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At present, obesity continues to be one of the leading nutritional disorders in western countries. According to the World Health Organization, 70% of men and women ages 55 to 64 years old are suffering from obesity. More alarming information shows that prevalence of childhood obesity is also present that could further aggravate the obesity trend of adults in the future. A great amount of social stigma is present today regarding the contempt against obesity. Some people simply find it visually unappealing especially with the proliferation of television ads and commercials, which promotes slimmer bodies as the acceptable figure of the body. However, not everyone share the same reason for fighting obesity. Health advocates emphasizes that an obese body is not healthy for every person. A person becomes obese when he takes too much calories and doesn't burn it. It doesn't really matter how much a person eats. What matters is how much energy a person spends. No matter how little a person eats, if he or she doesn't engage in exercising, he or she may gain too much weight. Other factors that affect one's weight are the genetic makeup of the person, overeating, and the type of food one eats. There is also a difference between being obese and overweight. Many people think that the two are the same. Being overweight is not always unhealthy for a person because the weight may come from the muscle and bone mass. On the other hand, being obese pertains to having too much weight as a result of too much fat in the body. As everybody knows, fat is not health for the body. Too much fat in the body increases risks of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart attack, and stroke. The body lipids and cholesterol levels change as a result of obesity. Medical experts say that losing five to ten percent fat can delay the occurrence of these diseases. This means that it is not yet too late for you to take your health seriously. There are a lot of ways to fight obesity. The most popular but ignored way is through exercising. Through exercising, the fat is burned in the body. Another way is by managing the amount of food one eats by mere personal will and discipline. One should also choose what one eats aside from watching the amount of food one takes. There are foods that are low in fat. Eating vegetables and fruits will help a person have the adequate nutrition that will keep him or her away from diseases and sicknesses.

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==== ==== Don't let obesity ruin your life, take action now by clicking this link ==== ====

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