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Clark on Keller Lake Age In Place | Retirement Community

The Details The project intent was to re-design a two-bedroom age-in-place unit to become more universally accessible while complying with LEED for Homes.The unit is located on Keller Lake in the Clark on Keller Lake Retirement Community (The site complies with LL6 of LEED for Homes). Once the floor plan and concept where finalized, the project was turned over to a designer to complete presentation documents. I acted as Project Manager to insure that my design intentions were being met, and documentation was done to my standards. The following project was the result of these efforts.

Concept This design creates a comfortable, warm atmosphere that elicits a resort feeling and a clean, contemporary environment in which to age in place. Taking the materials with which this generation is familiar and fond, and putting a contemporary and sustainable twist on them, further drives home this concept.


Original floor plan with critique and proposed chages

Floor Plan



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Open, Inviting, Custom. Built-ins are provided through the entire space to respond to the high end clientele. Space is carved out from these built-ins, becoming more efficient and usable.

Finishes Where one would typically see warm natural wood trim, we are using burl wood, a composite of woods that give you the same feel, while being completely sustainable. Cork flooring gives residents a hard surface to more easily navigate a walker or wheelchair, but without feeling as hard and cold as hardwood might. Wall color is kept light and fresh, letting the custom work become the focal point.


Rendering by Jessica Kronlein

Contemporary Resort. Clean white countertops contrast with dark flooring. Custom built cabinetry. Fresh amber recycled glass tiles. Functional. Contemporary. Fresh. Open and spacious to allow flexibility and easy maneuverability.

Dining Room

Rendering by Jessica Kronlein

The fresh aqua balances the bright amber in the kitchen and further supports the resort at home feel. Lines are clean and contemporary, but furniture is still soft, comfortable, inviting. Built-ins maximize a limited footprint.

Living Room

Rendering by Jessica Kronlein

A custom entertainment piece separates the living space from the dining room, while still allowing an open concept. Color scheme, furnishings, and architectural details give a contemporary twist to a traditional aesthetic.


Age in Place, Retirement Community

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