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S. George Castle Date: June 2005 Local: Lisbon Duration: 3 days Number of participants: 55 Mission trusted: Organization of several events as a cruise on the Tagus River on a Clipper, dinner in a typical environment in the capital with several kinds of animation and the ÂŤhigh lightÂť of the trip, an exclusive African party at S. George Castle in Lisbon. Transport, Hotel Reservations, tram tours. Comments: Everything went well, the evening was quite pleasant and the party was a success. There was some fire artists and the participants join the party dancing some African dances with the artists.

Allianz Switzerland - Lisbon

« Gare Maritima » of Alcântara Date: June 2007 Local: Lisbon Duration: 1 day / dinner Number of participants: 300 Mission trusted: Organization of a Conference for the presentation to professionals of the new smaller «pace maker» in the world. Followed by a dinner for 300 guests, with live Jazz musicians.

Comments: The “Gare Maritima de Alcântara”, heritage of the capital, an harbor station for the ships that departure from Lisbon to the colonies, had its golden age in the 60s

Sorin Group

and is a symbol of an era in Portugal. Was a very well chose spot and represented exactly what the clients had in mind.

Dinner & Music at Calem cellars Date: Mai 2008 Local: Porto Duration: 1 day Number of participants: 80 Mission trusted: Organization of a dinner at CalĂŠm Port wine cellars, visit to the cellars, transport, music and photos executed by a professional photographer.

Comments: CalĂŠm cellars in Oporto are one of the most emblematic ones in the city and represent quite well the trade of the Port wine in Oporto. Very pleasant and informal dinner/evening, that really touched the needs and intentions of the clients.