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Daily 5 Reading Program: Jack and Nina switch books during Partner Reading.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;All of the world is a laboratory for the inquiring mindâ&#x20AC;? News From the First Grade: Week of May 2, 2011 What an exciting week it has been! We have kicked off our new language arts unit on Fairytales and concluded our biography unit on Helen Keller and Albert Einstein. Math: This week we have been working on comparing and ordering numbers to 100 using the symbols for less than, equal to, or greater than (<,=,>). We made hungry alligators that only ate the greatest of the numbers we were comparing.

Next week we will begin skip counting to 100 by twos and fives. The children already have experience counting by tens from the last math chapter, Tens and Ones. Begin talking to your child about the many different ways one can count to 100. Reading: This week we have been exploring soft G /j/ and soft C /s/ sounds. The children went on a word hunt around the school hunting for words and objects with the soft G and soft C sounds.

Next Week Spelling Words: use, cube, tube, rule, nice, large, hear, talk, clear, color, good-bye, hair, kinds, only, toes

-Martin H. Fischer

Have your child continue to read their books to you. Ask them to point out all the soft /g/ and soft /c/ words they can find. The phonics skill for next week will be long /u/. We started our Fairytale unit on Tuesday. Talk to your child about each others favorite fairytales or take a trip to the library together to explore the vast amount of fairytales published. Next week, we will begin an in depth study on the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk.

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Great Educational Websites for KIDS! • Cool Math This website offers a variety of games and puzzels all at different levels of difficulty.

• Figure This: Family Math Activities challenges/toc.htm This website is great to look at with your child. There are a variety of questions that will keep everybody guessing.

Story Time:Think, pair, share... What will happen next?

• Math Cat This cat loving website offers a variety of great math games, fun facts, and crafts.

• Star Fall This is an excellent website for all emerging readers. This site offers many different level e-books that the child can read or listen to. You can also print books off of this website.

Problem of the Week Marco bought 9 stickers. He gave 2 stickers to Sarah and 4 to James. How many stickers does Marco have left? How many more stickers does Marco need to have 10 stickers total?

Writing: The children are in the very last stages of finishing up their All About Me Books. They have been working diligently on their books for the past 3 weeks. The children are now working on finishing their illustrations and creating the front and back cover. We will be celebrating by having an Author’s Party next Friday! Keep your eyes out for the invitation to join us! Next week we will begin our unit on How-To books. Make a list with your child of things they know how to do and can write about in school.

Social Studies: This week, our unit on the biographies of Helen Keller and Albert Einstein came to an end. All of the first graders came together to present the two people they have been studying for the past 3 weeks. The children of Room 103 all took part in creating a Sign Language Alphabet Book that focuses on Helen Keller’s life. We have the book bound and available in the school library. We also created a large time-line of Albert Einstein’s life. The children collaborated together to choose which events were most significant and the layout in which to create the timeline. Thank you to all the volunteers for all your hard work in creating the costumes and setting up the stage!


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