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Dear________________________, This year, I’m dedicating myself to raising money for Bridge Builders, a non-profit organization of Montgomery, Ala. Each year, Bridge Builders recruits high school students in their sophomore year to participate a two-year program that will develop skills like civic responsibility, leadership, trust and critical thinking. Every year to kick off the program, a week-long conference for junior and senior members of Bridge Builders is held at Lake Martin. Students experience exciting discussions and activities based on communication, team building, diverstiy and community action.

All at no cost to them. Bridge Builders students serve organizations like MANE, Habitat for Humanity, Montgomery Humane society and Father Walters Memorial Center for Children with Disabilities. Bridge Builders gave 400 service hours in 2007 and gave over 1000 service hours to communities and organizations in the River Region in 2008. Bridge Builders offers community service, but more importantly it instills the importance of involvement and leadership in high school students. I am honored to live by Bridge Builders’ mission to “develop among high school students a group of future leaders who can lay aside individual, social, cultural and economic differences for the benefit of all” --which is why I feel strongly about supporting Bridge Builders. I hope you will choose to support it, too. Please make a one time or monthly donation by filling out the form below. With your help, Bridge Builders can continue to inspire high school students.

Yes, I want to help! One-time donation amount: (please check) ___$15 ___$25 ___$50 ___$_____ -OR- Monthly gift of $______ ___Credit Card ___Check (Payable to Bridge Builders) ___Visa ___MC ___AmEx ___Discover CC#__________________ Exp. Date________ Your information: Name_____________________________ Address____________________________ City_____________ State________ ZIP_______ E-mail__________________________________ Phone______________________


Please detatch and return form on the left with donation to: 434 North McDonough St. Montgomery, AL, 36104

Contact: Josh McFall, Program Director (334) 264-6223,

Bridge Builders Campaign Letter  
Bridge Builders Campaign Letter  

This tactic was used in my campaign for Bridge Builders--it is a sample letter that could be used for a letter writing fundraising campaign....