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two. olifant. desk puzzle

product concept.

the olifant puzzle is a stylish and fun 3d puzzle made from 2d sheet material, inspired by kid’s 2d craft and modern desk ware puzzles. the brief called for the product to be made from sheet materials which is why the product is composed of a base piece made from exposed plywood, with an aluminium frame to hold each wooden puzzle piece, allowing the puzzle to stand upright for display in the home.

inspiration was taken from products such as the jack puzzle by craighill and apop by bkid.

the target consumer for this product was centred around families. incorporating these inspired ideas into creating something interactive for all members while looking stylish in the home.

the placement of this product can be transferrable depending on the colour scheme chosen. Providing a range of colours was important in allowing this product to be desirable by a wide range of customers, expanding from just children.

the three colour schemes are targeted towards the different ages assosciated with my target market. as the product is pleasing in appearance as a piece of homeware the colours had to display a decorative aspect that would add character to the different rooms it can be placed in.

Megan Gillon Product Design Portfolio 2018  
Megan Gillon Product Design Portfolio 2018