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bucolica Hospitality

The Details A contemporary Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Chicago, designed for an educated, urban minded, young professional who is looking for a unique, worldly dining experience. The Italian countryside evokes feelings of warmth, community, family. The materials throughout the space are a reflection of this image. Rusticated, natural, raw.

Inspiration Images: Materiality, Color Scheme


Entry - public Seating - intimate Bar Retail Seating - community Kitchen

Community holds a prominent place in the design, supported by more intimate seating arrangements to support the more traditional diner. The role of wine in the dining experience is highlighted by a central wine bar, and supported by a second bar toward the back, both easily accessible to servers and patrons.

Final Floor Plan



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Concrete column (typ.) Balance the wood and create defining architectural features Wine feature A central focus on the community dining experience Tree detail (typ.) Divides space while maintaining a visual connection, and reflecting the raw, natural scheme Graphic wall Reinforces the branding through large scale graphics, and draws the diner into the space Pivoting doors Floor to ceiling glass doors pivot open to extend the dining experience to the outdoors in warmer months. Glass partitions w/light box Illuminates spaces to make them feel more light and open.

Furnishing and Finish Selections Color palette is refined, natural and raw. Color is not applied to walls, but instead materials enhancing a natural tone. The warmth of wood is balanced by the cool, strong, industrial presence of concrete and steel. The wood and steel furnishings are balanced by more industrial, minimalistic lighting fixtures.

Furnishings Furnishings support the material selection of warm, natural, rusticated materials. Made from reclaimed materials when possible, and accented with industrial steel.

Community Seating

Main Seating

Bar Seating

Community Tables

Banquet Tables

Main Dining Tables

Lighting is minimal, industrial, raw to accent, rather than detract from the materials of the space.

Wine Bar

Lighting Throughout

Upper Banquets


General Lighting

Upper Dining


Wine bar looking into raised dining from entry highlighting a big feature of the space

Contributions: Superior technical skills, utilized in the technical CAD drawings and 3-D SketchUp modleing.

Main dining. Intimate seating, highlighting tree feature

Contributions: Great ability for work collaboratively to really hash out the design solutions.


Mediterranean Restaurant