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THE ASK Develop a new campaign to grow Chips Ahoy! sales for their “Original blue bag� chocolate chip cookies. Show how the brand attitude comes to life in everything Chips Ahoy! does.

THE INSIGHT The target audience, 13-20 year-olds are unique but it is very important for them to fit in and be accepted.

THE BIG IDEA What if...we let them nudge the institution and fit in by letting them be their original selves?

It takes ahoy! to be original. !

You’re a cookie, you might look like all the others but you are individual in your own way. !

You’ve got tons of crumbs about you, little idiosyncrasies that make you who you are. !

It’s not always easy to be yourself when the world puts you in so many boxes. But you know how to poke holes. !

The most important thing about you is that you define yourself. You nudge the mold - or dough if you will - in little ways everyday. !

You may seem cookie-cutter. But that’s not true. You are the cookie cutter. !

You pop on your crazy socks underneath your normal clothes. You enjoy knitting after football practice. You read a comic book under your copy of Seventeen magazine. !

It’s about your own personal victory. !

It takes ahoy! to be yourself.

Tweet us a picture of how you have ahoy & you’ll be in local ads. Each ad will be specific & feature people of that area who send in pics! The pics will constantly change to include everyone.

It takes ahoy to share cookies with a stranger.

It takes ahoy to be curious and follow the cookie trails.

Football Fangirl :30 TV Open on Boy Band performing at a concert. POP MUSIC STARTS TEENAGE GIRL CROWD: dancing, jumping up and down amidst the flashing light. The girls are losing their minds, grabbing their hair, and screaming. The action goes into slo-mo as the camera pans and a FOOTBALL PLAYER enters the frame. FOOTBALL PLAYER: Still in slo-mo he is jumping up and down in the crowd. He has facial hair, is wearing a jersey, and is taller, and larger than all the teenage girls around him. Cut-to CU of FOOTBALL PLAYER and COOKIE GUY COOKIE GUY: Jamming along Cut-to snippet of Boy Band performing on stage #ITTAKESAHOY

END ACTION/MUSIC LOWERS Cut-to CHIPS AHOY ORIGINAL BAG VO: It takes ahoy to be yourself. Chips Ahoy original.

Pedicure Rock out :15 TV Open on THREE GIRLS all getting a pedicure. GIRL 1: nodding her head Music from headphones: “Firework” by Katy Perry GIRL 2: dancing a little in her seat Music from headphones: “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé GIRL 3: Nodding along with music Music from headphones: “Almost Easy” by Avenged Sevenfold. Close-up to GIRL 3 and COOKIE GUY COOKIE GUY: jamming along with GIRL 3. Cut-to CHIPS AHOY ORIGINAL BAG VO: It takes ahoy to be yourself. Chips Ahoy original. #ITTAKESAHOY

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