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Software Productization Case Study By: Megan Fanelli

WHERE Computer Science


Design Students


GROUP One of the first things we did as a group was take a personality test. My test results were ENFJ. Extrovertive, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Judging. Being the only Extrovert in the group I was nominated to be project coordinator which I did not mind at all. My roles were to keep the group organized and arranging meetings to keep us on

Extroverted: outgoing, energetic, communicative, and warm INtuitive: idealistic, imaginative, forward-thinking, and visionary Felling: Compassionate, sympathetic, ethical, and humanitarian Judging: organized, authoritative, dedicated, and ambitious

CLIENT Meeting Sandra for the first time I knew we were going to run into a few issues making decisions throughout the semester. She was very sweet and going to be easy to work with in terms of design freedom but she was not really sure of what she wanted to that also makes the designers job very hard at times. What she was sure of was that she hated her current website which was a good



Learning concrete5 in and out was a bit of a task but it was also a great team building exercise throughout this entire project. You could easily tell who did not do there homework or who was willing to be a team player when we worked together. Watching hours of tutorials, experimenting, asking questions, and testing possibilities with group members was all we did for about the first week.

Each team was also responsible for its own concrete5 team website. We needed a team name, theme, to customize the website and keep up with all team deliverables on the website.

PERSONAS Jim - Contractor Likes and Dislikes Age: 36 Gender: Male Demographics: Rural Pennsylvania Family Life: Married with two children

Jim enjoys Auto and Home repair, outdoor activities with his family and watching baseball is one of his favorite pastimes. One of Jim’s biggest dislikes is chaos. He is always on time and tardiness is unexceptable.

Background Some of Jim’s favorite places to go online are ESPN to keep up with avid baseball intrest in baseball, Kelly bluebook so he can comare prices as he finishes up auto projects and Jim loves using google to find local destinations to buy materials for building and landscaping. Jim is always wants a personal touch and quick service no matter who he is working with. To run his business properly Jim needs good prices from a reliable and consistant vendor!

As a team we were responsible for coming up with a minimum of two personas based off of the client base we believe would be most attending the company of our client.

Card Sorting was again another team effort where we had to create the cards and categories. It was interesting to me that this was truely the first time we had any disagreements and I was not expecting it during this simple task. We all had different opinions of what the categories (which would later be our main naviigation) and the cards within those categories would be.

Goals • • • •

Personal Customer Service Resonable Prices Quick service A long term relationship with a vendor

“I enjoy using small businesses for my products because of the personal attention and customer service I receive. The downfall is they may not always carry the specific product I need.”

Mark - Homeowner Then the design team was responsible for designing these personas. This is the first time I realized I may need to give the other designer on the team a bit of a push sometimes.

Age: 26 Gender: Male Demographics: Pennsylvania Suburbs Family Life: Married with two dogs Profession: Insurance Salesman

Gina - Young Proffesional Age: 24 Gender: Female Demographics: City Suburbs Family Life: Single, lives alone Profession: Nurse, just out of school

Likes and Dislikes Mark and his wife enjoy going out on the town, visiting friends and hosting gatherings as often as possible! Mark dislikes wait times in lines and online if he is required to wait while a website is loading.

Background Some of Mark’s favorite places to go online are social media websites but he also loves using websites such as stumble upon and tumbler to get great ideas for at home do it yourself projects. Mark seems to always want help with a specific landscaping project he also wants the materials to be delivered and relatively quickly. Being young Mark is also in need of good pricing for any materials he may buy.

Goals • • • •

Informative Customer Service Being able to compare prices quickly Finding flexible delivery services Materials to be delivered within a week

“As a homeowner I am looking for tips and tricks to landscaping, I have a large yard to keep up with and not much knowledge on what products to use or how to properly use them”

Likes and Dislikes Gine enjoys some pretty typical passtimes for a woman of her age including, shopping, cooking, visiting her family and entertaining friends whenevery the opportunity arrises. Some of her dislikes include clutter, weeds, noisy neighbors. She likes to have things neat and organized whenever possible!

Background A few of Gina’s favorite places to go online include clothings stores, the daily news and pintrest to find great ideas for do it yourself projects that can stay within her small budget. This includes interior design as well as keeping up with the small yard she has outside of her townhome. She also leans towards using her tablet and labtop whenever possible rather than her phone.

Goals • Small quantites but good quality • Receiving materials quickly • Local, help service to help find a great product

“I always seem to have a few gardening projects as well as interior projects and it is nice to have a local business nearby to help me find the products I need at a great quality and price!”


The site map had numerous rivisions and was a constant topic of discussion. We as a team had a hard time deciding how the main navigation should be layed out and also what the sub navigation should look like. We wanted to make the website easily navigable and minimize confusion as much as possible. This became a little bit of a task considering the business is a landscaping materials company but also had hoarse boarding and vehicle storage services






Contact Information

Topsoil/ Mulch

Topsoil/ Map Mulch

Decorative Stone Crushed Stone

Blog Posts

Other Services

Team Signatures:

Horse Boarding Content

Vehicle Storage Vehicle Storage Content

Client Signatures:

Heading Noticia Text, Regular

This is a sub-heading Arvo, Regular

Afta Sans, Regular Tired of mulching every year? Would you rather apply a once and done product and add an original look to your property? Then our large selection of decorative stones may be just what you’re looking for. We have 5 kinds of decorative stone in various sizes to give you 12 choices total.

This is a text link

Button Static State

Button Hover State


Horse Boarding

Care Packages/ Horse Products

Seasonal Products Misc.




The style tiles really established the look for this project for this project as well as some of my expectations of the other designer on my team. The other designer had not stuck to the date we chose to have our style tiles ready but eventually he got it done so we could have two options for our client.

Care Packages/ Vehicle Products

When it came time to show our client both of the style tiles she decided instead of choosing one she wanted a design that showed aspects of both style tiles. We decided to use the light feel of the top style tile and add green accents to portay the style tile to the left.


About two weeks into designing and building the website I started to become concerned because I had a lot more time on my hands than I should have with this project. We got to a point CS students had only created blocks for the home page and my team mate and I as design students styled this page as far as we possibly could. In other words they were behind with creating blocks which left us with nothing to style.

After about two weeks of feeling as though the design students were ahead of the computer science students they had finished all the blocks which we were to use for the products pages. The products pages consist of about 90% of our website so this was extremely crucial and allowed the design students to have plenty to work on.

After getting all of out content onto the website and styling everything it was time to problem solve. The biggest and most annoying problem we came across was our footer. It had a mind of its own.

As a team we put our heads together and tried every snippet of code we could possibly find to make our footer stick to the botom of the page. As you can see in the first image sometimes things we tried would send our footer to the top of the page. The second image shows the footer just lingering in the middle of our page. More often than not this two things would happen. Finally we got the footer to stay below the content as to not cover up any important information but it is still not sticking to the bottom of the page.


FINISH! This was a new proecess for every member of this tteam and I believe we all learned a great deal along the way. I especially learned how to handle a group situation and getting all members to particiape and do their jobs. Despite our hiccups and nerves along the way with our the end result of this project would turn out we created successful website. Our client is happy with the end result and I am too. WHAT A RELIEF!!!

Case study  

A case study of a blended coarse between computer science and design students where the goal was to create a new website for a client using...

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