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Patras, Greece Patras, Greece is located on the Aegean Sea plate. The Aegean Sea Plate (also called the Hellenic Plate) is a small tectonic plate located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The plate is mostly sea and some land. This plate goes through divergent boundary movement. The African Plate subducts under the Aegean Sea Plate at about 40 mm a year. Much of this plate boundary movement causes earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Larger earthquakes hit the area every few years with potentially destructive effects. Earthquake magnitude ranges between 5 and 6.7. Only eight faults appear to be capable of producing earthquake magnitudes larger than 6. Recurrence times of these large earthquakes vary between 80 and 1690 years.

Daily Life The population in Patras, Greece is 163446. In Patras, Greece the people have many traditions and festivals that take place. Patras is known for the colorful carnivals. The Carnival of Greece is a celebration of paint, dance, artistic expression, and a crescendo of creative imagination. The Patras Carnival is not just a celebration. It is a phenomenon with social and cultural implications, a bit of character and identity of Patras not weaken any day of the year. The digitization of the material of Patras Carnival, through the possibilities offered by technology, is additionally a practical recognition of the work of thousands karanavaliston, people are the driving force of this institution whose reputation has gone far beyond the Greek border. Many like to go to the theater. Patras has a Mediterranean climate. It features the typical mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, with spring and autumn being pleasant transitional seasons. Autumn in Patras however is wetter than spring.

Patras Greece  

An article about Patras Greece and the plate tectonics movement and daily life Patras.

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