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Steven C. Smith, PE, Burgess & Niple, on behalf of Mercy Health, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital of Mariemont, Ohio, property owner


7500 State Road Book 500, Page 214, Parcels 9, 10, 13, 14, and 26 O-O Planned Office and B Single-family Residence


The applicant is requesting a zone change from “B” single family to “O-O” planned office for property located at 7572 State Road (Parcel 500-214-014); as well as a substantial modification to the final development plan for Mercy Anderson Hospital located at 7500 State Road to allow for a patient tower addition, new energy plant, and a parking lot reconfiguration and expansion.


Tract Size: Frontage: Topography: Existing Use:


North: South: East: West:


1.22 Acres (Parcel 14), 45.35 Acres (total) 1,200’ on State, 1,500’ on Five Mile, and 200’ on Wolfangel Ravine and creek to north of Hospital & parking garage Mercy Health Anderson, three single family residences

ZONE B Single Family O-O Planned Office D-D Planned M.F. B Single Family B Single Family

LAND USE Single Family Residences Mercy Health & Wellness Center Anderson Green Condominiums Single Family Residence Single Family Residence, Library, Restaurant

The Mercy Hospital site was originally rezoned from “B” Single Family Residence to “O-O” Planned Office by the Hamilton County Commissioners in 1982 (Case Anderson 1-82, Resolution #661), permitting construction of the hospital and parking garage. A major modification (substantial modification by current terminology) was approved in 1999 (Case Anderson 3-99). This allowed the expansion of the cafeteria, outpatient diagnostic center, and creation of a linear acceleration room. Smaller modifications through minor or major (current terminology) were approved for the site in 1990, 1997, 2000, and 2004 for minor additions, signage alterations, etc. In 2005, a substantial modification for an 80,000 sq. ft./5 story medical office building and a three story parking garage for approximately 175 cars, as well as a new pedestrian pathway between the hospital and the existing parking structure was approved. The current hospital campus includes a 300,000 SF hospital and service annex, 73,000 SF medical building, an 80,000 SF medical office tower with 175 space parking garage, a 435 space parking garage, in addition to surface parking, landscaping, etc. A major modification was approved in 2012 for free-standing signage modifications.

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The Anderson Township Development Advisory Committee reviewed a zone change request from “B” Single Family Residence to “O-O” Planned Office and the proposed changes to the final development plan on September 11, 2012, with a unanimous vote in favor of the zone change and substantial modification. The Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission reviewed this zone change and substantial modification on December 6, 2012. Both HCRPC staff and the Commission recommended approval with the following conditions: 1. That the site plan shall be revised to indicate compliance with the requirements of the Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan. 2. That a landscape plan that complies with the interior vehicular use and streetscape requirements of the Anderson Township Zoning Resolution, and with Condition 3 below, shall be submitted and approved as part of the Final Development Plan review by the Zoning Commission. 3. That a substantial landscaped boundary buffer including a combination of solid fencing, mounding, evergreen tree, canopy tree, and/or shrubs shall be provided along all portions of the eastern property line adjacent to residential homes to provide a solid screen from the view and noise associated with the expanded parking area, service drive, and energy plant building. 4. That a lighting plan that complies with the requirements of the Zoning Resolution and provides 0.0 foot-candles of illumination along all portions of the eastern property line adjacent to residential homes, shall be submitted and approved as part of the Final Development Plan review by the Zoning Commission. 5. That all parking spaces and drive aisles reconfigured as part of this expansion shall be designed to comply with the standards of the Zoning Resolution. 6. That the site plan shall be revised to indicate 28 bicycle parking spaces required by the Zoning Resolution.


Letters of correspondence from various agencies are attached for review. A summary of the issues raised by these agencies are as follows: 

• • •   

County Engineer – The owner must dedicate property in accordance with the Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan, and ensure any grading conforms with the Hamilton County typical section. A traffic impact analysis report was submitted and approved. Hamilton County Planning & Development, Storm Water – Report not yet received. Metropolitan Sewer District – Confirmed that there is sewer availability for the property under question. Anderson Fire and Rescue – No objection to the zone change. Hamilton County Soil & Water – No objection to the zone change. Ohio Department of Transportation – No objection to the zone change. Anderson Township Fire and Rescue - No objection to the zone change.

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Note: More detailed reports and analysis pertaining to storm water detention, utility connections (water, sewer, gas, etc.) are reviewed during the final development plan process. FINDINGS:

Items for the Zoning Commission to consider include, but are not limited to the following: 

Anderson Plan – On November 1, 2012, the Regional Planning Commission adopted a land use map amendment for Book 500, Page 214, Parcels 013 and 014 from Single Family Residence to Public, Semi-Public, Institutional, and Utility. Therefore the proposed zone change from “B” single-family to “O-O” is consistent with the Adopted Anderson Plan Future Land Use Map. The following General Land Use guidelines in the 2011 Anderson Plan are suggested for amendments:  All new development or redevelopment should reflect the goals and objectives which serve as the foundation of this comprehensive plan. The goals and objectives provide broad guidelines for all decisions.  Unless otherwise noted in other sections of this plan, lot sizes and subdivisions should reflect the density of surrounding development.  If the overall density reflects surrounding developments, flexibility should be given in the actual lot size and site layout when environmental resources (e.g., river conservation area, floodplains, and steep hillsides) are preserved. Flexibility should be given even if the preserved areas would otherwise be considered as “unusable” or “undevelopable” under standard development.  Recognizing that the development of land previously undeveloped or used for agriculture will result in some level of increased traffic and/or impacts on community services, new development or redevelopment should not be detrimental to the general character of the surrounding neighborhood.  Sidewalks and walkways should be encouraged from any development to adjacent sidewalks, mass transit stops, shopping, parks, institutional or other nonresidential uses and services.  Landscaped buffers should be used as a buffer between developments of different intensities (e.g., between a multi-family apartment building and a single-family subdivision). The following Goals of the Comprehensive Plan are applicable goals to consider for the proposed zone change request:  The Township will be a community with a model sidewalk and bike trail system that connects residents to businesses, schools, recreation, entertainment, other neighborhoods, and public uses.  The township will have an expanded and diverse tax base with additional land developed for a mixture of nonresidential uses with a focus on attracting new businesses and promoting existing businesses.  Residents will maintain a high quality of life that includes quality schools, entertainment, and cultural activities, health care, religious offerings, and a diverse parks, open space, and recreation system.

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 Anderson Township will be a well-planned community with a mixture of agricultural uses, residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, and an industrial base balanced with public uses, parks, and other recreational uses. The area proposed for zone change would be used for a parking lot expansion. The property immediately to the east of these improvements consists of three single family homes and three vacant building lots. The original final development plan from 1982 required an 80’ building setback from the adjoining residential property to the east. This is being achieved, however the parking lot is setback approximately 60’ and service drive located approximately 25’ from the east property line. The applicant is requesting a zone change and is using the conditional use standard as a guide, which requires a minimum setback of 25’ for parking areas adjacent to residential properties. Special consideration should be taken regarding the separation of the expanded parking area to adjoining residential properties. A solid screen should also be considered around the parking lot addition north of the parking area as well to shield residential properties to the east and north. As a guide, the conditional use standard for buffering is 20’ wide with 2.8 canopy trees and 8 shrubs per 100 l.f. The proposed tower addition is consistent with the underlying “Public, Semi-Public, Institutional, and Utility” designation of the future land use map and the “O-O” zoning district. 

Zoning Resolution – The original resolution for the zone change in 1982 contained a condition that required subsequent phases of the hospital be brought back to the Regional Planning Commission as a Final Development Plan review. The applicant and staff are requesting that the entire site be considered for a new Final Development Plan moving forward. The proposed development is consistent with the “O-O” zoning district, pending the following items shall be addressed during the Final Development Plan review: 1) Existing parking spaces and aisles do not measure at 9’ x 19’ and 24’, respectively. 2) Pedestrian connections throughout the parking area shall be shown on both the site and landscape plans. 3) A detail is needed of the vertical handicapped signage as well as any dumpster enclosures. 4) A loading area should be identified. 5) The handicapped spaces on the site plan shall be labeled. 6) Foot-candles on the lighting plan should be extended to the property lines, where a maximum of .1 foot-candles is allowed at the eastern property line where the development abuts the “B” Zoning District, and where a maximum of .5 foot-candles is allowed at the southern property line, adjacent to State Road. 7) Lighting poles p-1, p-2 a, and p-3 are noted as being 27’ in height where the maximum height allowed is 24’. 8) The landscape plan should reflect 1 tree and 2 shrubs per interior island, with an exception for the area impacting the helicopter flight path. 9) A detail of the retaining walls shall be provided.

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Density – Development with this phase remains on the south side of the creek, which was an item of concern during the original planning for the hospital. The area of the site north of the creek has not been altered. The ISR will be increased; however this calculation has not been submitted. Most likely the development will remain below 60% impervious.

Traffic Generation & Circulation – A traffic analysis was prepared by TEC Engineering and approved by the Hamilton County Engineers Office. No improvements are anticipated to be needed to State or Five Mile Roads and no additional access points are proposed at this time.

Internal Traffic Circulation (Vehicular & Pedestrian) – The main parking field to the west of the main driveway is proposed to be restriped and realigned to improve interior vehicular circulation. Staff has concerns of the internal circulation from the realigned west parking area and the medical arts building. There is a note that states “alternate access” but this should be clarified. Pedestrian circulation has not been addressed with this submittal, although there is an existing sidewalk along the State Road frontage of the property. The Anderson Trails Plan identifies a sidewalk along Wolfangel Road from State to Clough. There should be discussion on a possible north / south trails connection either through the Mercy property or an alternative arrangement for offsite improvements. Internal pedestrian circulation through the parking areas should also be identified on the Final Development Plan.

Impervious Surface/Storm Water Detention – Development of the property would increase storm water runoff, and there is an existing detention system. Capacity of these facilities or design of new would be subject to the review of the Hamilton County Planning and Development Department.

Buffering – One of the key goals of the Anderson Plan is to buffer developments of different uses and intensities. The applicant submitted a proposed buffer along the east parking addition to adjoining single-family land uses consisting of mounding, and a combination of evergreen and deciduous trees. The Regional Planning Commission suggested a privacy fence but staff is of the opinion that natural vegetation and mounding may be sufficient.

Existing Vegetation, Floodplain, and Hillside – The area to the north of the creek is intended to be left undisturbed. Existing vegetation along the eastern property line would be removed.

Utilities - It is believed that adequate facilities exist along Five Mile Road or State Road.

Archaeological Features – The project is subject to Section 59 of the Zoning Resolution.

RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends approval of a zone change, from “B” Single Family Residence to “O-O” Planned Office and approval of a Substantial Modification to the Final Development Plan, as:

Case 1-2012 Anderson – 7500 State Road – Page 6

1. The proposed zone change to O-O is consistent with the future land use designation, as well as the intent of the Anderson Township Comprehensive Plan. 2. The proposed use is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood, and stabilizes the neighborhood by promoting orderly development with its compliance with the Zoning Resolution. 3. The health and safety of the neighborhood and the Township are maintained. 4. The proposed change of use is consistent with prior decisions relating to this property. 5. The proposed use of the site as an expansion of the hospital provides an opportunity for the applicant to realize a reasonable profit (not necessarily a maximum profit) from the applicant’s use of the subject land. 6. The proposed improvements follow the goals of the Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan. This approval shall be based on the following conditions: 1. The plan shall comply with the requirements of the Anderson Township Zoning Resolution and all applicable regulations from other agencies, in addition to those specifically stated below, and these shall be incorporated in a Final Development Plan. 2. That the site plan shall be revised to indicate compliance with the requirements of the Hamilton County Thoroughfare Plan. 3. Internal pedestrian circulation through the parking areas shall be identified on the Final Development Plan. 4. That the property owner be required to grant an easement to Anderson Township, when requested by the Township, to permit the construction of a hike/bike trail to provide northward connectivity from State Road to Clough Pike, parallel with Wolfangel Road, consistent with the Anderson Trails Plan. The location of such easement will be determined in the future and must be mutually agreeable to the property owner and the Township. Once a mutually agreeable location is determined, such location will be incorporated into the development plan for the hospital site. 5. A landscape plan shall be submitted for the Final Development Review that identifies a solid buffer along the east and north parking addition to adjoining single-family land uses consisting of mounding, and a combination of evergreen and deciduous trees.

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2011 Aerial from CAGIS

Case 1-2012 Anderson – 7500 State Road – Page 8

2011 Anderson Plan Future Land Use Map


Case 1-2012 Anderson – 7500 State Road – Page 9

Looking SOUTH along the existing driveway at neighboring residences.

Looking WEST toward the service area of the hospital, at the vicinity of the northern parking lot expansion.

Case 1-2012 Anderson – 7500 State Road – Page 10

Existing buffer on eastern side of property abutting neighboring residences

Main entrance of the hospital from State Road, vicinity of the patient tower addition.

Anderson Township Planning and Zoning staff report  

Steven C. Smith, on behalf of Merc y Health, is requesting a zone change for a property located on State Road.