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Thank you for downloading the v1.0(beta) EVE Media Player – Extreme Visiual Environment To make the most your new player, please review the following basic user guidelines. Setup •

Download EVEMedia Player (Note: a unique product activation number is required to activate the application. See below for instructions).

Install the application

Click the "Setup" button

Select the "License" tab and type in your product activation number

You are now ready to experience the full capacity of the EVE Media Player! Experience EVE - Network and Live Cameras Display & Recording If you are going to use the EVE Media Player to display and record live cameras, please ensure that you are either on the same subnet or that you check the box to allow the application to change the IP address of any cameras it detects. Only Arecont Vision cameras are supported at the moment (applies to ALL models). If Arecont Camera's IP address is locked at the camera, the application will not be able to change it even if "allow" box is selected. All detected cameras should display under the "Cameras" tab in setup. EVE - Video and Media Files •

The EVE Media Player installs a folder on your C: drive titled EVEMedia.

The application supports the following: H.264/263, MPEG 2/4, MJPG and file extensions AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, FLV, etc.

You can move any of your existing video files into the C:EVEMedia folder or you can use the "Setup" button to index the drives where your videos are currently stored. Simply select the folders you want to index and click OK.

WARNING: we do not recommend that you index your entire C: drive as volume of data can take a long time and any/all media including still pictures already on your system will be indexed. Once the setup process is complete, you're ready to view and archive any video within the application. Control Tools •

To locate a file, type any four characters from the file name (including the extension such as .MP4) into the search box (magnifying glass)

Right click on anything to drop down a menu of features

To see live cameras, just type the word "Live" in the search box

To record live cameras, simply right-click and select "Record" from the drop-down menu or click "Stop" to end the recording

"Play Recorded Video" will auto-stop the recording and immediately play it back within the dynamic grid

If you want to save the video you just recorded, right-click the recorded clip and click "save video". You will be asked to name the video for later search.

Hot Keys: •

S displays the stream/file text information

W moves any displayed files into the dimensional rotation

Q goes the other direction

E returns them back to normal

X is the circling screen saver. (A mouse move resets it)

ESC key releases or engages full screen mode

Grab any media with a held down right-click to rotate the media. Presets of 90° are available from right-click drop down menu

CTRL key displays dynamic grid. Hold CTR key while clicking on any media to shift it around the grid and change the layout.

Grid, 2-Line and Single Line presentation modes are available in the upper right hand of the screen in little grid icons. Single line defaults to full-screen display once media has been selected.

Arrow keys can select and pan through media in rapid tour

Founder's Useful Tips: All the power resides in the little magnifying glass icon. Dynamic searching and arrangement starts there. You can name your videos with any key words that apply to it they are automatically searchable within that box if they are in the EVEMedia folder or any already indexed drives. The arrow keys are great in single line presentation mode for giving PowerPoint like video presentations and demonstrations. That's all for now as I'm sure I'll be providing more training and demonstration to many of you personally soon. We will also be working on a training and information video that can be easily downloaded into the app. Visit us on the web at Network Optix or follow us on Twitter and Facebook Thank you for taking part in the development of the EVE Media Player. We are eager to hear to hear back from you! Best regards,

The Network Optix team

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Basic instructions for using the Extreme Video Environment - EVE Media Player