it close also like doli but same time open to make the design light and airy. It can be a piece of furniture to gift a newly married couple,so that they can spend more time together,and build a strong reation. .


Furniture Design


Writer Desk A comfortable desk for Writer,who writes most of the time, And spends whole day on the desk,Reads books and writes novel,And even like to relax on the desk. And has a love for plant, animals and wants to keep himself close to nature while working to use his creativity.And also wants a TV for entertaining and to keep himself updated with the world.


Client’s Requirements :

* Comfortable Seating * Modern Look * With Storage * Storage for book Collection * Nature’s Touch * Easy access Storage * Modular desk


Concept Skecth:

Its a big desk can be put after a long wall,it has alot of open storage,closed storage,ottoman for keeping your legs while sitting comfortably on chair,laying bed when you want to take rest,there is an aqurium inside the table to keep him active and calm as fishes are keeping moving always & they give mental tranquility,there is easy access storage above the tabl,above the table its mirror so that he can reflect himself in his writting as well,and also a TV comes and goes under the table when required.on the right side its a open sqaure box to keep his own toys or decorative item,there is aplace to keep the chair inside this unit,a hidden storage for fridge,coffee machine & mugs etc.


3d Renders :




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Megha portfolio  

Megha Interior Designer Portfolio

Megha portfolio  

Megha Interior Designer Portfolio