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WINDOW on WINDSOR Vol XXXII No. 11 November 2013

Windsor Park Neighborhood Association Meeting Saturday, Nov 9 at 10 a.m. Memorial United Methodist Church, 6100 Berkman Dr.

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Published Monthly by the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association • Austin, Texas

10-1 REDISTRICTING PLANS SPLITTING WINDSOR PARK by Martin Luecke, WPNA President The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission is drawing lines across the city map in an effort to make ten equally-sized voting districts for the 2014 city council. Known as the 10-1 plan, the ICRC has released its official preliminary map and Windsor Park is currently split into three different districts. It is plausible this map will change. Currently, Windsor Park is part of Districts 1, 4, and 9. To be fair, only a very small corner of Windsor Park is in District 9, and mostly we are split in half between 1 and 4. In regards to WPNA, this preliminary map violates all three of the ICRC’s stated objectives: to keep neighborhoods, planning areas, and voting precincts intact. The Austin Neighborhood Council convened a special meeting to discuss the map and only one neighborhood reported being happy with their district. Not all neighborhoods were represented at the meeting. Some neighborhoods have drawn their own maps. The ICRC is accepting these maps for consideration. All districts must be drawn to comprise 80,000 residents, based upon the 2010 census numbers. VOTE FOR 2014 OFFICERS!

I learned at this meeting that 1 and 4 are “minority See page 8 for info opportunity districts”, which are designed to provide a certain percentage of minority voters to allow for minority representation on the city council. District 1 is the African American area, while 4, 3 and 2 are Hispanic.

I have been informed that these four districts are carefully crafted to meet the requirements of the Voting Rights Act and the Department of Justice, and the lines will more than likely not change. This puts Windsor Park in the position of not having input in our own boundaries. The question of the moment is “What’s good for Windsor Park?” Ostensibly, our 16,000 residents, as a group, would be a very powerful force if concentrated in one district, making up one quarter of the voting population. Any person running for city council would have to pay close attention to our needs. Split down the middle means diluting our numbers and reducing our influence as the second largest neighborhood in Austin. On the other hand, Windsor Park would have two to three city council members in the current map. This could represent a voting block on the council, and theoretically, better representation for WP. This possibility drew the largest positive reaction at our October WPNA meeting. Public input is accepted by email or in person at the open meetings. You can find all this information at the official website:

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November 2013 Mueller Update Rick Krivoniak

From the site: “Torchy’s Tacos will soon serve up its famous green-chile pork and other signature entrees plus a full bar and all the character originated with its food trailer beginnings when it opens its 11th Austinarea location at the corner of 51st Street and Berkman Drive in the Mueller Market District.” Opening the summer of 2014, Torchy’s Tacos will operate Monday through Thursday 7AM to 10PM, Fridays 7AM to 11PM, Saturday 8AM to 11PM and Sunday 8AM to 10PM. Catellus continues workshops with stakeholders to finetune coming Mueller’s Town Center. Opening in early December, the Thinkery (formerly Austin Children’s Museum) will anchor an important corner at Simond Avenue across from Lake Park. A portion of the Town Center “paseo” is now in place adjacent to the big red Thinkery, complete with decorative lighting. It’s worth a look if you get the chance.


Certified Residential Specialist

512.913.3759 Experience Knowledge Professionalism

A PLR Affiliate

The Austin Studios held an open house to present its “Public Face” concepts on October 26th. While most of the work at the Studios must be away from the public eye, an entry area to welcome the general public for certain events and daily interaction will begin construction in January of 2015. The annual Mueller Tower Lighting holiday event will be held on Tuesday, December 3rd. Location has yet to be determined, but this is always a fun family event, so keep an eye out for more information. In November of 2014, Windsor Parkers will be voting in our newly-created City Council districts, and hopefully, on the first segment of urban rail/streetcars for Austin. It appears that Windsor Park will be split into two, and possibly three, districts. That could dilute our voting strength, but our voter turnout has been strong. With a push to increase it, we could still have an impact on elections, and have two council members and a mayor to address our concerns. While most current route proposals for urban rail link downtown to the Capitol complex, UT and its future medical school, and Mueller, there are those in Austin who feel a GuadalupeLamar route should be first. That route will have Rapid Bus service beginning in January of 2014, addressing many of the transit issues in that corridor. These are critical issues for our neighborhood, so if you’re not registered to vote, you’ve got 11 months to do so. Mueller resident Carol Drennan was elected chair of the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory Commission at the October meeting. The next Commission meeting is Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 6PM in Meeting Room 1 of the Carver Library, 1161 Angelina Street. Please send Mueller-related questions and comments to

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Habitat Challenge Deadline November 15 Jeanette Swenson

It’s not too late to certify your yard for the 2013 Habitat Challenge, and fee waivers are still available from Lauren Rowe at Wildlife Austin. If you’d like to support neighborhood wildlife and enhance our Windsor Park community, certify your yard before November 15. Use the checklist in WoW to find that your yard is probably overqualified. Contact Lauren Rowe, or call her at 512-978-2606 to request a prepaid fee waiver. Fill out the check list for your yard and mail return it to Wildlife Austin before November 15. Or, log on to gardenfor wildlife, complete the application, and pay the $20.00 fee. If you have questions or concerns or would like a consultation about your yard, contact me (jeanetteswenson@yahoo. com or 512-524-1073) and I will be happy to visit your yard and work with you on the certification process. Thank you to all of you who have certified in past years – your individual certification counts as one of the 100+ Certified Wildlife Habitats in Windsor Park and contributed to our Habitat Challenge wins in 2009 and 2011.


Habitat Certification Application

Use this form to certify a wildlife-friendly space in your yard, school, or anywhere in your community. Do your best to answer the questions and we’ll make suggestions if something is missing. If your habitat meets the requirements, you’ll receive a personalized certificate suitable for framing and become a member of National Wildlife Federation, receiving our award-winning National Wildlife magazine and a 10% discount on all NWF catalog merchandise. For questions call 1-800-822-9919 or certify online at gardenforwildlife. Have you ever certified before? ____ Yes ____ No If yes, what is your habitat # ____________________? If yes, have you moved ____ or is this for a second property ____? Property owner or organization ______________________________________________ If you are filling out this application for someone else, please write their name in the space provided above. If organization, contact person ____________________________ Name(s) to Appear on Certificate ___________________________ Maximum 30 characters, spaces included.

Address of Habitat ______________________________________ City _____________ State/Province _____ Zip Code _________ Telephone ______________ Email Address ________________________________________ Mailing Address (if different from above) ____________________ ___________________________________________ In what type of area is your property? ___ Urban ___ Suburban ___ Rural What is the size of your property? ___ < 1/8 acre ___ 1/8 - 1/4 acre ___ 1/4 - 1 acre ___ 1 - 5 acres ___ 5 - 10 acres ___ > 10 acres Check the option that best describes your habitat. ___ Home ___ Apartment ___ Business/ Corporation ___ Park/Community Garden ___ Farm ___ Place of Worship ___ School/ University/ College ___ Nature Center/ Educational Setting

FOOD SOURCES: Plants provide the basic foods for wildlife. Feeders can be used as a supplemental source of food. Remember that some creatures will become food for others in a balanced habitat. Encourage a natural diversity of wildlife in your yard to ensure a healthy ecosystem. How do you provide food for wildlife? (Minimum requirement: 3) Plant Foods: ___ Seeds ___ Nuts ___ Pollen ___ Berries ___ Fruits ___ Foliage/Twigs ___ Nectar ___ Sap ___ Seed ___ Suet Supplemental Feeders: ___ Squirrel ___ Butterfly ___ Hummingbird WATER SOURCES: Wildlife need a clean water source for drinking and bathing. How do you provide water for wildlife? (Minimum requirement: 1) ___ Birdbath ___ Water Garden/Pond ___ Shallow Dish ___ Butterfly Puddling Area ___ Lake ___ Rain Garden ___ Stream/River ___ Spring ___ Seasonal Pool ___ Ocean PLACES FOR COVER: Wildlife need shelter from bad weather and hiding places—for both predators and prey. How do you provide cover for wildlife? (Minimum requirement: 2) ___ Wooded Area ___ Dense Shrubs/Thicket ___ Bramble Patch ___ Evergreens ___ Ground Cover ___ Brush/Log Pile ___ Rock Pile/Wall ___ Burrow ___ Cave ___ Meadow/Prairie ___ Roosting Box ___ Water Garden/Pond PLACES TO RAISE YOUNG: In order to provide complete habitat, you must provide places for wildlife to engage in courtship behavior and to mate, and then to bear and raise their young. How do you provide places to raise young for wildlife? (Minimum requirement: 2) ___ Mature Trees ____ Dead Trees/Snags ___ Meadow/Prairie ____ Dense Shrubs/Thicket ___ Nesting Box ____ Water Garden/Pond ___ Wetland ____ Burrow ___ Host Plants for Caterpillars ____ Cave

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Windsor Park Library 5833 Westminster Dr. • 974-9840 Windsor Park Library hosts a calendar of events, films, workshops, and discussions—free and open to the public.

Events Fridays, 10:15am: All ages storytime November 13, 7:00pm: Author visit: Mathew Sturtevant will discuss his coffee table book The Sound of Austin: Portraits ( November 26, 3:30pm: LegoLab December 3, 7:00pm: Community Cinema: The State of Arizona ( December 6, 4:30pm: Anime Club: “Ghost Hunt”

 

Book Club

1507 Wilshire Blvd. Austin, TX 78722 (512) 478-2565

November 12, 7:00pm: Iceman Cometh by Eugene O’Neill December 10, 7:00pm: The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje

  Adult Bible Study: 9:30am Worship Service: 11:00am

Located off Airport Blvd. Next to Patterson Park

Debby Reynolds Trinity Child Development Center Gloria Neunaber

Trinity Child Development Center, located in the Austin Mennonite Church at 5801 Westminster Drive, is celebrating and preparing. In its 49th year of existence, Trinity CDC this week received the Workforce Solutions Capital Area Outstanding Child Care Provider Award. The staff, parents and board at this non-profit center are also busy preparing for the 28th Annual Sharing with Santa which will be held on Saturday, December 7th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mark your calendars and plan on stopping by this Silent Auction and opportunity to bring Santa a present!


You have a friend at



Clayton Briarcliff


Sunday School- 9:15am Office # 452-5796

Worship - 10:30am

We would love to see you this Sunday WELCOME …A PLACE FOR EVERYONE A great place to meet new friends, find needed encouragement and discover God’s plan for you.

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S.A.I.L. Seniors Active In Life Is a free program for Seniors

November Tuesdays 2013 9:30 H 11:30 AMJ Devotions at 9:15

November 5 November 12 November 19 November 26

Hope Lutheran Church 6414 N5 Hampton Drive AustinB TX 78723 Bldg 499 512092608574 FunB food and felllowship


FellowshipB ExerciseB Singing Special Program: Improvisation Drama Troupe FellowshipB ExerciseB GamesB Discussion Group of current eventsB Remember When GroupB Singing

FellowshipB ExerciseB GamesB Discussion Group of current eventsB CharadesB Singing


Hope Lutheran Mother's Day Out Program Offers fun activities A learning A social development for children from 18 months to kindergarten Tuesday.sPThursday.s from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PMM

Enrolling now!

Call: 926A8574 or fill out the request form on the Hope Lutheran website: Located at 6414 North Hampton on the corner of Northeast Drive and North HamptonM

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November 2013 School Updates Blanton Elementary John Baker, Principal At Blanton Elementary in November, we are focused on literacy. Our teachers are concentrating on knowing our students’ reading levels and working with them to choose the right books to help them grow as readers. We are still looking for volunteers to help our teachers level their classroom libraries. We need people who can look books up on the computer and write the level on the cover of the book. This way, we can make it easier for our scholars to pick the books that will help them become better readers when they are reading independently. Our parents are working on revitalizing and developing our garden spaces. We are looking for volunteers to help as this project unfolds. Our principal, Mr. Baker, will be presenting the ABCs of Testing to parents at Coffee with the Principal at 8:30 on November 1st and at 5:30 on November 7th to help answer parents’ questions about testing. Harris Elementary Gloria Cano, School Counselor Harris students are learning new skills this school year through the Second Step curriculum. Students are learning empathy, problem solving and how to get along with others. These skills are taught by the classroom teacher and visits from the school counselor. We use songs, puppets, brain games, video clips and a specific lesson every week to help them work better with one another. The lessons are fun and have given students new ways to problem solve. Parents had the opportunity to see the curriculum at our September parent meeting and will get more information throughout the year about what students are learning. Parents have attended workshops in October to learn how to access grades, what students are learning at their specific grade level and how they can help at home. We encourage parents to read to them every day and look at their child’s homework schedule. We will be having our annual book fair in November and a community event with entertainment and activities the week of November 4-8. Thanks to our parents who volunteer their time helping here at school. We also want to thank ATPE for continuing to volunteer with us by providing mentors, volunteers and goodies for our students and staff! Thank

you WPNA for treating our teachers to sweet treats at the beginning of the school year and last but not least to Memorial United Methodist Church for all the support you provide for our students and community. Please remember to follow the school safe speed zones and remember it is against the law to use your cell phone while driving in these areas. Thanks for your cooperation in helping our students and parents stay safe! LBJEC and LASA High Schools Greetings from LBJEC and LASA High Schools! October has been a busy month with football games and tennis tournaments, band performances at the football games, play practices, choir practices, and various clubs getting underway. It’s hard to believe that the holidays are quickly approaching! Thanksgiving comes late this year with the holiday beginning November 27th. Seniors are beginning the college application process, writing essays and submitting applications. December 1 is the deadline for applications. Juniors are getting ready to order their Senior rings, Freshmen are learning the ropes, and Sophomores are settling in and looking forward to their classes. The Jaguar football team has had a great season so far with wins over Hutto, Connally, Lanier, and Reagan! November sees the beginning of Jaguar Basketball with several games and two tournaments scheduled. You may check the boys’ schedule at this link: Basketball%20Schedules.htm. Lady Jags begin play on October 27. Here’s the link for their schedule: http:// Yearbook picture retakes for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are scheduled for Thursday, November 21. Have a wonderful November and a Happy Thanksgiving! John H. Reagan Early College High School Emily Edwards We had a successful homecoming week that concluded in the first homecoming dance in many years on Saturday, October 12. There were competitions all week that awarded students and staff for best nerd costume, fasted egg racing team, and taping an administrator to a tree! There was much fun had by all. ...continued on page 7

November - page 7 ...continued from page 6

Head to The E.A.S.T.

Recently we hosted a parent and student meeting for our 42 students who are refugees from countries all over the world including Thailand, Iraq, Iran, and Nepal. We reached out to families to educate them about American high school and provided interpreters for the variety of languages represented.

The East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.) is once again upon us: Local artists across East Austin will open their studios to the public on the weekends of November 1617 and 23-24, from 11am to 6pm.

Upcoming Events: • Our annual Stand Up for Reagan Thanksgiving Meal is set for November 20 in the evening. It will be a potluck dinner and everyone is invited to join. We have started collecting canned food and coats for the Legacy of Giving project this year. If you would like to donate cans or coats to help us reach our goal of filling a POD in the school parking lot, please bring items to the Reagan Front Office at 7104 Berkman Dr. Thank you for your support and go Raiders!

JOHN W. VINSON, PLLC Attorney & Counselor

Providing legal services to individuals: estate planning (wills, powers of attorney, education planning, real estate) and probate settlement and litigation (will disputes and contests). Counsel to nonprofit and business clients: corporate start up, advice and litigation. Notary services. Windsor Park Resident. Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Tele: (512) 693-4600

Plant and Seed Share at November Meeting Jeanette Swenson

If you have a surplus of native or native adapted plants and would like to share them with your neighbors, bring them to the November WPNA meeting and take home something new and interesting for your garden. I’ll have a flats of Bluebonnets, Standing Cypress, Red and White Sage, Inland Sea Oats, and possibly Italian Parsley and Cilantro. I also have small trees that you can come and dig from my yard (Pride of Barados, Mexican Plum, Red Oaks).

78723 has a good representation of artists. Among them are Bethany Cobb, who creates graphite portraits of everyday people waiting and colorful children’s illustrations. John Luke uses discarded and overlooked elements from nature, featuring their natural aesthetic presented in a graceful, refined composition to give them new life. Scott Rolfe is an assemblage artist who uses a mix of found objects and paint in his works, and this year has created a series called “Carnival Discardia, “ David Leonard paints cityscapes, landscapes and man-made objects in oil on canvas and on board. And finally, Katy David creates Pysanky, an ancient art form on eggshells, with designs ranging from colorful contemporary geometrics to intricate Ukrainian floral motifs. This is a great way to check out local talent, as well as meet your neighbors. For more information about neighborhood artists check out https://www.facebook. com/23East. For more information about the overall event go to Maps will be available at local libraries, including the Windsor Park branch.

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Playscapes Shade Project Jeanette Swenson

I met with Whitney Market of US Shade in October to talk about the feasibility of adding shade to the infant swings. She sent a revised estimate to cover the four swings in addition to the two climbing structures. New materials on the market make shading all three areas less costly, and we can cover three areas for $50,500. She has re-worked the design for the entire area to reduce the amount of shade needed on the larger playscape and reduced the number of poles required for each installation. The new design and estimate will be available at the November 9 meeting. At the November meeting, I will have the new design, costs and a proposal for complete installation. As funds become available, we would cover each playscape individually. As a health and safety measure, I recommend covering the smaller playscape for younger children first ($12,500), the infant swings second ($17,500), and the larger playscape third ($20,500). The overall goal would be to cover all three for the summer of 2014, an ambitious, but doable goal.


At the November meeting, we will vote on an amount that WPNA will contribute. Our income mostly comes from annual dues. Our major expense is the monthly publication of Window on Windsor. Currently, we have a surplus, which is several thousand dollars more than we need for a “rainy day”. I propose that we invest in our neighborhood. BUYING, SELLING, LEASING AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT When we go to potential donors in the larger community, I am asked what Windsor Park’s contribution will be. In the neighborhood REALTOR the past, we have contributed significant labor at $10.81 an hour, but the shades need to be installed by PARD authorized companies. Treasurer Rebecca Carpenter logs the park volunteer hours, and that will be useful for other projects, but indirectly it will have an impact on donors as it demonstrates that Windsor Park residents give back to their community. Consider also making an individual contribution to the fund. Bring your checkbooks. I will match contributions made at the meeting up to $100. Remember, donations and dues are tax deductible. See me if you would like to sponsor a future match.

WPNA Elections at November 9 Meeting Jeanette Swenson, Nominating Committee

At the November meeting, WPNA members will elect officers for January through December 2014. The Nominating Committee’s task was simplified this year because all five of current officers have agreed to serve another year. The slate will be presented and voted on at the November 9 meeting: President, Martin Luecke; Vice President, Karen Pagani; Secretary, Meghan Dougherty; Treasurer, Rebecca Carpenter; and Austin Neighborhoods Council Representative, Sheryl Cheatham. Thank you all for your past years of service (cumulatively 12 1/2 years) to Windsor Park and your willingness to continue in 2014. Only the office of President has a limit of two consecutive one-year terms. Next year President Martin Luecke will have served two terms, so I encourage you to become active in WPNA and begin to think about becoming an officer in our active neighborhood association. Nominations may be made from the floor at the meeting, and members must be present to vote. To be a voting member of WPNA, one must have joined WPNA at least one month prior to the vote during the 2013 calendar year. If you are not sure of your membership status, check with Rebecca Carpenter when you arrive.

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November 2013 Yard of the Month Sara Jane Lee

The November winner is Alfredo Vazquez of 6303 Peggy St. Mr. Vazquez has created a lovely autumn yard. Much of what Mr. Vasquez wants an attractive yard for his family’s enjoyment. He also built the tree-house for his children. Mr. Vazquez’s wife was adamant that since he does all the work, she does not want to be mentioned. The yard is decorated for fall with pumpkins, scarecrows and other seasonal decorations The long flower bed between the driveway and the sidewalk has a profusion of Chrysanthemums interspersed with red and pink Roses, and Salvia Greggii (aka Autumn Sage). These chrysanthemums are yellow and red. They replaced an old, diseased tree with a young Oak which they planted near the center of the front yard. Under it is another yellow chrysanthemum. There are also a Pumpkin, some Gourds, and Indian corn and a small scarecrow. Under a small juniper there are gourds and a small pumpkin. Near the house there are jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows resting on hay bales. In front of the house there is also a bed of Boxwoods. Even the mailbox is decorated. Salvia Greggii and Asian Jasmine grow on either side of the mailbox.

day and a lot on the weekend. He finds the work relaxing. He will receive a $50.00 gift certificate from our sponsor, Shoal Creek Nursery, 2710 Hancock Drive. Do you like a certain yard, or yards, in the neighborhood? Tell us. We cannot visit every yard in the neighborhood every month. We may not have seen your great yard. Don’t be humble. We love to get nominations. To nominate a yard or yards, e-mail me at wpna.yom@, call 928-0681 or write WPNA YOMC, P O Box 16183, Austin, Texas 78761.

Mr. Vazquez wants the yard to look good all year adding plants appropriate to each season. He has followed the advice of a landscaper friend, who has suggested plants that work well in Central Texas. The yard is neat and welcoming. Since he and his wife have small children, the design is kid friendly. They have lived on Peggy St. for 10 years. Mr. Vazquez works in his yard a little every

Artisans & Crafters Fair Sunday, November 17, 2013 9:30am - 4:00pm

First Unitarian Universalist Church & Alternative Space Gallery 4700 Grover Avenue 5419 IH 35 N Austin, TX 78723 512-467-9536 NOW OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT 7 DAYS A WEEK!! Come in and enjoy our current special!

Look for our newest Subway location opening in the HEB shopping center at Mueller this summer!

paintings, jewelry, greeting cards, mosaics, boxes, prayer pouches, dolls, coasters, knitted scarves, aprons, potholders, soaps, scrubs, bath bombs, doggie biscuits

LIVE MUSIC 12:00-3:00

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If the job calls for fast professional printing or duplicating, you need:

G&F Discount Printing Austin, TX 78723 512-929-0585



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Bartholomew Park Update Jeanette Swenson

Work in the Park is endless and ongoing! The Park looks great thanks to the September and October rainfall. The bamboo at the east end of the park is flourishing – again. Saturday, October 19, eighteen volunteers from LASA HS and UT Theta Chi fraternity, recruited by Austin Parks Foundation (APF) faced three foot high bamboo and cleared much of it. The remaining bamboo needs to be cleared. According to Clifford, assistant volunteer coordinator at APF, our best chance to clear the bamboo without the use of toxic chemicals that will drain into the creek, is to cut the green shoots as soon as they emerge. It’s a laborintensive process, and we could use help in the monthly cutting. If we can clear it now, we might get a bit of a break before spring 2014. Contact me if you’d like to help.

Windsor Park Resident and Real Estate Broker

On September 28, twenty-five APF volunteers spread 22 cubic yards of mulch under the trees on the slope above the tennis courts. APF plans to conclude the mulching project for this year, but is planning a root collaring and clearing grass from the roots in November. Root collaring is a useful skill, applicable to the trees in our own back yards. The date will be posted on FaceBook and on the list serve. I hope Windsor Park residents will join in maintaining healthy trees in the park. HEB has not re-scheduled its community work day, which was postponed in July. As part of its involvement with the Mueller HEB community, they scheduled an employee park work day to work on creek clean-up, repaint the learning trail, and purchase and install signage for the Learning Trail in Spanish. The park is being used heavily, so I hope the project will happen soon.

Jane Amschwand Realtor® Salt Homes, LLC Owner/Broker 512.228.2484

UT-Lions adopted, through Keep Austin Beautiful, the section of Tannehill Creek that runs through Bartholomew Park. They completed their first of a two year commitment in 2013 and will have at least four work days in 2013. The Park Stewards meets Friday mornings from 9-11 usually at the playscape. Lots of Bermuda grass has been pulled from the landscaping. In November, we’ll be planting seeds for spring and pruning. Contact me or just show up if you have an hour or two to contribute to the park.

SIDEWALK TALK: CALLING FOR SUBMISSIONS! “Sidewalk Talk” is a new feature highlighting the stories of our relationships in the ‘hood. Have a story to share with our neighborhood? Email it to by the 15th of each month to be considered for the following month’s newsletter.

E-mail: Visit the website at:

Contact Us

Newsgroup: President................... Martin Luecke......................................... 512-536-0465 Vice President......... Karen Pagani............................................ 512-786-7224 Secretary................... Meghan Dougherty.............................. 512-709-4912 Treasurer................... Rebecca Carpenter................................ 512-670-6935 WoW Editor.............. Nicki James................. WoW Sponsorships........... Chad Cotton.........


We must receive your content and check by the 15th in order to include your sponsorship notice in the following month’s newsletter. Mail check (payable to WPNA): WPNA P.O. Box 16183 Austin, TX 78761

For Questions or to send Graphic Content, contact: Type

Size (in.)

1 month

6 Months

Business Card

3.5 x 2



Quarter Page

7.5 x 2 or 3.75 x 5



Half Page

7.25 x 4



JOIN WPNA All residents of Windsor Park are eligible to become voting members of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association. If you would like to join the association, please send your dues, at the level appropriate for you, to the address below or bring them to a monthly general meeting. Memberships are renewed yearly and expire on December 31 of each year. In order to vote on WPNA positions, you must have been a member for 30 days. Business members are welcome but do not have voting privileges. The money received for dues is used to produce our newsletter and to support our other neighborhood programs. Because WPNA is a 501(c) (3) organization, your dues and any other donations are tax deductible.

o Student/fixed income — $5/person o Standard ­— $10/person o Family — $15 o Sustaining — $25 or more o Business/Non-Resident (non-voting) — $25 or more Name(s): _______________________________________________

Come be a part of the 5604 Manor Community Garden! The 5604 Manor Community Garden is a free and open space for all people to play outside and cultivate food, herbs, and native plants in a way that is sustainable for our environment and healthy for our bodies and minds. We share knowledge, tools, recipes, and the food we grow in the garden. One third of all produce generated is donated to hunger-relief charities and the remaining harvest is distributed amongst our volunteers. Absolutely no experience is necessary. Our garden workdays are Tuesdays, 6:30-9:00 p.m. and Saturdays, 9 a.m. until around noon. We are located behind the 5604 Manor Center at 5604 Manor Road, 78723. Hope to see you there! 

The Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (WPNPCT) is a representative group of neighborhood stakeholders charged with being stewards of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan and upholding the implementation of the Plan’s vision, goals and recommendations, and to review and vote on all proposed amendments to the Neighborhood Plan. Meetings are the second Monday of each month at the Windsor Park Library (subject to change) at 6:30 p.m. Contact WPNPCT Chair Bob Mebane for more information at

If you join in October or November, you may join for a reduced amount when you go ahead and join for the following year, too!

Address: _______________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________________________

Make checks payable to WPNA and mail to: WPNA, P.O. Box 16183, Austin, TX 78761

Or dues may be paid by Paypal through the WPNA website!

Numbers count! A strong neighborhood association advocates more effectively for Windsor Park!

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Window on windsor november2013 pdf