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The Team • Henrik Mikkelsen - Team Leader • Louise Enevoldsen • Mikkel Loft Kristensen • Sabrina Enegaard Jakobsen • Stephan Skare Nielsen

Distance: Copenhagen - Honolulu 7,096 miles 11,418 km

Denmark’s place in the world

Team Leader HENRIK MIKKELSEN Rotarian since 1990 - Past President - Counsellor


Real estate investment




30 years

Mikkel Loft

Viking Age (700-1100 A.D.)

Viking Age




Iceland (1397-1944)

Norway (1397-1814)

From superpower to Faroe Islands miniature state

Sweden (1397-1523)

Greenland (still Danish)

Schleswig-Holsten (804 - 1864)

Denmark outside Europe

Hawaii - Denmark Treaty

Signed at Honolulu, October 19th 1846 There shall be perpetual peace and amity between His Majesty the King of Denmark and His Majesty the King of the Hawaiian Islands, their heirs and successors. Protects the civil rights and privileges of persons and properties.


Parliament - Christiansborg Castle

Political parties

The Danish welfare system Free education Healthcare

The world’s highest tax rate 48 % of GDP


Income tax up to 63%

Care for the elderly

VAT (sales tax) 25%

Military engagements - Iraq & Afghanistan

Sabrina Enegaard Jakobsen !

33 years


Pension advisor


NLP Practitioner

Queen Margrethe II & Prince Henrik

Europe’s oldest monarchy

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary

Prince Joachim & fiancĂŠ

Famous Castles



Sightseeing in Copenhagen


The little Mermaid

The Opera house

Strøget “Stroeget” - pedestrian street

Round tower “Rundetaarn”

Marble Church

TIVOLI ‘Established 1843’

Louise Enevoldsen !

28 years


Clinical Dietician



How to know a Dane !



Very patriotic about sports - IF we are winning


Freedom of speech


Loves to eat and drink

Dining with the Danes

Royal Danish China

Open sandwich “smørrebrød” Marinated herring

Sun over Gudhjem

Shooting star

Vet’s late night bite

Sweets & Drinks

Christmas Dinner


Hans Christian Andersen

Famous Danes

Niels Bohr


Karen Blixen

Stephan Skare Nielsen !

29 years


Innovation Consultant


Strategy, product and service development

Favorite Sports

Soccer European Champions ‘92

Handball 3x Olympic Gold

Favorite Sports

Rowing Olympic Gold ‘04

NFL - Morten Andersen Most scoring player 26 year career 7x Pro Bowl in Hawaii

Favorite Sports

Golf - Thomas Bjørn

NFL - Morten Andersen Most scoring player 26 year career 7x Pro Bowl in Hawaii

Danish Business in a nutshell

Labor force by occupation !












Famous for...

Largest windmill producer in the world - 28%

World leader in diabetes treatment

World leader in enzymes

Danish Design

Danish Design

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GSE Hawaii 2008 Presentation  

Presentation of Denmark

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