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“They’ll be lucky to get another album outta’ us!”


Is this the end?!

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“My studio is my home. It’s easier.” Pixie Deloris. p20

Armageddon: One more album? Or is it the end of the line for them? p3 Pixie Deloris talks to us about her shoot to fame and how she’s coping with stardom. p20 Is today the end for ‘Armageddon’? p3

Breaking Backs front woman tells us all about their return. p14

EXCLUSIVE Breaking Backs are back on top! Get up vlose and personal in our revealing interview with rocks best duo. p14

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She’s taken over our airwaves she’s, all over our maga zines. It’s safe to say, PIXIE DELORIS is the hottest star right now. But shurely suddently soaring from rags to riches has had it’s effects on britain’s newest punk princess...

“I’m being judged for being different”




PIXIE DELORIS is the hottest star on around right now, topping the charts in for four weeks (and counting)! Her debut album Say What? soared straight to number one with three singles from the album in the top 40 chart. She is definitely the most popular female artist of her music genre right now . Constantly being ‘papped’ by the tabloids and accused of being a bad influence to the teenage generation. Pixie recently stropped on an interview on the RTV music channel

moaning “It’s only a bit of fun, I don’t get the big deal? I’m being myself, I’m having fun and my only intention is to show kids how to have fun without intoxicating themselves. I only want to be a good influence, but I’m being judged for being different” Some of Pixie’s more outrageous stunts include fireworks shooting into the crowd of her UK tour finale, fire eating backup dancers and wearing nothing more than underwear to last weeks music awards. Her say on that was “What? It’s warm and I’m comfy.”

This is where the magic happens. Pixie’s London studio 21 alt.ROCK.


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